Telephone Conferences: Phreaky Boys Collection

Collection of recordings from February 4, 1990, including several code dump voice mailboxes, standard voice mailbox messages, and both recordings of music and requests for codes.

Description of the Audio
01_scandal.mp3 2648657
Scandal Leaves Phone Codes and Announces a Teleconference (02:30)
"Yo, yo, yo! This is Scandal." (Has echo effects). Lists some extender and phone codes. Mentions some tone sweeps but says they no longer work. Additional extenders. Is worried there's a tap on the line on some of the extenders and PBXs. Announces an Alliance Teleconference that night at 8pm, and to leave a number to be called in. "This Scandal. Hate hate haaaate." (February 4, 1990)
02_unknown.mp3 330824
MAILBOX GREETING: Unintelligible Greeting (0:17)
"Welcome to the 1990 (unintelligible) from Beef Stew." Followed by a request of codes. (February 4, 1990)
03_crowfly.mp3 722520
MAILBOX GREETING: Crowfly (0:43)
Crowfly sends out a greeting to Bladerunner, Neurotic Nemesis, Sherlock. "Shit, I don't have nothing." Begs for a CBI code. "I need my codes." "Techno-Bandits, Alive in '90". (Recording quality jumps around)(February 4, 1990)
04_the_professor.mp3 4975644
CODE DUMP: Telephone Numbers and Phone Box Codes (04:59)
Reads out a couple telephone numbers to call, including several phone company newslines, and then a large list of Voice Mailboxes to call. Mentions his "homeboy" AK-47 and Phoneman. Drops a "lame system" (password is discernable from the extneion). Looking for 800 codes. Wants to give the phone number of "somebody messing with me", but can't find it. Peace out. (February 4, 1990)
05_shark.mp3 1595595
The Shark VMB Update Line (01:35)
Guitar music, "This is the Shark VMB Update Line for February 4, 1990." Gives the box code for the Witch Doctor, Dark Lord, Dr. Doom from MOSH, DOC, Black Oblice and Kid Ractus, Marciano. If you have any to add, call Shark. Drops a few more boxes. This is Shark on February 4 saying "Sleep". (February 4, 1990)
06_music_clip.mp3 766755
MAILBOX RECORDING: Prayer and Footsteps (00:44)
English voice reading of 23rd Psalm, with footsteps, gunshots, and laughs, then guitar strike. (February 4, 1990)
07_music_clip.mp3 138812
MAILBOX RECORDING: Distorted Guitar (0:07)
Guitar music blasts, distortedly. (February 4, 1990)
08_hello_can_i_help_you.mp3 111092
VOICE: "Hello, Can I Help You" (0:06)
Person answers phone instead of machine. "Hello, Can I Help You." (February, 4, 1990)
09_carrier_noise.mp3 30050
CARRIER NOISE (Loud) (0:01)
Carrier tone answers. Loud sound. (February 4, 1990)
10_matrix_programming.mp3 212973
VOICE MAILBOX: Matrix Programming (0:12)
Hi. Presently we're all away right now, but if you'll leave your name and number after the tone, we'll be sure to phone you back. Thank you for calling Matrix Programming. (February 4, 1990)

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