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"we are: geeks. dorks. nerds. gamers. conspiracy theorists. an internet radio show operating without boundaries; saying and talking about whatever we want. the FCC and other such agencies have no control over us. through technology we are Guerilla Media. we talk about: technology. security. networks. wifi. gaming. the federal government. privacy. rfid. free speech. ninjas. the kremlin."

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About FBILL Radio - An Introduction
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PHOTO: Big City, FBILL Host
fbillepisode01.mp3 25983104
FBILL Episode #1: Real ID
We talk about Ballmer claiming Google is dead, VoIP and the E911 mandate, the feds don't care about securing WIFI networks, the use of the word hacker in Business Week's "Hacker Hunters" cover story, Chase to use RFID tags in credit cards, E3 recap, Star Wars Ep 3 recap. The main topic was the Real ID act. To read the Real ID bill go here. (2005)

fbillepisode02.mp3 27656320
FBILL Episode #2: Tor Routing
Started with the news from the last two weeks. Then went onto the main topic of Tor routing. Check out the Tor website at (2005)

fbillepisode03.mp3 23169152
FBILL Episode #3: Apple & Intel
Started with some voicemails from Satan, the Red Baron, and the FBI. Moved some news about hacking and credit card companies getting pwned. The main topic was the recent news of Apple partnering with Intel. If you like the opening remix of "All your base are belong to us" download it here. (2005)

fbillepisode04.mp3 30639168
FBILL Episode #4: McKinnon Interview
We played some clips of the BBC's interview of Gary McKinnon, talked about the "Hot Coffee" mod, a bunch of other random things like the suckiness of Real. If you want to listen to the McKinnon interview get it here in MP3. (2005)

fbillepisode05.mp3 33368192
FBILL Episode #5: Nothingness
Guest host Big City, since malice factor is on a road trip. Comic book heros...Mr. White gets credit card ripped off...and whatever else we came up with. The first apperance of Big City before he joins the show. (2005)

fbillepisode06.mp3 32845952
FBILL Episode #6: Chinese Hackers and Things Unrelated to Chinese Hackers
Colophons, lamps w/ ethernet, planes with freakin' laser beams, bluecasting, Titan Rain, Big City's neighbor is the Kremlin. Chinese hackers - real or propaganda? (2005)

fbillepisode07.mp3 15854
FBILL Episode #7: Lost Episode
The show was lost so now we've entered the lost episode crowd and yes, we do feel special. The audio linked above is a little diddy from Mr. White posted to the RSS feed. (2005)

fbillepisode08.mp3 24977536
FBILL Episode #8: Level 5 Rogues with RFID Credit Cards
New studio setup so Mr. White, malice factor, and Big City can live in harmony. Big City goes crazy with the sound effects. Talk of D&D and the Revolution's controller. (2005)

fbillepisode09.mp3 25661568
FBILL Episode #9: What the Fuxor?!?
Problems with the new Apple, listener emails, misc news stories, and a whole bunch of other useless crap. (2005)

fbillepisode10.mp3 30963840
FBILL Episode #10: Stupid Tangents
Nothing but stupid tangents, Mr. White says the F word too many times to count, useless rants, Big City is the whipping boy. (2005)

fbillepisode11.mp3 28377216
FBILL Episode #11: Blacksmithing and MS Security
The sort of technology radio show returns after group therapy. Mr White.s Ubuntu install and impressions. The Larry Ellison Joke. Oral contraceptives (!). The Forge of Big City. Reader email: RFID tags in $20 bills? Too much radiation. Hating on E week and Gulf of Tonkin talk; Sony root kits and shoddy PS2s; Vikings with RFID passports; DNA criminal profiling. Shout out degeneration. FBoarders. Barnes and Nobles = = Hell. Shout out to T.W.A.T Radio and Offbeat News. (2005)

fbillepisode12.mp3 24496256
FBILL Episode #12: Xbox 360 Launch
Sweet ninja intro, Malice Factor and Best Buy, more rootkit craziness, the xbox 360 launch before it happens even though the ep was posted afterwards. (2005)

fbillepisode13.mp3 28610688
FBILL Episode #13: More 360 and some Google
A robot reads forum posts, iPod repairs, special shotout to Cig Bity, email, vmail from India, recap of the Xbox 360 and our experiences, an attempt to have a serious talk about Google. (2005)

fbillepisode14.mp3 23509120
FBILL Episode #14: Combat Knives and the Person of the Year
The last show for 2005. Combat knives, email, MGS4 trailer and teh PS3, Bill Gates is the Person on the Year, Patriot Act and Presidential wiretaps. Shouts to all Chinese people who pwn at StarCraft. (2005)

fbillepisode15.mp3 26677376
FBILL Episode #15: See No Evil
First Ep of 2006. New show intro which Big City screws up. WMF. The new Google video store. Total lack of communication. Useless banter abound. "See No Evil" book review. (2006)

fbillepisode16.mp3 27646080
FBILL Episode #16: No Swearing
This week the FBill crew attempts to not swear during the episode and fails horribly. Malice Factor discusses new wave feminism. He then responds to posts from the "Ask Malice Factor" thread of the forums, gets pissed off at Mr. White and proceeds to play his DS instead of participating in the show. The FBill logo contest was announced. (2006)

fbillepisode17.mp3 27394176
FBILL Episode #17: The NSA Wiretaps Necromancers
Special guest RAISTone this week. Missile guidance clip and Ask Malice Factor from the forums. You can stab Big City's face. The main topic was the NSA wiretaps with some talk of necromancers and nazis. Big City abuses the sound clip system and pisses Mr. White off. The whole topic off the show gets ruined. Malice Factor throws his headphones off and the show ends. (2006)

fbillepisode18.mp3 28342400
FBILL Episode #18: Stewie Pukes Drunken Rapid Fire News Stupid
Big City gets lost in nipple land and forgets about his engineering duties. We've actually got some email and a couple of drunk voice mails this week. Extra long edition of 'Ask Malice Factor'. We lose track of time and have to rush through the news. Really rushed. Sorry eveyone. (2006)

fbillepisode19.mp3 28072064
FBILL Episode #19: Chancellor Droops and On Air Fighting
Not that creative is the logo contest winner! The new FBill website is up with the new logo! Hackermedia announcement, we'll be listed on the new website! Yoda clip, Total Information Awareness, the feds classify a ton of unclassified documents, AT&T's got defstar now. Malice Factor gets pissed at Big City and they almost throw down on air! (2006)

fbillepisode20.mp3 25958528
FBILL Episode #20: Mr. White Shares the Love
Listener email and a vmail from Metatron. Mr. White shares his fondness of many people this episode. Not too much news is talked about. Clips from some friends of ours. Malice Factor play Super Mario 3 through half the episode. (2006)

fbillepisode21.mp3 36583552
FBILL Episode #21: Linux N00bs
No email or vmail this week. Talk over some news items. CentOS and Tuttle, OK. Big discussion on linux and the experiences Mr. White and Malice Factor have been having. The end of the ep was cut off so here's the rest.... Malice Factor: shouts to Metroid Prime Hunters Mr. White: shouts to Phizone for wifi card help, shouts to #infonomicon, shouts to everyone going to Notacon, wishes he could be there, shouts to Not That Creative and the whole office that listens. Big City: shouts to the whole world because Mr. White had so many shouts that I have to shout out the whole world to have more shouts. (2006)

fbillepisode22.mp3 25700480
FBILL Episode #22: First Man Standing
Just 14 days after the Linux meltdown that was episode 21, Mr. White is determined to energize the FBill Radio crew with a new direction: he starts the show standing upright. And he planned on unveiling a brand new feature for FBill too. But even so, it was more of the same from the get go with misinterpreted hand signals and misinterpreted opening banter. Mr. White let loose his frustrations with an Oracle migration, which prompted MaliceFactor to relate his frustrating search for an Xbox 360. Even the usually unflappable Big City had to admit that he was frustrated as well by a fishing license shortage. Mr. White sat back down after attempting to threaten Big City, who defended himself with a Wi-Fi antennae. It was then time for user interaction and this time FBill received a very helpful email from Bizurke, Underfire Radio co host, and a voice mail from Metatron. But a blown visual cue led to Big City ad-libbing a Metatron vmail, which derailed the show and thrust everybody into a reminiscing/porn-gazing rut. Clearly, it was time for a big announcement, so Mr. White unveiled the newest feature of FBill Radio: the ability to make and receive on-air phone calls. After ironing out a few kinks in the new system, the first ever FBill call was made to Droops of Hackermedia fame - who didn't answer. After a call to Metatron also went unanswered the co hosts briefly discussed prank calling a Chinese restaurant to save face. Instead, they retreated to the familiar ground of the news briefs, with Mr. White and MaliceFactor touching upon the AT and T whistleblower. Mr. White then opened a discussion about urban exploration inspired by the movie After. Following the talk of modern day adventuring, MaliceFactor proposed a Skype minigame and hinted at another news story involving mail servers in China. The crew closed out Episode 22 by musing on the metaphysical implications of Mr. White starting the show standing up, and launching the longest shout out session. Ever. Shout outs: Big City: MaliceFactor: Bizurke and all the soldiers in the trenches Mr. White: slick0, Bizurke, Scheda, LowTek Mystic, Lord_Drachenblut, not_that_creative and the whole office staff, everybody on the front lines The whole crew: Hope Registration, Metatron, and old school listener Bstark.

fbillepisode23.mp3 32475368
FBILL Episode #23: Getting to Know Metatron
The FBill Crew opened a door to a whole other dimension in Episode 23 by having Metatron Skype in as a guest co host. Unfortunately Mr. White blinked in the face of the otherworldly and attempted to launch the .Getting to Know Metatron. segment before its slot in the accepted format, which he and MaliceFactor admitted was not fleshed out this time around. Thankfully, Metatron reminded them that they were going to share their thoughts on the recent name change of the Nintendo Revolution to Wii. Still, after the starting up the impromptu .Getting to Know Metatron. segment, Mr. White proceeded to launch the real segment which prompted the crew to muse on why they couldn.t hold it together this episode. Malicefactor then attempted to talk about the existential implications of having a fourth co host on the show who wasn.t actually there. Mr. White spared everyone that by asking the guest a pointed personal question. Big City then took the opportunity to play the Stewie clip that he.s always wanted to play. The .well-oiled. FBill machine broke down at this point as it finally dawned on Big City that the show was being recorded and Mr. White simultaneously launched the shirt promo despite having started the .Getting to Know. segment already. Malicefactor, flabbergasted with the rising chaos, asked Metatron a question to get the show back on track. But it was merely a ploy to spark another existential debate, because he.s an evil bastard like that. Big City then struck by asking his question which ignited a discussion about R2-D2.s sexuality. Things finally returned to normalcy a bit with everybody talking about what been up to since the last episode. Metatron talked about his attempt to get debian running on a tablet PC. Mr. White asked him about the servers in his garage, and Big City expressed his desire to have British Telecom as an ISP. He had nothing to talk about though. Malicefactor related his epic struggle in the Geometry Wars that he alone has been fighting in HD on his $400 USD Xbox 360. Mr. White on the other hand had dealt with the FBill T-shirts fiasco, played guitar, and totally pwned his AT&T trainer over the NSA. Mr. White then asked Metatron about his raid contingency plan, his personal armory, and a possible MiG case mod/BSD install. The only user interaction this episode came from Big City . a request to have dinner at Mr. White.s house, a request which was summarily denied. Metatron and Mr. White mentioned that they had talked to Seth of Monrovia over Skype, and then it was time to discuss the Nintendo Wii. This lead to Big City mocking Japanese pronunciation, but it also gave way to the most unusual controller debate ever held. Malicefactor analyzed Wii.s potential despite the lame name and pointed to the DS as an indicator of Wii.s success. The crew then answered Metatron.s question regarding British hacker McKinnon.s chances for survival in the US should he be extradited and tried under US anti-terror laws. A news item about Mexican drug laws was touched upon which led to a topical discussion about at-work computer monitoring, and that launched another brief news item about the NSA attempting to shut down the EFF.s lawsuit against AT&T. Big City gave Mr. White a late breaking news bulletin regarding the previous controller discussion. Mr. White and Metatron then discussed Echelon. The show teetered out with a story of Big City.s friend getting pwned by a seven year old, and the usual shout out degeneration. By the time the smoke cleared, more ethnic groups, Roger Moore, and cricket players had been insulted; Malicefactor had taken up pirate-speak; and Big City.s whole existence had been altered by the revelation that Sean Connery is in fact a Scotsman. Metatron did the honors and administered the coup de grace to Episode 23 with his quote of the century. (2006)

fbillepisode24.mp3 30863488
FBILL Episode #24: Haloesque
After a year and twenty-three episodes, Episode 24 opens with some admitted technical difficulties, which nobody seems to know how to fix. The intrepid FBill crew decides that it.s time to return to old form by talking about what FBill Radio is and does, which Malicefactor is quick to point out is not so clear even after 365+ days. Unfortunately, he also manages to return the show to its old chaotic form by botching his .show and tell. segment by talking about gamer Christmas . E3 2006, something he was supposed to do later on in the show. In any event, he touches upon the short comings of all the Big Three console makers and their press conferences. Malicefactor ends his miscued segment by confessing that he will buy a PS3 when it comes solely for Metal Gear Solid 4. He was not so impressed by the Halo 3 trailer, and this opens the floor for a debate about the console gaming world.s most revered FPS. Malicefactor and Mr. White both profess their anti-Halo sentiment, and Big City took up the defense of the beloved shooter. Malicefactor and Mr. White then took the opportunity to question the value of all console FPS games when compared to PC FPS games. Malicefactor unveils a PSP game brought to you directly from the E3 floor: LOCO ROCO. He plays it for the listeners. amusement, if it can be called amusing. Continuing then with what everybody has been doing since the last episode, Big City got tired of Warriors so he played Halo played Dawn of War. And he also retaliates for the Halo bashing by playing Halo sound effects and tracks through out the rest of the show. Mr White talks about a documentary he watched on Discovery channel about the trans-Atlantic cable and how it.s repaired when it requires maintenance. Besides watching documentaries, he also finally got the Oracle 8i to 10g migration to work, and he professed his desire for a short wave radio. After a quick update about the t-shirt orders, he answers the concerns about privacy that was brought up in the forums, and his solution is for people to sign up with an anonymous email account at, courtesy of the guys from binrev. Malicefactor then apologizes for not being able to send E3 swag to anybody who buys a shirt. Mr. White then talks about phreaking by going over what an ANAC is. It was then time for some user interaction in the form of two emails. Seth of Monrovia is bored and lets us know about it. V0zz talks about Nintendo.s naming conventions for its systems and encourages Mr. White to change his name to Mr. White 88, and of course that prompted the the neo-Nazi joke to return to haunt Mr. White. The crew then went over some news briefs: McKinnon.s extradition case, the NSA controversary, and General Hayden.s CIA nomination. The poll that found that a majority of Americans polled don.t have a problem with the NSA.s program led Malicefactor and Mr. White to muse a bit on American history and current attitudes in the country. On that somber note, the crew tries to lighten the mood by calling .Tia., who accepts Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, and the special costs $47. The card was issued in Las Vegas. But once more, technical difficulties plagued the show and nothing came of the call. On that discouraging note, Episode 24 ends with the usual banter and no shout outs. (2006)

fbillepisode25.mp3 29149312
FBILL Episode #25: Throughoust FBill History Vol. 1
In this very special episode of FBill Radio, the crew put together a jumble of clips that they feel captures the core .essence. of FBill Radio, before delving into a thirty minute reminiscing binge on the last year or so of doing the show. Without giving too much away, Big City admirably impersonates Lando Calrissian and various other Star Wars characters, MaliceFactor invents a word and even sings a bit of Frodo of the Nine Fingers, and Mr. White attempts to explain the three phases of FBill Radio.s development from May 2005 to now. (2006)

fbillepisode26.mp3 48696744
FBILL Episode #26: Marathon Host - Guest: Jason Scott.
At some point in the 336 hours between Episodes 25 and 26, Mr. White invited Jason Scott to be a VIP guest on FBill Radio, and Jason was kind of enough to accept, although he did warn the crew beforehand that he was able to (and would) give them more content than they could possibly imagine. Undaunted, the guys open up Episode 26 with a Robot Chicken Star Wars spoof, the usual intro music and the usual catching up segment. They then flesh out the better part of the next hour and thirty minutes discussing the nature of, Fed-raid contingency plans and Jason.s BBS documentary. Included, free of charge, are Jason.s thoughts on Fed raids, contingency plans, piracy, some background information on bootleg, Cult of the Dead Cow, Pud, Tom Jennings and Thom Henderson and others from the documentary. The show ends with some talk of hacker conventions, important show information, and shout outs. (2006)

fbillepisode27.mp3 28176512
FBILL Episode #27: Guerillaness - Guest: Metatron.
Ten days away from HOPE number 6, the FBill crew returns from a tiny hiatus to bring Episode 27 to the light. They brought along FBill mainstay Metatron for the ride, and they also attempted to bring Lord Drachenblut too, but some technical difficulties meant that the Lord has to come around another time. There was plenty of stuff to talk about, including how the website was defaced by some 1337 Turks and a whole bunch of stuff about HOPE and DEFCON, which Metatron is attending. But before they got to that fun talk of your mom injection attacks, Richard Stallman Open Source questions, and Vegas lap dances, long time listener Marco sent an email regarding Apple. And this time, we sort of answered his questions, and we shared our job hunting experiences and what happens when AR-15s come on the job. Hell, you might even find out how to make some serious Chainmail from Big City. (2006)

fbillepisode28.mp3 29542528
FBILL Episode #28: Post HOPE
Mr. White and Malice Factor were in NYC for three days to attend HOPE number Six, and between going to the lectures, meeting some great people, spending all their money on shit and selling shirts to questionable people, they recorded some audio. Episode 28 is a compilation of those clips, and hopefully you can get some of the HOPE experience from it if you didn.t attend. You.ll hear Mr. White talk to a number of interesting folks and get their impressions, and every once in a while, Malice Factor rambles some incoherent stuff. (2006)

fbillepisode29.mp3 26263680
FBILL Episode #29: Pulp Radio
Episode 29 marks the return of the terrible triad of Mr. White, Malice Factor, and Big City. It.s been nearly a month since the crew had been assembled, and armed with new mics, they were prepared to wreak havoc on their listeners and each other. Well actually, Mr. White was sleep deprived, Malice Factor had been in news blackout for weeks and Big City had been having weird, prophetic-like dreams - all factors that formed a crucible of crazy talk about evil lions, coke smuggling, bird watching and South American Fedex delivery guys. In between those discussions, they share the news about the repeated site hacks, Big City.s upcoming trip to New Zealand, an email from an inebriated Metatron and.wait for stories! Mr. White and Malice Factor talk about the latest AOL embarrassment and then Malice Factor reads through an entire news article concerning air marshals and made up terrorist activity. Episode 29 closes with shout outs to Not that Creative, the guy who wrote the air marshal article, and the AOL employee who got fired for releasing search info on the net. (2006)

fbillepisode30.mp3 26923136
FBILL Episode #30: Taking the Heat
A new recording location means all new challenges for the FBill Radio crew, and Big City leapt out the gates in Episode 30 by having a new intro ready, unbeknownst to either Mr. White or Malice Factor. But a difficult road was ahead of them. The new studio forced them not only to compensate for different acoustics (lack of natural reverb), but with the AC turned off, the temperature began to rise steadily in the room. And as the heat rose, the show descended into a new lower level of madness. Some exciting news though, as FBill Radio is now being streamed on DDP Hack Radio on Fridays, 7- 830pm. Show discussions included: voice cracking, chariot racing, an upcoming customized forum system, grandmothers, sweating in all the right places, Al Gore, outlawed experimentation, streaming radio, AOL, Time magazine.s lack of a style guide, beating dicks into DS screens, and eBay selling tactics. (2006)

fbillepisode31.mp3 25485440
FBILL Episode #31: Normalcy
Getting back to business as usual, the FBill Radio crew returns to the battlefront of internet radio with Episode 31. An unusually harsh stop to the intro music forces them to reflect upon the ever-increasing amount of listeners that FBill Radio is getting these days, and Mr. White explains that the size of the audience actually gets bigger as the show quality decreases, according to a graph that MaliceFactor supposedly made. MaliceFactor reveals that older episodes have been popular as of late, prompting Mr. White to wistfully recall the days of good show topics. Listener feedback includes a voicemail from Lord Drachenblut and emails from Marco and Joe Somebody. MaliceFactor confesses that he fucked up badly with the RSS feed, and proceeds to update the feed unawares to his co hosts, and Mr. White announces that FBill Radio can now be gotten off of as promised many months ago. He then points out that Big City is having an off day, and that he may be suffering from grief over the death of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. Big City honors the fallen zoologist by playing "Don't fear the Reaper." And what has everybody been up to lately? MaliceFactor's been messing with Subversion, coding up the new forum thing, and playing Quake 4. Big City went on a haunted tour of Boston and he was watching the fauna in the city. Meanwhile, Mr. White has been messing the new Mac mini and getting Thunderbird to work on it. News stories this episode include a federal judge's ruling of the NSA wiretapping program as unconstitutional, Windows Vista's beta status and pricing, Browzar, and the latest AT&T embarrassment. No shout outs! (2006)

fbillepisode32.mp3 29825152
FBILL Episode #32: A Wii Deviation
Guest: Lord Drachenblut. If last episode was a return to form for the FBill Radio crew, then Episode 32 definitely shakes things up a bit. Episode 32 opens with a big surprise, a huge surprise: it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and to celebrate Mr. White has a list of terms and other fun pirate-related stuff to share with the audience. Big City even tries to play a clip from Axe a Pirate. And oh yeah, another surprise: Lord Drachenblut is a guest host this time too. He discusses Jabber and a Torrent client called TorrentFlux. A brief discussion then ensues about arctic engineering degrees and Alaskan weather patterns. News stories include the latest Bush maneuvers in Congress, Walmart displeasure with video iTunes store, HP pretexting shenanigans, and a Second Life exploit. In between, Big City performs "All you need is Hump" and the guys discuss injuries they've sustained in the past from foreign objects. The impending launch of Nintendo's Wii dominates much of the remaining time of the show, not counting the wee deviation into karma induced violence of course. There may be a great disturbance in the force, as there are no shouts outs and no end song. As an added bonus, Mr. White had kind words for Droops throughout the entire show. (2006)

fbillepisode33.mp3 26497152
FBILL Episode #33: Pile of Slop Sound
It took them thiry-three episodes, but the FBill Radio crew finally let it all go and conceded that they're a bunch of screw ups. Sort of. Actually, that was what somebody else said about them. But they did institute some radical changes to their format in Episode 33 by cutting the intro out, playing music throughout the show, and talking about topics that ranged from Coast Guard assignments, T-Rex soft tissue, Halo Wars, and 80s metal recordings. And a whole lot more! (2006)

fbillepisode34.mp3 36468864
FBILL Episode #34: One Third Empty
The population of the USA hit 300 million on Tuesday, and to honor FBill.s commitment to population control, we did the show with only two hosts. But honestly, with Big City out of commission, Episode 34 is the news hour and a half as Malice Factor and Mr. White touch on a number of interesting, pathetic, and poorly written news articles they've come across since last time. Included in this batch are Google's purchase of YouTube, matter teleportation, a weird meteorite, a new man made element, the number of security vulnerabilities in 2006, a security alert in Germany over a pile of jelly, Office exploits, Canadians fighting the Taliban in a marijuana forest, a newly discovered Roman graveyard, the latest EA scandal, a social engineering story, the raptor fighter jet, and much more. In between all that, there's some candid discussion about old phone guys, style sheets, modern journalism, and even a little bit about bionic women. (2006)

fbillepisode35.mp3 36188288
FBILL Episode #35: Rampage
Besides receiving the greatest single piece of hate mail ever from a Scientologist, the FBill crew continued its inexorable push toward its goal to be the richest media experience around. Along the way, they rampage through a number of listener emails, news stories, popular (and non-popular) music, and even some avians. (2006)

fbillepisode36.mp3 33118336
FBILL Episode #36: PS3 Factor
Coming into one of the most anticipated (right) console launches in the history of humankind, Malice Factor shares the fact that he has indeed secured a pre-sale premium, six hundred dollar PlayStation 3. He reveals his plan to hawk it on eBay next week for an obscene profit and what will happen when he picks it up on the 17th of November. Mr. White will accompany the nefarious Confederate cavalry saber wielding man on that day to see what kind of pandemonium ensues. As for the rest of the show, Big City was much more somber than his colleagues, expressing disappointment at the opening number Mr. White had chosen and even some irritation at the less than gracious .theme song. a listener submitted for Bigus Citius. Speaking of listeners, Jeff submitted a follow up email that got read on air, and FBill Radio has secured some sponsorship from Metatron Industries. Included free of charge is a rant about WOW, game endings, and a discussion about Hacking Democracy. (2006)

fbillepisode37.mp3 18907264
FBILL Episode #37: Our Show for an Intern
So we only taped for 45 minutes this time around. You guys aren.t missing out: we packed in three times as much absurdity into this shortened show. This time around, we talk about the return of racism to the forefront of American media, some magnificent juggly pix an awesome trucker sent us, believing in spamming mail order brides, Gears of War admiration, and NO MAAM. Near the end of this episode, the crew seriously discusses getting an intern to do all the stuff they don.t want to do. Look for the application soon! And, vulva. (2006)

fbillepisode38.mp3 37804160
FBILL Episode #38: The Penultimate 2006 Show
For the final recorded episode of 2006, the guys decided to let loose a bit and share their hopes, fears, and personal lives with the listeners who have stuck with them for the last year and a half. That of course means they discuss things such as joining the Freemasons, reenacting MGS3 Snake Eater with Airsoft guns, a lack of masturbation, and world peace. Not really I just threw that in there. Mr. White also talks about a possible collaboration with Ticom from the BinRev forums and Dexter Douglas of Living in Syn fame. And of course, what kind of show would this be if you didn.t have to hear our absurd views on religion, Airsoft drive bys at a Ren Faire, and some news stories.

fbillepisode39.mp3 29937792
FBILL Episode #39: FBILL Masterpiece Theater
Episode 39 is a compilation of sound checks and other sorts of outtakes from the pre-show sessions we've taped over the year. We hope you enjoy this take on the show while we enjoy skiing in Russia, or wherever else we go. Have a safe holiday season and a Happy New Year. Clip one "Sound check" lowering the volume.. A little discussion about levels, a lack of an internet connection, and why somebody can.t buy us a headphone amp. Clip two "I Disappear" Some muffled talk and a little singing by the FBill crew. Clip three "Testing Jason Scott" Sound checks with Jason Scott before "the Marathon Host" episode. Some talk about FBill Radio's microphones and equipment set up, and the infamous Japanese school girl comment. Clip four "Metatron's mix down." Metatron's mint FBill FOracle promo. Clip five "Sound check two." stabbing Scott Stapp. Another sound check, this time we talk about a Scott Stapp doing the boobie fumble. Clip six "Live Recording?" Testing the music off of Frank.s laptop, replete with semi-subliminal messages from Big City. A late arrival, Gears of War impressions, a few emails, etc. Starting music selection. Clip seven "Waiting for Big City." What's wrong with the show? Clip eight "Bitch" Selecting an opening song. Clip nine "Sound check three" intro. A gay 80's intro and Tengen cartridges. Clip ten "Scientology discussion" Disbelief about Scientology. Clip eleven "Sound check four." Big City vs. Malice Factor. Talking about game system preorders and Capcom. Clip twelve "Sound check five." Spankalator. Exploding kegs. And liars. (2006)

fbillepisode40.mp3 25854080
FBILL Episode #40: Sealand Belligerence
Mr. White and Malice Factor bring it back to the essence with the first episode of 2007 - Big City is MIA, possibly KIA. We'll find out soon. Anyway, we've got emails, we've got new stories, we've got talk about Sealand and Pirate Bay's quest to purchase it. We discuss the recent executions in Iraq and the moral conditions for murder; when looting camp sites is okay; and Apple certifications. Bonus! - we also talk about the Burning Crusade briefly and the iPhone as well. (2007)

fbillepisode41.mp3 44613586
FBILL Episode #41: Better Late than Never
Big City has returned to his regularly scheduled duties, and Malice Factor blew the attempt blow off the show's tardiness. An issue with the recording box (read: n00bage) led to an impromptu new set up that leaves the show actually sounding better than it has been. Besides a few blown cues and some excessive banter about music, Prince, cybering, and War Hammer, Mr. White talks about a single news story: a cavity search gone bad in the UK. (2007)

fbillepisode42.mp3 66886332
FBILL Episode #42: The Answer
The final episode of FBILL Radio. (2007)

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FBILL Radio Logo (2006)
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Interview with Gary McKinnon referenced in Episode #4 of Fbill (2006)
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PHOTO: Mr. White, FBILL Host
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PHOTO: Slickback, FBILL Host
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FBILL: Special Wardriving Episode - This is the long promised special episode of FBill Radio that had Mr. White and MaliceFactor traipsing all over the state in a wardriving adventure. Uncut and uncensored, and unproduced, this is a compelling raw take of FBill Radio. Okay, so every episode is uncut, uncensored, and unproduced, but this is an episode that was recorded in an automobile with a minimal set up - there wasn.t even any room for Big City to come along. Although he might have if we had told him we were going. So join two-thirds of the FBill crew on a road trip as we explore the invisible world of the local area and even a few establishments. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...the FBill Team. (2006)

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