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Default Magazine Issue #1 (January, 2004)
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Default Radio: Episode 1 (01:26:45) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder & lucky225. Intro from StankDawg, opening music: KMFDM - "megalomaniac", Lucky225 in the Urban Dictionary, VoIP Wars: Vonage vs. Packet8, Veriz0wn Investigations, 435-723-9901 on, ANI explained!, Op-diverting demonstrations, collect calling with BellSouth, Majestic calls in unexpectedly, shouts to everyone, closing music: KMFDM - "virus".
ep02.5.mp3 11874432
Default Radio: Episode 2.5 (01:05:57) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder & lucky 225. A Special Episode: Packet HATE! Opening music: Pailhead - "I will refuse", Lucky225 is back!, VoIP Wars III: Packet8 sucks cock!, Unlimited doesnt mean unlimited, Packet8 screws Lucky, doug helps Vonage screw him,, pre-paid credit cards, we call Packet8 and leave them a nice message, we call Vonage and talk to a rep, closing music: Lead Into Gold - "faster than light".
ep02.mp3 11210880
Default Radio: Episode 2 (01:14:40) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder & ntheory. Opening music: Ministry - "hero", Lucky225 is missing in action, VoIP Wars II: Packet8 has unlimited international!, ntheory's npa.php site (database of exchanges), the Roof Trampoline (patent panding!), ANI-ii digits (information integers??), phone calls! -Paris Hilton's cellphone -Ameritech RespOrg -the Governator -Nebraska 511 system -Lucky225's house, shouts to StankDawg, dual, & Majestic, closing music: Ministry - "lay lady, lay".
ep03.mp3 14252032
Default Radio: Episode 3 (01:58:45) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder, ntheory, rijilv, royal and accident.
ep04.mp3 9371776
Default Radio: Episode 4 (01:09:20) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder & lucky225.
ep05.mp3 12079232
Default Radio: Episode 5 (01:40:38) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder & Briskattivo. Default Radio's first live episode. "Five-Live".
ep06.66.mp3 10941758
Default Radio: Episode 6.66 (01:12:53) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder & ntheory.
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Default Radio: Episode 6.9 (00:46:42) (January 2, 2004)
Hosted by decoder and Lucky225. Default magazine is available on Lucky225's webpage. decoder spent a single day getting the magazine together. Lucky recently got a new phone from AT & T (the Ericsson T62U). "Happy new year to everyone" -- decoder. Paris Hilton's phone number was 310-990-7444. Some AT & T employee got a list of AT & T 800 numbers and posted them on the Internet [Google Groups | Neisz>]. AT & T's main "back door" number is 888-799-1305. Lucky calls 888-799-1305 they quote a 10 minute waiting time, and no one picks up (the back door number seems to be tied up). Lucky calls another back door number and gets put through to the main number straight away who give him the number 866-293-4636. Polish pay phones have their own prefix's. Lucky tells the story of how he had two cell phones ring at the same time which were on the same number. Lucky puts out the theory that it would be possible to get the caller id of anyone on the local cell sites first call (after they switch on their phone). Lucky was at his moms house on New Years eve. Default magazine was released before the radio show. Episode 7 will be live. "As always, Everything is always on Default"
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Default Radio: Episode 6 (01:13:18) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder & w1nt3rmut3. w1nt3rmut3 is the special guest on this episode. Majestic calls in unexpectedly then drops. w1nt3rmut3 got a ticket after someone else ran a stop sign. w1nt3rmut3 gets another call, decoder fills with Doug. decoder does not like SUV's. w1nt3rmut3 discusses lock picking and how it works. If you get pulled over on the street with lock picks the police may view them as a .burglary tool. which can get you in trouble. decoder has a catalogue from Shomer Tec who sell lock picking devices to law enforcement. There are $11 digital cameras (1.2mp) which you are meant to take back to get developed, however it is possible to get the pictures off the yourself with a Palm cable [Alternate]. decoder had flames come out the back of his Volvo. Doug calls "KDDI Japan Direct" (800-543-0051). 800 numbers for "country direct" are free since they are usually used for placing collect / credit card calls within that country. decoders favourite ring tone is the Japanese. Honda's Tokyo headquarters number is 011-81-3-3423-1111. Doug gets some UK country direct numbers and considers calling the US country direct number from the UK (using Free World Dialup who offer among other things a free VoIP to UK 0800 number service). Doug calls the Netherlands country direct, decoder can't understand it (it is in Dutch). The Dutch country direct operator will not do directory lookup.
ep07.mp3 15573120
Default Radio: Epsiode 7 (01:55:14) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder & lucky225.
ep08.mp3 14665856
Default Radio: Epsiode 8 (01:48:37) (January 9, 2004)
hosted by decoder & lucky225. AT&T is expanding it local service to 27 states. Lucky gets another call. Doug was talking to an AT&T operator who insisted they only offer long distance service. A landline has a call timeout. Lucky discusses bank accounts, and opening them without a social security number. Lucky informs his bank what the Patriot Act (section 3.26) actual says / does not say which they have been told to cite to customers when opening accounts. decoder calls Wells Fargo who state it is up to the individual branches what identification they require. A listener contacts Lucky on AIM about the New York AP accidentally leaking some celebrities phone numbers. decoder gives out the call-in number 508-295-9926 ex 187. The newsgroup alt.phreaking has posts which have more information on it (note: the full list is now widely available on many sites such as Lucky calls the call-in line. Lucky is getting into "The Fifth Hope" for free. Doug pays someone to host the stream. decoder called up some number in Antigua Barbuda and got charged $4.84. Doug has made some spelling mistakes on the Default Radio website. Lucky calls Scott Free (who was admin of the SoCal bridge) on his mobile, he is in the desert. Scott announces that the SoCal will be return .pretty soon. Episode 10 will feature recordings from the SoCal. "This has been Dafault Radio episode 8" -- decoder. "Everything is always on Default"
ep09.mp3 8732725
Default Radio: Epsiode 9 (01:04:37) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder, lucky225, & ntheory. This episode was pre recorded due to Doug being on vacation. Bell South is getting out of the payphone business. A lot of people these days are getting away from copper landlines in favour of their VoIP / cell phones - decoder does not like it. "If its not copper, its not a phone" -- decoder. During blackouts phones such as VoIP will not work (unless you have a UPS), normal phone lines are reliable. decoder dialled up ABC news's on-air phone line to get the news during the blackout. 2.4 GHz phones will knock out a Wi-Fi network while in use. The 802.11a standard is 5.8GHz (same as the phones). 5.8GHz phones have a limited range. If you have not got a rotary phone in your house, you are not a phreak. Lucky has a pay phone laying around in his house. It is not a good idea to "scan" (numbers) on a rotary dial phone. If it was not for payphones decoder would not be a phreak. decoder feels bad for the kids growing up without payphones around. Captian Crunch was phreaking to reach numbers that could not be reached normally, not to get free calls. ntheory drops after some trouble with the modular plug on his phone. ntheory has a script to look up area codes at, he also has an AIM client to do the same. Default radio gets through 30/50GB transfer a month. There are no emails from listeners. Information on DATU units. is a Canadian phreaking site. decoder lost the password to Default radio voicemail. A listener suggests to name episode files (as the date in a standard ISO convention). ntheory suggests if people keep complaining to name each episode its md5 hash. Doug calls the voicemail, nttheory has left a message "ntheory owns your ANI" which has a callback number of 484-333-2858 (the Default voicemail number). decoder states they will not release any information how to spoof ANI the easy way as demonstrated by ntheory. Next weeks episode will be a SoCal special. "Everything is always on Default"
ep10.mp3 11593013
Default Radio: Episode 10 (01:21:31) (January 23, 2004)
SoCal, a Look Back, hosted by decoder, Doug and Lucky225. This episode was pre recorded, and will feature content recorded from the SoCal bridge. Tron (known for disrupting teleconferences among other thing) is not such a bad guy accoring to decoder. Tron was "owned". Tron did not like a text file written by decoder. For a period Tron was calling the FBI for 20 minutes every day. [Audio played from conference]. Captain Crunch is working on a "Crunch Box" and trying to rid the world of spammers. Emmanual Goldstein (editor of 2600 Magazine) and Tron go back 20-25 years. [Audio played from conference with Captain Crunch]. Email requested from Tron. The SoCal bridge was a linux machine running Asterisk PBX with two T1 lines (24 voice lines) operating as a conference service. Kevin Mitnick was also heard on there a few times. Everybody who was anybody was on the SoCal bridge. It went down after the NSA got involved.[Recorded clips from the SoCal bridge is played]
ep11.11.mp3 12882282
Default Radio: Episode 11.11 (01:25:48) (Unknown)
hosted by decoder & lucky225. This is the "Default" episode of "Default" radio. Episode 6.9 has been lost. decoder did not like episode 11. Scroo will be on episode 12. Lucky225, and decoder have been playing with ANI spoofing. If you have your voicemail set up so you do not need to enter a password (default setup), change it. Your "FLEXANI" determines the voicemail box when you and listen to your messages on a cellular/mobile phone. Other things possible once a voicemail box has been hacked include changing your greeting. Lucky reiterates that FLEXANI is the only thing that determines the voicemail box which is not secure. Sprint's voicemail access number is [area_code][prefix_of_phone]-1111) If you spoof the FLEXANI to this number of another customer who has no password set up you will get into their voicemail. T-Mobile is believed to use voicemail access number [area_code][prefix_of_phone]-9999 (eg 909-319-9999). Sprint allows you to place calls using the voicemail - possibilities for fraudulent use. There are many ways to spoof your FLEXANI which is what most places (including credit card companies) use to verify who you are. Real-time ANI is only used for billing purposes. If you have a Linux box, and download Asterisk PBX software there are VoIP services which allow you to spoof your own FLEXANI (such as someone.s Sprint number). Lucky knows someone who has this setup (Note: Kevin Mitnick recently demonstrated this on TechTV). Lucky has an article on "ANI and Caller ID spoofing". Lucky calls the 800-555-1140 ANAC spoofing his FLEXANI to "212-001-0001" - it works (Apparently you can pass any 10 digit number - with a valid area code). New Vonage customers get a Motorola VoIP box (instead of the Cisco) which has some new features. When 3-way calling with Vonage both sides must pick up. With Vonage's new bug, you only get one 3 way, and must hang up / call again to 3 way to someone else. If you are calling a Verizon customer who has not got voicemail set, set it up for them. Small wireless phone companies buy phone error messages from other companies. Discussion on the Superbowl / reality TV (decoder's rant). Lucky pronounces telephony. "Partner Mail VS" (accessed on *7) administrator mail box is usually 99 with password 1234. Malicious hackers may break into your Partner Mail and change the default language to Cantanese. Audix (accessed on *7) to get in: [mail_box_number][password][pound_key] (no default password). Meridian Mail - get a voicemail, *81 to log in [mail_box_number][password][pound_key] (no default password). Hacking a "Mail South Inc." mailbox - Decoder enters 111, (unknown_dtmf) and gets into a voicemail box. decoder attempts to "hack" another voicemail box but the password has changed. On an unknown voicemail system admin mail boxes are usually: 999, 199, 500 - there is the possibility of DOS since message length is unlimited. Linksys default access details are username: admin, password admin or blank (no password). Apartment complexes electronic gate systems are generally not secure e.g. with (Syntex?) to login type ***, then enter 000000 (6 zeros) as the password (usually enter 1,4 to add a pass code, then ** to exit programming) Almost all apartment gate systems (which Lucky has come accross) are set on default passwords. Pizza Hut have an administration site where all you need to login in is the store number as the password and managers first name, last name, store number as the username. Receipts may have the managers name on them. decoder has a go at people with fake "Fisher Price" phones. Send mail to PO Box 1111, Guasti California, 91743-11111. Employee area doors with access keypads such as Walmart usually use the store number e.g. 1584. [Recording saying The ANI is 484-3332-858].
ep11.mp3 11783181
Default Radio: Episode 11 (01:18:29) (January 30, 2004)
hosted by decoder and lucky225. # Lucky lost his job. Lucky's private investigation business is not going well. Doug experiences packet loss, Lucky silently drops. Telemarketers are now required to pass a valid caller id. Do not call 800 numbers direct (your actual ANI is always passed), use 10-10-288. decoder drops in the middle of a sentence, Doug drops, Lucky is the only one left. [Short Break, to sort out technical issues]. There are no emails. decoder calls Japan, they have a nice ring tone. AT&T have new, kinder recordings while you wait.Lucky has an advanced copy of his article on privacy that will appear in the Winter edition of 2600 at Lucky usually buys 2600 from Barnes & Noble since they have it before it arrives in his mailbox, and jokes about signing the extra copies and selling them on Ebay. Lucky has an AT&T phone without a social security number and describes how to do it. Doug plays the voicemail, Tron has left a message. decoder's voicemail is 206-984-3825, Lucky's voicemail is 909-590-0004. Cbzone is officially gone. decoder disappears, Lucky and Doug fill. Talk of a possible hacker conference in Arizona. "Everything is always on Default".
ep12.mp3 22476225
Default Radio: Episode 12 (01:02:26) (February 6, 2004)
hosted by decoder & doug: guests are lucky225 at la2600 with scroo & kurced. Talk about the "old days" with pagers. Lucky calls in too early and hangs up. Doug reviews on Packet8 and Vonage. decoder calls Lucky at LA 2600. decoder talks to Scroo (also at LA 2600) about Blacklisted 411 "Westcoast counterpart to 2600" an old-time hacking magazine which has just started up again. decoder, Lucky, and StankDawg have article in the recently released Winter 2600. Layer 1 a hacker conference will be talking place June 12-13th at Los Angeles International Airport Westin Hotel. Everyone at LA 2600 is watching Lucky and Scroo through the payphones. Scroo passes off the phone to kurced. Trouble with low sound levels on the phones. decoder calls AT&T (3G/2G/Go Phones) Customer Service "back door" (bypass 30-60 min queue waiting times) number 800-572-8071 Ex: 41547 pound. Lucky and Doug try to fill while decoder sorts out some issues with his phone. Lucky drops to take part in the LA 2600 meeting. Happy Birthday to Lucky225's girlfriend! There are two emails about the UK talking clock. 4 UK talking clock numbers are 0845-124-9068 (from the US 0-11-44-845-124-9068), 0845-092-8081, 0870-765-8081, and 0131-477-7676. It is no longer possible to buy talking clocks, but you can build one. In the UK 0845 is the prefix for a local rate non geographic number, 0870 for a non geographic nation rate number. 123 is the "official" number for the UK talking clock. Some UK website for VoIP are - Telappliant an 0870 number mapped a SIP phone and Sip Call a prepay VOIP to PSTN termination service. Doug calls the voicemail (*67-1-484-DEFAULT) there are several messages including one from Poland (some UK phones have different number-to-letter mappings). A lot of payphone phreaking goes on in Poland. Apparently there is a way to make calls to non toll-free numbers using Free World Dialup. Nokia 918 analogue phones are not susceptible to voicemail hacking - they do not have voicemail. Doug (voicemail 909-212-DOUG) is going to launch a weekly Internet TV show. decoder's voicemail is 206-984-3825. "Everything is always on Default". [An automatic voice message system (484-333-2858) is hacked]
ep14.mp3 13153280
Default Radio: Episode 14 (01:49:36) (February 20, 2004)
hosted by decoder and Doug. Lucky cannot be found. decoder has his stereo too loud - doug complains. New Jersey / Vermont DATUs have had all their password changed, they are no longer on default (which they have been on for years). New York DATUs are still on default passwords. "They are onto us" -- doug. If you dial a DATU it will give you a 440Hz tone. The Harris manual [] tells you the default user password for DATUs is 1111, and the admin password is *2222222. is a comprehensive telephone related information resource. Perhaps all DATUs are on the same new numbers. decoder / Doug do not like "The Broken". BinRev Hack TV is going to be a lot better - they will actually be going out war driving, not just talking about it. is a project to "scan the entire 1-800-944- exchange for interesting numbers". Caller ID / ANI spoofing is the latest, greatest subject at Default radio. Attempt to play a Sprint phone recoding [fails after the phones owner picks up]. Sprint PCS's phones as mentioned before, allow you to dial out from the voicemail however some limitations have been discovered (you must be calling from your home coverage area). decoder has the idea it may be possible to spoof from a cell phone in the coverage area based on the exchange of the number - there will be an update on this next week. decoder calls a couple of numbers attempting to get a turned off Sprint phone, but fails and promises he will have one for demonstration next week. doug gives out the call-in number. The was no voicemail. Doug reads out an email. Doug is on a Packet8 phone in Chino Hills. decoder calls the call-in line conference number but misdials, there is no one there. decoder dials again, there are people there. Someone on the conference plays some audio from September 11th. People talked about others in another conference were calling a Boston elevator and using the intercom on it. There is a particular elevator that also allows you to control what floor it goes to using DTMF (decoder will not disclosure the number). "0wning elevators" -- decoder. Telemarketers have now started sending fake caller id. Someone in the conference attempts to 3 way in Jason Scott webmaster of - it does not work. natas attempts it and is successful. Jason runs from a T1 line going into his house (It is pushing out about 30-40GB per month). People should pre-render web pages. gets about 100,000-120,000 unique hits per month. Someone apparently does not know a milliwatt number and attempts to DOS the conference call-in number by repeatedly pressing buttons on their phone. "Everything is allways on Default..." "... except for the DATUs"
ep15.mp3 10204056
Default Radio: Episode 15 (01:10:50) (February 27, 2004)
hosted by decoder, Lucky225, natas. is now up. Email addresses:,, Discussions on giving out email addresses. It is decided that emails addresses will be given out to listeners who take part in a "scavenger hunt" for phone related items. AT&T's network is "better" than everyone else.s according to an AP article. AT&T will be rolling out VoIP services to 100 US markets this year. The FBI want a way to tap into VoIP services. decoder gets another call. It is not legal for VoIP service providers to record calls and then decode them later - this introduces difficulties for wiretapping since for it to be legal calls would have to be decoded in real time. With Vonage you can block call waiting. Doug drops after decoder says he is not meant to be on the show, and to go back to engineering it. decoder decides to call natas to talk about Asterisk but he is not home. AT&T is forcing some customers to change phones eg from the Ericsson T68i to the Ericsson T226 (which has less features) due to the fact they are switching their network. Lucky225 has a political announcement, he will be running for mayor of Guasti, California. decoder tries to call natas again, and gets through. natas is big on dumpster diving (PLA: Definition). decoder jokes about collecting rubbish by the truck full as an easy alternative to dumpster diving, then realises it is actually a good idea. There is a company called Ad Noodle who pay you for the privilege of being talked to by telemarketers. Lucky gets it to call the conference their are recording the show from, eventually it does. Since Ad Noodle called the conference line it must hang up - decoder leaves a voicemail message at the end of which it hangs up. natas calls up a number which announces half a CLLI Code. The DATU situation as discussed previously is becoming critical. "Critical Mass" joins in on the call-in number. Discussions on "Chrome Boxes" [Boxes list] used to manipulate traffic signals. If two people have Chrome Boxes on separate sides of an intersection both lights will go green.. According to Lucky it is legal. "The news is not the truth" -- decoder. Lucky gives shouts to City Bank. decoder has problems with his email account - it was suspended after being used for insalubrious purposes. "A lot is always on Default". "Everything is always on Default"
ep16.5.mp3 7697554
Default Radio: Episode 16.5 (01:04:08) (March 10, 2004)
hosted by decoder, Lucky225. This is Lucky's last episode] [Recording played detailing the history of the telephone]. [Recording played of a failed attempt to set up a Sprint voicemail account]. "This is a special episode" -- decoder. All email accounts are now working.It seems that contrary to what was said on episode 11 it is not possible to spoof to a Sprint phone and set up voicemail. This show will broadcast on Lucky225's birthday. On March 10th 1876 the first successful experiment was conducted with the telephone. Lucky has trouble pronouncing the url. decoder asked Tron if he wanted an @default email address - he refused but one was setup anyway. Send hate mail to are giving out free shell accounts (warning: you will get owned by using it). decoder calls 212-221-9920 and gets a recording. decoder calls 909-390-130, its a milliwatt. Numbers in the format [prefix]1[prefix] are usually interesting. decoder calls a Southern California DATU (the number is not given out but its in the 818 area code). Lucky gives out the number 909-390-9900, its engaged. Decoder tries the number - static is heard before the line drops. decoder again has a go at people using Fisher Price phones. Lucky drops, then calls back in. If you call 909-390-9908 you will always get a busy (decoder forwards his calls there). decoder has whole exchanges that ring busy. Most DATU's in New Jersey are on 9935 (others are 9979 9980). decoder calls 909-390-9935, it is just a test tone. decoder calls 914-631-9967, its another (higher pitched) test tone. decoder has a (backdoor to directory assistance) non supervising number - it does not work on a Sprint phone since they block the audio until it does supervise. When calling the above described number the operator believes the number you are calling is the number you are calling from. "AT&T will let you get through and speak through non supervising numbers" -- decoder. Dial [any_area_code]959-1088 for a non supervising number. When you call TelUs (800-646-0000) [number incorrect? recording partially inaudible - reaches a human operator] then ask for directory assistance and let the menu play out you will get an intercept operator - if they do not look on their screen (to see the call has not been charged yet) you can get free directory assistance (they do not fall for it when Lucky tries). If you dial 411 from a payphone (only certain payphones), and flash the hook you will be asked for city/state. This episode was pre recorded. "Everything is always on Default"
ep16.mp3 7184405
Default Radio: Episode 16 (00:59:52) (March 5, 2004)
hosted by decoder, Lucky225. [New Default radio introduction line being played 484-333-1111]. decoder is not feeling very well. decoder gets another call, Lucky finishes the intro. Doug has found parts of episode 6.9. Dial *70 to disable call waiting (1170 to enable it). decoder took part in a TV quiz show, he suspects it was .dummed down. for the average American viewer. Lucky signed up with Ad Noodle however has yet to get any calls from them. Lucky has been scanning the Guasti switch. Lucky switches phones since the old one was low, Decoder has a go at Lucky for not switching phones 20 minutes ago (since the beginning of the episode). decoder makes up a new rule - if you want to be on Default radio you have to use the best phone available to you. The REN on decoder.s phone is 1.0.Lucky calls up the phone number 909-390-9901 (an RTU) which has some strange DTMF activated recordings. decoder calls 914-763-9992 which announces the time, and various temperatures. decoder calls 909-390-1110 which makes a number of tones / sounds. Milliwatts are usually on 5555 (on exchanges such as 508-295 and 781-382) - wait 10 seconds then start hitting buttons to get strange sounds. 909-390-0003 is a true silent termination. With the toll free .Quest Update Centre. number (888-[your_area_code]-8052) you can control all the services you have on your phone such as call forwarding, call waiting, caller id, privacy / security screen manager (passwords are always on default ie 1234). All these things that are meant to make your phone more secure, are actually making them insecure. -- decoder. decoder calls an old 9x recording (516-783-9999). Any email sent to has been lost - the site has been down. "Everything is always on Default"
ep17.mp3 14241541
Default Radio: Episode 17 (01:58:40) (March 12, 2004)
hosted by decoder, nthory. [This episode is not live]. [Beatles tracks are played for the intro/ending of this episode]. [ntheory sounds like he is on a VoIP phone]. Lucky will no longer be on Default radio due to "creative conflicts". ntheory is the new co-host. "This is the new unimproved version of the show" -- decoder. ntheory has VoTV (voice over TV) - [decoder's colloquism of voice over broadband cable?]. Dual has emailed in with a calling card (800-318-7105 pin 992-008-6800). GIJoe emails saying he noticed that when dialling in pulse another one of his other phones rung. decoders tip: "You do not want people intercepting your DTMF, therefore you should dial in pulse".... "You never know" -- decoder You can pulse dial on Asterisk and it will translate it to DTMF. Send spam to There are plans to introduce a "mobile" top level domain name for cellular phones / mobile devices. ntheory agrees it would be cool if the extension was ".mob". decoder reads an article from the "Mercury News" - apparently San Jose officials are announcing free wireless internet access in three areas to "lure techies downtown" - there is also "There is anecdotal evidence that free WiFi can be a draw for the young and the technically savvy" [for insalubrious purposes?]. decoder calls up the author of the article he just read and leaves a voicemail. Doug questions whether the number called is actualy a mobile or not. There is a USB Version of the Swiss Army Knife coming out. Majestic calls in on the bridge being used to record the show - Majestic has harsh words to say about the recent happenings in terms of the BinRev forums and getting banned. Lucky's voice comes out of nowhere - Lucky has been on the bridge all along (according to Doug because he wanted to record his own show). decoder has been scanning the Far Rockaway switch [Mapquest | TelcoDate].decoder calls 718-337-9901 which announces information on the Far Rockaway switch. decoder calls 718-337-9919 which is a Verizon recording.Doug calls the voicemail. decoder wants email feedback to, or anything good to decoder gives shouts to: ex co-host Lucky225, ex DDP forum member Majestic, ex new host ntheory. "Everything is always on Default"
ep18.mp3 9000960
Default Radio: Episode 18 (01:14:59) (March 19, 2004)
hosted by decoder, ntheory, Strom Carlson, Doug. Introduction music is 867-5309: Jenny, Tommy Tutone]. [This episode is simulcasting on 212-222-4177]. There is a new show called Telephonic Default / Default Daily on 206-222-5585 - call it up to listen to short episodes on phreaking related matters. To get a free Laser Voicemail box call 206-376-1000 (they have unlimited greeting time). There is no email or voicemail. Send email to,,,, .Verizon is the Rolls Royce of telecommunications providers. -- decoder. There is a new segment, "Strom Carlson answering dumb questions from alt.phreaking. ntheory calls a 950 error message relating to the question "950s: Do they still exist?" There is a question on "Millenium Payphones". Someone.s phone is creating static - its Doug. You can get free calls on Millennium Payphones if the power is out and you have a tone dialler. There is a question titled "How did they get my number?". There is a question titled "hide from Caller id". has various phone related recordings. Strom Carlson explains what most people think of as ANI as it relates to the SS7 protocol. 202-867-5309 has been owned by a Default Radio listener. If you want to introduce the show leave a message on the Default voicemail. features a weekly wardial. 206-208-8375 is the Strom Carlson recording service. 206-888-3334 will be a directory of phreaking related Laser voicemail boxes. "Everything is always on Default"
ep19.mp3 24309888
Default Radio: Episode 19 (03:32:01) (March 26, 2004)
hosted by decoder, ntheory, StankDawg, Doug, and natas. There is a special guest on the show this week. There are a lot of emails. A listener has a new website Two listener emails ask for Lucky back. Twirlz writes in about a Phone Hog calling card "Strictly for phreaking related calls", Number: 800-382-9980, Pin: 1384455845 (Note: You must op divert to it or risk being owned - 1010280 / 00). A listener writes in with a question on FM transmitters - Radio kits can be bought from, TechTV recently featured a segment titled "Make Your Own FM Radio Transmitter", Ramsy Electronics also has one for $259. codemonkey writes in with an Auto Zone PBX system number (1-800-866-6895) which responds with a dial tone where you can enter eg 700777-0992 however the number does not work. Doug will be moving to an "undisclosed location". The RIAA are going to sue 532 more people. decoder and StankDawg discuss voting. ntheory comes up with the idea of VoSS (Voice over Smoke Signals) to get past CALEA restrictions. Vomit (voice over misconfigured internet telephones) is a program for intercepting VoIP calls. ntheory drops. The conference call in number is 508-295-9926 ex: 485. Someone calls the conference. natas accidentally mutes himself. Lucky joins the call in conference. Tron causes trouble. natas tries, but fails to drop the conference. natas gives out the ANAC number 712-580-9999. decoder fails to get an operator to place a call on a cell phone. There is a reorder in the conference. Someone calls 1-866-489-3932 (Verizon eWeb Voice Portal). ntheory ANI spoofs, and calls the FCC but the audio is too low. Doug tries to call a couple of Disney Land payphones. 800-367-8683 is a voting information line. "Tin can and string phones do not work" -- decoder. Doug finally gets through to a guy at a Disneyland payphone. "Everything is always on Default"
ep20.mp3 10652630
Default Radio: Episode 20 (01:28:46) (April 2, 2004)
hosted by decoder, ntheory, Lucky225, and doug. Default daily has not been updated since monday - stuff happens. xine895 has sent in a list of phone numbers as mentioned on previous shows and gets an email address. Nobody has anything to talk about. decoder is having issues with a Windows 2000 and a file. Doug calls Lucky. Lucky225 is now employed in a job which has something to do with "Private Investigations". Due to a confidentiality agreement he can not disclose any details. Lucky calls someone special, it does not work out so will be saved for next weeks episode. Lucky picks someone out of the White Pages, and gets part of their address from Pizza Hut. Lucky's Packet8 gets an echo. Nufone is run by someone out of his house. decoder calls 202-756-9901. decoder calls 570-387-9900, an unsupervising number. decoder and Lucky plan to call Emmanuel Goldstein's "Off the Hook" on Wednesday and "own them". Someone calls 212-867-5309 (to gain access to a number that is not legally theirs) and plays the voicemail. decoder gives out the call-in number 508-295-9926 ex:333. There are 15 people listening to the stream. decoder calls the voicemail. Lucky then decoder call the call-in number. "Everything is always on Default"
ep21.mp3 11790464
Default Radio: Episode 21 (01:38:08) (April 9, 2004)
hosted by decoder, Lucky225, kurced. [This weeks 2hr special episode of Off the Hook featuring Adrian Lamo went by without interruption] Lucky225 is back. ntheory did not show up (after he was fired on last weeks episode). decoder's plan to call "Off the Hook" did not work out since Lucky did not show up - decoder plans to try again next Wednesday. Captain Jack has emailed, he found a toll free bridge that is still operable (888-448-7747 pass code: 2787043). Lucky's Default Radio AIM address is "guasti91743". X-Logic X has sent in an email which does not make sense. Doug calls in. Doug records the show by using a speakerphone connected to the "line in" on a PC soundcard, and "Cool Edit Pro". Doug's cell phone drops in the middle of a sentence. decoder reads out the email. "Deranged" gets an email address. Skype has released a Pocket PC version of its VoIP software. Apparently 419 scammers have been using the TTY service in an attempt to fraudulently purchase goods from American companies. decoder gives out call-in number 508-295-9926 ex: 333. No one is in the call-in conference. Doug calls in and tells decoder he got the wrong number. decoder calls the call-in conference, there are people there. Deranged got an email address for owning Tron's Comcast account. decoder calls the voicemail, there are several messages. decoder calls ntheory, he does not answer."Everything is always on Default"
ep22.mp3 13113344
Default Radio: Episode 22 (01:49:16) (April 16, 2004)
hosted by decoder, StankDawg, nethory, and doug. Note: All the good content is being saved for next weeks premier on Rant Radio] There will be a proper call in number next week thanks to ntheory (but there will be no "music on hold" due to bandwidth issues). decoder reads out the emails. There are several people who have requested email address forwards. ntheory received a broken "channel bank" from someone on ebay who did not pack it properly. decoder / ntheory called the king of Malawi who's phone number is listed in the directory. Doug tries to call 1-866-PCSAFETY. "Everything is always on Default"
ep23a.mp3 6408320
Default Radio Episode 23a (00:53:23) (April 23, 2004)
hosted by decoder, RijlV, Lucky225, ntheory, and doug. Part 1 of 2. [On the April 21st "Off the Hook" (47.15min in) Emanuel called up 212-867-5309 which featured an advertisement for Default Radio]. [Audio clip played during intro - operators can only dial toll free number if you say the word "special"]. [This is the premier episode on Rant Radio] RijlV is live from Seattle Washington. Lucky225 drops docs on ntheory. decoder tried to call Lucky225's packet8 number but got a reorder. Lucky somehow got his packet8 plan switched. According to decoder Lucky's docs are on Google. packet8 called Lucky's girlfriend and request Lucky's docs, she does not play along. Unlimited apparently does not mean unlimited to packet8. rvcp uses Vonage and has not had any problems with their service. All phone companies are easy to social engineer. Greyarea sent in an email - he worked out a way to trace private callers. The backdoor T-Mobile number is 1-877-606-4801. Greyarea is also the person who found DATU / SASS units in Arizona. RijlV tells the story of Paul Timmins, and Adam Botbyl who were indicted for Warparking in a Lowes Home Improvement store carpark. "Do not try to be a Whitehat [hacker]" -- decoder. is a project which will be listing phone numbers. Lucky is unable to contact a "special guest". ntheory does not show up to do the call in line. IDT are planning to launch a WiFi Phone Service. A lot of people do not realise than many people now have access to ANI information. Caller ID blocking is available thanks to the ACLU. ntheory joins the conference. decoder gives out the call in number 1-810-223-0003. Some Verizon employees call into the bridge number being used to record the show. [Apparently the bridge number was liberated from Verizon]. [To be continued...]
ep23b.mp3 12765184
Default Radio Episode 23b (01:46:21) (April 23, 2004)
hosted by decoder, lucky2325 RijlV & doug. Part 2 of 2. [AT&T commercial played advertising the advantages of using 10-10-288-0]. Welcome back to the second half of Default Radio. Lucky complains since ntheory's call in number is now playing music on hold (and not past BinRev / RFA etc episodes). Lucky theorises that the 2600 team are running counter surveillance on Default Radio due to recent events (212-867-5309). Lucky puts out some conspiracy theories. At there is a picture of "Accident". decoder puts out a request for personal information on those running packet8. 6969 was the password on the number now used for Default Daily. ntheory has still not reappeared. A group that was attempting to scan the whole internet had their box automatically rooted. L0pht testified before congress that much of the nations power grid was insecure [they also said they could "halt all Internet activity within 30 minutes"]. Some information decoder gets is proprietary eg when Kevin Mitnick spoofed caller id on TechTV Lucky225 got the info the next day from Alex [(Alex Kasper of Defensive Thinking?)] Lucky only gave the number (used for called ID spoofing) out to decoder, natas, and avid, there was also some disinformation given out. RijlV spoofs to an ANAC. 435-723-9901 will make it look like you are calling from a POTS line (change the ANI ii digits). It is possible to spoof to / access certain mobile carriers voicemail systems if they are set on default such as T-Mobile. "There is nothing wrong with using Windows" -- decoder. There are 25 listeners on the BinRev stream. was an old hacking radio show. decoder calls *69 in an attempt to get ntheory's cell phone number however gets his own read back (ntheory spoofed it). Lucky refuses to give out his POTS number. [Doug plays the 2600 clip where Emanuel called up 212-867-5309 on "Off the Hook"]. decoder calls RijlV with Woz's number. RijlV ANI spoofs a call to Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder), who hangs up without speaking. decoder calls Emanuel but his phone is off. Lucky may be presenting caller id spoofing part 2 at HOPE. Lucky calls kurced. GIJoe calls in. Send hate mail to ntheory(at) "Everything is always on Default".
ep24.mp3 8566912
Default Radio: Episode 24 (01:11:23) (April 30, 2004)
hosted by Lucky225, Royal, Doug, and Kurced. [decoder is missing in action for this episode]. Lucky introduces the show. Lucky does not have packet8 anymore, they have now changes their terms and services. Lucky got the telephone company to changing the service address for his phone line. Wells Fargo now have a checkbox on their form for people who do not have a Social Security number. In some, areas you can Red Box through 411 / directory assistance. In Boston Red Boxing still works. Lucky calls kurced. kurced skate boards live to a payphone. kurced plays a recording of "flashing the hook switch" to get fee 411. kurced Red Boxes to the bridge number, and it works. The payphone kurced is on interrupts with a 3 minute warning. There are 19 listeners currently on the BinRev stream. The payphone kurced is on interrupts with another warning. kurced "boxes in" 80c. Lucky once boxed in $110 on a local call. On a traditional ACTS system you can flash the hook to get an operator. Royal has successfully flash hook dialled calls from certain payphones. This has been episode 24, the first without decoder. "Everything is always on Default"
ep25.mp3 7241856
Default Radio: Episode 25 (01:00:20) (May 14, 2004)
[This episode features an authentic background cracking effect] [RijilV introduces / hosts the show] RijilV has been listening to people in elevators. Please tell us why they call CD cases jewel cases! Remove spyware with Ad-aware. Cell phone hacking was featured in the June 2004 edition of Popular Science. features codes for "unlocking" Nokia cell phones. RijilV has firmware which allows you to change the call priority on Nextel phones. RijilV has trouble with Quest and DSL. Red boxing still works. A listener emails from England. RijilV has an email address. Send hate mail to lucky225 at natas finally has a NuFone account. NuFone pass though ANI on DID/DDI numbers, VoicePulse Connect do not. The NuFone customer support number is 248-724-8647. VoicePulse have a number of advanced features, however the quality is not yet perfect like Vonage. Packet8 and VoicePulse allow you to block ANI along with Caller ID.
ep25_pirate.mp3 10773537
Default Radio: Episode 25 Alternative Version
ep26.mp3 7680000
Default Radio: Episode 26 (01:04:02) (May 21, 2004)
Hosted by RijilV, Lucky225, and Doug. Vonage is now an official "telecommunications provider" according to the state of New York. Vonage have lowered their rates / added some new features. You can spoof ANI using Voicepulse and the anonymous call block feature with call forwarding. Doug demonstrates spoofing ANI using Voicepulse. Nextel / Verizon Wireless have stopped offering call detail logs. CD jewel cases are called "jewel cases" due to the crystals used to make them. Did you know that Lucky225 and RijilV both end with "five". [Lucky ends the show with a recorded message]
ep27.mp3 7348352
Default Radio: Episode 27 (01:01:13) (May 28, 2004)
Hosted by RijilV, Lucky225, kurced, GIJoe, and Doug. Someone has pointed out there is a flaw in the "Default Radio" numbering scheme. There will be a call-in line on this show. "pam_usb is a PAM module that enables authentication using an USB-Storage device". Even during the cold war "people left their stuff on default" -- Lucky225. There is a Tiny URL plugin for Firefox. Lucky warns people he will not be able to attend hope and not to cancel their tickets because of this... ...two people IM Doug saying they will cancel their tickets. RijilV is in a convenience store. Lucky is planning to go to Defcon. Lucky gave out the wrong call-in number, Doug corrects him... "Your call may be recorded for training purposes". Some telemarketer calls the bridge being used to record the show. GIJoe joins and helps out the show. Lucky advises listeners to subscribe to Vonage so they can dial long distance for free. Default radio listeners have been switching to Vonage from Packet8. Cessna is making "Default Radio" T-Shirts.
ep28.mp3 9343154
Default Radio: Episode 28 (01:02:38) (June 4, 2004)
Hosted by RijilV, Lucky225, and Doug. [Lucky calls local Proctor test set and Red Boxes using his voice] [The color for testing today is red (800-213-TEST)] Doug introduces the show for no reason. RijilV is in downtown Seattle. "Get yourself a real phone" -- RijilV. It is relatively easy to set up call forwarding on someone else business line. Cessna calls in, he is printing Default Radio T-Shirts. Havoc has emailed about's description of a phreaker. Lucky now have Voicepulse 909 numbers. "daisy chain"'ing is the new way to hide caller id. Lucky's laugh produces DTMF. Doug starts to take calls. Tron calls in, he has been "busy". Alpha Flood calls in. Lucky tells a caller to turn down the volume on his radio. some website has a good review on the features of all the current VoIP providers.
ep30.mp3 7649408
Default Radio: Episode 30 (01:03:43) (June 18, 2004)
Hosted by Lucky225, Doug, and natas. [RijilV has been fired] Strom Carlson hangs up. Episode 29 may be released this weekend. Default Radio will be at Defcon talking on the subject of "Phreaking in the Age of Voice Over IP". Yahoo are now offering 100mb of storage. The DDP hack radio stream is currently down. Lucky is thinking about making Default Radio hats. Lucky has been filming for Doug TV. WhiteSword TV (Torrent) is now up. Lucky was on BinRev Radio Episode 50 (Telephonic Craptacular 2). Lucky cites Business and Professions code section 25600 to Albertsons. Doug makes an announcement: There has not been much phreaking on the show since episode 24 because decoder did most of the scanning. If you have any phreaking info send it to 1111[at] "Lets stop owning people and have fun" -- Doug. "Everything is always on Default"
ep31.mp3 8597632
Default Radio: Episode 31 (01:11:38) (June 25, 2004)
Hosted by Lucky225, Doug and StankDawg. Havoc has send in an email. Many telemarketers are violating the "do not call" list, including AT&T. Lucky's landline has been disconnected. Sprint and Bell South are in an ongoing dispute about access to caller id name data. There is a cellphone worm that affects Nokia Series 60 phones and replicates via Bluetooth. Tron posted some working loop numbers. There is ANI (was once called Realtime ANI), CPN (was once called Flex ANI), and CID. There is no ANI with VoIP. With Vonage the Call Party Number (CPN) will always go through (even if you *67). If you block your caller id on Voicepulse or Packet8 they block both the CPN and caller id. Doug's VoIP breaks up. 1-800-555-1140 is a calling party ANAC. 1-800-225-5313 will read your realtime ANI. StankDawg will be presenting at HOPE on the topic of "AS/400: Lifting the Veil of Obscurity". There will be some format changes to Default Radio in the future. Doug gives out the 616-608-7788 conference number (CPN is received). "Everything is always on Default"
ep32.mp3 7313408
Default Radio: Episode 32 (01:00:56) (July 2, 2004)
Hosted by Lucky225, dual_parallel, ntheory, Sgt. Switchhook and Doug. Lucky has been taking over IRC channels. On Adelphia it is possible to change your IP address to that of someone else on the same subnet (Hijack their IP). This is the docs dropping special. Dual mentions the website Bell's Mind it is a replacement for NPA.php. someone special calls in unannounced. Telcodata.US is out of date. RijilV is setting up an Asterisk box which will read back switch information using 'text to speech'.
ep33.mp3 16805736
Default Radio: Episode 33 (02:20:02) (July 9, 2004)
Hosted by Lucky225, Doug, ntheory, GIJoe, natas, and Cessna. Warning this episode is 2 hours and 20 minutes! [This special episode of Default radio was broadcast live from The Fifth HOPE] [There are calls from StankDawg, dual_parallel, w1nt3rmut3, and Darci] Lucky225 / natas were interviewd by Kevin Poulsen for Security Focus about caller id spoofing. Lucky is now searching for an ANI ii digit ANAC. Doug calls a payphone test number. StankDawg calls in. Doug has a screenshot of ntheory and natas in Times Square. dual and w1nt3rmut3 call in, earlier dual promoted Default Radio on the 'Off the Hook' HOPE special. ntheory hands his phone to Darci [they are in the same elevator] Darci tells Lucky he is "Lame". Lucky goes back to reading news stories. Lucky got locked out of his house. StankDawg tells the story of how a co-worker changed one default password to another. Havoc has emailed a list of default password URL's:, Doug gives out the call-in number. Default Radio will be broadcast from a studio in the future. Lucky gives out some information on a secret room on the Hotel Pennsylvania's 20th floor. natas / Cessna do urban exploration live on Default Radio. Lucky tries to give directions to the secret floor. "In 2002 nothing was locked" -- Lucky. natas / Cessna find computer control systems for the elevators. natas / Cessna are on the roof of the hotel, Cessna's cell phone drops. You hear WhiteSword calling in for a few seconds saying "OWNED!". natas / Cessna are live on the streets of New York [taxi horns can be heard]. "I do not fear the taxi horns" -- Lucky. "As always, Everything, EVERY FUCKING THING IS ALWAYS ON ASD#$(R*WEU)IDSVJ" -- Lucky225 screaming like a moron. "Everything is always on Default" -- ntheory
ep34.mp3 8685696
Default Radio: Episode 34 (01:04:19) (July 16, 2004)
Hosted by Lucky225, StankDawg and Doug. "Ladies and Gentlemen!" - StankDawg. StankDawg was allegedly in the elevator control room at HOPE. Woz, Cheshire Catalist, and some HOPE security people were stuck in an elevator according to .Off the Hook. - StankDawg denies any knowledge. Havoc has emailed with show content. Those who own 800 numbers must reimburse COCOT operators far calls. "Doug's neighbours are on Default" -- Lucky. Phonewine writes in, Cyber Cafe's in Los Angelis with more than 5 computers must now obtain a Police permit, install security cameras and ban minors during school hours. On some airlines you can slide pre paid credit cards with no balance / Barns and Nobel gift cards through the Air Phones and get free calls. Telecoms fraud is on the rise. VoicePulse now has customer service and cheaper virtual numbers. A lot of ANAC's are dieing. Lucky gives out the FWD conference number 514. Always use StankDawg gives out a warning "things are being monitored / watched". .Everything is always on Default.
ep35.mp3 7850112
Default Radio: Episode 35 (01:05:23) (July 23, 2004)
Hosted by Lucky225, ntheory, Doug and royal. # "Every week there has been a show on Friday since around November 2003" -- Lucky225 royal has IM'd Lucky, he thinks Default is being cancelled. Doug hates Icecast. Lucky has been posting on the LabMistress forums. royal calls in. ntheory calls in. Havoc has emailed a link to an ad-free version of Real Player. Lingo offer unlimited long distance to a number of locations. Skype users will soon be able to call PSTN phones. Inphonex also offer cheap international calling. It is possible to TTY from AIM - myiprelay, hovrsim. There are plans to do Default from Defcon. "Wear yellow" -- Lucky.
ep36.mp3 7876800
Default Radio: Episode 36 (01:05:38) (August 20, 2004)
Hosted by Doug and Lucky225. Doug introduces the show. There has been no Default for 4 weeks or so. StankDawg apparently did a show last week. Doug is in the new Default Radio studio on a microphone. The first episode of Doug TV is now out. There is a service called which will let you bill calls to payphones (1-800-964-8763). Doug calls the Bell's Mind PBX. Someone joins via a relay operator. Doug talks about Defcon with BlackRatchet. "Airpwn is a platform for injection of application layer data on an 802.11b network". Lucky arrives at Doug's "Studio". Part of Doug's "professional" recording equipment is smoking. 700-4141 will tell you the local toll carrier. People AIM Lucky. "We are not on the air" -- Doug. Lucky talks about Blacklisted 411. "Everything is always on Default".
ep37.mp3 8051688
Default Radio: Episode 37 (01:07:05) (August 27, 2004)
ep38.mp3 7798784
Default Radio: Episode 38 (00:32:29) (September 3, 2004)
Hosted by Lucky225 and Doug. # Default Radio will now no longer be live or on a weekly basis. Default Radio is also no longer on RantRadio. Shows will be released when we have actual topics and are actually feeling up to do an episode. Could be once a month or could be quite some time. Keep checking back on to see when a new episode is released. Lucky is in Doug's studio. Emmanuel Goldstein got arrested. Hairball (Michael Wally) got arrested. Natas said he would put money on Star38 using VoIP, the Star38 CEO replied. Jason Jepson says using VoIP to spoof caller id is illegal [sic]. Lucky is planning to unseat the current Guasti mayor, Doug TV will have coverage. Lucky has prepared a document about proof of being 21. "Everything is always on Default".
ep39.mp3 7094400
Default Radio: Episode 39 (00:59:07) (November 25, 2004)
Hosted by decoder, Lucky225, Doug. Today is Thanksgiving, this is a special treat episode. [Show starts with a message from decoder on Lucky's voicemail]. decoder is doing another daily radio show with RijilV called The MindWAR. There are a number of emails. There is an article in the new issue of Wired titled "When Cell Phone Hackers Attack" by Annalee Newitz, default radio is called "Rockstars in the phreak underground". Lucky225 was misquoted in the article. The current FHM has an article in it about Defcon. "For some reason I was featured prominently in the media a while back" -- decoder. Camophone is a skecthy service that allows you to spook caller ID. Star38 now admit to using VoIP after previously denying it. Jason Jepson (original Star38 owner) had his voicemail password on default. Caller ID spoofing script using BeVocal. Doug & decoder had "backspoofing wars". Friday, November 26th is buy nothing day [UK: Saturday, November 27th]. Target will give you a free wake-up call on buy nothing day (It relies on CPN). Black Ratchet runs Yet Another Payphone List. Natas has taken over running decoder's voicemail is 1-206-984-6410 (it's laser, not K7!). "Default Radio. Easy for you to remember, hard for others to guess."
ep40.mp3 16601216
Default Radio: Episode 40
More phone phreaking.
ep41.1.mp3 53226352
Default Radio: Episode 41.1 (01:50:52) (January 8, 2008)
Hosted by Doug, Royal and RikilV.
ep42.mp3 37252005
Default Radio: Episode 42 (02:04:09) (January 22, 2008)
Hosted by Doug, ROyal, Lucky225, faceman.
ep43.mp3 16208543
Default Radio: Episode 43 (01:30:00) (February 6, 2008)
Hosted by Royal and Lucky225

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