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DougTV Episode #1: Guasti, In-N-Out, and a Payphone (36:20) (DivX) (August, 2004)
The Broken introduces the show, with 14s. Then we look and see what Guasti, California really looks like. Take a drive with us as we get some food at In-N-Out and see Lucky's obsession with a 3x3. And we do some payphone phreaking, talking about redboxing with your voice, making free 411 calls from a payphone, ANI II digits, and learn about half COCOTs. To learn more about time travel, watch Back to the Future. Finishes with credits and some takes.
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DougTV Episode #2: Starbucks Crowd (26:50) (DivX) (2004)
Road sign hacking, like HackTV, but we suck. People who hang out in front of Starbucks. XinE and System Sacrifice show how they like to do it, grape juice style. Stores don't accept Texas IDs. Community pools are on default. The day before Defcon. Episode 3 will take place at Defcon. Scenes for Episode 3 and long ass credits with Huey Lewis music.
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DougTV Episode #3: Defcon l2 Footage (50:27) (DivX)
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DougTV Episode #3: Defcon l2 Footage (50:27) (DivX) (July, 2005)
Time for Defcon! I can't pee here? Friday afternoon footage from Defcon. Natas impersonates Lucky. licutis VS prism. Lucky finally wakes up Friday night. Wear yellow for queer con. Urban exploring the roof of the Alexis Park. Lucky's California Wardriver license buys prism a drink. rhy0t kicks some ass. prism is drunk. Intermission, ph33r RijilV juggling skills. It is now Saturday. Footage from after Strom Carlson and Lucky225's speech at Defcon. Lucky, Natas, and me leave the Key largo to go hang out back at Defcon. And on Sunday we got to stay at the Venetian hotel. Credits, and future project information.
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Logo for Doug TV
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Doug TV Preview Trailer (Summer, 2004) (1:29)

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