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Binary Revolution - The Revolution will be Digitized. Hacking show hosted by StankDawg and a team of sidekicks, covering hacking, media, and political subjects as will. A very strong attitude, and a very consistent production. The main site is located at

Description of the Audio
binrev000_pilot.mp3 11909248
Binary Revolution Pilot Episode: Preview (2003)
hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3 we need new hacking shows, "all hacking, all the time", radio freek amewhaa?!, RFA in force!, mut3 on location - introduction to engineering, mut3 in dorms at Notre Dame, mut3 in a payphone booth, mut3 to be molested by hunchback?!, Notre Dame online, free internet to the masses, new site:, silly web developers - windows sucks, there's a lot of under-stupid ppl, Stank uses Dreamweaver, cleanup MS-html, fizzer virus contacts sites, the fear of helping, helping could get you arrested, stoned computers and Stank in high school!?!, DMCA strikes again, 321 studios under siege, on the soapbox, schools can copy, why not us?!, feds gettin mut3?!, society must change!!, lawyers or blood sucking leeches?!, Stank is old-skool, tapes all the way babee, copyright and copy protection is teh sux0r man!, f**k cd's, f**k commerciality, f**k whatever you don't support, f**k this crap!!, The Hulk sucked ASS JUICE!!, ppl spread viruses, STOP CLICKING IT DAMMIT!!!, viruses are interesting, don't run the damn things though!, cute application or vicious monster?, enjoy the revolution, shouts to dual, shouts to DDP, shouts to logan5, feend, IET crew, barley hall, 2600, leave feedback, punch mut3, letters[at]binrev[dot]com. 
binrev001.mp3 11937792
Binary Revolution Episode 01: The Premiere! (July 8, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3first ever binrev episode, mut3 has been introduced to engineering and hacked redhat at the same time, Stank plays webtalkradio clip, Lance Spitzner gets f**knut of the month, who is "Juarez"??, journalists with integrity..waaa?!, props to Andy Sullivan, emails/feedback are important, "hacker" term discussed, hacking should be fun, zilterio..WTF?!, companies don't report hack-ins, stank gives the customary 30 days after finding an exploit, blended threats: wave of the future or blast from the past?, props rfa, dual, logan5, DDP members, bland, shouts to the 2600 meetings, send email to: letters [at] binrev [dot] com. 
binrev002.mp3 11540608
Binary Revolution Episode 02: BinRev (July 15, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3. Rough fed trouble, episode one feedback, #binrev channel on, mail from total blackout, anonymous email about Stank going off too much on the term "hacker", the masses shouldn't dictate the language, new host, redesign, mut3 surprised by company's good attitude towards him helping them out, Stank goes to daytona, mut3 has only one lappy sticker, binrev sticker plans, redneck hackers, spammers suck!!, aol sucks, aol directors just get job renewals while aol stocks go down, Stank has every aol cd EVER!, aol/dremel -> good recipe, comes to tv...court tv that is, cops is the shiz-f**king-nit, Intuit tries to fight piracy but screws Stank over in the process, Stank is getting over-conspirational, donations getting more presumptious, nobody reads the EULA, shouts to glooko. 
binrev003.mp3 13817984
Binary Revolution Episode 03: Logs (July 22, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3. FHQWHGADS! Stank apologizes for mp3 mishap, also naming convention changed, more feedback, email from fanatic, stank has basic-ass phone service, subscriptons to binrev would r0x0r, jawga sends email, rfa mirror has been getting creepy hints from DC, nick84 is a log dawg, .mil and .gov visit ddp sites, stank screws up nick84's perl formatting in the first binrev issue, email from ntheory, another email from beam, long rant on file sharing, Stank apparently likes russian lesbians and michael jackson, mut3 sees technicians working on phone box, Stank discovers banzai, winxp is kinda stupid, stank using office 2003 beta2, mut3 and stank give dell thumbs up, riaa still f**king with people for file sharing, redhat stopping releasing retail packages, Stank goes to best buy, Stank wants peace and love and harmony, w00t! roast of StankDawg on RFA?, Stank leaving bland in charge of forums, binrev shownotes needed, mut3 gives shouts to the telco dude, Stank shouts to Saitou and Subzero, DDP team pimp. 
binrev004.mp3 12781696
Binary Revolution Episode 04: PWF (July 29, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & dual_parallel. mut3 hits puberty, no wait, it's dual!!, pimpin rfa, dual can get it up pretty soon, new guests on the way, binrev needs shownotes, no feedback this week, dual frequenting walmart lately, pimpin PWF, send walmart stuff!!, FedEx vulnerability, mirror pimp, dual won't sell out, would sean k sell out??, are spam filters more effective than spam laws?, goat sex?, S**T cannot go back inside of a horse, both laws and filters are necessary, "f**k the f**k off"?, RFID testing is off again for consumers, people are not animals to be tagged, phreak news?!, cable vs. dsl, MCI accused of federal fraud, send feedback to letters [at] binrev [dot] com, blowin smoke up each other's ass. 
binrev005.mp3 12247168
Binary Revolution Episode 05: Mut3 & Stank IRL (August 5, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3. notes: submissions to notes [at] binrev [dot] com piling up, pimp, get the new binrev mp3's, mut3's mac in the shop, nick84 sends in email, mut3 getting less spam, mut3 and Stank meet real life!, Stank sends dual pwf info, Stank warwalks at the local mall during his 2600 meeting, new 2600 out, lot of playa-hatin' going on, not on our forums though, don't split the community people!, Stank has a dream, cisco vulnerability gets out, american express trying out RFID, RFID not very privacy friendly, rf trouble with cars, mut3 talks about rf(radio frequency) legalities, w00t NYPD gonna have segways, cows and segways, props to people, do NOT send pictures of naked dudes, only chix0rz, shouts to Stank's 2600 meeting. 
binrev006.mp3 12431488
Binary Revolution Episode 06: RFID (August 12, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3. winner of notes announced, winner is hacnslash(young kid strikes again), Stank gets even more spam, squirt good, cream bad, shownotes important, email from Cr4X, email from jawga, RFID under part 15 of FCC rules, mut3 talks about the 2.4 Ghz spectrum, jamming it up should not be that hard, new forum software, Stank f**king hates realmedia, realmedia is evil, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 r0x0rz, nick84 sends Stank tape of George Orwell documentary, hacktv finally on the way, howard berman = f**knut of the century, upload a song - go to federalpoundmeintheassprison, Stank saw the commercial again, Stank goes on rant (again), shouts, leave feedback dammit!! 
binrev007.mp3 12286080
Binary Revolution Episode 07: BRR HowTo (August 19, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & dual_parallel. time to send in binrev 1.3 articles, jawga mirroring binrev radio and rfa, pimp, rfa reaches 76th ep, the history of rfa, how to make a radio show: for a radio show you need the right people, their location is important too, get good equipment, good speaker phone, generic mic, the more people on, the worse the sound quality, decent pc (faster than a p133), integrated sound blows, good software can be free, audacity rox0rs, cable or dsl for streaming, and winamp 2.91 (NOT 3!!!), make sure you have enough time, shownotes!!, dual swallows a bug, have fun dammit!!!, blaster worm strikes, chaos in Stank's workplace, cyberterrorism - be afraid, be very f**king afraid, people are convenience whores, less waste more pr0n, shouts to mut3, get yo edumacation brotha! 
binrev008.mp3 11851904
Binary Revolution Episode 08: DDP Phreaktoolz (August 26, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & nottheory. stank's laptop DOA, nottheory in the hooouusse, total blackout sends email, RFID jamming legal?, oldskool hacking, ntheory hacks packet8, packet8 not big on security, nottheory does defcon 11, h2k4 not gonna be called h2k4 but it WILL happen, 20th anniversary of 2600, haxxxor movie, mcdonalds wireless directory transversal, sophisticated spam with 1337-5p33k?!, FILTERS!!!, ntheory's DDP phreaktools, ntheory does NOT have a walmart!!, superK is teh sU(k, PWF is chugging along, Stank discusses about interzone conference, xp and office integration, ascii text is teh r0x0rz!, don't do stupid stuff, SoBig is teh virus!, go to 2600 meetings, ntheory gives shouts, shouts to mut3, big donkey dick shouts to MediaMisfit for site redesign. note from StankDawg: I will probably get tons of wierd log hits from people searching for "donkey dick" after these show notes. *sigh* 
binrev009.mp3 11726976
Binary Revolution Episode 09: RFID jammer (September 2, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3. Stank becomes a log dawg, and techtv stop by, thanks to sesrun and kl3ptic, pimp the show, no-call list shut out, for now, check out GAMERadio, hacktv pilot gets more hits than binrev radio, RFID jammer under 1 watt legal?, Stank back in school: cyberlaw, YOU WILL NEVER STOP P2P, binrev 1.2 out, best-buy insecurities, best-buy following people around..., mut3 scares ppl, mut3 goes to office depot/max, password on TOP of monitor, SoBig is still in force, jail-1337-salad, hush money to hackers?!, are we missing out?!, don't hack from inside your own country, powerline broadband, shouts to logan5 (WB to the forums too), mut3 taking a hiatus, we kids need to grow, pause the hacking, school comes first! shouts to interzone! 
binrev010.mp3 13224064
Binary Revolution Episode 10: BinRev 'Zine HowTo (September 9, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & logan5. hacnslash receives buttload of SoBig, linux on dreamcast links, Stank's machine dies again, xp is total crap, Stank is wide open, f**k Microsoft!, serial killer node names, Stank talks about his 2600 meeting, BinRev 1.2 out!!!, logan5 has been working his ass off, BinRev printed at Kinko's, logan5 uses only macs, BinRev produced on macs, macs can pretty much run any software, Stank wants to buy an iBook, no mac clones, macs do not loose value like pc's, virtualpc aquired by Microsoft, can you say abandonware?!, would Microsoft buy SCO?, iMacs saved Apple, macs pretty much do it all, autodetection, your next paycheck may be a debit card, cost saving screws employees, IT departments do not make money, it is neccessary though, near future headline: credit/debit card fraud coming, consumers say f**k you!, dumbass gets busted at Kinko's, never hack from a public place....DUH!!, if you're in a public place, you're in a public place....DUH!!, little brothers are watching, shouts to logan5's girl, shouts to decoder. 
binrev011.mp3 12464256
Binary Revolution Episode 11: Hello Google (September 16, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. don't forget, BinRev server up and down...again!, hosting companies suck, lotta new people, thanks googlebot, all other bots allowed now, Stank works with pgp, no more BinRev 1.1 left at dual's, use paypal, vooduhal's irc OOP lectures -> every other friday, 9:30 ET, rehash the second one?, check the DDP calendar, IT ROCKS!!, voodu's wardriving/mp3 playing car computer will be ghetto, "if it ain't got duct tape, it ain't ghetto", will use knoppix (that makes bland happy :D ), Stank uses the F*** word again..., XP dies again, knoppix std - the wardriver's choice, Stank programs for a living?!!, Stank was a tape monkey, work stories..., raised floors mmmmm, DEADLY HALON ARRGHH!!, <- best story ever, n00bie initiation, programming ain't easy guys, "no I will NOT fix your computer!!!", "S**T rolls downhill", non-geeks don't understand, you need to know what programming for a living entails, you'll probably need to move around to advance, longhorn bumped back to 2006 (also build 4029 leaks out), shouts to feend and everybody on irc, shouts to decoder. 
binrev012.mp3 11337856
Binary Revolution Episode 12: HackTV (September 23, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & Saitou187. Saitou is the man with a hacktv plan, BinRev is not YET on newsstands, BinRev Radio will soon be up in .ogg too (.mp3 will still be there), ogg vorbis not under copyright unlike mp3, email from GIJoe, Stank's ass would not be a pretty site on a skateboard, will be hosted on a new host (4th or 5th "new" host), Stank putting his hand back in, Stank installs kazaa lite, riaa is teh sux0r, hacktv talk, a format, my kingdom for a format, divx with spyware!?, real topics?!, longhorn has been once again delayed, hmm, this is fishy..., netscape needs to get their act together, firebird is the bomb yo, integration = bad?, hack youg dawg, war-AIBO-ing, hack the spammers, 9000 out of 13000 of Stank's work emails are spam, double edged media attention sword, MP3/RIAA/CD techonology timeline from popular science magazine, $40 blank cd, $20000 cd burner, dvd burners for $150 (hac got his for 120), Stankmobile?!, napster w00t, expensive equipment, Saitou setting up Oracle while recording, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) vs. IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), if you break into a server, accept you may get busted, shouts to Saitou187. 
binrev013.mp3 13756544
Binary Revolution Episode 13: Virii (September 30, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & bland_inquisitor. lucky 13, bluebox off ebay? nah, just build it dude!, opening music, Stank's stick ppl are retards, stank can read music? ROTFLMAO!!, (almost as cool as a monkey humpin' a robot), moved hosts, hack gallery up, almost kicked off rantradio (now thats hardcore biatch!), waste, big file encryption, "Stankisms", hackers and viruses - related?, big ass-stomping virus will emerge in near future, ph33r h4x0rs & v1r11, brrr-ing it!, virus coming...brace yourself, are virus writers misunderstood? are they mal-intended? are they looking for fame?, 10 to 20 credit?, accidental viruses, drop the test tube - you get fux0red, future virii will be the "Nirvana" of virii, grunge virii? yeah baby!, cool screensaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt, props make guilty, new virus - IRC, kazaa, win32 - Swen, Swen looks like an updater, integration = vulnerabilities, outlook uses IEfor html rendering, brrr-loat in M$, Swen uses mime vulnerability, it will disable antivirus software, that is so freaking sweet!, linux integration - you can see it, you can write it, everyone wants MS Office, Stank's grammar is fux0red, don't use bloatware for the sake of the bloat, update your damn virus checker!!!!, what in the HELL was verisign thinking!?, "we at Verisign are cocksuckers and quite frankly we 0wn yo ass", these ppl are f**knuts for two damn months, 2 f**knuts?!, spam is conspiratorial?, dry lube no nothing, shouts to feend, hacnslash, dual, zapper, slip, rax, ppl on irc, rfa, vooduhal, logan5, Zearle, dumb shouts to the Cubs (w00t!! Go Cubs!). note from StankDawg: The Cubs win the first round playoff series against the Braves after this episode! w00t! 
binrev014.mp3 14702720
Binary Revolution Episode 14: Single Sign-On (October 7, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & nottheory. no "alright" this time, different intro from Epiphany, wow no security problems at 2600 meetings, mall kiosk = 0wn3d!, be professional on the air and it's ok if you act like a jerk, cut back on the cussing, halloween horror nights, your bejesus will be scared, park security!?, theme park urban exploration, juvenile line jumping, video/sound encoding/decoding card, new edition of K-1ine zine, flexradio - $500, other links: FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), GNU Radio, GNU Radio Wiki, ntheory can't deal with electronics, software works..or does it?!, radio hacking, discussion of single sign-on: MS passport is teh sux0r, Yahoo wallet?!, security aint M$'s middle name, passport has 200 MILLION users, internal network + single sign-on = sweetness, go to school, log in, permissions set locally, you are trusted and preapproved, it ALL comes back to money, big gub-mint databases, do as I say, don't do as I do, incompetence?, shouts to decoder, shouts to the CUBS (again)!!! note from StankDawg: After last week's shoutz to the Cubs, I am trying again for good luck vs. the Marlins in the NLCS ! I had to do it again! (Baseball = superstition) 
binrev015.mp3 15908992
Binary Revolution Episode 15: DEADLY HALON! (October 14, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. The age old question: college or certification?, some colleges suck, but go to college, mut3 goin' to college, Stank's been around the block..., forums move, gallery up, Stank gets "A" on cyberlaw test, kiosk(w00t) -> loophole allows free access, no weightlifters(OMFG!!!), no luxury of dropping, go to HOPE conference, DEADLY HALON story?, how about voodu's deadly "running into the door" story, agpgart sux0red so voodu blew his vidcard, EULAs are teh sux0r (plus nobody reads em), benchmarking illegal thanks to EULA?, you DO NOT own your software, you cannot reverse engineer your software but you can open your car can't you?!, copyrighting databases, public information = not copyrightable (yet!), Verisign personal info database, Amazon knows what you did last summer and knows where your neighbor lives, eblaster from spectorsoft records ANYTHING, companies WILL monitor you, use encryption!!, shouts to the Cubs (AGAIN!!!). note from StankDawg: Despite my shoutz to the Cubs in this episode, they went on to lose in game 7 of the 2003 NLCS to the Florida Marlins after a great series of baseball. The annual chant of cubs fans begins again: "Just wait 'til next year!" 
binrev016.mp3 12693632
Binary Revolution Episode 16: Phone Thieves (October 21, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & nottheory. Cubs screw up against the marlins, ntheory hates the Yankees fans, and his week has been F***ED UP!, X rated episode, subzero's email, money messes things up but you gotta live with it, you need a high school diploma!, GPA unimportant, degree good, knoppix std with fluxbox (w00t), Stank's phone is NOT tapped, DDP linux distro, Stank researches distros: trinux, Penguin Sleuth, FIRE, & PLAC, liquidweb sucked dogass, geeklog is teh shizzat, phpnuke sucks ass, PHP is SQLfor the web, we ARE gonna get it and distribute it, ntheory *cough* "wants to speak with" *cough* the guy that stole his phone, damn deer, ntheory -> lazy, sprint password loophole, BLT unit = foobar,(hac supports Stank's point of view on the phone thief), 1-800-hot-mail (not male), Popular Science article on using old hardware, Stank's K6, p2's, 486, dumpster dive, flabbergasted, commodore vic-20, shouts to the Cubs (last one) for a great season, shouts to phone stealing kid (watch your back), decoder, dslreports. 
binrev017.mp3 12800000
Binary Revolution Episode 17: PhreakNIC (October 28, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. funky stardate?!, phpnuke IS teh sux0r, onyl send to: letters[at]binrev[dot]com, filming for hackTV underway (w00t), no more trailers, xp is teh sux0r (*sigh* again), open source plug, voodu spent the weekend at Phreaknic, a lot of alcoh...err...talks, cryptographic artwork, computer car project, un-ghettofied cars, cool mazda miata, hillbilly hackers (snowcone dudes), more ppl turned out than expected, voodu's new password, interzone in atlanta, binrev con?, phreaknic taped, wargames kickass, microsoft security (oxymoron), redhat options, rant topic : telemarketing, half assed loopholes, telemarketers taking advantage, voodu telemarketer?!!!, "existing customer" loophole, great, give em ideas voodu!!, Stank's upcoming telephonic craptacular, telemarketing popups?!, how perverted are these people?!!, (intentional) loophole -> customer service, return of door to door salesmen(aaaaaaaa), Stank's carpet is dirty, people need to stop BUYING, 70 MILLION calls A DAY!, sold more than $ 100 BILLION to consumers (tsk tsk ppl!), discount bin at dollar store, voodu raped, shouts to guiness and jim beam, shots to saitou, womp, ntheory. 
binrev018.mp3 11458688
Binary Revolution Episode 18: Verisign Sucks (November 4, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & Decoder. ghent of defcon fame passes away (bummer), no more 1.3 articles, send in 2.1 articles, props to hac (aren't I predictable), H2K4 CONFIRMED w00t!!, defcon -> fun, h2k4 -> knowledge, beer-rev, stank no subway!?, feature, hey go buy defensive thinking, book reconstruction, BOOK PR0N!!!, Amazon account needed for book pr0n, verisign is teh f**knuts, verisign monopoly, these people suck and they want to make money...naaahhhh...they just wanna help, the value of (mis)trust, wade through porn, top 5 sites by company: 5=google,4= ebay, 3=yahoo, 2=aoltimewarner, 1=microsoft, f**, Valve has sprung a leak, even the source is sexy, see it steal it, you can't put the source back in the horse, email back the code?, Stank will buy HL2, amazing physics engine, separate the online world and the real world, don't kill yourself (it WILL be lethal), shouts to mut3, shouts to ntheory (condolences), shouts to lucky225, and licutis. 
binrev019.mp3 15249536
Binary Revolution Episode 19: Matrix: Revolutions (November 11, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & Rax. *Spoiler Alert*: if you have not seen the Matrix:Revolutions, you might not want to listen to this episode! happy veteran's day and thanks to all veterans, defcon - party all night, learning all day, security/hacker conferences, spot the fed, HL2 took 3 weeks to "get", eggshell defense, it's pretty much public domain now..., urban exploration IS NOT trespassing ;), Marvin the Martian, Stank isn't black (or is he?), gallery pimp, Stank has been codin' like a fiend, Oracle programming, Stank getting people's personal medical records, Dr. Joe Doe, Rax been busy, train the trainer, you must keep up with the world, Rax's 2600 meeting meets, shift-key copy protection loophole, dual tried to get them to come to the meeting, 2600 meeting presentations, from 0 people to 15 people, n00bs welcome at 2600 meetings, go with a friend, be friendly and open, share information, Matrix:Revolutions review, no shouts to Stank's friends, religious undertones, there's a lot of freaky s**t in this series, Stank gets into the movie, yells at the screen (it's alright man, i'm the same), damn purists, Rax plays the Matrix game which has lots of extra material, The Matrix is an immersive experience, they better not make a tv series out of it!, the mechs kicked @$$, beautiful, props to Neo - the ultimate hacker, shouts to Stank's 2600, shouts to decoder, shouts to Rax's 2600 and his robot dog. 
binrev020.mp3 13088896
Binary Revolution Episode 20: SPAMmer Tricks (November 18, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & bland_inquisitor. Bland is queer, action packed,, email from byte stealer, Matrix is cool, the merovingian kicks ass, episode 3 is the ewok ones, Star Trek/Star Wars whatever..., sleep in a bucket, urinal cake, hotmail, single sign-on, Stank's been coding like a madman, meetings to discuss the topic's of future meeting, USELESS MEETINGS!, garbage data, does bland do anything during the night?, Royal shredder shreds cds (MD100 model), bluetooth: big brother's in the doorbell, paris hilton pr0n video, perl, so many projects, so little time..., new show!? w00t!!, "spam is an adaptive virus", SPAMmer tricks and loopholes, good healthy suck (what?), microsoft backslashing, spammers scum-o-the-earth, worse: spammer or lawyer?, mixing letters, the viagra show, blended threats strike back!, Geniuses at Symantec, no money in the cure, virus scanner in longhorn (HA!), shouts to rocket @ interz0ne, shouts to dual (bland's white bro), mc frontalot. 
binrev021.mp3 14125184
Binary Revolution Episode 21: Bluetooth (November 25, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & bland_inquisitor. What up homeslice?, stream change, cloaked dagger's email, email from fakeboy, where to get the theme music, mc chris, mc frontalot, Stank at the mall, young phreaks out in the wild, default radio, nerdcore 101, bland naked - tupac bandana - rhcp style sock, oldskool rap, geek rap, nerdcore punk?, rappin bout da haitians, sticky art, paris hilton video, pr0n or art: you be the judge, michael jackson..., haha lol lol, uber, binary redneck radio, multi track audio recording software for linux, bluejacking, bluesnarfing?!, massive dual shouts for his bluetooth script, bluetooth security, third stall or next?, pringles phone cantenna, no real bluetooth vulnerabilities, Japanese nut scrachin phones, google search appliance, most visited *.org = ...WTF!?, daddy needs a new winter sock, Popular Science: Best of whats new in computing = 802.11g (54mbit on 2.4ghz band), impenetrable p2p network, MICROSOFT GOES OPENSOURCE!, 100 million lines of code to mvp, //comments, take out the goto's and comments, shouts to decoder and lucky225, shouts to rantradio, bigups to dual, mc nonpolynomial. 
binrev022.mp3 13551744
Binary Revolution Episode 22: The Big Hack! (December 2, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & vooduHAL. RantRadio changes, BinRev in the talk rotation, this Friday 2600 meetings, nick84's email, 13 year old young lady running bluejackq, Bluetooth snarfing still unproven, bl00t00th, Geocaching uses GPS not GSM, Stank's articles, BinRev 1.3 article editing, vooduhal's been a lazy ass, voodu's LDAP project, bland buck naked with a sock on his crotch *shudder*, A StankDawg AOL AIM rant: AOL sending streaming video through AIM client, these ppl don't know what's good for them, illegal and fucked up, lawsuit waiting to happen, AOL IS SUCK!, almighty dollar screwing things up, AOL/Time-Warner : fucknuts of the month, companies using AIM?, not anymore, the big hack, hackback, WOW, THE BIG HACK IS FAKE!, TBH is "immersive fiction", the big con?, this is hilarious, what you make for them STAYS their property, you'd be better off coding for something real, they'll get rich offa yo' ass, hacking the hackers, just imagine the fallout, Toyota Prius supports bluetooth, old people=lemmings?, Microsoft awarded patent for the " your buddy is typing" feature on im software...BIG F**KING DEAL!, shouts to ntheory, decoder, hillbilly h4x0r, shouts to bland, shouts to the gallery. 
binrev023.mp3 12734592
Binary Revolution Episode 23: The Big Hack! (December 9, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & nottheory. ntheory's radio antics, new email address (radio [at] binrev [dot] com) for BRR feedback, pimp the show whereever you can, email from fakeboy, what IS phreaking? prank calls? messing with the phone? using it for you education? 2600 meetings, Stank's
"Hacking 101" article ready, roof trampoline, pool trampoline, ridiculous lawsuits, 20 story drop, default radio might be streaming on rantradio, cbzone, nextel, gps, sprint being funky about gps, DDP phreaktoys, geocaching, millions of dollars, BinRev geocache at h2k4, the big hack...IT IS FAKE PPL!, new interactive fiction projects, the big hack wouldn't work anyway, math is nature, the whole thing TBH proposes would NOT stand up in court, power over Ethernet, power, wireless internet canopy, access points are teh c00l, internet canopy will render cantennas useless, shouts to hot chicks at the mall during 2600 meetings, shouts to decoder, lucky225, doug.
binrev024.mp3 14069888
Binary Revolution Episode 24: Mass Media (December 16, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & dual_parallel. Saddam parallel, show novels, glooko's email: media tax/levy is the sux0r, canadian hooker, levy, first one's free, industry making money off of musicians, gateway on the pr0n channel, more HackTV footage, H2K4, fluxbox and asian pr0n, started with computers, never looked back, slaving over show notes, new platform new features, DDP phreaktoyz, learn from the media?, avoid TV, we are the media, internet, downtown amy brown..., cussings, bank security questions, easy to get a person's SSN, SSN in email address standards!, rectum cleaning, spammers, patriot act, read stuff before you sign it, fuck probable cause, faith in the government?, 25th anniversary next episode...w00t, props to armed forces, shouts to vooduhal, ntheory, bland, az2600. 
binrev025.mp3 9164928
Binary Revolution Episode 25: Telephonic Craptacular (Special Episode) (December 23, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg. Telephonic craptacular, happy 25th birthday, telemarketers are teh sux0r, "stankdawg edit", visa call, Stank has good credit, save money for holding, identity theft still demands credit, social engineering, digital cable, all the pr0n you can eat?!, survey chick, Stank is in the porno industry, Toyota is teh c00l, Stankbeavis, pp, Stankpirate, Stanklady, Stankfuck, Stankninja, Stankfood, Stankstolenbyevilhackers, Stankahnold, Stankanime. note from StankDawg: This special episode aired on 12/23/2003 to celebrate our 25th episode and to give us a break over the Christmas holidays. It is a collection of phone calls that I had been recording over a few months. I hope you find it funny. 
binrev026.mp3 12703872
Binary Revolution Episode 26: Java JDS (December 30, 2003)
hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3. Last show for 2003, mut3 is back, rich b*tch mall segway, vonage phone/land line, phlak email, the streaming AIM movie that broke the dawg's back, trillian, article editing done, issue 2.1 (#3 overall) is slowly coming along, is officially "periodical" not quarterly, mass media likes the bad stuff because it's entertaining, hackers are criminals(?), politics and religion talks p*ss people off, hackers should be open minded, don't be a hypocrite, phreak news, Bellsouth increases prices, we don't need no extra features, FCC network access charge, default radio, telecomunications surcharge, and the winner of most screwed up state is...Florida!, Bellsouth sucks, social security numbers, default pin, Bellsouth "RightTouch": 1-888-764-2500, Bellsouth still sucks, Sun's new Java Desktop System (JDS) mini-review, Sun JDS = "first viable Microsoft alternative", lindows sucks, JDS geared toward companies, virtual pc, email cluster bombing, how to make a cel phone DDoS, new AIM virus, 2600 meetings this week, shouts to nick84 for new layotu at, mut3 going to Notre Dame, Stank checkin out da hos. note from StankDawg: w1nt3rmut3 was accepted by all 3 of his top college choices. He worked incredibly hard to achieve this and he desrves it. We couldn't be more proud of him. Good luck at ND mut3! 
binrev027.mp3 14694400
Binary Revolution Episode 27: State of the Net (January 6, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. Voodu worked, lotta stuff this show, team pimp, IM rants, Stank is easily satisfied, live linux distros, default, cccpr, rfa, spyware bad, vooduhal's rig, voodu's new car, Stank's car mods, dvd player, Stank wakes up at the crack o' noon, 2600 rootwars, Stank's warehouse,, wargame formats,contact vooduhal to participate, hint system, one time only 2600 meeting attendee, Stank's omni-directional 802.11 antenna, $20-$25, Oracle, no more AIM rants for a month!, projectors, old skool: chalk and abacus, ghetto lab with the 333Mhz pII's, EduCue personal response system, InfraRed, hand raising is deprecated, Cisco used to give voip for students, college fees, tricorders, voice badge, memo: as of december 31st BellSouth will no longer provide payphone service for customer, payphones are dying, Bellsouth sucks, 3 payphones left out of 30+, kiosks?!, happy new year, 101 ways to save the internet, spammers == terrorists, pr0n in peace, free the airwaves, constant wifi coverage, ".sex", etronics, shouts to cookie chix0r. 
binrev028.mp3 13070464
Binary Revolution Episode 28: The GPL (January 13, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. Action packed episode, telephonic craptacular feedback, pimp BRR!, new hacker definition?, the essence of bubba, hacking and water, aware of awareness, Yahoo email bug, it's all about the hits, subversive spam, dvd escapade, eight processor machine!, Stank switched from Bellsouth (they suck) to Comcast (suckage currently unknown, TBD), it is fast (3.0 Mbps), going cel only/voip, Stank's first geocaching trip...TN/Left
magazine, 10% of the world online, 65% of americans online, 30% of americans online have broadband, 12.6 trillion emails last year, gpl, can people charge for gpl'ed software?, make coffee on linux, solaris coffee maker, fedora...shudder, Stankmail for money?, loophole, bukkakix, sell your own software, not the gpl'ed base, Stank enforcing the gpl since now, long and wide, how about a gpl 2.0?, feedback us, continuing the 101 ways to save the internet: perp walks, take back uhf, 29cents/mp3, itunes, white-hat protection law, do not spam list, disposable addresses, scramble emails, p2p email?!, hackers appreciate culture, proof: bland's music.
binrev029.mp3 14008448
Binary Revolution Episode 29: ATM Fraud How-To! (January 20, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & ntheory. notes: Stank is our next American Idol, How to commit ATM fraud, DDP HackRadio, guinea pigs wanted, conf fun, ntheory's php, AIM-bot, ATM fraud w00t, Stank gets the insider memos, hardware reader connected to the ATM, little camera picks up your PIN as you type it, ATM mods, come it...DO IT, stealing, cussing coming up, Maye Wong, mapping services are TOO convenient?!, serial killers using online mapping services, isn't a phonebook the same thing?!, isn't a paper map the same thing?!, stunned and appaled, ban phones, ban the internet, ban street addresses, ban names, sweet irony, ban newspapers, killas got bling, 17 year old Mike Rowe,, related case,, eff, 101 ways to save the net, vigilante justice,!, wifi roaming, take the cloud, simplify urls, ipv6, smart coke machines, coke h4x0rz, whatever whatever, props to havoc, decoder and majestic. 
binrev030.mp3 16445568
Binary Revolution Episode 30: SE/UE Ethics (January 27, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & Rax. notes: OMG RAX IS HERE, email from , fandango, we will never charge you to pay your bill, balcony section, theater wifi, email from cessna, hope5 info, dual and rax do h2k2, be there or be square, email from pixelfiend, wacko boyfriend, it all depends on what your definition of "is" is, apples and oranges, nat is holding ipv6 at bay, still workin on media server, shouts to djmollusk, hacktv, intros are done, shouts to saitou, walmart dvds (i said walmart), stank's rack, rax in michigan,, the detroit auto show, toyota scion, suv crap, the smart car, toyota prius, hydrogen vehicle, fuel cell laptops, 101 ways to save the net, no more servers only p2p?, bill gates knighted, creative comments for dummies, verisign must die, monty python, wifi phone booths, mesh networks, ipv4 is a hippy legacy, broadband at walmart, customer service at walmart, huh? 
binrev031.mp3 10684544
Binary Revolution Episode 31: XP SP2 (February 3, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & dual_parallel (suprise appearance by bland_inquisitor) notes: Mac pimp of hacker radio, pirate FM, az2600, hacker camp con, email from error, take those games back, walmart discrimination, email from lachek, send feedback, maybe there's a hypothetical mistake? mag feedback, mail from regecide, woah! bland is on, impromptu three way, Howard Stern, log checking, .net, .com, number 5 is from poland, number 6 is .gov, .us, .org, .nl, .ca, .mil, .nu?!, wgetting, search engines, streaming media server aaaaalmost there, installing slackware...3 times?, freebsd, ghettotooth (tk), bluetooth wardriving *MAY* be feasible with the extension, antenna, out the window, Culture Jam: READ THIS BOOK!, this book will make the rounds, Windows XP sp2, sql server service pack4, slapt-get, notes?!, memory protections, safer email, ilug,, dual is a relay op, Terry Tate, music out da piehole. note from stankDawg: My apologies for a couple of sound quality issues with this episode. I did some editing to increase the volume, but it also increased the static. It only happens in a couple of places. 
binrev032.mp3 13742208
Binary Revolution Episode 32: Port Knocking (February 10, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & Rax notes: Email from paladyr, broadcasting from the world, superbowl commercials, Pepsi/itunes, Apple 1984 - only aired once, bud commercials, horse flatulence, ford, the "boobie" incident, from: "I wanna hold your hand" to: "I wanna f**k you like an animal", Janet Superbowl incident was most searched item in history (surpassing 9/ incredibly sad...), tivo privacy, linux commercial, endorsements, budweiser is treating their name as a product, people programming, American Chopper, 2600 bonding, new phone, az2600, mexican restaurant, PHX CON in the formative stages, no winter in florida, port knocking, ports, slammer worm, firewalls, black magic, possible brute forcing the combination, firewall shunning, fix the net, microsoft has more than anybody, integrate security, email sucks, ship an antivirus, block self installing adware, automatic file encryption, take the blame, anonymizer, translations, fewer features = fewer bugs (can you say bullcrap?!), send feedback. 
binrev033.mp3 14798976
Binary Revolution Episode 33: OS X 10.3 Panther (February 17, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & logan5. notes: Stank's milkshake tops all, regicide's email, TIVO tracking, email from xmafia, link to us!, hacking is universal, multilingual, email from hitman, Mac convert, logan's case mod still running,
2.1 is coming (eventually), subscriptions in the future, hard nad kicking, new powerbook, G3 to G4, mad fast ram, best keyboard ever, Apple OS X 10.3 - Panther, video editing, multitasking for the modern gigolo, window switching, fast user switching, zip archiving, developer tools (linux api), linux porting, no more network scanning without an ip, run x11 apps in os 10.3, 18 hours for a KDE compile, what the hell is wrong with the XP interface!??, quirkyness, Stank wants an imac, garage sale imacs, swap shops, shipping's a killer, open source mac software,, no crashes so far, mac servers, switching to these servers, clean linux/win network interfacing, mac users == zealots, G5 - fastest computer...riiight, CPU equivalency, vivisimo, segwaaaay, Disney bans segway, huge merger coming up, give us feedback.
binrev034.mp3 13273216
Binary Revolution Episode 34: MS Source Leak (February 24, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal notes: Creative hello from Vooduhal, email farting, subzero, port knocking followup, email from pixelfiend, the mac evangelist, cron, Stank's not a mac guy, colored imacs, ddp team, keycrunching on da macs, the team has been growing, blacklisted 411, old hacking mag, they put out thud, they are back, check them out, vooduhal's dedicated counterstrike server, shoutcast sucks, digitalattrition pwned everybody, BAD WORDS!, Stank does not pwn in cs (oh hell yes I do!), Microsoft source leak, What does the leak mean?, Voodu cellphone craps out, Microsoft is warning you, "secret programming code", you can't put the source back in the horse, once it's's out, Microsoft seeding, 3 1/2 year old source code, a lot of the leaked code *is* in XP, Mainsoft might be the culprit, the possibility of hackers to break into Win2000 or XP and steal data, reverse engineering, PWF, walmart laptops, is Java junk?, voodu is back, C# and J#, Sun is a smaller M$, Java beans, j2-blah-blah-whatever-blah, assembly - is it really worth it?, Sun is no better than Microsoft, shouts to M$ for joining the open source community. 
binrev035.mp3 13840512
Binary Revolution Episode 35: 2600 Letters (March 2, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal notes: Intro take 3, non-clever intro: hi!, no housekeeping, 2600 letters, props to XlogicX, hbob speaks for everybody, super walmarts, boycott them if it's too much, weatherbug sucks balls, and possibly sends information to the homeland security department, evil software, ad for
, DDP Hack Radio server is up and running (barely), Shoutcast still sucks, sc_trans is worthless software, Icecast sorta sucks, vooduhal rescued the hackradio project, Ices works, Shoutcast uses 2 ports, default password, scheduling, automated program manager, counterstrike server, about getting this up, NO ICEWORLD!!!, 101 ways to save the internet, shut down pedophile chatrooms, president Schwarzenegger, "the presidator"?, restore due process for ISPs, NOT THE PAPERCLIP!!, google to-do list, legal music download, web archiving, robots hits, should we link to pages we hate?, mobile numbers to the phone book...mmmmmnope, spam, kid browser, ipod for movies, shouts to william hung, shouts to RFA, you guys rocked our world, hacker public radio, send in your
2.2 article submissions.
binrev036.mp3 14446720
Binary Revolution Episode 36: The FCC (March 9, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & ntheory. notes: Stank did it for the cookie?, melekin's email, culture jam, book swapping, mailboxes, work delivered package, radman's email, we get letters...we get letters, the walt disney internet group, previous privacy policies, spam, you ain't gettin' away, Disney == gator, AOL's AIM: streaming audio and video, installing codecs without your permission, Viewpoint is teh sux, lawsuit waiting to happen, this is fu**ed up!!!!, millions of zombies ddos-ing, jabber, AOL is suck, 2600 Jerry Springer, where's your camera when you need it?, table flippin 300 pound haitian hulk, exciting 2600 meetings,, canned HTML layouts, Xbox modding, Howard Stern and "Bubba The Love Sponge" catch hell from the FCC, VoIP, taxes and fees from the government and phone companies, Japan's cellphones kick our phones' asses, utilities are nothing but legalized government monopolies, FBI wants VoIP to be regulated, clearchannel sucks, pussy panic over a nipple, send in BR 2.2 articles. note from stankDawg: They were damn good cookies too! 
binrev037.mp3 14643328
Binary Revolution Episode 37: e107 (March 16, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & zer0dbb. notes: AT&T networking, no housekeeping whatsoever, blacklisted411, January 1995 edition sucks very very much, ad-filled, article on UFOs, hacking <> UFOs??, conspiracy theories 411, AT modem commands, what ARE they doing down there?, next issue, grocery store reward cards, they 0wn your info, southern grocery chain, funner/more fun, flirting is social engineering, Stank's thing, snail mail spam, new fl2600 site, rootsecure, content management system, moduling, news feed, faulty image gallery, babe of the day, tech of the day, phpnuke was teh sux, e107 is better, e107coders, 101 ways to save the internet, leave old ebay auctions online, that's a lotta data, archive the net, google caches, microdrives, the Japanese pwn the internet, the one must defeat the MPAA, revolutions, LOTR, Japanese spam, 30 per email account per day WITH laws, one of the rants, privacy, death to fax machines, do not call skeptics, don't open it, no more macarena!!!, protect yourself dumba$$, flash index.html, tom ford!?, Madonna sucks, shouts to Miami and vooduhal, shouts to Stank!?, kompressor, send articles..NOW! 
binrev038.mp3 11712640
Binary Revolution Episode 38: Linux 2.6 Kernel (March 23, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & hacnslash. notes: Don't leave your password on default, new cohost, ntheory's asterisk box, site updates, hackradio, email and wallpaper, hac has a to-do list!?, Stank is 30-something, welcome hacnslash, Stank's a tease, hacburn, k3b sucks, learning along the way, blacklisted411, better than last issue, old skool dialup bbs, abbreviation list, crfmp, bathroom men, games tips, cheating without cheat codes, juarez, defcon 3, another UFO article, pirating arcade games, Stank is old (edit: OK we have established that ;) ), local Ft Lauderdale business, all Florida user groups together, hackradio is up, use it, linux-2.6.4, new scheduler, threading, alsa, bug fixing, bugs in the stable release, compatibility will always be an issue, smp, acpi fan stopping, ide bus burning, distro whore, win95 can get the job done (some jobs), puppy pictures, wintel, thunderbird, code cleanup, sco smoking crack, cancel hope, wireless fashion show, "breasteses", hackTV pr0n, shouts to acessexcess, dual, bland, ppl in irc, linux turner-oners, shouts to Mr. and Mrs. dual_parallel, submit articles. 
binrev039.mp3 11397248
Binary Revolution Episode 39: BIC-TCP (March 30, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. notes: Stank and voodu are giddy like schoolgirls (edit: what are you insinuating? :p ), hackfailure, hackradio is almost completely up, ratings at an all time high, closing music request, email from xzilla, AIM ad hack, AOL is suck, email from herbal child, your OS will take a dump, microsoft would get destroyed from a class action lawsuit, please install Linux, walmart RFID, sam's soda is nasty, forget the corpoliticals that want to track us, maxi-pads, proactive, steal somebody's RFID chip, blacklisted411, tons o' lists, Stank's fish, get rid of users = programmer's heaven, dvd project, new internet protocol, BIC-TCP, 6000 times the speed of dsl, free samples, shouts to NCstate, walmart music downloads, 88 cents, *sigh* digital copyrighting...again, songs are wma, fishing game, geeks == sunburns, is it edited?, cop killer?, Note: music downloads from walmart will not play on Mac or Linux, shower cells, shouts to hacnslash, hac's photoshop thread, roaming gnome, BBS Documentary, shoutz to decoder, ARTICLES!!!.  
binrev040.mp3 12019840
Binary Revolution Episode 40: HumanML (April 6, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & ntheory. notes: Crackalakalakin, HUGE announcement, Canada in the hizzy, shouts to Turkey, the feds are using Turkey, ask jeeves?, seznam, tiscali, fireball, portknocking, hacker wallpaper, !!!111ONEONE,, basic slackware security, how
orders are processed, contact Stank directly, email about apple itunes songs, all j00r n'sync are belong to us, sharpie marker drm, apple and mpaa sitting in a tree, nufone ownz you, pingtel, buttons are cool, the more the better, Stank needs gratification, 2600 meeting growing, 2600 soap opera, hackers for hire, internet scams, help from hackers, omg omg the H word!, fraud sucks, so much cool stuff worth the wait, Radical Future issue 5 is out, new markup language: human ML, jargon r us, smoke xml, it's all lies, human markup pr0n, human ml are the fucknuts of the month, shouts to dual and bland, shouts to nick84, don't be afraid to send in articles, hackTV hits on april 15.
binrev041.mp3 14934144
Binary Revolution Episode 41: Google G-Mail Part 1 (April 13, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & Rax.notes: You haven't seen googling skillz until now, google maister/google master, HackTV in 2 days, wireless antenna, hacker soapbox, technology crimes, phreaks and geeks, Rax is an ass, VRML, BIC-TCP, smilie research, google suit, barney google, nobody searches but everybody Googles, Google services, Yahoo's sumo servers, Google is a portal, g-mail, 1 gig of storage, spam stopping, Microsoft tried to buy Google, did not work, Microsoft is like the borg: must assimilate, anonymous Google proxy, Do the math: Microsoft Passport (200 million users) x 1 gig each = HOLY CRAP, 760 megs of email over several years, , privacy, "so Google giveth, so Google taketh away", send us Google thoughts. 
binrev042.mp3 13891712
Binary Revolution Episode 42: Google G-Mail Part 2 (April 20, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & Rax. notes: Chocolate milk, email,, Rax turns Stank on (Doesn't everyone?),,, props to Matthew Broderick, Wargames, Wartyping is fun, Stank's dead connection and his bad girl computer, email from South Africa, Stank gets a beer, n00bie slot, please abuse the archive, dual is our friend, there is a lot of turning on in this episode (Isn't there always?), radio may not always be the best media, the mag for n00bs, video medium, email headers, compression, Google toolbar distributed project, hey grandma, email forwarding, Stank gets on the soapbox, P2P saves bandwidth!, information gathering, riaa/mpaa information gathering, privacy, insecure protocols, 24-bit encrypted email, what constitues personally identifiable information (p.i.i.), is an ip address is pii?, social security numbers = pii, tattooing socials on baby feet, 4 meg yahoo limit, Stank's is 6, g-men, never mix cheese and chocolate = worst combination ever, three letter agency, protect Google or the public, the patriot act is not patriotic. 
binrev043.mp3 14088320
Binary Revolution Episode 43: Google Answers (April 27, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & Decoder. notes: Hello boys and girls, "D" as in decoder, HackTV has been picked up by rantmedia, people don't get along with each other, email from neg output from Australia, Stank has a horrible croc hunter accent, urban Aussies, Decoder says "cheers", email from archimedes, email from ace, dear mr. Dawg, do NOT agree with Stank dammit!, 1337 google hax0r, Decoder is smoking away(as usual), how to keep your passwords memorable/secure: 31337-sp34k, curse, job-hunting, blacklisted 411 meantions tr0n?, Decoder is funny, he never works, only smokes, he is also too lazy, bin laden trojan, filtered spam images, don't use IE, question search engine, google answers, search for hacker, strip poker juarez, village voice, naked chick on the couch, CHICKS WILL GET NAKED FOR NO MONEY!, dead end questions, google's page rank algorythm, Spamassassin detailed breakdown, Google 0wned by bloggers, BinRev as your start page, McDonalds ceo dies of heart attack, Decoder's fifth cigarette, do not inject aspertame, Stank's third nipple on his a$$h0le. 
binrev044.mp3 17029248
Binary Revolution Episode 44: P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act (May 4, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & dual_parallel. notes: Mouse warranty funny tech support call, 2600 meetings this Friday, the Monkey-Kat jumps on a headless computer, will scan "Cave Clan Mag" for people to see and manhole video, will work on sites grammar, dual loves commas, obscure passage from "Hackers Delight", flash idea for HackTV, similar to hushmail, client on a usb key, gives you 6 meg email, alphaflood contributes to PWF, HPR's status updates and topics, Stank learns MS Access and MS SQL server for job interview, Princeton LCD's SUCK!, Dual talks about FBI raiding a highschool for piracy issues, Operation Fast Link created DOJ for the investigation of intellectual property violations, Dual talks to Timothy Tait about the highschool raid, MPAA & RIAA using the govt to do their dirty work, Stank talks about how the media labels Hackers, New York Times article, PATRIOT ACT abuse rant, Timmothy Egan "New York Times: 'Computer Student on Trial for aid to Muslim website'", we need to be active. 
binrev045.mp3 14502016
Binary Revolution Episode 45: Office Suites (May 11, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & PsyPete.notes: site statistics, sidetracked "Bittorrent is p2p", binrev = 100gb of bandwidth not including mirrors, before HackTV: 1gb/day after: 3.5gb/day, MSN search bot, sidetracked again "conspiracy theories", OS2?, Prepackaged Opera, Dillo, broken cell phone, ph34r Stanks logs, submit to HackTV!, HOPE5 plans, Defcon dead?, Microsoft Office and reviews, Writer is alternative to M$ Word, Try open source at home, file portability, porting doesn't mean same performance, backwards compatible with, going open source is easy to pickup for anyone. 
binrev046.mp3 13760640
Binary Revolution Episode 46: Longhorn Alpha (May 18, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & zer0Db. notes: Kevin Rose presented stun glove now credited to xlogicx, PixelFiend suggests to employer for OSX, PM or IM him for image of X11 for Jaguar, try to convince people at your office to use alternatives to MS OFFICE, TTF Fonts problems with, FIREFOX ROX!, StankDawg 0WNED! not really..., PLAN 9 OS designed in the 80's, PLAN9 is not UNIX although it operates a bit like it, PLAN9 customizes OS to what hardware you have, it is very "mousey", uses the mouse alot more to control things, will run basic code, look for screenshots and articles in the future, zer0Db B&N exploration, found Cometa hotspot (free? open?), StankDawg got motivated and wrote a site Privacy Policy, LONGHORN Alpha, spent time looking at build 4053 and a bit of 4074, speed and response time varied, still kinda klunky, build 4074 a bit faster than 4053, interface was very overloaded, emulating some existing ideas, Stank small rant on overkill of defaults, plugins, explorer download manager like firefox, Microsoft/Linux rivalry, shoutout to our live listeners IRC channel! 
binrev047.mp3 16351360
Binary Revolution Episode 47: RSS/XML (May 25, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg & bland_inquisitor. notes: "live to hack and hack to live", finding times to unplug, if someone unplugs we should respect their privacy, bland wants an ipod but he needs electricity, basic needs over wants, listener soundwave1380 is a bit nervous to go to 2600 meeting, just go try it, bland gets way to much spam, emails being sold to spammers, blands Verizon account, if you share your name you are toast, cheap hooker used, sigs and posts are susceptible to spiders, smart bots that kill anti spam ideas, spammers brute force emails, selling of beta gmail accounts on ebay, bland reallllly wants a gmail account, bland wants, that gives out invitations for gmail, Stank prices out digital cameras, take pictures at HOPE of boobs, Dual pwned watching American Idol with the wife, Stank wants to see some throw down, bland pimps his site, RSS, content management systems, 2.0 standard, RSS subset of XML, nick84 uses it on his site (, Stank challenges 2600 groups to implement it on their sites, E107 content management system for FL2600, put XML feed in Longhorn toolbar, ongoing RSS e-zine idea?, shoutouts to any hackers to have unplugged. 
binrev048.mp3 12060800
Binary Revolution Episode 48: Email (June 1, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg and lucky225. notes: "All email show". Is Plan 9 unix? Lucky225 doesn.t listen to the show, TechTV robots.txt segment, Lucky.s Dream, Using a JavaScript to avoid spam and how bots could bypass it, Measuring RSS statistics, Lucky is having problems loading images on, Lots of people are unplugged, Tired of Adrian Lamo being called The Homeless Hacker, Updates to the gallery, Stank is working on a HOPE presentation, Lucky's cell phone. 
binrev049.mp3 16121984
Binary Revolution Episode 49: Email (June 8, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg and ze0Db. notes: Lots of bandwidth being used thanks to HackTV, Meta search engines, MythTV, More Plan 9 discussion, Working on AS/400 presentation, Sony rant, Stank.s digital camera, Stank can now do true backups, 3 blind phreaks, Charlie White's Art. 
binrev050.mp3 11503744
Binary Revolution Episode 50: Telephonic Craptacular 2 (Special Episode)
hosts: StankDawg, Lucky225 and Kleptic. notes: 2nd Telephonic craptacular, Happy 50th birthday, Old Hersey Bars, Phreak Disasters can become phreak opportunities, Canceling DSL, Stank-Muthafizzupin-Dawg, Voice Red Boxing, Kleptic pranks it up. 
binrev051.mp3 15222912
Binary Revolution Episode 51: Peekabooty (June 22, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg and PsyPete. notes: the Wall Street Journal, visit droops?, support uberleet0 and other new shows, AOL is suck, a 2600 meeting that didn't happen, Others had same problems with Orange County meeting...No web site/no contact 411, anyone in Orange County California who is interested in attending a meeting, contact us! Blackshoe Radio Network carrying our show, anyone can use the show as long as they follow our creative commons license, 2.4 GHz jammer, jammer link1 and link2 from w1nt3rmut3, legality issues in hacking, icecast up and running for DDP hackradio, peek-a-booty, https protocol, bypassing firewalls, censorship in other countries, check out whiteswordTV, 1 year anniversary coming! 
binrev052.mp3 14618752
Binary Revolution Episode 52: 1 Year Anniversary (Special Episode)
hosts: StankDawg and dual_parallel. notes: Outakes: Allsup's worlds best burritos, Janet Jackson, grubby finger cookie pie, Bland drops the deep fried punanny, saggy booby girl and guys "can o' beans", mut3 likes the candy and video games, Bhudda heads, Pr0n test, BUKKAKE!, Stank's ricky martin impression, the "Stankbox", Animaniacs country showdown and state capital song cd's, dual is a "princess" and digs school girl outfits?, Barney googly eyes, Haitian momma panties, "im going out on top!", retarded muppet voice red box test, Stank gets manila envelope from US Department of Justice - FBI local field office... and gets recruited, Deadly Halon story..! Dual shows up, the man the myth the legend, BINREV 2.1 release at HOPE, M1cr0Soft and Halflife leaks, SPAM EXPLOSION!, Linux 2.6, CONS around the world, gmail, HPR updates, Stank gets sappy, Lucky225 and Stank's VMAIL...EXTRA BONUS AFTER CLOSING MUSIC: Stank and Lucky225 sing a song... 
binrev053.mp3 14479488
Binary Revolution Episode 53: Certified Hackers (July 6, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg and ntheory. Welcome to the first episode of season two, Misspelling email addresses can be a great way to start a relationship with the sysadmin, Command line mp3 encoding can be yours for the low low price of $99.99 operators are standing by, just enter $lame --resample 16 -b 16 -m m for your orders now, dyndns, tinyurl, Will Stank need help at the con... will ntheory make it out alive... tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of .Hope 5 recap. or .There and Back Again, a Hacker's Tale., For a full list on presentations check out the hope5 wiki, Don't forget to check out bellsmind and the PBXs 810-223-0003, 914-595-0135, insert Ethical Hacking rant here, AOL employee was caught selling subscribers email addresses to spammers. 
binrev054.mp3 16687232
Binary Revolution Episode 54: HOPE Recap: Part 1 (July 20, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg and zer0Db. Remember if sleep is getting in the way of more important tasks: stop sleeping!, lost episode of rfa was recovered in New York, a couple of people tried and failed to attack, AS/400 emails, tips on being productive, Jon Erickson's book "Hacking: The Art of Exploitation", as can be expected several boxes got rooted at Hope, Congratulations!!!, email stank and give him an honest opinion of his AS/400 presentation, Review of the AS/400 presentation, a signed copy of The Art of Deception is on ebay, the benefits will go to the eff, Stank and Zer0Db go to White Castle, memestreams. 
binrev055.mp3 16672896
Binary Revolution Episode 55: HOPE Recap: Part 2 (July 27, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg and zer0Db. Missing your issue of BR just be patient, BR 2.1 is finished, debuting for the first time every on internet radio Moth's email song, das erste deutsche email, there should be some type of virtual map to illustrate the global reach of the revolution, hard time finding publishers for the mag, went to the first dc305 meeting, don't, I repeat don't, leave your info on public terminals, plan 9 from outer space presentation in the works, root in the be...some sort of...alienware server, open auto project, some UE footage for HackTV, lock picking at the con, email stank if you noticed the slides were out of order,White Castle tangent,, hey I got an idea lets have a hacker con about hacking! 
binrev056.mp3 16687104
Binary Revolution Episode 56: MagCard Reading (August 3, 2004)
hosts: StankDawg and Acidus. BR issue 2.1 are being printed now, Link from eltacofrío can you say "eltacofrío"? I knew you could, Donating BR to libraries, tell us how it goes, Phreaknic not as much a conference as a big party, Review of 2600 summer 2004 issue, keep hacking and politics separate, beej network guide, Code makes articles better, Don't screw the people behind you - write comments!, Recommended reading from Acidus "Writing Arguments : A Rhetoric With Readings" by John D. Ramage, Mag Card Reading,, StripeSnoop, Connecting your computer to various items via the game port or usb, if you don't think you have your SSN on your person - think again. its on that buy 10 get one free sub card, SouthEast 2600, memestreams, archive. 
binrev057.mp3 16617600
Binary Revolution Episode 57: Databases (August, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & Ntheory. Bill and Ted host BinRev? RDBMS: Relational DataBase Management System. Binrev Magazines are shipped. 2.1 now available & a new 3 Pack for sale. Stank 0wned by Transformers (edit: They're more than meets the eye), silly n00b. Revisit the Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester (See Episode 53). Rant about Against Apple, the Microsoft of Hardware. Open Source Firmware on an MP3 Player. The Induce Act trying to stop fair use and ALL sharing. Compare restricting file sharing to VCRs and DVDs coming out. Filming in the mall. 2600 meetings growing. DDP Hack Radio coming soon. The Albatross. BellsMind additions (Now international, PBX has new shows, email Ntheory about adding menus, use the PBX for your own shows during the day). RDBMS explained. Database Programming with BellsMind examples. SQL and Object Oriented stored procedures. Free MySQL and PostgreSQL. 
binrev058.mp3 16527488
Binary Revolution Episode 58: Memetics (August 17, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & Decius. Notes by TimmyD: Bad Freud, Magazine Images and samples / source code up. Hack Radio taking show submissions. Deep linking shut down in forums. Future show about PBX with Ntheory. Use every house for VoIP Backup on Apple? Itunes broadcasting over Apple Hardware. Other motives for DRM. Cracking Itunes broadcast access points to send other audio. Harry DVD So Sue Me? Creativity stifled in USA. Stank = Dictator/Politician Beater. Levies in Canada. Working on SQL Server. Finished some articles. Updated Website. 18th Century Pirate ideals vs. Modern Internet Pirate ideals. Searching for personal files on P2P. Memetics. Genes & Darwin. Anything that replicates and spreads in society the same way genes spread through a species. Simple useful ideas spread quickly and far, complex useful ideas spread slowly, Bad useless ideas disappear. Applying to Culture Jamming and 80s text files. The spread of information. Memetics on Web logs (Meme Streams). Reputation system for Blogs. Moves you closer to the source of the information you and people you view find interesting., Analysis of networks of people. Analysis of people. Bad Freud, Magazine Images and samples / source code up. Hack Radio taking show submissions. Deep linking shut down in forums. Future show about PBX with Ntheory. Use every house for VoIP Backup on Apple? Itunes broadcasting over Apple Hardware. Other motives for DRM. Cracking Itunes broadcast access points to send other audio. Harry DVD So Sue Me? Creativity stifled in USA. Stank = Dictator/Politician Beater. Levies in Canada. Working on SQL Server. Finished some articles. Updated Website. 18th Century Pirate ideals vs. Modern Internet Pirate ideals. Searching for personal files on P2P. Memetics. Genes & Darwin. Anything that replicates and spreads in society the same way genes spread through a species. Simple useful ideas spread quickly and far, complex useful ideas spread slowly, Bad useless ideas disappear. Applying to Culture Jamming and 80s text files. The spread of information. Memetics on Web logs (Meme Streams). Reputation system for Blogs. Moves you closer to the source of the information you and people you view find interesting., Analysis of networks of people. Analysis of people. 
binrev059.mp3 16214144
Binary Revolution Episode 59: Audio Formats (August 24, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & Jason Scott. Notes by TimmyD: Audio Format Compression Storage. Canadian blank media levy. Use all the images you like from BinRev honoring the Creative Commons License. Short description of site coming for Hotlinks. Plans for the show. No Radio career for Stank. He wont stop until there is nothing more to learn. Now on clear channel. TRUE free speech. Ogg Vorbis. Prep for a show instructions. Culture Jamming American Idol. Dial up BBS. Documentary on BBS age previewed at Defcon. DVD set to be 6-7 hours. Tiny files = Big Documentary. The Van Halen Award. Rule of firsts. Stealing fire from the Gods (Karl Heinz Brandenburg). Lossy vs. Lossless. Psycho Acoustic Model. MPEG compression origin in the Movie Industry. Irony = MPEG Layer 3 developed by the people suing for their distribution. Analog vs. Digital. Analog is vibration causing the sounds. Digital is samples of the sound, more samples makes it closer to analog. 44.1k for CD. Humans can't hear over 20000 Hz. For lossy compression. Talking lower quality required than music. Balance of file size and quality. Tech info applies to all lossy/lossless compression (Video, images, etc). MP3 not the best, just conveniently available at the time. Led to OGG. Convert to OGG Vorbis soon. 
binrev060.mp3 15962240
Binary Revolution Episode 60: PBX and Asterisk (August 31, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & ntheory. Notes by TimmyD: review to date, how to join team DDP. Computer Machines. Removing posts from google groups. HackTV ep 2 on its way. Hurricane Frances coming. DDP member changes. Bells Mind 2.0 under development. Bug in PostgreSQL. Private Branch eXchange, SIP vs. VoIP (replacing the Telco). Business Level IAX, Asterisk open source. How to setup, requirements: P2 300 64MB Ram., Connection from IAX + a softphone on Windows to connect to Asterisk Box. FXS card $100 IAXY $100. Pay per minute for outgoing calls. Multiple in/out calls. Add vonage and FXO to have unlimited outgoing. Packet 8 unlimited international Setup computer first. Download asterisk source from CVS. Compile it yourself. Bellsmind Asterisk info on its way. Need FXO to connect to existing phone. The Crazy Exgirlfriend Script. Rejection hotline. Freeworld Dialup. Uses for your PBX. BellsMind PBX examples 810-223-0003. How to listen to BinRev on Bells Mind. Scripting Asterisk. Gmail file system for Linux. Jug Bands. Recursion Joke. Lindows now Linspire. Real Media is teh SUXOR. STOP EMBEDDING DANCE OF THE SUGAR PLUM FAIRY., Feedback on Magazine Please. 
binrev061.mp3 13830272
Binary Revolution Episode 61: Privacy (September 7, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & lucky225. Notes by TimmyD: Survived Hurricane Frances. Bland & Dual Unplugged. Real life more important. Welcome Lucky225 to DDP. Belkin switch box. Financial Lesson, securities. Charging for international shipping of
Magazine. Description of Hurricane Frances. Being independant from Technology. Gov't controlling the weather to shut down BRR?. Default Radio not streaming weekly anymore, still coming though. Possible changes to BinRev Radio coming. Car renter charged for speeding based on GPS. Using ALL RIGHTS RESERVED to your advantage. Some rights can't be waived. Won a speeding ticket by writing in about your case. Officer doesn't get overtime to look after trial by declaration. Signed copies of Terror Cell prerelease for listeners of BinRev Radio. Send feedback on Magazine.
binrev062.mp3 16031872
Binary Revolution Episode 62: Cyber Law (September 14, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & subzero. Notes by TimmyD: SubZero joins the DDP. FM Vulgarity test. Gallery locked down - more changes may follow. More
magazines sent out. Blands music will be hosted. Putting a face to a name. Getting old. StankDawg going to Phreaknic Oct 22. SubZero and a new show. Relationships with listeners and webcams. Cyber Law applying to technology and hackers. Internet and jurisdiction. Why is it important. Cyberlaws emerging as they go. No existing legal presidence... YET! Trying to apply current law to the web. What if examples. Cyber law is limited. Mostly intellectual property & copyright law. Hard for legal system to keep up to the internet and developing technology. Discussing Stank's law test questions. Relate to buying keywords on Google. Gmail security problems. Encryption X509 talk continue next week. Send Gmail comments and read their privacy act. Send more articles for BinRev 2.2
binrev063.mp3 14129280
Binary Revolution Episode 63: Phishing (September 21, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & Acidus. Notes by LogosX: IRC has switched servers, Spam...getting bored housewives and random people together since 1998,, If you haven't tried firefox yet theres no time like the present,, Become part of something bigger: join an online Vigilante Justice Organization today, Phreaknic is next month, Baudburn,, Elonka, Phreaknic tails of yesteryear, Foo camp, Toorcon, You don't have to wake up at 5am to go phishing anymore, Using gmail invites as bait, AOL has and will always suck, Single sign-on does not mean you use the same username and password for everything, Brad Sucks, "If seven million people are stealing, its not stealing" 
binrev064.mp3 13699200
Binary Revolution Episode 64: Cyber Crime (October, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & lucky225. Notes by TimmyD: Corporate sales rant. Capitilizing on peoples problems. No episode on election night. Pixelfiend asterisk setup cost $28 based on the steps from a previous episode. Tips about asterisk and voicepulse with possible follow up. Lucky225 published in VON magazine, article about VOIP. Info about showing blocked caller id using free number and voip on freeworld dialup. DUDE... I got a dell!! Stank has a refurbished dell for video editing. Built a monster file server. HackTV progressing. Cool presentation from Elonka. Treaty related to international internet crime in progress. Acknowledge the problem with fraud being international. Its a step in the right direction. Dealing with crime without infringing on civil liberties. In Germany internet crime = 1.3% of all crime but over 50% of the material damage (8.3 Billion $??) The source and calculation of a stat should be seen to be believed. Phishing on the rise. Things shouldn't be outlawed just because you don't agree with them. Make the punishment fit the crime when creating internet law., WOOF-WOOF!, illwillpress. 
binrev065.mp3 15908992
Binary Revolution Episode 65: Firefox (October 5, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. Notes by TimmyD: Repaired email music in a few episodes. Definately 63. Old enough to watch the A-Team (AND NOT the reruns). oldskoolphreak is back online. Some updates have been made. Some more are to follow. Check out Phoenix 2600 for pictures of "the glove". Special agent visited their 2600 meeting. Godel Escher Bach by Douglas R. Hofstadter is a worthy read. Stripe Snoop on the screen savers... WOOT Acidus. Feds are people too. Thud magazine. BBC Hackers mp3 on the Hope 5 site shows outdated view of hackers. KVM switch still on the fritz. vooduhal pr0n and asterisk. Motorola v600. T720i retired. Possible music to share from mini Firefox review. Bugs. Have to register to report. to find in Firefox. Won't search in src boxes. When highlighted you can't change text. Adblock extension works well (takes wild cards). Download extension. My Yahoo site has changed engines. Now using RSS news feeds. From popular mechanics 5 things to know before getting an RFID implant: 1) Doesn't hurt, 2) no on off chip, 3) can save your life, 4) database contains info (medical, access, etc), 5) Baja RFID for VIP club. Find your animal with RFID. Linux comparison by pricepoint. Clusty search engine similar to Vivisimo. 
binrev066.mp3 16328832
Binary Revolution Episode 66: MS Search (October 12, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & lucky225. Notes by LogosX: DDP team ranked 111, hack the mac store, Gmail vs StankDawg 2:0, YAZE (yet another Zearle email), send money orders for binrev mag to Lucky225 at P.O.Box 1111 Guasti, California 91743-1111, the happywash, no type right equals bogus 3m@i1 says Lucky, if you want to start a binrev meeting email Stank, Stank set up a 1.5 terabyte file server, and heres some numbers from Lucky: Cali party line 909-661-1119 and Pinnacles,Ca. Switch prefix 831389, 4500 for the Pinnacles phone company operator, Microsoft is working on a new natural language search engine tentatively called "Answerbot", is already registered, StankDawg Challenge: sent him one good reason to use ask jeeves, Conair phones are hard core much like their hair dryers, Web Hosting company registered in wait... Germany is selling valid .edu email addresses for $370 via SPAM! Listen to infonomicon 
binrev067.mp3 16097408
Binary Revolution Episode 67: Hacking Class (October 19, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & ld@bl0. Notes by LogosX: Last ep. before Phreaknic, There is a new guy writing the show notes, I think he's kind of a n00b, Send money to the church of binrev, isn't that powerful!, Multiple mags and meetings can co-exist, Go to the meetings!!!, And let us not forget the gift of style logan5 has bestowed upon binrev mag, Delusion sent in his rant about Ogg Vorbis,, the old eps. of binrev radio are in the process of being re-encoded as .ogg, So if you have been waiting to listen to the show because you think mp3s will steal your soul...what is wrong with you?, ld@bl0 explains all you want to know about the ethical hacking certificates,, send email if you have any questions about the ethical hacking class, Oldskoolphreak is back. 
binrev068.mp3 16216192
Binary Revolution Episode 68: PhreakNIC 8 (October 26, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & Acidus. Notes by LogosX: No show next week, instead check out rant radio's election coverage, Hacnslash is unplugging, Correction: for delusion's ogg rant, SDMI, Hackers and Painters, Sony hypocrisy, apologies to all of Australia, Stank dodges rants left and right, A Radio History of the Telephone, Interview with Mark Gunderson, Always keep a book with you in case of emergency, Educate anyone and every one, StripeSnoop is getting funding, Respect to ZPO, Ghostbusting Spectorsoft, Tips on public speaking, Phreaknic media will be available for free, Phreaknic was a huge 2600 meeting, Instead of spot the fed they played spot the prostitute, Craziest 
binrev069.mp3 15757440
Binary Revolution Episode 69: Pr0n (November 9, 2004)
Hosts: Buck Dangler & Mr Pink. Notes by LogosX: After a week break BinRev is back with an all rant episode, Psychological warfare and propaganda, D.Net update, HaXXXor dumpster diving, HackTV video guy MIA, Seriously web spiders freak me out, rant, Open up TV police...shut that f**king kid up or so help me god I'll shoot'em and sprinkle some crack on him, in case we got our facts completely wrong on the BBC rant, and you live across the pond email us and straighten us out, Some projects have been added to the forums, Buck Dangler caught some funk in Nashville and not the good kind, Words to live by from Mr. Pink "If you don't like something fix it or go away", Best Lie...Thousands of fallacies Get Yours, Reasons why not to shop at Best Buy, Notorious for bait and switch, Stopped competing on prices, 15% restocking fee, lies about price matching, Devil customers...666...mark of the beast, Companies to avoid: Best Buy, Sony, and Wal-mart, Batteries yet another reason to go to the Pr0n store, Oh Yeah!, The Homeless Voice, Don't make me SE you just go to this site. 
binrev070.mp3 14284928
Binary Revolution Episode 70: MS = Pirates (November 16, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & Natas. Notes by LogosX: Podcasting, ebay is a high tech trash can for ipods, this show has be brought to you by the letter VoIP, The TV police are real and they're madder than ever, Metallica sucks the rooster, Use the right OS and programming language for the job, Brief rundown on Visual programming, If you need help with code: check out the forums, Some more projects added to the forums, VoIP/Asterisk section added to Oldskoolphreak, every copy of Windows XP has pirated media in the WINDOWS/Help/Tours/WindowsMediaPlayer/Audio/Wav/ folder, I didn't know Deepz0ne's real name was Mr. Gates, Microsoft 0wns the Government, Nefarious uses for Google Desktop, Put Google Desktop on kiosks, Welcome natas to the DDP! 
binrev071.mp3 11604096
Binary Revolution Episode 71: AS/400 (November 23, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg. Notes by LogosX: Almost all of the Fifth Hope presentations are available for download, AS/400: Lifting the Veil of Obscurity, What it is and how it works, They don't teach this in school, Recognizing it when you see it, If you go to Radio Shack and ask for an AS/400 mainframe, you will be laughed at for multiple reasons, The AS/400 can run several OS's, but this presentation focuses on the OS/400, Telnet is not just telnet, Telnet uses emulation to connect to different types of machines, Got QSECOFR, every type of user has their own default menu, Menu Transversal, Command Line Access, Menus are Stacked, F3 = universal exit command, Finding the names of different menus, Stringing together commands, Give your Tab key a break while you use * for command assumption, F9 is the equivalent to History in Unix, Everything is Logged!, There is a wealth of knowledge in the OUTQ, Almost everything you do can be found if the admin goes looking for it. note from stankDawg: This episode contained a new intro and new closing comments. The rest of the show was the audio portion of my presentation from The Fifth Hope conference in NYC in July of 2004. 
binrev072.mp3 16640128
Binary Revolution Episode 72: Proxy Servers (November 30, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & Lucky225. Notes by LogosX: AS/400 Slide show soon?, Buck Dangler only does 69, A new lure for phishing, DO NOT BUY SONY PRODUCTS!, If Microsoft made phones I wonder what the dial tone of death would sound like, Google Desktop exploit coming to a localhost near you, International Email Extravaganza, All work and no pr0n makes Stank a dull boy, Remaining anonymous for Internet radio, BinRev commercial, Pros and cons of the "Plam pilot", Lottery scams that don't work in your favor, Every thing is random or predetermined, I forget one of those, Generating random numbers, Oh, time, time, time is on my side, yes it is, Wired Magazine is doing Lucky's media whoring for him, Mario 64 on the Gameboy DS is 1337, Lack of GSM towers in Florida, Wal-Mart kiosk hacking, upcoming Christmas presents from the DDP, Using Proxy servers, Old school proxy, Spaaace proxy, Stayinvisible, MultiProxy, Steganos software that would cost to much EVEN IF IT WAS FREE, Are your proxies trust worthy? note from stankDawg: The audio towards the end of this episode is messed up. It is not your copy, it was in the master copy. Thank my failing hard drive for that, but don't try to find a "good copy" because one does not exist. 
binrev073.mp3 16238720
Binary Revolution Episode 73: The Screen Savers (December 7, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & BlackRatchet. Notes by LogosX: episode 72 had technical glitches, Forget it, Man! It's Chinatown!!, Deep freeze your hard drive, Losing MST3K even by accident should be a crime, It's a miracle BRR Podcasting was finished before the .ogg files were done, Geek Love Radio will be on The Screen Savers, Hotmail is up to 250 MB, Nintendo DS WiFi, Getting to know your proxy intimately, Box hopping, Kevin Mitnick: I didn't root your box, Tommy Lee Jones: I don't care, "Gettting hacked is seldom a pleasant experience.", Havoc defends Sony's quality, 2600 meeting recap, Stank will soon be on the FBI's most wanted list, It's official Stank is the Most Extreme, The Animal Planet don't drop docs, Yet Another Payphone List, The Screen Savers have cleaned house, unfortunately they have not fired Kevin Rose but with your help one day we will have a cure for lamers, Dark Tip of the day: buying a "plam pilot" from ebay. 
binrev074.mp3 15685760
Binary Revolution Episode 74: USENET (December 14, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. Notes by LogosX: Despite Vooduhal's best attempts allow me to welcome you to another 100% hooker free episode of BinRevRadio, Unfortunately for ep 75 the do not call list is doing its job, The Dawg's personal web site has gone through some changes, such as an RSS feed for news and announcements, The listeners are demanding obscenities, The Sony debacle gets put to rest, Yahoo email storage space has be bumped up to match that of Hotmail, Free AS/400 shells, Vooduhal offers access to a Cisco Lab, Stank gets dumbfounded by overseas listeners, History of Usenet, Archie and Veronica no not the comic, NNTP, Unix to Unix encoding, Warez made the internet useful, but pr0n made it popular, Usenet naming conventions, What ever happened to common courtesy among pr0n spammers, The origin of the flame wars is revealed, Google Groups is basically Usenet with a web interface, Forums are the new Usenet, BinRev may take a vacation in January or February, DDP hack radio is up and running. 
binrev075.mp3 11688064
Binary Revolution Episode 75: Telephonic Craptacular 3 (Special Episode) (December 21, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & Lucky225 & BlackRatchet Notes by LogosX: The third installment of the Telephonic craptacular, Happy 75th anniversary?, Getting off the phone in a hurry, Lucky225 gets a credit card despite religious persecution, Please deposit way to much money at the tone, Give the Rejection Hotline number to Radio Shack next time you buy batteries, Stank is the Telemarketers Nightmare, Just how much does Microsoft care about bug reports?, Microsoft contracts out jobs to drop their docs, Telephone companies and FCC rant, Buck Dangler cancels his phone service. 
binrev076.mp3 16375936
Binary Revolution Episode 76: Mambo CMS (December 28, 2004)
Hosts: StankDawg & BlackRatchet. Notes by LogosX: BinRev the musical, Projects section added to the site, Free hardware, Don't buy monitors on ebay, The HackRadio schedule has been updated, Day to day on the new schedule, Packet sniffing and VoIP on the Pocket PC, Yahoo spam conspiracy theory, Gmail's GB of storage space has ceased to be for storage, What will be the future of Gmail's POP3 access, Google has more projects in BETA than SourceForge, Google suggest, You're listening to BinRev Radio on WTND 106.3 FM "The Voice" of Macomb Illinois, Language Rant: Thinking of Others, StankDawg and BlackRatchet's project will be unveiled next week, Review of Mambo, no not the voodoo priestess, Mambo is an open source CMS, Benefits of using a CMS, News posts can be exported, Built in search engine, Types of users, The admin can giveth privileges and the admin can taketh away, Modules, Pitfalls of Mambo, "e107, hacking the IMDB since 03", Enter the CMS Matrix. 
binrev077.mp3 16228480
Binary Revolution Episode 77: Wiki (January 4, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & BlackRatchet. Notes by LogosX: When questioned about the "Telephonic Craptacular" StankDawg replied "It's hard work.", Being annoying with a purpose, Start off the new year with a cliffhanger of an email, Starting projects, The forums lead the user to water but can't make them hack, BinRev rebroadcasts, Join the "I hate StankDawg" community, Google dev account, Yahoo traffic reports, yet another reason for a micro ATX box, Google - scientist and the marketing department working in harmony, PocketPC toolz, Pocket PC as a WiFi phone, PocketPC Sniffer 1 and 2, WiFiphone security, Bathroom phones brings using your foot to flush to a whole new level, PDA-friendly, Big Bells not to blame "he said sarcastically", Editing a 14 GB file can be a bit cumbersome, The" e" in eCOST doesn't stand for ethics (free shipping? then what is this?), Clusty Firefox plug in, Wiki walk through, Wiki's by nature are community projects, The pros are the cons, Knowledge repository, An encyclopedia by the people for the people, Wiktionary defines a Wiki as ..., The most important page of a Wiki, Chewbacca what a Wiki, The standard format, The Origin of Doc Droppers, Repository for current text files, Anonymous users will get there docs dropped, What doesn't belong on the site. 
binrev078.mp3 15749120
Binary Revolution Episode 78: Cryptography (January 11, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & Elonka. Notes by LogosX: We have a great show for you tonight, all the other shows were crap but this is a great show, long awaited co host Elonka shows up, Code deciphering is all about the blank stare, Ridicule from the future, VoIP + Zaurus = 1337, Linux ported to the iPod, Terror Cell book update, You don't need an iPod to enjoy the Podcasting craze, Is there a list of Mozart performances?, email us if you found BRR through a Podcast, Local Defcon meeting, Doc Droppers Firefox RSS feed error, Online games white papers, There seems to be some sort of recurring theme on online radio: it's something about how people don't like something and how they should fix it themselves, Cryptology terminology, Clear text and "" text, Encryption methods, The three types of codes, The Difference between a cryptographer and a cryptoanalyst, Greek words explained, If a cypher is any good you should need a computer to crack it, Walkthrough of the PhreakNIC three code, The Cyrillic Projector, Part 4 of the Kryptos sculpture remains uncracked. 
binrev079.mp3 16095360
Binary Revolution Episode 79: Encryption (January 18, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & Decius. Notes by LogosX: Quick orientation for new listeners, Rundown of BinRev Radio history, RFA will be Podcasted, DDP Hack Radio, Hotmail has not always been a Microsoft product, Gmail's POP3 access, Pwned debuted on, Listening to BinRev during class . Detrimental or Beneficial?, Listener's site switched to Mambo, memestreams, Recommended reading "Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking" by Simon Singh ISBN 185702889-9, Searching for code by language, Google doesn't handle technical searches well, Lazy web idea - man pages attached to message boards, "Crypto" Steven Levy, Contribute to the DDP library, Keep an eye out for crypto challenges, HackTV ep. 2 and 3 in the works, Applications of cryptography, Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption, Cryptology is like whispering on the Internet, Keep your private key private, Using your key as a signature, Man in the middle attacks against SSH, Certificate Authorities, PGP web of trust, Interz0ne 4 is coming up. 
binrev080.mp3 14819456
Binary Revolution Episode 80: MS Spyware Tool (January 25, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. Notes by LogosX: Even though Vooduhal can't hear Stank the show must go on, Oldskoolphreak for your phreaking goodness, The fourth section of Kryptos has been solved, Is Google News biased?, User tested StankDawg approved, Stank's so moodle he was moodle before moodle was moodle, Hakkeri radio bringing you your Finland Hacking news, Computer Urban Legend: putting your hard drive in the freezer to save data?, The DDP may soon 0wn the highest mountain in Europe, Xnews newsgroup reader, Hardware review - Axim vs. Treo 600, Warshitting how-to, worst HackTV segment every!!!, Stank may be presenting at interz0ne, ".c0m" the new H4><0r register, Word around the water cooler is you should go to Defcon this year, Some server changes coming up real soon, Programming in Widescreen, Microsoft's antispyware tool, Windows genuine program, Use Firefox, Microsoft says they don't collect your PII, Sharing your proprietary software, Microsoft makes sure nobody knows that your looking at the pr0n, Vooduhal will be the host of BinRev while Stank is on vacation. 
binrev082.mp3 16511104
Binary Revolution Episode 82: Radio Shows (February 8, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & Doug. Notes by unknown: The RFA tradition lives on in episode 81 of BinRev, Geek Love Radio will make a Valentines day appearance on The Screen Savers, Stank pledges to only submit technical articles, Some listener emails were lost during the server move, The DDP creative commons license, Making HackTV easy to download for the technology impaired, The story behind "The Legend of the Hard Drive Freezer!!!", Roll your own Hacking radio show, The forum's Growing Pains starring Mike Seaver, Proposed new name for Warshitting "Wardumping", At least GmailFS is working for one lucky listener, Windows wants to make the Genuine Program mandatory for updates, Does Microsoft owe anything to pirates?, they did use a lot of their tactics, Underground production company Frosty Productions needs some hacking influence, Is there a need for BinRev meetings?, BinRev is willing to host a page for the meeting, It is official: Stank will be talking at Interz0ne, All the DDP projects are hosted on one box, Doug announced his new radio show, Pr0ncasting, Stank's and Doug's recording equipment and software, Doug will be the host next week. 
binrev083.mp3 11589760
Binary Revolution Episode 83: Shmoocon (February 15, 2005)
Hosts: Doug & Lucky225. Notes by Nick84: Doug hosts this show from his garage studio after a request last week from StankDawg, Lucky225 co hosts, Doug usually records shows using a modem / 2 phone lines, you can record calls easily with Asterisk, a listener reports that freezing a hard drive worked once, Geek Love Radio were on G4 Tech TV yesterday, the Doug Show website is now up, Lucky saw a talk on InfaRed / hotel room TV's at Shmoocon [TaoSecurity: Shmoocon Begins, Shmoocon Day Two, Shmoocon Concludes, AMK Journal: Shmoocon wrap-up], there is a manufacturers reset code for some cars, RFID tags used in cars were recently hacked, at ShmooCon there was a talk on "Zen and The Relevance of Perception", Lucky has a problem with people that have callerid, Lucky/Doug argue for/against callerid blocking, Doug trusts callerid but does not rely upon it, "everything is always on Default". 
binrev084.mp3 11935872
Binary Revolution Episode 84: Paris Hilton 0wn3d! (February 22, 2005)
Hosts: Doug & Lucky225. Notes by nick84: Doug sets precedent by making the co host read an email, Doug ditched his callerid boxes, Forget callerid use a PBX, Virtual numbers are cheap, Give Doug a call at 1-800-710-Doug, According to Animal Planet StankDawg is The Most Extreme, Whatever Paris Hilton touches is wide open for pen testing, whether is her sidekick or its website, Social Engineering can be quicker and easier then hacking, Vin Diesel is always on default, You always want to enter your password from your own phone, Lucky describes how to get your ESN, US Government Emergency Telephone System 701-627GETS, There is no patch for human stupidity, Using the Y2K bug for SE-ing pre 2000, Recommended reading "The Art of Deception" by Kevin Mitnick, Mitnick's new book is out "The Art of Intrusion", Doug needs help getting the moisture out of his camera, People want original shows, The Doug show is taking the Friends time slot, The guys from Default owe a new episode to Havoc, Decoder is in jail, Paris Hilton has been stalking Lucky225, Getting out of a speeding ticket, Getting into gated communities, The Dawg will be back in the house next week 
binrev085.mp3 16586880
Binary Revolution Episode 85: E-Mail Roundup (March 1, 2005)
Hosts:StankDawg & BlackRatchet. Notes by LogosX: And now back to our regularly scheduled Program, Please be patient your
they will be with you shortly, Two new moderator's sworn into the forums, Three out of four dentists agree BinRev is safer then a nuclear missile, The gallery is back up and "beta" then ever, The DDP have been developing a free, as in open source and beer, internet radio station software, and all errors are currently being diverted to "/dev/null", If the monitor is off and you get fragged does it count, Stank will be presenting on Disposable email vulnerabilities at Interz0ne 4, Someone please start a handle pronunciation key database, Sacrificing frozen chickens to get your data back, Ntheory started an Asterisk wildfire, Human markup language is back and with a purpose this time, The International Brotherhood of Hackers would throw Stank out if he taught people how to hack, BlackRatchet appropriately pulls Klingon speak out of his ass, Stank tries to speak Klingon but accidentally insults Taz's mother, Turning real audio into mp3s with Streambox Ripper, The number of listeners is in the hundreds of thousands (I don't know I think is actually something like two), Donate by buying magazines, iDropper . DocDroppers for your iPod.
binrev086.mp3 16124032
Binary Revolution Episode 86: Google Adwords (March 8, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & ic0n. Notes by LogosX: BinRev now with automated bitching for you convenience, Keep an eye out for his Stankness at Interz0ne 4, Hacker Radio and the Podcast with real RFA style distro whoring, The person makes the handle cool not the other way around, A college education anywhere is a good thing, Stank airs his grievances with Kevin Rose, Fedora is mp3 free for a reason, When it comes to an OS thats about choice don't let people choose for you, Those crazy kids these days what with their rap music and their cryptography, There is currently no replacement for, Grammar and organization is important when submitting to
and, Who knew Stank has ethics, Use your time wisely, The StankShark 0wns the great white shark, Searching for movie times with Google, Phreaking is not about getting free phone calls, Yahoo is blocking Google spiders?, Google AdWords, Expect a Hacking Google AdWords article in the future, BinRev t-shirts will be available soon!
binrev087.mp3 14467200
Binary Revolution Episode 87: Interz0ne 4 Review (March 15, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & vooduhal. Notes by LogosX: Email validation problem in the forums, And now were going to code a happy little web page with a fun flash intro, A question as old as wardriving itself: Laptop or PDA?, Used but not abused laptops, Someone start work on wallaFS, Pwned file format, Stank once again pokes Google with a stick, Microsoft antispyware tool deleting pirated music, Nicolas Jacobson responsible for dropping Paris Hilton's docs, Wireless tools and references, Do not use 1337 speak in urls, Yahoo is not blocking Google searches (but there not making it easy), Meta tags and robots.txt, BRR ID3 Tag info, English is the most useful language for hacking, Based on previous reports of Stank being a terrorist, his luggage has been searched and he has been cleared by DHS, The good and bad of Interz0ne, Willhackforfood is up and ready for spam, PacketWars: The VooduHal Strikes Back, Outerz0ne, Taking a page from the Infonomicon enjoy The Scene. 
binrev088.mp3 16805888
Binary Revolution Episode 88: Disposable Email Vulnerabilities (March 22, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & Doug. Notes by LogosX: DrLZRDMN is in the market for used human hearts, Stank sounds off like he's got a pair, If you have the hacker mindset you are never a n00b, BOOM HEAD SHOT!!! I can dance all day, Watch out for them damn PHPbbs exploits, Downloading mp3s are ok by the ISPs, There is no one search engine to search them all, We don't know who started the war but we do know that it was Yahoo that scorched the robots.txt, You can get Hacker T-shirts in any color as long as its black, Paris Hilton is Ethics and hacked her own Sidekick to make a name for herself in the community, Government run honey pots and proxies are in use, Binrev is NSFW and lovin it, BRR ID3 tags, Worst of podcasting, Calender of conferences, Doug is looking for aspiring (which means free) actors, Disposable email insecurities, Google mining for info, Differences between WillHackForFood and other disposable email services, 
binrev089.mp3 16468096
Binary Revolution Episode 89: CEH Questions (March 29, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & BlackRatchet. Notes by LogosX: The Official Hacker beverage conference is now underway, The BlackRatchet fan site is in the works with a full gallery of his personal phones, BinRev Radio is recorded in 5.1 ghetto sound with dynamic content, Hacker Radio project is almost ready to be open sourced, Magazine status, Shouts to Rant Media, Special guest appearance from nottheory, Pwning The Incredibles, The infinite loop of tech support, Metallica Sucks, Top level domains, 911 disconnected, Graphedia Spam, Certified Ethical Hacker quiz, Developing a good background of packet knowledge, Know nmap nessus and ettercap like the back of your local hotspots, Determining why certain code is insecure, Examples from the CEH test, Edgar Search = passive scanning, The Scene is not propaganda, 
binrev090.mp3 16257152
Binary Revolution Episode 90: Packet Injection (April 5, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & sl1pm0de. Notes by LogosX: Don't just love OldSkoolPhreak for it's phreaking resources, April Pwned day jokes, On air pwnage of hacnslash, Speakeasy tech support is in fact the shiznight, More drinks to hack to, Marvel in the vastness of the room that is Server, Gmail unlimited and counting, Original DoS attack, Getting to know your Yahoo supervisor, Email if you know of a site that has a list of quick ways to bypass tech support, Overloading PBXs, Certified Ethical Hacker follow up questions, Who backs up the validity of the CEH?, If I can make at least one person 0wn an AS400 its all worth it, There is a real alternative to real player, Expect a delay when ordering BinRev mags from the UK, Walk down the right back alley in Sin City and you can find Anything, Live "In The Now", WEP is as broke as its going to get, Man in the middle attacks and packet injection explanation, Airpwn sends unwanted packets through wifi, Airpwn features and limitations, 
binrev091.mp3 16281728
Binary Revolution Episode 91: Easy WEP Cracking (April 12, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & lucky225. Notes by LogosX: VoIP is not ready for the consumer market, CRIME HITS THE GLOBAL INTERWEB!!!, The only news source on TV worth trusting is the only news source that tells you its fake, Advertisers have ruined everything they gets there hands on, The reason the community is not up in arms yet for Decoder, Sending letters to Decoder through Lucky225, The letters will not be private, BinRev is being blocked by school filters, The Scene is to Teh Scene as Reefer Madness is to __________, Stanks back on the sweet ice tea wagon, Diabolic Genius tip of the week: Using your credit card properly, No more free shipping for the Mag, T-shirts available in XL, The intro pack and T-shirts comes with free swag, Aol no longer supports Newsgroups, AOL is also trying to get into the VoIP market, Google has the only backup of Usenet, Netspend is claiming they need customers SSN, When it comes to weak packets the more the better, WEP can be cracked in no time at all, Google mining Bell South, 
binrev092.mp3 16418944
Binary Revolution Episode 92: SE Your Way Out of Traffic Tickets (April 19, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & lucky225. Notes by LogosX: Default number of listeners to DDP HackRadio increased, Don't forget to check out the IRC during the show, Internet troubleshooting software that requires the internet to work, AVG Free is deleting Distributed Dot Net clients, People are afraid of viruses and Tablet PC users suffer, Making serious announcements on April first is generally a bad idea, Addicted to the forums, get help by visiting our support site, Drinking your Dr Pepper hot, Don't expect to see a CEH from the DDP anytime soon, Breaking news from slick0, Donating to Decoder to get him a good lawyer would be like trying to catch a shark with a piece of rye bread, Laws don't mean anything if enough people disregard them, Mail forwarding security measures, The Artscene Radio Talk Show, Myths about getting out of a speeding ticket, The Officer filled out the ticket incorrectly, Trial by declaration, Radar under judicial review, Cops always show up for traffic tickets, Tricks cops use to get you to admit guilt, Always sign everything "All rights reserved", Requesting a change of venue, Recommended reading "Beat Your Ticket: California",, Porting Toneloc to Linux. 
binrev093.mp3 17354880
Binary Revolution Episode 93: Phreak Phactor (April 26, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & ntheory. Notes by LogosX: Because you didn't want to know Sacfree boxers, IRC has changed servers to, Updates to Bellsmind, Stank is planning a SE episode of BinRev, < BR > can't be owned by any one person, The Windows OS will find a way to report back to Microsoft, Does anybody listen to the old episodes of BRR that are on the Bellsmind PBX?, Fixing callerID, You mean data centers don'tlook like they did in the movie Hackers?, Tinyurl hacks, Developing a better tinyurl system, BinRev meetings in the works, If I have to hear one more hacker soda discussion I am going to buy a controlling share of Dr. Pepper stock, < BR > magazine needs more electronic articles, Lantronix developer kit, Advice on submitting electronics related articles, Additional tips on fighting traffic tickets, Recommended reading "Poker Without Cards", Brief description of some starter programming languages, software only works if the internet is working and the op doesn't feel like disconnecting you, The weekly SystemShocker email may be coming to an end, New radio show dubbed Phreak Phactor, Feel free to give suggestions for the show, Stank reads out the names of people in irc.  
binrev094.mp3 16136320
Binary Revolution Episode 94: Programming Languages (May 3, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & ntheory. Notes by LogosX: The first Phreak Phactor went as planned and was indeed a success, The following email's have been edited for time and content, The RIAA is trying to lock down the Internet 2, I2 has a fair amount of restrictions to become a member, According to the Can Boobs act section 15.43.9 all the ladies must attach pics of themselves and or hot friends when sending email, Walkthrough of different programming languages, Basic sucks and stay away from "goto", Unlike batch files shell scripting is incredible useful, And the hackers language of choice is PERL, Perl could be a scripting language or a programming language, Assembly is still being used and usually pays better, but be prepared to work your ass off, Assembly will provide you with an excellent understanding of how a computer works, Pascal is generally not seen in the job market, Fortran is excellent for scientific related programming, Cobol holds the record for longest "Hello World" ever, Reporting languages, SQL is very universal, but there are different flavors, Hackers underutilize SQL, Linux kernel is written in C for a reason, For a language that is suppose to be write once run anywhere it sure has a lot of different versions of Java, Visual languages has the largest job market, DLL hell, PHP is SQL and/or Perl for the web, Whatever language you choose to learn to program with, learn the fundamental concepts, 
binrev095.mp3 16060544
Binary Revolution Episode 95: Google Accelerator (May 10, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & BlackRatchet. Notes by LogosX: Listen up all you rapscallions and ne'er-do-wells its time for another episode of BinRev Radio, Phreak Phactor will be up for download but there will be suckage, New age verification for pr0n sites: Who is Snidely Whiplash?, has been moved to the BinRev server, Looking back at the programming episode, Don't wait until you are caught up on the shows to join the IRC, Never cross the stream, but feel free to rip it, foreign language 1337 speak contest, Episode 100 will be the last Telephonic Carptacular, DDP Hack Radio needs an Anime show, Because 1337 has been seen in the pop culture, 1337 has been replaced with CATSEX, Programming TI Basic is not a valid career path, .net radio show, Stank's server specs, Visual Basic. net is object oriented, Play the Hack TV guessing game, New YAPL pheature: Auto submit, Google Web Accelerator makes the assumption that there servers are the fastest, and when you make an assumption you make an "ass" out of "u" and "mption", You are doing Google's work for them, Grub is a different type of distributing computing project, Google doesn't seem to care about the users security, Protecting your privacy from an individual is one thing, but there is something wrong when you have to protect your privacy from corporations, Free SSL certificate, Catch a Google spider and win a copy of BinRev magazine, Poor man's WiFi 
binrev096.mp3 16220288
Binary Revolution Episode 96: Google Mining (May 17, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & virgil. Notes by LogosX: If all goes according to plan Phreak Phactor will be under constant construction, Apparently Stank and BlackRatchet aren't the only old farts, In case of phone company suckage the exits are here and here, Single letter domain names, Buying expired domains, Google Web Accelerator is predominantly for broadband, Commercial skip for Google, Google may be getting to big for its britches, How memes spread, Recommended reading: "The Selfish Gene", and "The Meme Machine", Spreading the vulgar meme, BinRev Radio is finally available in Ogg Vorbis, Lossy vs. lossless compression, A proper hacktivism site needs a community effort, Blog hacking, Hacktivism is about the hackers not the hacking, BinRev meetings will come to fruition, Be sure to check out the May and June issues of Popular Science, Brief history of data mining, Alexa global rankings, Google has all the info and its yours for the taking, Amazon is all about data mining, Google hacking is not the same as Google mining, Bell South project, Virgils Data-Mining powerpoint presentation from interz0ne 4, Transversing pdf and jpeg layers, Just in cast you live in Texas and need to know your mom's maiden name, Become the CIA, NNDB tracking the entire world. 
binrev097.mp3 15204352
Binary Revolution Episode 97: Eavesdropping on Asterisk (May 24, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & Natas. Notes by LogosX: we open with Pr0p3r 8ri7i5h accents, Natas live and on location in the streets of NYC, Security Certificates does not a Hacker make, Alexis Park is sold out for the DefCon weekend, Hardware Hacking is an invaluable hacker skill, Caller ID has its valid uses, No matter how secure a programming language is a "Programmer" will find a way to put a hole in their app, You're never to young to use old tech, Background on Digital Command Language, Why buy one good C programmer when you can get five VB programmers, Good programmers and sys admins are always in demand, Learn the fundamentals and you will become adaptable, Don't be like Lucky225 Don't overuse 1337 5p34k, Google API/python based pen testing tool, Giving your registrar the run around and keeping your privacy at no cost to oneself, VoIP sniffing and security through proprietary VoIP codecs, Cain and Abel functionality and demos, Linux VoIP packet player, Packet manipulation tool, Monitor calls on your PBX, Caller ID that is more powerful than a locomotive, Find Natas at DefCon and win your very own OldSkoolPhreak sticker, CheapoVegas. 
binrev098.mp3 12683392
Binary Revolution Episode 98: Amateur Satellite Radio (May 31, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3. Notes by LogosX: w1nt3rmut3 in DA House, Hot off the press Phreak Phactor is climbing the charts, Gmail has been doing an adequate job of keeping your email spam free, Digital command line lexical, VMS is a secure OS plus its obscure (which is not a substitute for security, but it certainly doesn't hurt), Clustered vms shell accounts, bounce checking, The non painful type of brute force in use at bars, Math is everywhere, Discussion about electronic locks, The Nazi's left there enigma machine on default, Free software works better then closed source software, Take some time off every once and a while, w1nt3rmut3 lights Stank's fire on amateur radio, Amateur radio licenses, Morse code may eventually be taken off the test, Studying for the test remember you only need a D to pass, Stay away from pirate radio, The mecca of ham fests has all sorts of interesting people, Don't trust a seller unless you can fix what you're buying, Radio Mods, Find a club in your area, Amateur radio over VoIP, Listen to w1nt3rmut3 first ep of RFA, Geosynchronous orbit and the Ionosphere, Tracking the satellite, Equipment for terrestrial radio and Radio in SPAAAAAAACE!!!, Amateur radio field day, 
binrev099.mp3 16447616
Binary Revolution Episode 99: Kryptos (June 7, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & Elonka. Notes by LogosX: In the Red corner StankDawg, (crowd: "booo"), and in the Blue corner Elonka, (crowd: "Yeaaahhh"), "The Da Vinci Code" is generating traffic for, Reading reviews in foreign languages, People are finally getting the jist of the phenomenon that is Phreak Phactor, Renewing your Ham radio license, Google is not an infallible being, If you leave the underground scene you will be shunned by it, Even the smallest step of Google effects the littlest store, Opt out of TiVo spyware and watch Janet Jacksons tit to your hearts content, the "WW" in kryptos stands for William Webster, E3 decibel requirements, Elonka is dropping docs on kryptos, Avoiding the lines at E3, What to do went your identity gets stolen, Get a complaint number when you file a police report, Free annual credit report, Subtle difference between credit agencies, Organized computer crime, Don't trust anyone blindly, Understanding Kryptos and Sanborn's work, Confirming you answer with Sanborn, Join the kryptos group at yahoo, The Cyrillic projector, 
binrev100.mp3 11108352
Binary Revolution Episode 100: The Telephonic Craptacular Extravaganza (June 14, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & the DDP. Notes by LogosX: The pilot process of the Telephonic Craptacular is over, and the new name of the show is Phreak Phactor, Forget dueling banjos heres some dueling IVRs, Social Engineering Spammers, Getting permission for the Craptacular, Free directory assistance from Telus 1(800)646-0000, Lucky blows 2600 to sieze the trunc in Wawina Minnesota and get the time 1(218)488-8463, Decoder's 9 trillion number 1(248)771-0023, One two three four five six seven eight nine 1(229)430-0002, The n00b error message 1(563)427-9000, Pr0n line 1(800)944-9992, You have dialed the offices of (insert name here) 1(765)384-9999, Not yet connected 1(313)849-9999, Scanning 9999, Hello is this the intersection of 13th and 37th street 1(570)387-0007, Send your scans to OldSkoolPhreak or Bellsmind, Reach out and touch the past 1(570)387-0000, Bell Atlantic don't play no games, Black Ratchet's asterisk nmap script, Craptastic easter eggs, VoIP is heading down a slippery slope, GoDaddy employees don't agree with their own policies, Stanks America Idol submission. 
binrev101.mp3 16672896
Binary Revolution Episode 101: OSS DB vs. Commercial DB (June 21, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & nottheory. Notes by LogosX: There are some very big changes in store for season 3, Hopefully someone has compiled a StankDawg soundboard for episode 104, This day in history one Mr. StankDawg started the first ever BinRev meeting, DDP Phreak toys may be coming back, The crappy-ness of the Craptacular, If you don't have the gift of gab, either kiss the Blarney Stone or practice your SEing, Taking advantage of the time you got, Using nphproxy and https to get around internet censorship, With the help of Yahoo's Mindset you know longer have to add the search term -"corporate greed", Yahoo and Google comparison, Krieg Scheißen, Phreak Phactor podcast, The revolution will be a sausage fest, Meet Stank at DefCon after his presentation, Alphabet-soup and annoyance of corporate life, Stank's hard drive problems, HackTV could possibly... maybe, but not definitely... be released before DefCon, SQL battle royal, Microsoft software is trailing behind open source, Nottheory's seal of approval goes to PostgreSQL, GUIs are nice but the CLI shows you know your stuff, Real databases require RAID, MySQL has more support but PostgreSQL has more technical support, Benchmarks LIE!!!, SQL is sql is sQl no matter how you spell it, Plsql, tsql, and plpgsql, MySQL uses the GPL whereas PostgreSQL uses the BSD license, Choosing an appropriate DB solution, / 
binrev102.mp3 16183424
Binary Revolution Episode 102: Making Your Own Music (June 30, 2005)
binrev103.mp3 15538176
Binary Revolution Episode 103: Multisite CMS (July 5, 2005)
Hosts: StankDawg & droops. Notes by LogosX: Infonomicon's one year anniversary, No more orders for BinRev Magazines and T-shirts until further notice, Female BinRev listeners are truly an army of one, Bmail packet redundancy, Celebrating the 5th of July, Being wary of gifts from the government, Recreational pr0n, Infonomicon Radio, Video of Stank's AS/400 Hope 5 presentation, The listeners know who the co-host is before Stank does, The United Kingdom and Australia are some BinRev listen-en bitches, Pod casting synonymous with Internet radio!, PHP code to randomize search engines,Hacktivism site is stagnant, If you want to help, content and site admins are in more of a demand than coders, Stank has no problems remembering the color of the rainbow if you know what I mean, Social Engineering as a life style, Download off of the BinRev server to your hearts content, Download statistics, Infonomicon is on iTunes, Infonomicon TV, Droop's CMS, Comparing CMS, Avoid the nukes, Hackermedia uses WordPress, CMS Modules, Autothemes skinning, MaxDev is horrid, but don't take my word for it see for yourselves, Drupal in use for Binrevmeetings, Drupals forum module is disappointing, BRR #103 == Infonomicon radio episode 43, 
binrev104.mp3 25047168
Binary Revolution Episode 104: 2-Year Anniversary (July 12, 2005)
binrev105.mp3 12156928
Binary Revolution Episode 105: The New Regime (July 19, 2005)
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