Telephone Pranks: The COLLEGESUCKS.ORG Collection

Description of the Audio
paged.mp3 925824
Did You Page Me?: "This was my very first did you page me prank phone call. Went really well. A classic from 1999!"
pictures3.mp3 811136
We have some pictures...3: "A very nice "picture" call. The guy gets really mad in the end about the whole situation. Charlie Pike is a great guy!"
star69biblestudy.mp3 308387
Star 69ed a Bible Study Woman: "I call up a random women who harassed my kids! I don't appreciate that her and her bible group called my house!"
thirstengay.mp3 759808
Thirsten Wants to Take a Guy to the Cactus: "I call up some random guy and act like I know him. Pretty funny call."

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