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A show about the "scene", whether it be artscenes, demoscenes, or any of a dozen other such cultures, hosted by RaD MaN (leader of ACiD) and Spinsane [fATE/rTS/RiSC]. Released Monthly. Main site is located at

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arts-ep01-low.mp3 9234432
A.R.T.S. Episode #1 (April 10, 2004) (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [51:17]
arts-ep01.mp3 49240064
A.R.T.S. Episode #1 (April 10, 2004)
The A.R.T.S, or The Artscene Radio Talk Show made its boundary-breaking debut this week with the release of their first show! Interviews from: BASEHEAD (#trax), STEELER (breakpoint org), and PYROMANIC (beyond). Hear first hand how the Trax 10 Year reunion turned out, the opening day of Breakpoint, and feedback on the 2004 Game Developers Conference! This is our first show, so definitely look forward to coverage of the many other exciting aspects of our scene in the future! (128kbps) [51:17]
arts-ep02-low.mp3 15722496
A.R.T.S. Episode #2 (April 21, 2004) (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [87:20]
arts-ep02.mp3 83851264
A.R.T.S. Episode #2 (April 21, 2004)
We've done it again... The ARTS episode 02 is here! Running ~87 minutes long and guest starring BLACK JACK of the renowned ASCII art group Mimic as well as SPOT, a director of deviantART; the single largest on-line art community in the world. Join us as we explore and briefly review Breakpoint 2004, MetalVotze's WinnerDemo, various new graphics viewers and editors, and get to know our guests better through this episode! (128kbps) [87:20]
arts-ep03-low.mp3 9226240
A.R.T.S. Episode #3 (May 7, 2004) (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [51:15]
arts-ep03.mp3 49201152
A.R.T.S. Episode #3 (May 7, 2004)
Spinsane comes to grips with the realization that he now has to pay for porn. Featured is an ARTS exclusive interview with FIESERWOLF of MetalVotze where he expresses his views on Breakpoint, WinnerDemo and the scene. Also discussed is the Notacon art and technology conference and a review of some of the top demos and tracks released at The Gathering demoparty! (128kbps) [51:15]
arts-ep04-low.mp3 8146944
A.R.T.S. Episode #4 (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [45:15]
arts-ep04.mp3 43446272
A.R.T.S. Episode #4 (May 27, 2004)
ANTHEM subs as co-host this episode while SPINSANE is on vacation! Listen as we talk about the field trip to the Internet Archive headquarters, discuss the many on-line scene compos and how you can participate, and ramble on about the oh-so tragic loss of our handheld PDAs. Special guests include Evoke organizer DIPSWITCH (Black Maiden), live at the CCC's annual Demo Show held in Cologne, Germany, and play a pre-recorded interview with NOVUS (MIC), organizer of the Monthly Invitational Competition who strongly champions the MOD tracking medium. (128kbps) [51:15]
arts-ep05-low.mp3 9103360
A.R.T.S. Episode #5 (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [50:33]
arts-ep05.mp3 48541696
A.R.T.S. Episode #5 (June 13, 2004)
SPINSANE breaks free from the insane asylum to return to ARTS 5! Hear first hand how the inebriating effects of alcohol gradually set in on our beloved co-host. Topics discussed in this episode range from the recently revived Grapevine magazine now in its second issue, MindCandy DVD vol.2, Assembly airfare prices, new ANSI and ASCII artpacks and various other internet talk shows. Our special guest this show is LEGALIZE, the main organizer of the Pilgrimage demoparty held in SLC, Utah. Listen and learn as he breaks down the origins of 3D computer graphics and schools a lil' Rendering 101. (128kbps) [50:33]
arts-ep06-low.mp3 12771328
A.R.T.S. Episode #6 (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [70:56]
arts-ep06.mp3 68106240
A.R.T.S. Episode #6 (July 11th, 2004)
We proudly present three internationally known scene superstars this program: DOJ (Farb-Rausch); ABYSS (Future Crew), the organizer of Assembly; and JASON SCOTT ( who brings the very essence of the show full circle. In just 70 minutes, a veritable wealth of knowledge is unleashed: the history of Elitegroup and its relationship to Farb-Rausch; the inside line on the upcoming Assembly 2004 demoparty; live commentary from the HOPE 2004 hacker convention; and, of course... Werkkzeug1, the popular demo creation tool. (128kbps) [70:56]
arts-ep07-low.mp3 16760832
A.R.T.S. Episode #7 (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [93:06]
arts-ep07.mp3 89378816
A.R.T.S. Episode #7 (August 28th, 2004)
This is a very special episode; featured is an interview with Canadian demogroup leader POLARIS (Northern Dragons), FRANK (Orange) and ARTS-exclusive audio recorded live at the Assembly 2004 demoparty. In this double episode, hear what its like to be inside the Hartwell Arena in Helsinki, Finland, and listen as we take you on a trip to Boozembly and get to know its history better. Also included is a review of several books that relate to our scene, one of which dates back to 1956! Get the scoop on whats in store for Pilgrimage and how to get there for the right price. (128kbps) [93:06]
arts-ep08-low.mp3 13838336
A.R.T.S. Episode #8 (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [76:52]
arts-ep08.mp3 73795584
A.R.T.S. Episode #8 (October 31st, 2004)
Filling in for Spinsane this episode are not one but three co-hosts, Haliphax, In Tense and Scour! In this show we discuss the upcoming independant documentary film, "BBS Documentary", iCE's Zoom Quilt, DOSbox 0.62, and ASCII art constructed out of... LEGO blocks. Featured are informative interviews with UNLOCK (Vantage), organizer of the Swiss demoparty, Buenzli, as well as RAWER, the editor of the recently published scene book, "Demoscene: The Art of Real-time" and an extra last-minute interview with ADRENALINE (2600 SLC) who weighs in on important issues -- like how to obtain juice from a cantalope. (128kbps) [76:52]
arts-ep09-low.mp3 12716032
A.R.T.S. Episode #9 (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [70:38]
arts-ep09.mp3 67815424
A.R.T.S. Episode #9 (December 12th, 2004)
Join us as we travel across the globe to interview sceners from the Czech Republic, South America and San Francisco. This program we review entries from Big Chip Compo 6 alongside chiptune musician and founder of the event, NULA. Next, ACIDBRAIN talks about Flashparty, the only active demoparty in all of South America. Also reviewed are two great books: Digtal Retro and Sexy Legs and Typewriters, the latest artpack (or diskmag) from CRO, and a recap of the Vintage Computer Festival 7.0! Wrapping up the show is SIMON CARLESS -- aka h0l or hollywood -- of Monotonik who shares what it means to be a netlabel. Oh, and ANTHEM gets his passport! {128kbps) [70:38]
arts-ep10-low.mp3 12705792
A.R.T.S. Episode #10 (Lowband Version) (24kbps) [70:34]
arts-ep10.mp3 67756032
A.R.T.S. Episode #10 (January 29th, 2005) Kicking off the new year, we bring you a rather netradio-centric episode featuring authoritative guests such as alternative media mogul KIZZLE of HackerMedia, speaking on the subject of podcasting, followed by Pan-American scener SIR GARBAGETRUCK who gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the inner workings of ojuice's Nectarine shoutcast radio, and lastly DEF BASE who reminisces back to the days of the very first live radio show for the demoscene, Havok Radio. Additional topics include: deviantART Summit slated to take place this summer in California. Contrary to popular belief, Legalize is not dead. Block lamers with the new Attention Whores Toggle script. The implosion and migration to Pirate Bay. And reviews of new software packages freely and legally available for download. Co-hosting this show is ALKIVAR! (128kbps) [70:34]
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