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Hosted by Ponyboy. Collection of phreak-based discussions, recorded via a conference line.

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Bellcore Radio Episode #1 (63:02)
Intro song plays until 2:07. Ponyboy and Black_mesa welcome you to Bellcore Radio. Why make another hacker radio show? This show won't be different, but Ponyboy spends a lot of time on his computer listening to other shows, and thinks hacker radio is amazing. So, he wants to give something back. They're also not getting any younger. Ponyboy enjoys his new "Tap" water. Black_mesa suggests a cellphone. Walgreens phone cards suck. Ponyboy shows off the insane hold music that came with his Walgreens phone he bought. Ponyboy has fallen in love with the phone, and describes its features. Black_mesa talks about the Motorola V180 phone he got and how to hack it. Ponyboy takes a silent piss. Geeks read Slashdot, but not everyone does. Ponyboy relates a story about Bob X. Cringley using IPdrome to get free phone calls. Apparently legal music downloads have exceeded peer-to-peer downloads, and we told the RIAA this years ago. The Folger's Calling Card runs down to two more minutes. It's 3:15 in the morning. Ponyboy calls back with a new calling card. Some question about whether to leave the PIN in the recording. Ponyboy does not think much of IDT phone cards. The hosts are incredulous that fireworks are legalized now, and you can buy them at Target. A shout-out to Binrev and the Binrev forums, including one about interesting phone numbers to call. Ponyboy calls a number that talks back in Japanese. Black_mesa is going to DEFCON. Hey, we're independent journalists! Ponyboy calls another interesting number and gives an impromptu herpes commerical. They've only had to re-record the show once so far. The hosts gear up to calling a Wal-mart payphone. Social tips for meeting people at Wal-mart. Ponyboy goes on IRC and #binrev to ask for cool numbers. Someone on #binrev gives a number, and says to trust them. Ponyboy encounters enormous trouble dialing the number. He finally gets it working, and latera's number didn't work. Thanks, you son of a bitch. Another calling card runs out. The show is really going to have to be limited to two Folger's cards. Another Slashdot story: the city of Orlando has closed down its free Wi-fi project, and Ponyboy is sad. It was claimed it wasn't being used, which he questions. (Truncated)
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Bellcore Radio Episode #2 (73:16)
Intro song: Barcelona - Social Engineering to 2:32. Introduction to Bellcore #2, hosted by Ponyboy and Black_mesa. Props to so many people for all the positive feedback to the first show. Thanks to UTcrazy for becoming a mirror. The shows will be backed up on the BellCore PBX. Fallen made a link image for the show. Do something good and you get thanked too. Ponyboy tosses a great salad. It doesn't count if you're drunk. Ponyboy wants the hacker community to grow, and the best way is to organize meetings, and Bellcore can announce them for you. The same for any letters people send in. An announcement of a new 2600 meeting in 678. Props to MaxieZ for organizing the event. Ponyboy can't drive the hour to the 404 meeting, so a new meeting will be easier for him. And who likes the Varsity, anyway? Of course, not liking the Varsity is a ticket straight to Hell. Go to the new 2600 meeting, and help the community grow. Ponyboy found the Atlanta Telephone History website. Bellcore radio T-shirts are coming. Ponyboy would like to interview the webmaster of the Phone History website, and hopes he's listening. Black_mesa tells the story of a guy who has gotten arrested for hacking an X-Box, and is going to jail. Ponyboy thinks that the guy selling the games makes it understandably illegal, but the whole thing is out of proportion. Someone was also arrested for using an open WiFi network. That's Saint Petersburg, Florida, not Saint Petersburg, Russia. Discussion of who is making the error and mistakes with leaving an access point open to the world. Ponyboy again understands the reason the person was arrested, but questions why people are being arrested for bandwidth. THE CALL HAS TWO MINUTES LEFT. Folger's has blocked the Bell's Mind number. The hosts call a phone number where someone got access to a PBX and changed the message. Ponyboy calls and finds the message isn't there. Some audio issues are fixed up. More phone numbers will be called. Ponyboy read that some people in Japan found a way to store data on a human fingernail. Ponyboy is a newbie. Ponyboy also questions how useful a fingernail encoding technology is. Coke dealers could use it to store customer numbers. Black_mesa starts shuffling paper. Ponyboy fires Black_mesa. Ponyboy calls out Black_mesa for putting the phone down and talking across the room. Black_mesa talks about the new Opera 8.02 having a built-in bittorrent client. Pirating is bad; sometimes people don't understand how much effort goes into things like Photoshop. People work to make this software and music, so buy it if you think it's worth it. Clear Channel sucks. Ponyboy doesn't use peer-to-peer anymore because he's concerned about getting in trouble. Another calling card dies. The show switches to phone calls before they lose the new card. Is anyone listening? People are complaining that the show isn't hardcore enough so the hosts call... the Wal-mart Recall Hotline. The slowcooker is fine. Another number is called. Ponyboy knocks off Mesa. Red Rabbit wants a shout-out. Phone call to a switch in Mexico. Ponyboy gives away the rest of the phone card. Keep Hacking. Music plays to end.
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Bellcore Radio Episode #3
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Just one week late, BCR 34 is now out! This episode is hosted by P(?)NYB(?)Y, Mesa, and Sp1ndrifter. Topics include Lucky and Flo, the MPAA.s DVD sniffing dogs; the Erazer-1 Trojan; and a nice long rant about working for AOL.
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