Shmoocon 2007 Videos

Talk Title

Size of the Video
0wn the Con - The Shmoo Group.mp4VIDEO140M
A Hacker Looks at 50 - G. Mark Hardy.mp4VIDEO149M
Assess the security of your online back without going to jail - Chuck Willis.mp4VIDEO132M
Attack Detection and Response with Linux Firewalls - Michael Rash.mp4VIDEO138M
Auditing Cached Credentials with Cachedump - Eoin Miller and Adair Collins.mp4VIDEO 61M
Backbone Fuzzing - Raven.mp4VIDEO103M
Boomstick-Fu The Fundamentals of Physical Security at its Most Basic Level- Deviant Ollam, Noid and Thorn.mp4VIDEO 68M
Bypassing NAC Systems (Part II) - Ofir Arkin.mp4VIDEO134M
Dissecting ShmooCon Labs - The Shmoo Group.mp4VIDEO144M
Encrypted Protocol Identification via Statistical Analysis - Rob King and Rohlt Dhamankar.mp4VIDEO106M
Extend Your Code Into the Real World - Ryan Clarke.mp4VIDEO130M
Hacker Potpourri - Simple Nomad.mp4VIDEO135M
Hacking Digital Cameras - John Maushammer.mp4VIDEO136M
Hacking the Airwaves with FPGAs - h1kari.mp4VIDEO 64M
JavaScript Malware for a Grey Goo Tomorrow - Billy Hoffman.mp4VIDEO136M
No-Tech Hacking - Johnny Long.mp4VIDEO 78M
OLPC Panel An Examination of OLPC Security and the Impact on Society - Sean Coyne, Ivan Krstic, Jason Scott, Scott Roberts.mp4VIDEO178M
Opening Remarks.mp4VIDEO 87M
RFIDiots - Major Malfunction.mp4VIDEO146M
Security Breaches are Good for You - Adam Shostack.mp4VIDEO 73M
Standard Bodies - What are these Guys Drinking - Al Potter, Renderman, and Russ Housley.mp4VIDEO141M
The Church of WiFi presents A Hacker in Iraq - Michael Schearer.mp4VIDEO115M
The Hacker Foundation - The Ethic in Action - Jesse Krembs and Nick Farr.mp4VIDEO124M
Three Crypto Geeks on the Current State of Cryptography and the Internet - Rodney Thayer, Jon Callas and Ben Laurie.mp4VIDEO142M
VOIP, Vonage, and Why I Hate Asterisk - Joel Bruno and Eric Smith.mp4VIDEO 93M
Vulnerability Disclosure Panel Palaver (or 0-day OK, No Way, or For Pay) - Katie Moussouris.mp4VIDEO125M
WPAD - Proxy Attack - Chris Paget.mp4VIDEO138M
Weaponizing Noam Chomsky, or Hacking with Pattern Languages - Dan Kaminsky.mp4VIDEO151M
Web Application Incident Preparation - Matt Fisher, Cygnus and PresMike.mp4VIDEO112M
Windows Mobile Software Raw and Exposed - Seth Fogie.mp4VIDEO129M
Wireless (and Wired) Networks at Security Cons - Luiz Eduardo.mp4VIDEO132M