Shows: CCCP (Computer Counter Culture People)

Elimist's Radio Show, now not easy to find, had this statement on its old web site: "Who we are: In the world there have always been and always will be those who society's conformist ideals, brainless and troublesome progression, and idealistic concepts of the world don't effect. We are those people. There's one of us everywhere - getting up on our soapbox and telling people about the real problems of modern culture, handing out pamphlets or simply sitting back and fighting it from a computer console somewhere. You may not see us. You may not notice us. But know that we're always there and will always have an impact on you and the world. We are the Computer Counter Culture People."

Description of the Audio
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accident.txt 6531
Relevant Chat capture for episode #2 of CCCP
cccpr01.mp3 21140156
CCCP Show #1
cccpr02.mp3 9724343
CCCP Show #2
Welcome. Now on CBZone. AT&T Carols ("Boo Cake...b. u. k. k. a. k. e."). Hacnslash's 1337 Infrared Remoted. Upgrading to 2.6. Conference Line (Is this Default or CCCPR? Who does Decoder think he is(sarcasm, get it accident, you jackoff)? The TRUE meaning of Bukkake). accident and the other fucker who took down a big FUCK YOU...and accident, you have been pwned. update: here's a nice chat i had with accident, after all, it was urix who took down the forums, and accident kinda got the blame...i'm not taking the cussings out though :)
cccpr03.mp3 12707741
CCCP Show #3
Our site is back up, don't be a dick in our irc channel, Hac's 1337 remote finally working, opensource hardware..the next big thing?, riaa sucks as usual (rant alert), bill gates revolutionized the software industry by completely fucking it up, minor bukkake talk, conf line, sys_error, sarpedon, surye and vooduhal on, pizza and bukkake, shouts.
cccpr04.mp3 8643311
CCCP Show #4
Rants and raves, adelphia call. Conf line. nothin very interesting goin on this show...
cccpr05.ogg 16369824
CCCP Show #5
Lattera is here today, we were gonna have notes, but hacnslash crapped out, good discussion, raven vs. slackware, gentoo bashing, hac is using phonehog, pizza break (the song is sweet jane by the velvet underground), lattera's pharos, pink floyd ending (let's not let the riaa hear about this mmkay ;).
cccprallnighter.ogg 64435023
The CCCPR All-Nighter Episode

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