Telephone Conferences: Phreaky Boys Collection

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Description of the Audio
01_black_obelisk.mp3 6068191
VOICE MAILBOX: Black Obelisk - Codes, Passwords, Numbers (06:09)
Short music burst plays. "This is Black Obelisk." Greets to Wintermute, Cara, Outrun, Crowfly, Neurotic Nemesis, Dr. Doom, especially Kid Ractus. Kid Ractus's number. Pissed about a kid asking him to call him, thinks he might be a fed. Gives out a Compuserve account. To the dickhead who's "never been burned", here's some numbers. Kid Rachter: thanks for the numbers and the explanations. 800 numbers, heard some funky shit about that. Additional numbers, if you're crazy. Numbers for some operators, help figure out what a code does. Additional boards to call: New User Password: GUNSHIP. Greets to European callers. Call Black Obelisk's board. Don't be a lamer or a leech, don't hang up and forget to add codes. I'm not a code boy. Don't be K-rad. Leave your name or number for credit. Continuation: Found out the 800 number is the ATT Retail America plan. I haven't used those months ago. Forgot what I was going to say. Just be careful and have a good time phreaking and hacking and whatnot. End of Message. (January 22, 1990)
02_unknown.mp3 676976
The Password is That Group (00:41)
"Necrotic Nemesis.. Dude, the thing we were talking about before, the password is that group we were talking about, minus an extra S. Call my box and hit pound and a number and you're in! Talk to you later, and leave codes." (January 22, 1990)
03_unknown.mp3 8277584
MESSAGE: How To Use Your New Box (08:27)
"Not only did it cut me off and not tell me, it ended up rerecording over the message. Here's what you do. You are guest 2 under my box. It's your own box so I can leave you private messages and codes, and I can send you messages directly." Instructions are given on how to use the voice mailbox. Phone number given for the box. Don't leave urgent messages unless you absolutely have to because it slows things down. Message notifications and how they work. Other features that you can use on your box: checking if your message was read. (Message was left at 7:05pm). Continuation: When you set the notification, the other person doesn't know, so you can check if they're lazy. "I check my box quite often." Fax number you can use. How to record a message to send it to others, including groups of people. Currently there's only one other user, Tripper, on the system. "I get into great conversations with Tripper." AT&T number. "Enjoy this." How to send a message with a comment. (Message from 7:09pm). (January 22, 1990)
04_unknown.mp3 148675
A Number (0:08)
Revolter leaves a number, quickly. (January 22, 1990)
05_unknown.mp3 138463
Everywhere (0:08)
"Diabolical did everywhere. Oh well, later." (January 22, 1990)
06_warlock_of_foma.mp3 1650732
The Warlock of FOMA (01:39)
"Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, this is the Warlock of FOMA. You have reached the FOMA Express!" Greets: Neurotic Nemesis, Leper Messiah, Overdrive, Cashmere. Yes, we do now about CAP-N. "Infomaster and I are the Presidents. We should know about it." "We have no codes because nobody's been leaving any. Oh wait, a Visa!" Visa number. "Oh wait, it's just been cancelled." "Shit! There's nothing that works!" One code. "Please leave codes, or this will go down and be a private anarchy line." (January 22, 1990)
07_unknown.mp3 660109
Greets and a Number (00:40)
Greets go out to everyone who called Rugrats. Tripper, others. Hack on this code. Don't know if it works, try it. Call this number. (Heavily Distorted). (January 22, 1990)
08_the_baron.mp3 2057745
The Baron's List of Numbers (02:02)"What's up, folks, this is the Baron." Members of Sexy JDT: Time Lord, Fast Fingers, Decibel. Phone numbers given out, including boxes and loops. The usual codes should world. Greets to Public Enemy, Phoneman, Skinhead, Phantom, everybody else. VMB system to hack on, should be lots of empty boxes. Numbers for Skinhead's personal box, several others. Leave your codes at the tone and he'll post tomorrow. Take it easy, don't be a leech and hang up. (January 22, 1990)
09_jtd_(jeff_dial_tone).mp3 1109591
Sexy Jeff Dial Tone (01:11)
That's right, you've reached me, Sexy JD, Jeff Dialtone. Leave me a message after the tone. This is not a code line, here's some numbers of code lines. Baron's running my code line. Awesome Phone Abusers. Greets to everyone at PMS. Whoever's leaving the music in the messages, why don't you skyrocket a bridge and expire. Don't be sleazy, leave a name and code. It's late. (January 22, 1990)
10_public_enemy.mp3 660225
This is Public Enemy (00:40)
"This is Public Enemy yo. It's Monday night." Some telephone numbers and codes. Visa card. Extension. Leave a message. (January 22, 1990)
11_unknown_(sanitarium_dude).mp3 1690168
Music and a Straitjacket (01:33)
Music plays. "You guys, what's up, it's me. I just broke out! I'm having trouble with this straitjacket but I've been dialing with my nose! It's pretty cool. Leave me a message. Later On, I'm Gone. You don't want to go to a Sanitarium, it's no fun." (January 22, 1990)
12_cursorrepro.mp3 4662436
Cursor and Repro of the Criminal Connection (04:24)
This is Cursor and Repro of the Criminal Connection, and this is the update for January 21st, at around 9:11pm Eastern time. List of extenders. List of codes. AT&T Calling Card. Some entrance codes for US Operators. Voice Mailboxes. More numbers for US Operators. Extender only available in West Virginia, Ohio. Stay away from an extender that isn't safe. A 950 has an 800 number. List of Code Lines. That's it for this update. LATE. (January 22, 1990)
13_unknown,_and_warlock.mp3 4949565
Feedback, Numbers, Warlock (04:54)
List of numbers, feedback. "My brains are getting fried from all these codes. Discussion between two phone phreaks about various lines on a conference. Numbers to call and not to call. Changing passcodes. The passcodes can be up to 15 digits so it's very secure, although of course the phreak with the administrator access can change any of them. "My brother John is Guest 1." Signs off. Warlock comes on and offers to set up a code line. Contact me at 411, if a lady picks up, tell them to transfer to 411. Don't say anything important. I'd like to trade codes. The box is free if you make it a code line. If you talk to Nectronic Nemesis, let him know I'm looking for him. It's late. (January 22, 1990)
14_kid_ractus.mp3 1658985
Kid Ractus Drops some Codes, Forwards a Message (01:38)
Kid Ractus here. Few things to leave. Forwards a message from Nemesis saying it's his handle: Message from Nemesis at K-Krew and Anti-Lamer Federation. Not sure why someone else is using the handle, if someone says they're Nemesis, they're a total fucking schmuck. Just calling around. If there's another Nemesis, he's a shithead and I'll take care of him. If you get in touch with him, let him know. Left at 10:30pm (January 22, 1990)
15_revolter.mp3 859647
Codes from Revolter (00:51)
Codes from Revolter. Codes are listed. You can reach me at Fiber Optic Cow. Here's a virgin credit card I got from work. Conference to call. This is Revolter, Later. (January 22, 1990)
16_unknown.mp3 1718639
Codes and the Rugrat Board (01:42)
This one's from Rugrat. You'll get the number, you should have a Commodore. I used to be on his system but then I dropped out of being Elite for a while. Here's some codes he got. Calling card number. List of Codes. Diverter phone number. I have a cold. This is Rugrat. Late. (January 22, 1990)
17_kid_ractus.mp3 1661560
Kid Ractus Gives some Voice Mail Boxes (01:39)
"This is Kid Ractus sending a message out to both of you. Talking, talking, and people can call me." Telephone voice mail boxes to try out. Some might be taken, not sure. "Have a nice day, I always like leaving messages. Talk to you later. It's llllaaaate." 10:50pm (January 22, 1990)
18_unknown.mp3 2191371
The Dude Is Behind Us (02:10)
"Oh well, here's another Visa. The dude just left me another few codes. He's about a year behind the rest of us. He's just discovered that system that I've been giving out for a while. He did manage to come up with a few 950s, but he talks too quick. Alright, hack on this." Phone number. "Four digits, even I can do that." Unknown 800 number. "I'm off to hack some VMBs. You know, I fuckin' like this better than fuckin' warez running. There's more danger involved, but just be careful." 11:01pm (January 22, 1990)
19_unknown.mp3 1152139
Apologies, Numbers (01:09)
Sorry for leaving you that number; apologies. Additional numbers to try out. Fucking, I don't know dude, sorry about that. (Distorted) (January 22, 1990)
20_kid_ractus.mp3 698232
Kid Ractus: Find the Code (00:41)
"Yo, Kid Ractus is here. Some shit. That extender has had the passcode changed. Someone find out what it is, it sucks it's not working. Not a whole bunch right now. There's the beep! Gotta get going, it's so late." (January 22, 1990)
21_unknown.mp3 3730830
Neurotic Nemesis Vs. Nemesis, Teleconferences, Phone Lines (03:42)
No worries about the other guy named "Nemesis"; he doesn't have a code line that anyone's heard of. Instructions given on how to get onto an Alliance teleconference. Alliance Teleconference can have up to 100 people on it, but it's expensive unless you use an extender. Strange 800 number which may or may not be an extender. I'm going to your box to see if the 000 works, and if he can change the passcode. It's strange to be stuck on 000 as a code, because it's so bad. He understands the problem of not being able to call all the time and avoiding parents. If they knew about this stuff, they'd freak. "My mom would flip." I would suggest, if you have a job, get another line installed, it only costs $42 to add a second line to your room. Put in two jacks, and then you can call from your room without bothering your parents. Get a teen line. They're harder to find and they're cheaper. (January 22, 1990)

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