Voicemails (1983-1984)

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alive.wav 1141006
VOICE-MAIL: Machavelli
"Hi, uh, thanks a lot, really. You're keeping a good board alive. Uh, Machavelli, uh, Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Really, keep it up, you're doing a great job.........with your help, we can really make this good. Thanks a lot, buh bye."

anintroduction.txt 3559
An Introduction to the Voice Mail Collection, by Jason Scott (March 21, 2002)

arrrrrr.wav 652540
"(Unintelligible Growl)"

bain.wav 800904
VOICE-MAIL: Barbara Bain
"Hello, I'm Barbara Bain. Here are some exciting scenes from this week's 'Space: 1999'."

cantwait.wav 2179216
VOICE-MAIL: Can't Wait to Meet You
".....this type of service so we hackers can't wait to meet you. Looking forward to it the ....." (He is speaking backwards so his voice isn't recognized. Or legible.)

drdoom.wav 1585052
"Dr. Doom here.. I love the service, it's awesome! Playing with the one, two and three, recording message to Aww, I love it! I've been playing with this for, like, half a hour. I finally had to send you a dumb message so you, you know, just so you can leave me alone and I can watch some TV. Heh. So, later!"

faack.wav 818596

fuckingfuck.wav 1055362
VOICE-MAIL: Fucking Fuck
"This is fucking fucked because I already tried this number and this's a fucking harder way to get at this number. Oh, well..."

hacksat.wav 4302900
VOICE-MAIL: Hacking the Satellites
"Yeah, I'm just trying out the 'add-before' feature. Uh, after you play it back twice, you can add before, uh, the message, so I'm just trying it out. What follows this is the actual message! Thank you very much. Hi there, this the Slipped Disk? My name is Joe from Minneapolis. I saw your message on the Safehouse [BBS] and just wondered if you knew anything about hackin' the satellites directly, the, uh, geosynchronous satellites, uh, about 22,000 miles up. Lot of good, uh, data up there, sounds like, and just thought you might know. That, and I'm also looking for some, uh, interesting numbers around this area here, If you, ah, have anything like that please send a message on the Safehouse and address it to Joe. Uh, thank you very much and I'll be looking forward to seeing from ya on the Safehouse. Goodbye."

joe.wav 786094
Hi, Alan, this is Joe. How ya doin'. Saw your message on, uh, Safehouse [BBS]. Thought I'd get back to you. Bye bye."

justinterested.wav 676068
VOICE-MAIL: Just Interested
"Uh, I'm just interested to see what type of system this is hooked up to. Thank you."

killyou.wav 2456794
VOICE-MAIL: Blackmail
"Yeah, Alan, Yeah, uh. You don't know me but I just wanted you to know that if you don't take one thousand dollars, put it in the back seat of your car, and leave it unlocked, park it and leave it there. I will kill you, and your wife. Okay?"

logan5.wav 2768416
VOICE-MAIL: This is Logan Five
"Alan! Hi! We think you're a really great guy. We saw your message on the Safehouse [BBS]. This is Logan Five. Maybe you want to leave me some mail sometime or something like that, but I think this is really great fun. Is this a personal business system? Maybe you want to leave me some mail. Like I said, this is Logan 5. I'm going to depress one now. Thanks for your fun that you're providing. I don't know if you know what time it is, but it's 2:15 in the morning, so I'm going to sleep. Goodnight, Alan!"

mrlucifer.wav 4154824
VOICE-MAIL: Mister Lucifer
"Uh, Slipped, yeah. See, this is Mr. Lucifer, what's up. Uh, yeah, I got it off safe... It's like, this is so cool. This is, this is Mr. Lucifer, if I didn't say that. Uh, if I seem spaced out, ignore me, because this is like, four in the morning now. OK, uh, this is really cool, I like this. Um, I've seen a lot of you around I think you're a pretty cool, you know, you and y'know, you're a pretty cool phreak. Um, I'm setting up a board in about two weeks. I'd love to have you as a um, phreak advisor on my board. I think that would be wonderful and, uh, I'm also co-sysop on the CIA [BBS] which is going up, which was down for a while but it's going up shortly. And, um, I can try and get you, y'know, high level access on that board. I really appreciate this. This, I love. Uh, thanks a lot. Catch you later, dude."

solo.wav 1379160
VOICE-MAIL: Guitar Solo
Someone plays a guitar solo down the line.

stickups.wav 1569504
VOICE-MAIL: Stick it to 'em, with Stick-Ups
Someone plays a air freshener commerical down the line.

tellmeplease.wav 923284
VOICE-MAIL: Tell Me Please
"Yo, this is Devil's Apprentice. What's up. How do you, uh, read the messages you got here? Tell me, pleeease. Thank you. Later."

testmessage.wav 590082
VOICE-MAIL: This is a Test Message
"This is a test message. Thank you." (Siren is from nearby firehouse.)

thehand.wav 1714138
"Hey, like, someone leave me phone mail, OK? The Hand.....Hey, this is cool, OK? The Hand..... Hey, Dude. How, like, how."

themaster.wav 2029990
VOICE-MAIL: The Master
(Speaking Backwards) "The master has spoken... The master has spoken, and you are being watched by friendly eyes. Thank you for listening to the message by the master. Bye."

zimcom.wav 2736192
"Alan! Give our board Zimcom in Sarasota Florida a call. The number is 813, 923, 2244. Give you access to the top boards right away. Yeah, Alan, um, give our board Zimm Comm in Sarasota Florida a call, the number is area code 813 and the number is 923, 2244. That's 813 923 2244. Oh, by the way, my name is uh, Alan Johnson and we'll give you access right away to the top stuff."

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