Music and Songs from the Online Life

Here are songs, music, and other musical audio snippets from the past.

Description of the Audio
_descramble_.mp3 7171566
Joe Wecker of Don't Eat Pete sings the algorithm of DVDdescramble.c. Removed from for its allegedly "offensive lyrics".
applebreakingthrough.mp3 3981103
Apple is Breaking Through (4:09)
Corporate Anthem: Apple Computer is Breaking Through. Sung in 1980's pop rock style.
applebreakingthrough.txt 1153
Lyrics to "Apple is Breaking Through".
descramble.mp3 6307102
Earlier acoustic guitar version of _descramble_ without the accompaniment.
everonwardibm.wav 1535326
Performance of "Ever Onward, IBM" (1:35) (Unknown Year)
This is a rare performance (with band) of the IBM Fight Song, "Ever Onward IBM", written as part of the IBM songbook, a collection of inspiring (and semi-cultish) anthems created to be sung at company events. Two stanzas are performed in this recording, but there are actually many more. 
fensterfreesoftware.mp3 2874850
"The Free Software Song" by Richard Stallman, performed by Fenster.
pgp.mp3 1627243
PGP, Written and Performed by Leslie Fish
Live recording, MP3 (1:41) 
techsupt.mp3 3337822
Tech Support, by Jeffrey Hitchin, Performed at Consonance '98 (1998)
telcojam.mod 330697
The Pick's Telco Jam
Drum-heavy MOD of various error and status messages from telephone switches, created by The Pick (2:41) 
the_computer_code_hoedown_.mp3 2691022
Shane Killian calling a lively square dance version of the DeCSS algorithm. "The Computer Code Hoedown" was removed from where it was formerly distributed.

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