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"Pirate Radio airs Sundays 2:00-4:00pm Mountain time on KBFR.ORG and 95.3 FM on Boulder, and is simultaneously rebroadcasted on KIFR 93.7 in Iowa City." This directory contains both an archive of some of the show and related materials recorded by the hosts.

Description of the Audio
20040624-kbfr-widr.spx 12160204
Interview with KBFR DJs on WIDR Peoples' Power Hour
"ZT was in on a KBFR interview broadcast on KBFR while being interviewed on WIDR. Monk shared his infinite wisdom about pirate radio, and Granola Girl brought her dog."
b91.mp3 173693174
KBFR Interview with B9Punk, former KBFR DJ and Resident of Hacker Halfway House (HHH) (Part 1) (175:26)
Show from KBFR, including music played. Interview/Show begins at 37:53.
b92.mp3 40075264
KBFR Interview with B9Punk, former KBFR DJ and Resident of Hacker Halfway House (HHH) (Part 2) (27:49)
b93.mp3 260883799
KBFR Interview with B9Punk, former KBFR DJ and Resident of Hacker Halfway House (HHH) (Part 3) (257:00)
hope-kbfr-20040709.spx 14885458
Panel on Hacker Radio from HOPE 2004 (H2K2) Hacker Conference (July 9, 2004)
"Cy and b9 were representing KBFR in NYC, and had some of the other pirates participate remotely over the phone. Heres what the panel sounded like on the KBFR end."
mammyshowwireztandme1.mp3 43542152
KBFR Banter: Uncle Mammy, Wire, and ZT
meandzt.mp3 9933845
Pre-Recorded KBFR Banter: Uncle Mammy and ZT
notenoughcoffee-20040527.spx 13015287
Not Enough Coffee (May 27, 2004)
Not Enough Coffee, hosted by ZT, Bulge, and Radical Hare.
piratetalk-02082004.mp3 41640759
Pirate Talk (February 8, 2004)
piratetalk-02142004.mp3 44445199
Pirate Talk (February 14, 2004)
piratetalk-02222004.mp3 39703124
Pirate Talk (February 22, 2004)
piratetalk-02292004.mp3 58143820
Pirate Talk (February 29, 2004)
piratetalk-03072004-fm.mp3 65840863
Pirate Talk (March 7, 2004) (FM Quality)
piratetalk-03072004-low.mp3 9850880
Pirate Talk (March 7, 2004) (Low Bitrate)
piratetalk-20040314-fm.mp3 102332592
Pirate Talk (March 14, 2004) (FM Quality)
piratetalk-20040314-low.mp3 19298556
Pirate Talk (March 14, 2004) (Low Bitrate)
piratetalk-20040321-fm.mp3 84667374
Pirate Talk (March 21, 2004) (FM Quality)
piratetalk-20040321-low.mp3 17479064
Pirate Talk (March 21, 2004) (Low Bitrate)
piratetalk-20040328-fm.mp3 74670320
Pirate Talk (March 28, 2004) (FM Quality)
piratetalk-20040328-low.mp3 12953576
Pirate Talk (March 28, 2004) (Low Bitrate)
piratetalk-20040404-fm.mp3 67444472
Pirate Talk (April 4, 2004) (FM Quality)
piratetalk-20040404-low.mp3 11674224
Pirate Talk (April 4, 2004) (Low Bitrate)
piratetalk-20040509-fm.mp3 101551088
Pirate Talk (May 9, 2004) (FM Quality)
piratetalk-20040509-low.mp3 13028744
Pirate Talk (May 9, 2004) (Low Bitrate)
piratetalk-20040516-fm.mp3 89067944
Pirate Talk (May 16, 2004) (FM Quality)
piratetalk-20040516-low.mp3 12369116
Pirate Talk (May 16, 2004) (Low Bitrate)
woodyandbulge-20040709.spx 22442585
The Woody and Bulge Show (July 9, 2004)

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