The Audio Junk Drawer

These are all sound files that didn't fit in the other locations. They're everything from collections to odd sound bites to whatever seemed interesting to put here. No guarantees it'll be interesting to you, but I can always hope.

Description of the Audio
maketheswitch.mp3 767501
Make the Switch to Textfiles: A Parody
I got a hold of the "Switch" music from the Apple series of "Switch" ads that were all the rage in 2002. I added my own voiceover to the music, telling people that ASCII text was the way to go, and to get out of this insane binary madness some people have been trapped up in. I wonder if I got any converts. 2621840
Collection of .WAV Samples from the TEXTFILES.COM Hotline
For a couple of years, TEXTFILES.COM was lucky enough to have a 1-800 number with voice recognition and a way for people to hear about different phone boxes. It was part of a promotion by a telephone programming company, and we took full advantage of it. Sadly, the service eventually went away and this archive was created so people who used it (or never used it) could do a little reminiscing. Also, some of the samples make great system beeps.

There are 2 files for a total of 3,389,341 bytes.