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Infonomicon TV Episode #1 (August 23, 2004) (9:48)
Droops introduces the show and the subject: running Power over Ethernet. Droops shows what tools and parts you will need. Explanation of the theory of how you would send the actual power. Of the 8 wires in Ethernet, only 4 are used for actual data; the other 4 are unused. Power can be sent over the remaining wires. You build an injector, which goes into the ethernet from a wall outlet, and a splitter, which goes from the cable to the power in of the item. Droops shows a functioning model with a wireless ethernet hub powered from the ethernet cable that sends the data. Droops draws a diagram to explain how to build the plug. Droops burned one transformer in the process of making this item. The IEEE standard allows you to send up to 48 volts over Ethernet; the hub uses 5. Droops explains why you'd want to do this in the first place; in his case, he wants to have the item on the roof and this enables him to run ethernet (which he knows) and not power (which he does not). The advantage is obvious in places where you don't need to run power cable, just ethernet. Diagrams will be on the website. Closing remarks.
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Infonomicon TV Episode #2: The Truck Computer
"Droops shows what his truck computer looks like before it's installed into the truck. This one was a bit premature as the new truck computer is a much better computer, Droops is working on part 2, but he needs another alternator and is working on a good way of not destroying the hard drive that's in the new computer. A laptop hard drive would work well, but that's $$$$, so other avenues are being pursued."
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Infonomicon TV Episode #3: The First 30 Minute Episode
"Obfuscated's body but not his face, Improving personal FM transmitters, bootleg video of the BBS Documentary, making GPSr attachments, Joe Klein Interview. Thanks to jason scott for letting me show some of his awesome movie. Everyone send droops some money so he can buy the entire thing."
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Infonomicon TV Episode #4: The High Tech Redneck
"Bubba Hax joins the Infonomicon crew with a somewhat informative but very funny redneck hacker video. Contents include: lockpicking; access point hunting; b-mail, homebrew short range wireless communication; phishing. This is not safe for work or around short people."
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