Telephone Conferences: Phreaky Boys Collection

From the collection of "Dave", a phone phreak who traversed the voice mailboxes in 1990, recording messages that flew by on momentarily-grabbed phone recording systems. He writes

"Ultimately I'm really interested to know if anyone recognizes the people in the recordings or actually ARE the people in the recordings), and can reminisce on any stories/anecdotes about those experiences."

"Back then, I was hooked on calling hacked voice mail boxes and participating in the phreak culture. One time, I called into a conference call (which was set by some unknown phreaker using a stolen credit card number). There were a good number of participants. Unfortunately I did not get a recording. But I did get visited by an FBI agent not too long after. He wasn't interested in any of the petty stuff I was doing (calling VMBs and snagging "0488" codes (among others) to make free long distance calls). Mainly, he was interested in one of the phreakers that had called into the conference call. Apparently, he was a big enough fish to go after. But I didn't even know the guy so I had no dirt to dish out on him. It was a bizarre experience."

Quality of these recordings range wildly, but the tone of voice and speed that information was passed this way comes out.

Description of the Audio
19900122-1January 22, 1990 Collection (Part I)
19900122-2January 22, 1990 Collection (Part II)
19900126January 26, 1990 Collection
19900126-28January 26-28, 1990 Collection
19900129-0201January 29-February 1, 1990 Collection (Part I)
19900129-0201-2January 29-February 1, 1990 Collection (Part II)
19900204February 4, 1990 Collection

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