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Speech by Douglas Rushkoff at the HOPE Conference (H2K2), July, 2002 (47:46)
Author Douglas Rushkoff presents "Human Autonomous Zones: The Real Role of Hackers" at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference in 2002. Reviewer Are Flagan describes the speech this way: "....After the dot-com pyramid schemes failed so miserably (for some) and the Internet mercifully shrugged off business, corporations and mainstream media have increasingly started to load it with negativity. Symptoms abound and Rushkoff noted that as early as the Atlanta Olympics we were subjected to what the media termed an "Internet-style" bomb. Obviously quite misleading from a technical point of view (the bomb was presumably not modeled after the Internet but its construction may have been available on the Internet, and no doubt elsewhere), the language and context thrives on ignorance and lack of contestation to support the reporting media's role in bringing 'accurate' and 'truthful' stories. Storytelling consequently formed the locus of his talk. Stories compete for believers and those that control the stories we live by essentially shape our reality. Rushkoff quoted numerous examples of proprietary oral traditions and Walter Cronkite's signature byline at the end of his newscasts, "that's the way it is," summarizes most of them. Within this closed and one-directional economy of exchanges, hackers emerged as autonomous voices in a climate where independence was outlawed. By breaking the spell of programming and feeding broadcasts into a feedback loop, they demystified technology through shareware and made it available for uses and contexts that were not supported by the hierarchical structure whereby stories were, and still are, disseminated. Current attempts at legislating the Internet and the airwaves, and even hardware (see notes on the Microsoft Palladium standard above), seek to restore the bullhorn mentality that hackers passionately resist. As computer interfaces and operating systems have become increasingly opaque to produce more end-users with entertainment terminals rather than computing platforms, hackers have maintained knowledge of computing and not lost sight of the broader social interaction that encodes choices and spreads information. Here rests the autonomous zone that remains the real role and function of hackers."
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