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Since the early days of the automatic-switching Telephone system, there have been ways to connect a number of telephone lines together. Some were called "Bridges", "Confs", "Dial-a-Conference", "Alliance Teleconferencing", and a host of others. It has often been the most interesting thing to people to connect everyone together and use these lines to chat, talk, gossip, or generally communicate. Of course, many didn't get around to actually paying for this service.....

Here, then, are some of those cases where folks have recorded the telephone conferences. Sometimes the quality is poor, but the same general energy and sense of fun pervades. Enjoy.

Description of the Audio
PHREAKYBOYSThe Phreaky Boys Collection (1990)
VOICEMAILSVoicemails from Jason Scott's old Voicebox (1983-1984)
1-800-666-hell.mp3 196649
Send in your Donations (Summer 1987)
"I want you sinner phreaks to phone in your nations at 1-800-666-HELL. I want you to kneel and pray to Saran, and he will heal your touch-tone-calloused fingers." Contributed by Black Peter/Mafia Dude.
1a.mp3 21807019
Recording of Conference (Late 1990s?) (45:25)
Mentions: Gizmo/Dizzy, Skedaddle, Citadel, 9-volt, Akira, Isaac/Dis. Phone dials in (there is significant buzzing and humming in the recording.) Asking rude questions of girls, threats to drop each others' phone numbers. What is a proxy vs. a firewall? Who is in Oregon? Considering packeting people. "I don't care if you know my IP, I have Black Ice." Who is Gizmo? Someone who co-owns the 800 number you're all using for this conference. Where'd that girl go! Gizmo is Dizzy on EFnet. People start asking Gizmo questions. Which is worse, DALnet or EFnet? Someone plays some music from the anime "Serial Experiments: Lain" (This dates the conference call after 1998). Citadel stops by and says hi. Where'd the girl go? Is anyone in Minnesota? How do you get the numbers for these conferences? Where's Gizmo? He packeted me. Where's the girl? How do you avoid your IP showing up in packeting? How do you look up info on somebody with their address? I'm going to drop Gizmo's number everywhere on DALnet! Schools are a waste of time. Use your three-way or I'll anal rape you. More accusations of Gizmo packeting. Everybody has three-way, just hang up.... (someone hangs up). Silence at 25:40. 26:50: It's not working, I can't look anybody up. Who are you people? 9-volt? Do we get cool people in here? I can't even find my own address on this lookup. OK, I found it. Citadel redials back in. What goes on in this channel? What is RSH, a remote shell or a root hacker? Anyone got DSL? What speeds? Akira claims he's getting 800,000bps. Isaac/Dis stops by. We're talking on the channel and on this conference. Talking to Priest. Dog barks. It's snowing here and 20 degrees out, is it snowing anywhere else? (Phone call is during the day) #rsh is the channel everyone's in. Anyone have any cool movie servers? I'll offer Run Lola Run. Discussion of the movie. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's a foreign film about a girl running.
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.WAV version of 1a.mp3
1b.mp3 16324648
Recording of Conference (Late 1990s?) ()
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.WAV version of 1b.mp3
2005.05.25.jason-scott-telephreak.mp3 12602088
Jason Scott appears on Telephreak (May 25, 2005)
On the night of the announcement of the BBS Documentary on Slashdot, Jason went onto a teleconference and discussed his thoughts on the documentary's process, the outcome and the reaction.
4a.mp3 21684557
4a.wav 239066146
.WAV version of 4a.mp3
bmpbxtc.mp3 41396366
lodalliance.mp3 19691418
Alliance Conference (Early 1990's?) (27:20)
Mentions: Traxter, The Beast, Phiber Optik, John Perry Barlow, Mitch Kapor, Clifford Stohl, Micron, Montressor, Beowulf, Par, Doc Holliday, Corrupt, Alan Grunion, Thinker, Technician, Deathhawk, Cellular Phantom, Floyd, S1W, Master of Reality. On Conference: Shark/RabbitGazer/James Bond, Broken Leg, Brian, Rich, Chris, Scott, Crimson Death, Darshan. Discusses who should be on the conference, school papers being worked on. Who should come to Christmascon in Texas. Call to 713 number (which is disconnected). Discussing moving Christmascon. Darshan has to prove who he is, Darshan is told to write to Phrack. Traxter calls someone on the conference to beg to be on. "Whisper me the 909 prime." Running a BBS on available Prime systems. Getting the source from the Source. Discussing various RSTS systems. Who to call? Alan's voice changed. Run-through of people who they could call.
modemman_rap.mp3 877923
The Modem Man Rap (Summer 1987)
The Modem Man Rap. (Freestyle rap covering phreaking, codes, busts). Contributed by Black Peter/Mafia Dude.
shout_at_the_sysop.mp3 386403
Shout at the Sysop
"It references the Sir Oogla Cracking force, which was basically a guy in the DC area and one of his friends and they'd take commercial games (Commodore 64) and "hack" their names into them with a disk sector editor."
xb3602.mp3 9960291

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