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The files in the Hijexx directory are from his camera that I converted down to divx. They can also be found at

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Here are the talks that everyone wanted. Some of the more popular ones are missing and I am sorry for that. Lost a few to a computer glitch, one to just completely forgetting to put it on the schedule(information leakage), and the infamous Dolemite break dancing was lost to power outage. Next year I will make sure to bring a UPS, not copy files for folks until after the recordings are over, and just use one or two large recording jobs for the entire con. Live and learn....

[VID]Rendering Equal Probability v-2003-10-24-0.avi29-Oct-2003 22:01 61M
[VID]Community Radio - JonnyX-2003-10-24-0.avi29-Oct-2003 21:52 311M
[VID]Howto organize a con and (hop-2003-10-24-0.avi29-Oct-2003 22:18 239M
[VID]AI in History and Literature -2003-10-24-0.avi30-Oct-2003 18:49 208M
[TXT]Rant - Decius-2003-10-24-0.avi10-Nov-2003 18:11 250M
[VID]The Philosophy of Language De-2003-10-24-0.avi30-Oct-2003 20:58 179M
[VID]Kick Asterisk, or Where We've-2003-10-25-0.avi30-Oct-2003 22:47 194M
[VID]The History of Science Fiction.avi10-Nov-2003 21:17 186M
[VID]Mav and Nox.avi30-Oct-2003 18:20 2.6M
[VID]Tribute - Piss Poor Quality.avi11-Nov-2003 22:49 80.8M
[VID]Tribute - DIVX.avi17-Nov-2003 16:45 115M
[VID]Tribute - MPEG2.mpg17-Nov-2003 17:33 612M
[VID]Why you suck.avi11-Nov-2003 22:41 194M
[VID]DC Moon And His Atomic Supermen.avi11-Nov-2003 23:04 201M
[VID]Laughing Boy.avi12-Nov-2003 19:30 512K
[VID]Pimpdaddy Supreme.avi13-Nov-2003 18:12 429M

The files below this are the raw video feeds in Windows Media format. DO NOT download them if you are looking for the talks. They just contain mostly extra garbage and in the case of the opening remarks a really long commercial for Nashville.

[TXT]Welcome and Opening Remarks --2003-10-24-0.wmv26-Oct-2003 21:46 284M
[TXT]Rendering Equal Probability v-2003-10-24-0.wmv24-Oct-2003 15:00 192M
[TXT]Community Radio - JonnyX-2003-10-24-0.wmv24-Oct-2003 16:00 295M
[TXT]Howto organize a con and (hop-2003-10-24-0.wmv24-Oct-2003 18:00 295M
[TXT]Satellite Reception Technolog-2003-10-24-0.wmv24-Oct-2003 19:00 295M
[TXT]AI in History and Literature -2003-10-24-0.wmv24-Oct-2003 20:00 294M
[TXT]Rant - Decius-2003-10-24-0.wmv24-Oct-2003 21:00 295M
[TXT]The Philosophy of Language De-2003-10-24-0.wmv24-Oct-2003 22:00 295M
[TXT]Party!!!!!!!-2003-10-24-0.wmv25-Oct-2003 04:01 821M
[TXT]Recovered on Friday 10-24-2003 1420-0.wmv24-Oct-2003 19:37 69M
[TXT]The Linux Car DashPC Projec-2003-10-25-0.wmv25-Oct-2003 14:00 293M
[TXT]Kick Asterisk, or Where We've-2003-10-25-0.wmv25-Oct-2003 15:00 293M
[TXT]Go get something to eat, you-2003-10-25-0.wmv25-Oct-2003 18:00 148M
[TXT]End of the night.-2003-10-25-0.wmv25-Oct-2003 20:01 590M
[TXT]DC Moon and His Atomic Superm-2003-10-25-0.wmv26-Oct-2003 01:00 1.7G

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