Cons: Codecon 2002

From the archive this was pulled from: "These are the CodeCon 2002 talks, originally available on the DNA Lounge's website. They have been decoded, volume amplified, down mixed to mono, then reencoded using VBR. Myers Carpenter put the time into cutting the files into individual talks and coordination. Bram wrote BitTorrent, which will be the initial seeding vector for this file. Also he had something to do with CodeCon it's self... don't remember what. Ash from #infoanarchy gave up some CPU power to reencode the files. We used mpgedit, lame and sox to do all this. Share and enjoy."

Description of the Audio
CODECON2002.tar 102400
codecon-1-1-brams-intro.mp3 552838
codecon-1-2-brams-intro-2.mp3 924223
codecon-1-3-idel.mp3 19029843
codecon-1-4-lens-intro.mp3 1229408
codecon-1-5-mnet.mp3 24487333
codecon-1-6-gateway-crypto.mp3 27908611
codecon-1-7-wikiwikiwan.mp3 22348049
codecon-1-8-money-panel.mp3 31558251
codecon-2-1-eikon.mp3 20105488
codecon-2-2-alpine.mp3 20996388
codecon-2-3-tinfoil.mp3 1473608
codecon-2-4-iip.mp3 11485338
codecon-2-5-bittorrent.mp3 24722466
codecon-2-6-legality.mp3 34932632
codecon-3-1-libfreenet.mp3 15691906
codecon-3-2-reptile.mp3 15561907
codecon-3-3-eric-huges-rc4.mp3 1679448
codecon-3-4-cryptomail.mp3 22930142
codecon-3-5-peek-a-booty.mp3 26723715
codecon-3-6-dnssec.mp3 34561570
readme.txt 572

There are 22 files for a total of 359,006,136 bytes.