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gamer_001.mp3 8353424
GAMERadio Episode #01 (February 25, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_001.ogg 7023228
GAMERadio Episode #01 (February 25, 2003) (OGG Version)
GAMER's maiden voyage. C4, Wulf5150, and Hooks. A bit disorganized, and probably too much talk about older games and stuff, but that should clean the slate for next week. Also learned Hooks is too far from the mic, whereas Wulf is too close. We're going to switch their seats next time. Intro is lifted from "Pac-Man Fever" by Buckner & Garcia. Track at the end is called "The Terrible Mr.Grimshaw". If you poke around on gnutella you'll find it. It is somebody who was recorded playing Counter-Strike, mixed into a techno 4-letter word fest.
gamer_002.mp3 7550480
GAMERadio Episode #02 (March 5, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_002.ogg 8700058
GAMERadio Episode #02 (March 5, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Wulf5150, and Hunter managed to pull off this second show in the face of having a lot of new games to play. Hooks was nowhere to be found. Stayed a little more focused than last week with speculation on Sony's entry into the handheld market, Microsoft and Electronic Arts bidding for SEGA, and some talk about the GBAdvance SP. Also, Best Buy is NOT taking pre-orders on ATI's new graphics board yet. :( Intro clip is again from Buckner & Garcia, but this time from "Froggy's Lament". The closing track is a pardoy of "I Will Survive", but with a Counter-Strike theme (found it online, don't know who's responsible for this, but it's great).
gamer_003.mp3 7860352
GAMERadio Episode #03 (March 11, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_003.ogg 7392829
GAMERadio Episode #03 (March 11, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Wulf5150, and Hooks open with Microsoft Xbox Platinum Hits and the Nintendo GameCube free game deal. Nokia's N-Gage and a quick recap of the GBA SP. Peter Moore leaves SEGA for MS. A bit more on Soul Calibur II. Counter-strike on Xbox soon? Wulf & C4 on Suikoden III. Hooks on All-star Baseball 2004 and NBA Live 2003, then bails mid-show. Final Fantasy XI looks better than we thought. Unreal Championship (Xbox) patched! NEC to make games again. ATI 9800 Pro spanks GeForceFX. Hero in Chinese only. Fear Dot Com sux0rs. Intro : "The WaReZ Song" by `eNtiTy. Outro : "Radio Free Zerg" by Tracy W. Bush (from Starcraft).
gamer_004.mp3 8728576
GAMERadio Episode #04 (March 18, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_004.ogg 7840328
GAMERadio Episode #04 (March 18, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Wulf5150, and Ode Rainwalker. Rockstar has released Grand Theft Auto for free! License a 3D engine, Half-Life forever! Upcoming RtCW expansion "Enemy Territory" cancelled, but multiplayer part to be released for free! ATI's CEO is being investigated for insider trading. MTV : True Life : I am a Gamer. Mass media sucks. Blizzard Entertainment 0wnz. Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne beta on pirate servers. Xenosaga : Game, or movie? Waiting for Deus Ex : Invisible War. Shadowbane not as good as we wanted it to be. Too many new MMORPGs, but C4 can't wait for World of Warcraft and Lineage 2. We just saw 40 Days and 40 Nights and 8 Mile. Awesome intro track by Jason Hayes dubbed "Legends" and is a track from World of Warcraft. Outro is "GTA3" by MC Hawking.
gamer_005.mp3 6809728
GAMERadio Episode #05 (March 26, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_005.ogg 6308283
GAMERadio Episode #05 (March 26, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Wulf, Hooks (with a cold), and Hunter in full effect. CAPCOM to release a new Ghosts n' Goblins based MMORPG, Speedball 3 one of these days, NBA Jam 2004 in October, C&C Generals copy protection, Zone of the Enders 2 r0x, SKTFM,2 The Ranting Gryphon, Freelancer, 3DO screwed up on Heroes IV, Mike Tyson Boxing on Xbox, some 3DO boxing game, an arcade boxing game, useful items for overweight gamers, Dark Age of Camelot : Shrouded Isles, Wulf's GBA SP, CompUSA sucks, more GBA SP, Zelda : The Wind Waker 'OK' as Celda, hopefully Hunter wil pick it up soon, Tactical-Ops kiddies, Girl gamers lurking eBay, Xenosaga, Friday After Next, I Spy, C4 is a lazy bastard, Flaming Dr.Pepper, Email us, will there be a show next week? Intro is "Ai Wo Koete" (aka "Exceeding Love"), which is the intro track to Suikoden III. Outro is Tai Mai Shu with Asian Freestyle.
gamer_006.mp3 7944192
GAMERadio Episode #06 (March 31, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_006.ogg 6457715
GAMERadio Episode #06 (March 31, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Wulf, and Hooks in da hizouse. 6th Annual Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Achievement Awards rigged? ATI laying the smack down on nVidia. NWN : Shadows of Undrentide. Masters of Doom. Final Fantasy XI U.S. beta. Beta testers (we missed the second point, you work in QA). List of new GCN games : Pikmin 2, Ikargua, Sonic Adventure DX, F-Zero (what about Mario Kart?), 1080 Avalanche, Wario World, Metal Gear Solid. Hooks reads C4's IRC, turns into Hooks talking about Japan. Playstation 2 getting R-Type Final, Jak & Daxter II, new Evil Dead game (Fistful of Boomstick). GameBoy Advance gets Golden Sun : The Lost Age. Hooks bails. Everquest II. Xbox no-modchip hack. DOAX nude hacks (link to forum that every topic currently is about DOAX)(damn you for leaving Hooks). Irresponsible parents. Pirate shit from China. Wulf's PS2 AirFlow controller broken. Friday After Next did rock. Wulf leaves for China tomorrow. Intro track is the theme from Zone of the Enders 2, called "Beyond the Bounds". Outro is "Zelda : Rabbit Joint Cover" by The Rabbit Joint. Did anyone count how many f-bombs C4 drops? Jeeze...
gamer_007.mp3 10832000
GAMERadio Episode #07 (April 9, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_007.ogg 9037858
GAMERadio Episode #07 (April 9, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Ode Rainwalker. C4 solo for a few minutes. Awesome email, C4 and Hook's favourite endings. C4's new phone. Thinking about themed shows. Golden Sun 1 and 2. Ode's PS2 modchip. ISONEWS guy goes to jail. Warforge running on asian servers now. Lack of linux games. Xbox dropping price. Xbox and GCN losing bad to PS2. GTA : Vice City for PC. Note to Wulf (who can't access the site behind the Great Firewall of China). War of the Monsters (PS2). Xenosaga unbalanced, C4 stuck. Short bit on Zelda and Golden Sun for GBA. E3. The Sims : Superstars. RtCW : Tides of War (Xbox). Hunter : The Reckoning - Redeemer. Dungeons & Dragons : Heroes. Final Fantasy Origins released Friday. MOO3 apparently bombed. Intro track is a Street Fighter 2 mix called "RyuFreestyleDojo" by McVaffe. Outro is a Zelda theme mix called "Gold Cartridge" by Quinn Fox.
gamer_008.mp3 6455296
GAMERadio Episode #08 (April 15, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_008.ogg 6988821
GAMERadio Episode #08 (April 9, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf. C4 solo for first half. Dual's review of the oldskool : VGS. Wargames update, MoH2, America's Army expansion, and Desert Combat. Reservoir Dogs game? R-Type Final so far japanese only (and C4 wants Sould Calibur 2 also damnit). GTA. Postal 2 rocks (disable the 7 minute limit in the console : "set gamestate demotime 99999"). XIII lookin' good, but how about some outside levels? Jak II sounds amazing, but please don't fuck up the camera. Great places to see weird hardware and software (Assembler and |tsr's NES Archive). Korea Air has personal interactive TV's for each seat! 2D MMORPG's are big in China, especially Arcane (Arkane?), while Counter-Strike is not so popular anymore. WC3 played in the cybercafes a lot. Dirt cheap cybercafe's. Six to eight story "Digital Centers", buildings packed with technology - sounds like Geek Heaven. Hardware prices the same or more than in the US, but all software costs only pennies. Everything is pirated. Wulf's fiancee would kick our asses at Street Fighter! Consoles sold with modchips (if all software is pirated, why would you NOT have a modchip in your console?) Pirate servers offering Xbox games that 'install' to the Xbox harddrive. C4 bitches about R-Type Final one last time. Intro track is (Bionic Commando) BIONICBPM by d0d0. Halftime music is (Street Fighter II) China Street Beat, by McVaffe. Closing music is (Pac-Man) Raveinthemirrormaze by Frank Keller.
gamer_009.mp3 8761472
GAMERadio Episode #09 (April 22, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_009.ogg 8987219
GAMERadio Episode #09 (April 22, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Hooks, and Wulf. A bit about China. C4's big announcement. Final Fantasy Origins rocks. Unfortunately we don't have more games on more console systems. Infinium Lab's Phantom console. Nyko's AirFlow controllers defective? Listener emails (and C4 still fucks up pronouncing "Spetsnaz", it's like "oz" not "as")! Cool site with more weird console goodness! Game Trading Zone. We're too offensive for our own good, we're not complete assholes... really. Pics on the site soon. Kickass Wind Waker Action Replay codes to play some test levels! Extra (hidden) content in games rules. Ode's PS2 modchip experience went horribly wrong. Fuck the DMCA. C4 gives Postal 2 "$20" (our rating system). Hooks saw Drumline. Intro is a Doom 2 remix entitled "Blood Bath" by Mazedude. Closing track is a Secret of Mana mix called "Whispering Prayers" by Visions of the Future.
gamer_010.mp3 8849536
GAMERadio Episode #10 (April 29, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_010.ogg 8511879
GAMERadio Episode #10 (April 29, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Hooks, Ode Rainwalker. Emails. Have show, will travel. Hooks's broadband misadventures. Ode's PS2 modchip fiasco. Penny Arcade/American Greetings Strawberry Shortcake fiasco (thanks to Maladroit for the link to that!).G-Spy. GTA 3 and Vice City for Xbox & GameCube in 2004. New GTA for PS2 in 2004. Vice City for PC in May. US price drops for Xbox & GCN soon? Utopia. Earth 2025. Solar Realms Elite (trivia note: HWHQ was born from C4's empire "back in SRE's day"). Promisance. Legend of the Green Dragon. Venus & Braves looks incredible, and US gamers will never play it. QOTW: What does Microsoft and Nintendo have to do to gain market share? (Yes, C4 grossly misjudged the number of games with Live support. It's far fewer.) Ode asks what if Microsoft bought Nintendo? C4 wraps up Xenosaga. C4 rips multiple PS2 games. Knockaround Guys.Shanghai Knights.X-Men 2 this Friday, and it's C4's last day of work. Wulf returns soon. xXx. Stealing Harvard. Intro " Street Fighter 2 'Guile(R.A.H.mix) by Rayza. Closing : Final Fantasy 7 ItsDifficulttoStandWhenYoureonAcid by Beatdrop.
gamer_011.mp3 16084992
GAMERadio Episode #11 (May 10, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_011.ogg 15483059
GAMERadio Episode #11 (May 10, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Ode Rainwalker. Wulf's last broadcast from China (10mins). Emails (dual parallel, Spetz, Bobnino). Hook's Xbox skin. DooM3 delayed. Halo 2 delayed. C4 wants (but can't pronounce) Sudeki. Why bother with Phantasy Star Online? Console price cuts. Scott Kurtz interview in GamePro.Cyberslackers lack of updates. Metroid Prime bug. Electronic Entertainment Expo. C4's new car. MMORPG's. New UT2003 mod pack. Postal 2 mods. We want SC:GHOST. GTA : Vice City on PC. Surprise visit from Wulf via IM. Special host next week. [GCN] Project No.03, Starfox 2, Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles. [PS2] Arc the Lad : Twilight of the Spirits, TMNT, Maximo 2, .hack//MUTATION. [XBOX] Soldier of Fortune 2, Morrowind GOTY, Dino Crisis 3. [PC] Lords of EverQuest. Warlords Battlecry 2. Xbox remote vs PS2 remote. X-Men 2 rules. Identity. Anger Management. Old School. Final Destination 2 kicks ass. A clue to next weeks host. Opening track is the theme from one of C4's favourite RPG's, Lunar : The Silver Star Story. Closing track is from Cowboy Bebop, See You Space Cowboy.
gamer_012.mp3 10029184
GAMERadio Episode #12 (May 15, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_012.ogg 9618219
GAMERadio Episode #12 (May 15, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and StankDawg! E3, bah! Who needs it, this is the oldskool gaming special. Bobnino's GAMER Archive FTP is up. Text based games from back in the day. Star Wars. BBS door games. Utilizing your imagination. Graphics as a crutch. Abandonware. The Underdogs. GamingDepot. Lemonade. Oil drilling game. ZZT. Why Zelda was godlike. NetHack. Rogue. Falcon's Eye. MUD/MUSH. Combat. Scorched Earth.Scorched Earth 3D. Pong. 3D not always for the best. Mario64. RPG discussion. Crystal Caves. Prince of Persia. Tomb Raider. Halo. Wolfenstein. Doom. Quake. The first Voodoo. Panzer Dragoon. Consoles never die. New graphics != New game. Emulation. Young gamers, learn the roots of our beloved hobby. Intro track is "Final Fantasy 7 - Space Station of the Ancients" by Mazedude. Closing track is "FZero-Blue Vacation" by LousySpy.
gamer_014.mp3 7504000
GAMERadio Episode #14 (May 21, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_014.ogg 7992805
GAMERadio Episode #14 (May 21, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Wulf, Hooks. 13 is bad luck. Wulf forgets goodies from China. Emails (KuroiShi, modemtuh, Vurt). GameState Magazine : Best Games of All Time vs Best Selling Games of All Time. C4 begs for an XBOX Killer Instinct. GBA SP, Zelda, Lufia, Golden Sun 2 in the hizzy. Nintendo dropping the ball. Hooks wants a good destruction derby game. Revamped PS2 in Japan. Masters of Doom (yes, I got it). New Xbox Live features. Half-Life 2. SOCOM 2. [XBOX] Thief 3, Black 9. Daddy Day Care. X-Men 2 > The Matrix Reloaded. Opening track is "Super Mario Brothers : Da Pipes" by "Franz Keller". Closing track is "Sonic CD : Palmtree Panic" by Joe Redifer".
gamer_015.mp3 10428544
GAMERadio Episode #15 (May 27, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_015.ogg 10237368
GAMERadio Episode #15 (May 27, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Bobnino! This is the Mac Special! Emails [modemtuh, Beamryder, Vurt]. RetroGamingRadio. GameState magazine. Electronics Botique experiences. More RTS games needed on consoles. Utilize those expansion slots. Plasystation2 killing Xbox and GamCube. Xbox hacking on TechTV's The Screensavers. Console colors. More multiplayer. Mac knowlege. iTunes. Mac videocards. Bungie. There. SpyHunter. Shuttle Pro. Why Mac OS > Windows. iPod and iPod games. Cellphone games. iPod recording. THPS4, SimCity 4, and Unreal Tournament 2003 for Mac! Mac as servers and desktops. More Mac games than Linux. Mac OS X's beautiful UI. No BSODs! Move CG characters and effects. Rune Soldier. Be open minded. Intro track is "Bomberman : Bomberfuzz" by "Fuzz". Closing track is "Chrono Cross : Time Voyager" by "Chronosis".
gamer_016.mp3 16693376
GAMERadio Episode #16 (August 27, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_016.ogg 16800304
GAMERadio Episode #16 (August 27, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Wulf, and Ode. Bizack in the hizzy after three months. Emails : modemtuh (MGS, RPG's), SpetsNazC4 (DC imports, Xbox mods/emu scene), hacnslash's gaming art!. Our normal intro sucks (not our ultra-1337 mouthwash gag this week). PC Gamer magazine distributing DVD demo discs. Buy a DVD-ROM you cheap bastards. Xenosaga II screenshots are awesome. Microsoft using ATI cards with Xbox 2. C4 has a GFFX5900 (didn't mention in the show the 5900's use 256-bit bus for DDR, 128-bit bus on 5800's with DDR2), less than extremely satisfied (for the record, according to Tom's Hardware, Unreal Tournament 2003, 1024x768@32bpp, nVidia GeForceFX 5900 = 176.5fps, 5900 Ultra = 178.5fps, ATI 9800 Pro 128MB = 170.6fps, 9800 Pro 256MB = 170.5fps.). Capitalism. R.I.P. 3DO. Long live Heroes of Might and Magic. Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne impressions. Ode bails for a booty call. Bobnino's Mac/Gamecube Gamer segemt pilot! New Xbox Platinum Hits. Hooks moved to Las Vegas. C4 threatens anyone who attempts to make a 3D Bionic Commando and b0rks it. Soul Calibur II preordered by our heroes. Japanese console sales. Infinium Lab's Phantom console. Vaporware, we miss you man. C4's Metal Gear Solid story (props to Flip and Super Joe). What's the best MGS2? [PS2] Tomb Raider : Angel of Darkness sux0r. [XBX] Brute Force is better than decent. [PS2] .hack//INFECTION & MUTATION is very good. Something you should know about the GeForceFX 5600. NYKO AirFlowEX, don't get excited. C4 slams a Best Buy employee (Bleeped C4 crossing the line). RCA Xbox TV, where's the special VPORT cable? BestBuy RewardZone is shoddy. We hope to talk a little about DVD burners soon. GAMER Episode 13? Bad Boys 2. American Wedding (bleeped Wulf's spoiler). Pirates of the Caribbean. S.W.A.T. Alternative media : Binary Revolution Magazine, BinRevRadio. TheBroken. Do'h, we skipped MGS3 talk! Radio FreeK America. Retro Gaming Radio. SKTFM. Video Game Radio. Everquest Radio. Blow on this Radio. Closing track was titled "deathmatch.ogg" and simply identified itself as "Buzz - Deathmatch".
gamer_017.mp3 10440704
GAMERadio Episode #17 (September 3, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_017.ogg 10575729
GAMERadio Episode #17 (September 3, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf. A flood of email. You guys kick ass. Everything about MGS1/2, this show was mostly put on by everyone who emailed us! Sounds like everyone is not so enthused about MGS2 as they are about MGS. This whole MGS fiasco is proof you should always try a game for yourself, or declare your ignorance in front of the world like C4, and get 45 vocal minutes worth of emails to read. The ETHOS Sanctuary (Xenosaga site). Bobnino having hardware problems, no GCN/Mac segment. SW:KOTOR is big with you guys. Too many games to play! Xbox controller on your PC. MGS : Twin Snakes. Kingdom Hearts, gift from god/spawn of satan? Xbox optical drive problems. We really need to elaborate MORE. Game Skins. Think Geek. Copyleft. Call of Duty demo. The funniest part of the show : Wulf screwing up Spet's nickname - horribly (much worse than C4 usually does). nVidia and Sony? Or shens? Otogi. PS3 backwards compatible. Etherlords II demo available. Mario Kart DD. I love you Nintendo. Tales of Symphonia. RANT : "Pro" gamers. Dead or Alive Online. Soul Calibur II. Coupons. Wulf bought, first 10 people to write get email addresses. Closing track : "Street Fighter 2 'RyuInterpretation'" by Malcos.
gamer_018.mp3 12947456
GAMERadio Episode #18 (September 12, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_018.ogg 12045447
GAMERadio Episode #18 (September 12, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf once again. Bobnino hooked up the phatty tunes for the new intro. Preliminary GAMER forum is online. Wulf's playing Disgaea : Hour of Darkness during the show. Apparently his eyes still work. Email : modemtuh [ending the MGS saga], jms [Xenogears is much better than Xenosaga Ep1], Steve [Downhill Domination rocks!]. RANT ON : (C4 sinks down to the level of calling these people names. It's really a sad sight). Dumbass 14 year old and 16 year old kids shoot cars, kill one, blame GTA, dead mans family sues Take Two Interactive. Of course the parents aren't to blame. Study Game Design. Gamer discrimination. We wish the older generation would understand (note: a password is a very valuable piece of knowledge, but in this instance, it's not the holy grail, don't grill me for saying it wasn't in the show). FZeroGX is out. It's getting slammed for being challenging? Weak. Games used to be challenging, what happened? Nintendo & Carmack say games are too complicated. Our opinions of fighting games. Shi, KuroiShi's 007 NightFire REVIEW! Counter-Strike : Condition Zero. Frag.Ops. Disgaea. Onyx & Flame new GBA colors. .hack//OUTBREAK is out soon (well, now it's out NOW). Otogi 2 site is up. [GBA] Sword of Mana. Super Mario Advance 4 (SMB3). Castlevania : Lament of Innocence. SSX3. Nascar Thunder 2004 - no Live!. Dungeons & Dragons Heroes. Champions of Norrath. TMNT. Cheating in SOCOM (no link on purpose). Freddy vs Jason. AFI - Sing the Sorrow. A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step. Weird Al - Poodle Hat. The Mac report with Bobnino : MoH:FA, Rogue Squadron 3, Mario Kart, WC3:The Frozen Throne. Closing track : "MGS Remix : Liquid Metal" by Vigilante.
gamer_019.mp3 9617408
GAMERadio Episode #19 (September 16, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_019.ogg 8429950
GAMERadio Episode #19 (September 16, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf. No Bobnino this week because the poor quality of the files his iBook is producing are irritating. :( I hope he gets that thing fixed soon. Email from SpetsNazC4 about's first impressions of the Nokia N-Gage (the first 20 minutes of the show for THAT? Sucketh). Audacity crashes. An uninformative short on Nintendo's GameBoy Videophone. Frag.Ops, take notes, you're going to want to play this. Sony PS2 hdd with FFXI. PS2 online game list. WarCraft III custom map, "enfo's team survival" is digital crack. The GameCube bundle hunt. BattleNet cheating is bad. Gus' artwork! New Xbox Dashboard. Closing track "Lotus 2 - Overdrive" by Hornpipe2.
gamer_020.mp3 9406464
GAMERadio Episode #20 (September 24, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_020.ogg 9708006
GAMERadio Episode #20 (September 24, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf. No sleep, potty humor (this is unusual? Maybe we can't change). Addicting games of the week : Disgaea the shizzle, Wulf needs to RTFDialog. Enfo's digital crack. Fantasy vs Sci-fi. Email from Frag-Ops team! SpetsNazC4 on Equilibrium, sounds great! Downhill Domination. GCN $99. C4's AirFlowEX doesn't work right, in the face of not buying the service plan. cushion's very thoughtful post. Thinking about a GCN? Why would you NOT? Interplay game soundtracks available for download. Piracy is bad! The Temple of Elemental Evil from Atari on KaZaA. D&D Heroes. BG: Dark Alliance 2 + bonus DVD with preorder. UT2004 on DVD as well as 27 CDs? Half-Life 2 DELAYED! [PS2] Transformers. [PC] C&C Generals : Zero Hour. [ALL] The Simpsons : Hit & Run, graphical tearing? Thanks to Apple's Quicktime, C4 experienced his first WinXP BSOD. Gametrailers. C4 whore's for Nintendo. Again. A Perfect Circle : Thirteenth Step in the hizzy. FUTV. A rant about TV. Trailer Park Boys. Closing track Deadly Towers 'S&M Dungeon Tour' by Memblers. Shamelessly stolen from OCRemix.
gamer_021.mp3 9641984
GAMERadio Episode #21 (October 9, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_021.ogg 7071990
GAMERadio Episode #21 (October 9, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf. HORRIBLE audio quality - WORST EVER. Wulf's mic broke or something, and we had to use his laptop mic - which made it sound like we were in a wind tunnel. When it was removed, the audio gets worse, yet not as annoying as the fan sound (hard to understand though). :( Capt.Castro, forum problems, Bust a Groove. Bag2. FF XI. Cushion, Jak2. Today's platformers suck. No Frag-Ops yet (expect it by October 20th!). Xbox->USB cable. Xctrl. ZTNet store. Nyko AirFlow for PC. GCN's in the hizzy. GCN sales up. Wind Waker doen't suck, but it's not a $50 game. Zelda compilation disc! Graal. BS Zelda. Sony's Greatest $50 Hits, thanks assholes. Suikoden IV video, more TGS next week? .hack series too short for $200. We'd pay $50 a pop for Xenosaga quality though. Nintendo iQue. Half-Life 2 leak (both sides, rumors, conspiracy theories) - Source, "beta", Half-Life port, Counter-Strike port. Counter-Strike : Condition Zero "pre-gold" leaked also. Valve lies. Half-life radio. ^UPDATE: The "patch 1" wasn't necessary, leaker came forth and said he thought it was stuff he forgot to add into the original leak. Patch 2 expected soon. HL1 & CS port out (yes they work, but not online?), and CS:CZ is out.^ I recommend you don't download this stuff and ruin your experience when HL2 comes out - likely sometime after Duke Nukem Forever (*chuckle*chuckle*). "Juarez, Mexico" a popular travel spot for HL2 enthusiasts. :P Join us on IRC at IRC.Esper.NET #GAMER. The future of GAMER. Incredible closing track (stolen from is a remix called 'Force of Light' from the SEGA series Shining Force by FFmusic Dj and SuperGreenX.
gamer_022.mp3 8982528
GAMERadio Episode #22 (October 15, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_022.ogg 9000285
GAMERadio Episode #22 (October 15, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf. Kingdom Hearts Greatest Hits $20 now (see, they are listening). Dolphin Nintendo GameCube Emulator video. Take it easy on emulator authors, they owe you nothing, you owe them everything. Emulation64. PS2 for $99 mid November? Macrovision's Fade. [PC] Counter-Strike : Condition Zero and etc. EverQuest Radio. GAMER Public Service Announcement from the FTC. ESRB. [PC] Frag-Ops. [PC] Savage. [PC] Freedom Fighters. C4's video game story generator. Tokyo Game Show. [PS2] Suikoden IV. [PS2] Xenosaga II. [GCN] MGS : Twin Snakes. [PS2] MGS3 : Snake Eater. [XBOX] Jade Empire. [GCN/PS2/XBOX] R: Racing Evolution. [PS2] Kingdoms Hearts 2. [PS2] Resident Evil : Outbreak. [PS2] Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. [GCN] Killer 7. [PS2] Kunoichi (Nightshade in US). [PS2] Crimson Tears. [PS2] SNK vs Capcom CHAOS. [XBOX] True Fantasy Live Online. [PS2] Nina. [PS2] Gradius V. [XBOX] Ninja Gaiden. [PS2] Hyper Street Fighter : The Anniversary Edition. Kill Bill is pretty good, eh?. Wulf got Unlimited Saga, it has some crazy FF X-2 rock video on it. Closing track a remix of one of my favourite games, Heroes of Might and Magic 2, 'The Meadows' by Orkybash.
gamer_023.mp3 11855872
GAMERadio Episode #23 (October 30, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_023.ogg 12102443
GAMERadio Episode #23 (October 30, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf. Apologies for missing last week. Site updates were slow, IRC was hoppin'. Forum changes? Finally have a phone that works with the show, so expect rotating hosts again. Fixed Mozilla problem seconds after I posted the show, so, nm. :) Logo contest ended. John K email, Robot Alchemical Drive. MMORPG's. Where's the adventure? Dark Age of Camelot. EverQuest (I forgot to mention during the show, check out EverQuest Radio). Attempted Lineage 2 Korean beta. Ill wishing World of Warcraft. Savage - go back to the drawing board. C4's final thoughts on [GCN] Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker. Eternal Darkness [GCN] is complete ownage. $15 brand new. Go get it. Now. [GCN] Wave Race : Blue Storm. [GCN] F-Zero, is it any good? GTA's for Xbox still on track. SSX3. [XBX] Amped 2. Wulf picked up [XBX] Star Wars : KOTOR today. [PSX] Legend of Mana. [PS2] Bonk's Adventure (Visit PCEngineFX, click ENTER, scroll down for hi-res shots). Less Is More. * .hack series correction from earlier show, thanks to modemtuh * XBOX price drop in Japan November 20 (thanks vvx)? Diablo II v1.10 patch. XBOX VGA hookup. ** RANT DISCLAIMER : sew your ears shut, lock your children in the closet, turn off your mom's hearing aid. Incoherent, half-fact, four-letter word fest imminent! ** Rant about shiesty media whore anti-free speech lawyer is suing Sony, Take Two, and Wal*Mart because retarded kids shoot cars and blame video games. His site is We got too pissed to continue, so the "And More" part of the show that didn't get recorded is : R.A. Salvatore's new book, "The Lone Drow", is out. Bubba Ho-tep, and KMFDM WWIII. Closing track 'Doom 2 : Oldskool Demon' by Mazedude from
gamer_024.mp3 14823424
GAMERadio Episode #24 (November 4, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_024.ogg 13632120
GAMERadio Episode #24 (November 4, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Wulf, and Ode. Intro music is 'TRAXMOON' (thank you once again Hornet), extended by about two minutes (big apologies to the author), sprinkled with clips from 60 Minutes : Pirates of the Internet. MPAA. RIAA. DownhillBattle.Org. iTunes store. Napster. Britney. Peer Guardian. GameCube, Zelda Compilation disc, and Mario Kart Double Dash 99 Euros(?). GameCube market share increase. Other ways to get the Zelda Compilation disc. Mario Kart Double Dash videos. Xbox 2 processor. RARE's Grabbed by the Ghoulies. RARE is god. SEGA AGES review at 1up. Old games... suck? Give gamers configurable controls! Please give us DVD's instead of five CD games. Ode on the retail version of [PC] Savage. Beta content for future Savage upgrade. [PC] Final Fantasy XI, and MMORPG with... story? FFXI at Warcry. Ode splits. Zodiac handheld. [PC] Neverwinter Nights Gold released. [PS2] .hack//Quarantine delayed. [XBX] Morrowind GOTY is out, sucketh?.[XBX] NBA Jam is out. [PS2] Dynasty Warrior 4 Extreme Legends is out. [PC] Frag.Ops is out. [PC] Red Orchestra. [PC] Heroes of Might and Magic III - In the Wake of the Gods. Cushion with the mad hookups this week. 3 hours of gaming show videos, and an excellent review of [PS2] SSX3 that I get to butcher. Played the [XBX] SSX3 demo. [XBX] Armed & Dangerous. Bubba Ho-tep. Bruce Almighty. Joan of Arcadia (hehe). Final Matrix out tomorrow. Closing track is (as far as I'm concerned) the most beautiful song on the planet, "Kiseki no Umi", from Record of Lodoss War.
gamer_025.mp3 11401216
GAMERadio Episode #25 (November 11, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_025.ogg 11330098
GAMERadio Episode #25 (November 11, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf. All forums open for guest posts. Napster. Email, Riboflavin : [PS2] Life Line. Beamryder : Truck/Stair dismount. Scene music, NoError. IBM WILL be supplying processor technology for 'Xbox Next'. Nintendo resumed GCN production. Sony spin doctor release. PS2 launches in China in December. Microsoft more involved in Xbox Next more than Xbox. Xbox Live stats. [PC] Frag.Ops v1.2 is teh win! Tactical-Ops maps in Frag.Ops. IT'S GETTING OUT OF HAND. It was cool when it was just Rapids... GameBoy Advance : Golden Sun 2 sux0r, Advance Wars 2 rox0r. Dooooom. Boxing Fever. Spy Hunter. Wario Ware Inc. [XBX] NBA Jam 2004. N-Gage Cracked (oops, skipped it while covering the news). [PS2] Final Fantasy (su)X-2. [PS2] Castlevania : Lament of Innocence. [PS2] XIII. [PS2] I-Ninja. [PS2] Need For Speed : Underground. Demo discs suck. [BOOK] Chuck Palahniuk is a god. Fugitives and Refugees : A Walk in Portland, Oregon. Diary. Closing track is a familiar tune, "The Legend of Zelda Medley", Kenji Ito : Hyrule Symphony.
gamer_026.mp3 15157248
GAMERadio Episode #26 (November 18, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_026.ogg 14818555
GAMERadio Episode #26 (November 18, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Hunter, and Wulf. Hopefully a turn for the better for the show. Forums wide open for posting now, guests everywhere. Perfect review of Napster on Radio FreeK America. 1.866.PLY.2.WIN down :( dual's email about Luigi's exploits in online games and GameSpy software. Could be used to deny access to legitimate players. Could be used to take over GameSpy servers. Compromised servers can lead to compromising users' machines. GameSpy, instead of fixing their software, slaps Luigi with a DMCA cease-and-desist. [PC] Jedi Academy. [PC] The Temple of Elemental Evil. [PC] NWN 2nd expansion and [PC] Morrowind GOTY should both be worth their weight in gold. [PC] DAoC Trials of Atlantis. Mario Kart : DD has no online play. [PC] UFO Aftermath. [PC] Pirates of the Caribbean. [PC] Spells of Gold. [PC] Judge Dredd vs Death. A gay tangent. [PC] Pirate Hunter. Wulf fell asleep. [PS2] Contra Shattered Soldier owns. The Doomsday Engine, jDoom, JHeretic, jHexen. [GBA] SimCity 2000 coming this fall! A golden Wulf quote. [GBA] Yu Yu Hakusho. Buying sucky games, sucked in by the hype. F-ZeroGX online circuit. DareDevil. Matrix Revolutions, same effects, part three? RSVP. The Twelve Kingdoms is incredible++ (4 DVD set?) ! RFA, binrev, RGR, OTH, OTW, EQR/CSR. In The Now. SKTFM @ RantRadio, RantTV. Closing track is my favourite Zelda 2 ReMiX, 'Temple Trance' by bLiNd.
gamer_027.mp3 17446912
GAMERadio Episode #27 (December 2, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_027.ogg 16668771
GAMERadio Episode #27 (December 2, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Hunter, Wulf. Zelda video got to a lot of people! F33db4ck. Amazing, we fall back on gay and mom jokes before the show even begins, a new low! Wulf sold his soul to Square/Enix (imagine that). C4 == George Costanza. C4 can do no right, and tells a tale about "The Worst Day" of gaming. Cameras still bad, or just not used to it? Controls bad, or too old for today's games? Final word on Nyko controllers : teh sux. Proving once again C4 is always wrong, Dual Shock 2 doesn't suck ass. Ragu sucks. Videogames > Relationships (trust me). The Worst Day story continues. Trimming the fat. Keep every game you buy? The game that saved the day, [PSX] Castlevania : Symphony of the Night. Now that all that's off C4's chest, the show really starts just after 30 minutes in. :\ [GBA] Sword of Mana in da hizzy! Email from Riboflavin on how the Xbox is dangerious for PC gamers. Case in point : Deus Ex : Invisible War. Somehow started talking about old 3Dfx Voodoo cards (not related to Deus Ex). Hype sells. Cash whores (hi Microsoft, Sony). PSX out on Dec 12th with limited feature set after previous hype. Buyer beware! The female image in games (Hi Star, hi Snoopy). Case in point : NFSU photos of the model and their digitized selves at IGN = [Got boobs?] [Digitial Augments 0] [a href="">Digital Augments 1]. Walkthroughs. First run of SEGA AGES coming to America, and a second set soon (in .jp at least for now). Halo $30, still selling like mad... wtf? [PC] Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic. [GCN] LoZelda Collector's Edition disc. [PC] FFXI. Gothika. Head of State. Legally Blonde 2. Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle. Hollywood Homicide. Closing track SotN 'Scriabin's Long Library' ReMiX by MC from
gamer_028.mp3 13228032
GAMERadio Episode #28 (December 9, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_028.ogg 12401778
GAMERadio Episode #28 (December 9, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4, Hunter, Wulf. The "Everything Sucks" Episode ("Crazy shit"seems to be the catchphrase for this ep.). Email {[modem] FFTA USA outselling .jp! SEGA suing EA and Fox over The Simpsons Road Rage. [MC Cushion] Manhunt. Enter the Matrix. Xbox DVD receiver problems.} R.I.P. Black Isle Studios as we know it. Deus Ex Invisible War runs like crap. SpikeTV Video Game Awards 2003 was a joke. The list they picked, and our picks. Vanilla Ice (wtf??). [PC] Gladiator. [GBA] Sword of Mana. This is where the swearing begins. First half is pretty clean. If you're at work, turn it down. -> R.I.P. "Cedar" 1990-2003. :( <- [[ INTERMISSION ]] (thanks Jenner for the SMB theme). [PC] FFXI (> $MMORPG). Come back in a week or two and hear how much it probably sucks :) Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines. The Core. Closing track is Secret of Mana 'Pure Lands Total Darkness' by Children of the Monkey Machine from
gamer_029.mp3 9738240
GAMERadio Episode #29 (December 20, 2003) (MP3 Version)
gamer_029.ogg 9842754
GAMERadio Episode #29 (December 20, 2003) (OGG Version)
C4 and Hunter. Game fixation - searching for the One. Tactical Ops 2004! Best of 2003 (We were going to do Best Movies of 2003 also, but because of time constraints we couldn't)! Closing track is Kevin & Bean - Slim Santa.
gamer_030.mp3 12974080
GAMERadio Episode #30 (January 15, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_030.ogg 13508495
GAMERadio Episode #30 (January 15, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4 and Wulf. FFXI episode. MMORPG's. Why FFXI. Races. Jobs (advanced, sub). Discrimination. Outposts. Region Control. The Ninja Quest. Level Grind vs Adventure. Transportation. Crafting. Food. House. Storage. Newbs. Name filter. Valefor server. Skillchain ("Renkei" in Japanese). Good groups. EXP chain. User Interface. Japanese vs English mini-rant. R.I.P. Closing track (downloaded from FFIX : Black Magic Synthesis by SysteManiac.
gamer_031.mp3 20994048
GAMERadio Episode #31 (January 21, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_031.ogg 20626100
GAMERadio Episode #31 (January 21, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Wulf, and Kobar! "FFXI commercial #2". EQ--, FFXI++. EverQuest Radio. Picking on other MMORPG's (sorry :( didn't mean for that to happen). FFXI as a single player game. The saga of the Ninja quest. Not feeling of accomplishment when higher level guys are with your party for a quest. Character job focus (WAR, MNK, WHM, BLM, RDM, THF, PLD, DRK, BST, RNG, BRD, SMN, SAM, NIN, DRG). Blue Mage rumors. Dual 2hr skills. Additional race speculation. Bazaar. Closing song is "Icewind Dale 'Easthaven's Club'" by Orkybash, lifted from the great
gamer_032.mp3 10991616
GAMERadio Episode #32 (January 27, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_032.ogg 11350233
GAMERadio Episode #32 (January 27, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Hunter, and Wulf. Emails were skipped this week (actually had some really good stuff (yes, non-FFXI) stuff to talk about). The Inexpensive Episode. Looking for deals. Spoofee. TechDeals. Hot Deals Club. Coupons. Microsoft Island. Assorted affordable Xbox titles. Mixed lower priced PS2 selections. (How come half the shows we keep it together so well, the other half we don't?) Some reduced cost GCN games. White box PC for under $700 (including monitor) that will play all the latest hits. PriceWatch. Just Deals. A handful of bargain priced PC video games. Not all cheaper priced games are old. Hunter busted cheapting in TacOps (serves him right!). Weakness - games you must have no matter what the cost. Intro and outro clips lifted from American Wedding. Closing track is a ReMiX from the one and only djpretzel remixing the tunes from one of my most favourite games of all time, Alex Kidd in Miracle World. The track is entitled, "Alex Kidd in Miracle World 'Eastside Interlude'". As always, courtesy of the wonderful
gamer_033.mp3 10821632
GAMERadio Episode #33 (February 5, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_033.ogg 9546003
GAMERadio Episode #33 (February 5, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and Wulf puts in his $0.02. [ Show posted late because no show next week. :( ] Looking ahead at what's currently known about the future of console and handheld gaming. Crystal Xbox. Italian court says modchips are OK. Xbox Next. PSP. PlaySttion3. Nintendo's N5. NintendoDS. Intro is a clip from Red vs Blue, one of the funniest things on the Net these days. Closing track is a new arrival to that I fell in love with. "Final Doom : 'The Calling'" by Dj Redlight.
gamer_034.mp3 10500096
GAMERadio Episode #34 (February 17, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_034.ogg 11089984
GAMERadio Episode #34 (February 17, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Hunter, Kobar, and Wulf. Armchair Arcade. R-Type Final available in the US! The gaming community and advertising. mirror. Omega Corner drivers. Once Upon Atari. Beats of Rage. Dolphin, the GCN emulator. iTunes. Unreal Tournament 2004 demo available. SEGA's future (with Sammy). nVidia NV40. World of Warcraft hype. Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles. Resident Evil : Outbreak. Need For Speed : Underground. True Crime. Closing track is Rockman & Forte 'Hyperrock Fortisimo' by DJ Abjurator, from
gamer_035.mp3 11333632
GAMERadio Episode #35 (February 29, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_035.ogg 11021096
GAMERadio Episode #35 (February 29, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, Hooks! Leap year show. Relationship wisdom from Hooks. Esper.Net having IRC problems. PhuckIGN and G-Spy.Net gone/down? For the love of the game. Thief 3 site open. More on Xbox 2 no hard drive. PSP delayed (gee, did anyone not see that coming?). Doom 3 April 15th? [XBX] ESPN NBA Basketball. [XBX] WWE RAW 2. [XBX]Tony Hawk Underground. [XBX]NASCAR 2004. [XBX]Rainbox Six 3. [PC]Battlefield 1942, Desert Combat. Professional gaming RANT. [Movies] Radio. Bad Santa. Grind. Frailty (ah yes, 2001, didn't realize that during the show). The Butterfly Effect. Big Fish. Scorched. The incredible closing track lifted from is mixed by "ABG" and is a Resident Evil 2 mix called "Ada's Groove".
gamer_036.mp3 15661056
GAMERadio Episode #36 (March 10, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_036.ogg 15760196
GAMERadio Episode #36 (March 10, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, Wulf. Final Fantasy XI Commercial #3. Closing track is Final Fantasy 6 'Battle Theme (IvoryMetalMix)' by Nobuo Uematsu.
gamer_037.mp3 10307584
GAMERadio Episode #37 (March 16, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_037.ogg 10567001
GAMERadio Episode #37 (March 16, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, Wulf. Has it been a year already? Discussion topic : Nintendo vs GBA emulation. PC gaming lacking. A SNES lovers dream come true : PocketSNES. Hot ninja action! : [PS2]Nightshade! [GBA]River City Ransom EX. Ninjas! GTA : San Andreas announced. Kobar's tried playing NWN. D&D and video gaming today vs yesterday. Short bit on Gothic 2 and Freelancer (Kobar managed to pull himself away from FFXI for a bit apparently^^). Challenged. Pricing. Policies. CD price fixing settlements mailed. Game movies : House of the Dead, HotD2, Alone in the Dark, Spy Hunter, Advent Children, Dead or Alive, Dungeon Siege, Doom, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Silent Hill, Onimusha, Bloodrayne, Halo, Half-Life, MGS. Movies to watch for : Jersey Girl out on the March 26th, Hellboy, Troy, Euro Trip, Buying the Cow. Sayonara. Closing track by bLiNd, a very cool mix from the game Extreme-G entitled 'G-Storm', one of my new favourites.
gamer_038.mp3 9824256
GAMERadio Episode #38 (March 24, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_038.ogg 9674779
GAMERadio Episode #38 (March 24, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, Wulf. Sequelitus and remakes. Ninja Gaiden review from Ribo. CNN mentioned Xbox dropping to $149.99. Hot games to save your pennies for : Xbox, PS2, GCN, PC, GBA. Buying the Cow. Reel Hacks Radio! Closing track is a Castlevania remix 'Wicked Orchestra' by Scott Peeples.
gamer_039.mp3 9070592
GAMERadio Episode #39 (March 31, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_039.ogg 9168311
GAMERadio Episode #39 (March 31, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, Wulf. The 'Free shit' Episode. (C4 suffering from 2 hours of sleep in 36 hours - maybe better to just read show notes and click the links than put up with trying to listen to this ep) Where has all the shareware/demos gone? Adrenaline Vault. FileMirrors. Too many games. Video game industry following Hollywood. Playing the same game as your friends. FFXI PvP : Conflict. Microsoft Xbox now $149.99. Free music from Pepsi and Apple iTunes. Free PC games : Grand Theft Auto. America's Army. Soldat. Dink Smallwood. Scorced 3D. Void. Vega Strike (not Vegas Strike^^). FlightGear. BillardGL. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Solaria Games. Gunbound. Priston Tale (yeah, I can't read, Priston Tale, not Prison Tale). Lineage 2 open beta. Planeshift. FreeCiv. Allegiance (*sigh-, not "" like C4 said). Vendetta. GLTron. Armagetron. MegaMek. Murder Motel. Legends. BZFlag.
gamer_040.mp3 9832448
GAMERadio Episode #40 (April 7, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_040.ogg 9900889
GAMERadio Episode #40 (April 7, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, Wulf put in $0.02. Playing for fun vs playing only to win (conversation leans towards FFXI and Warcraft3 as examples, but applies to any and every game). Email from Cushion : Max Payne 2, 007, Viewtiful Joe. Ninja Gaiden. FarCry. Frag-Ops finalist in MSU! Warlords : Battlecry III. Phelios games. The Matrix : Revolutions DVD in stores. Closing track is a remix of the tune "Breakthrough" from Lunar Silver Star Story by Emperor.
gamer_041.mp3 8464384
GAMERadio Episode #41 (April 13, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_041.ogg 8523346
GAMERadio Episode #41 (April 13, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4 and Kobar. MMORPG invasion. The market is only so big. Smaller slices of the pie. Need a good space based MMORPG (key word : good). [GBA] Final Fantasy I & II remakes (again) - remake VI damnit! [PC]Tribes I & II free on May 4th from FilePlanet and CGW! Xbox sales doubled for the week after price drop. Nintendo is not impressed. Mortal Kombat : Deception. [PS2] La Pucelle : Tactics. [PC] Battle Mages. Starcraft : Ghost. Closing music is from Pac-Man "64-bit" by Peterrian Productions.
gamer_042.mp3 11659264
GAMERadio Episode #42 (April 20, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_042.ogg 11134907
GAMERadio Episode #42 (April 20, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4 and Kobar. International gaming and racism. E3 during MAY 12-14 (somehow we said March)! Interplay no longer making Dungeons and Dragons licensed games. Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal". Battlefield 2. Some Flash based classics for free at Nintendo's E3 lineup. Hot new movies out : The Punisher and Kill Bill 2. A kick ass track new to, "Halo: Fall From Above (You Can't Stop)" by Arkimedes.
gamer_043.mp3 10188576
GAMERadio Episode #43 (April 27, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_043.ogg 10537596
GAMERadio Episode #43 (April 27, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and Wulf. Spreading the word. Site layout and (hopefully soon, if I wasn't so lazy) redesign. E3 : May 12th. DVD > CD. Neo-Contra. Fallout : Brotherhood of Steel. Champions of Norrath. Unreal Tournament 2004 pwns. Go buy it. Now. The Matrix : Revolutions, meh. Club Dread. Closing track is "Final Doom 'Memoriam" by Dj Redlight.
gamer_044.mp3 11044864
GAMERadio Episode #44 (May 11, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_044.ogg 11714127
GAMERadio Episode #44 (May 11, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4 and Kobar. Email reviews from MC Cushion : Mario Kart Double Dash, MGS: Twin Snakes, NBA Ballers, clairifaction on Nintendo E3 lineup. USA Today article on Nintendo DS. The Legend of Zelda. La Pucelle : Tactics. Forgotten Realms : Demon Stone. Tribes : Vengeance. Starcraft : Ghost. KOTOR2. UT2004. Interstate 60. Closing track a mix from Sonic Adventure called 'Lightspeed' by S|r NutS, located at OCRemix.
gamer_045.mp3 12509184
GAMERadio Episode #45 (May 18, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_045.ogg 13265910
GAMERadio Episode #45 (May 18, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and Ode. Ode's E3 trip! All about the experience and the games and hardware seen at E3 2004. Alienware's new "ALX" video technology. GeForce 6800. Troy. Envy. Hellboy. The Punisher DOES NOT SUCK, Van Helsing does. Closing track is Final Fantasy 'AfterLife' by GrayLightning, from OCRemix.
gamer_046.mp3 10295296
GAMERadio Episode #46 (May 25, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_046.ogg 10250017
GAMERadio Episode #46 (May 25, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and Ode. New site (like you didn't notice!) by Email from Mokthemagicman : Sony PSP, new N-GAGE, NintendoDS, Starcraft: Ghost, Star Wars: Battlefront, God of War, Halo 2, Burnout 3, OutRun 2, The Phantom (oh wait, did you by accident want this link instead?), Destroy All Humans, Devil May Cry 3, Prince of Persia 2. Killer 7. Splinter Cell 3. Resident Evil 4. Guilty Gear Isuka. Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves. Tales of Symphonia. The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Silent Hill 4: The Room. Conker: Live and Reloaded. Full Spectrum Warrior. Final Fantasy XII (Real Life, the comic Ode mentioned). Gradius V. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Starfox 2. Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Tekken 5. Street Fighter Anniversary Edition. What about a new Killer Instinct and Startcraft 2 info? Shrek 2. Closing track is Panzer Dragoon Orta "More than a Weapon" by SuperGreenX.
gamer_047.mp3 11808768
GAMERadio Episode #47 (June 1, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_047.ogg 12221928
GAMERadio Episode #47 (June 1, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and modem! Burned out from so much E3 goodness, there wasn't much to say... [PS2] Transformers. SEGA Dreamcast Emulator Chankast v0.1 alpha. Nintendo's emulation patent. Not breaking your DVD-ROM in your PS2 or Xbox. Back to Transformers for the PS2. [PC] Thief 3. FFXI. [PC] City of Heroes. MMORPG cost considerations. Tales of Symphonia. Solo gaming - why is it do hard to get people together this day in age? NES Classics for GBA coming on June 9th! Bubba Ho-tep out on DVD now! Radio. [Movies] Mean Girls. New York Minute. The Olsen Twins. Hats. [TV - **Season/Series Finale SPOILERS**] South Park. Saturday Night Live. Tru Calling. Wonderfalls. Joan of Arcadia. Line of Fire. Arrested Development. Friends. Frasier. [/TV] SEGA publishing Matrix Online. Sammy seals the deal on SEGA. OutRun 2 arcade? Resident Evil 4. Closing track is the Transformers Theme by Meatbee.
gamer_048.mp3 12023808
GAMERadio Episode #48 (June 8, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_048.ogg 11412532
GAMERadio Episode #48 (June 8, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4 and Kobar. More on the hat idea. Wrapping up some TV stuff - Line of Fire Series Finale, Penn & Teller's Bullshit!, The Sopranos. Reality TV sucks. New TV shows. Desperate Housewives. NES Classics are out - The Legend of Zelda acquired. Bashing Kobar's no NES having ass. Interplay's doors locked by the State! [PS2] Terminator 3 : The Redemption. Syphon Filter : The Omega Strain. Drakengard. CyGirls. EverQuest: Champions of Norrath. Is Chronicle of Riddick good? Fake ass release dates. GTA: San Andreas. [Movies] Bubba Ho-tep. Star Wars Episodes 4, 5, and 6 on DVD soon! Harry Potter : The Prisoner of Azkaban. [Demo Scene] Awards 2003. ix by Moppi Productions. FR-025 by Farb-rausch. Howard Stern. Closing track is audio taken from an awesome video and audio production by Studio_W and and Lazer Music Production.
gamer_049.mp3 12355584
GAMERadio Episode #49 (June 15, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_049.ogg 12966335
GAMERadio Episode #49 (June 15, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and Hooks is back in the hizzy! The best I could string together as "notes" is : Baseball games. Baseball Stars > *. MVP Baseball 2004. Madden rules video game football. Simulation and 'arcade' sports titles. Pre-order ESPN 2005 for $20 or EA Sports Madden 2005 $50-60 ($50 for standard). EA's NASCAR Thunder. Soccer. Rare animations. Genre phases. Playboy: The Mansion. The Legend of Zelda NES Classics. FFXI Valkurm Emperor. The Chronicles of Riddick. Playmakers. Gone next week. Closing track from OCRemix by Norrin Radd, a track that quickly became a favourite, Street Fighter ReMix "Go Home and Be a Family Man".
gamer_050.mp3 19138560
GAMERadio Episode #50 (June 29, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_050.ogg 18987468
GAMERadio Episode #50 (June 29, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and Ode. Uberepisode 50. Instead of news and reviews and the usual jokes, this week focuses on the games that made us what we are today. Games that completely changed our lives, for better or worse. The idea came from a thread in the forum titled "Life Altering Games" (thank you john_k). Sit back, relax and listen to tales of gaming that include forgetting how to sleep, years of "real life" lost, premonition, broken hardware, and that fateful moment in every gamers life when they realize games are more important than everything else. Covering games from Kung Fu, Pong, and Mrs.Pac-Man all the way to todays MMORPG's. We hope you enjoy our stories. Closing music is "Quake Master" by MC Hawking.
gamer_051.mp3 16680960
GAMERadio Episode #51 (July 13, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_051.ogg 16779390
GAMERadio Episode #51 (July 13, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4 and Kobar. Emails from ThoughtCriminal (Living the dream), MC Cushion ([XBX] The Chronicles of Riddick), and mrchicago ([GBA] Mario vs Donkey Kong). ESPN NFL 2k5 out early! Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack: Volume 1. The Master Ninja Tournament. [Gameboy Advance RPGs] JP ONLY (and maybe another Shining Force game?). [GameCube RPGs] Tales of Symphonia. Paper Mario 2. The Lord of the Rings : The Third Age. Baten Kaitos. [PC RPGs] Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. Dragon Age. Dungeon Siege 2. Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich. Phase Exodus. [Playstation 2 RPGs] Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose (Beyond Good and Evil). The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner. Wild ARMs: Alter Code F. Final Fantasy XII. Suikoden IV. Tales of Rebirth (?). Shadow Hearts 2. Kingdom Hearts 2. Champions : Return to Arms (Champions of Norrath 2). [Xbox RPGs] Sudeki. Fable. X-Men Legends. The Bard's Tale. The Roots. The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. KOTOR2: The Sith Lords. Renosance. Jade Empire. Citizen Zero. Dungeon Lords. Fate of Ages. [Movies] Butterfly Effect Director's Cut. Badder Santa DVD. Paycheck. Closing track is by Day After Tomorrow, entitled "Starry Heaven".
gamer_052.mp3 17256448
GAMERadio Episode #52 (July 20, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_052.ogg 17308843
GAMERadio Episode #52 (July 20, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and Ode. Sony's EverQuest 2 and Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Upcoming behemoths of the MMORPG world. Closing track is a sample from WoW, available at
gamer_053.mp3 17655808
GAMERadio Episode #53 (July 27, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_053.ogg 17663716
GAMERadio Episode #53 (July 27, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and modem! Ep52 Correction : No Ranger in WoW (deeeerrrr). Judgement Day for your PC, August 3rd marks the release of Doom 3. Now, what is the gameplay like, and what's with the sound? Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 : The Sith Lords. GoldenEye : Rogue Agent, AKA Double-O-Rambo. Halo 2, Xbox, and I Love Bees. Growlanser Generations. X-Men Legends. Spy vs Spy. Bujingai: The Forsaken City. Ninja Gaiden, patch or upgrade? Tales of Symphonia! History of the "Tales of" series. [Movies] 50 First Dates. Along Came Polly. Godsend. I, Robot. Dodgeball. [TV] The Assistant. Last Comic Standing. Joe Schmo. Dead Like Me. Closing track is by Mark Vera, a remix from Laser Squad, called Mission Recalled.
gamer_054.mp3 11476992
GAMERadio Episode #54 (August 3, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_054.ogg 11272737
GAMERadio Episode #54 (August 3, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and ribo! Email from ThoughtCriminal, GBA flash carts. Lik-sang. (SEGA, older consoles, playing GameBoy Advance). Email from Anonymous, World of Warcraft information from a player in the beta! MMORPG PvP. Foehammer419, GoldenEye : Rogue Agent and Doom3. ForumPlanet thread on performance tweaks. Some awesome GBA RPG. Prepare to be terrified by Doom 3. Thank you id, we needed this. A bit more on GBA flash cart operation. Closing track by the awesome Mazedude, one of best Doom 2 remixes I've ever heard, "Blood Bath".
gamer_055.mp3 12134400
GAMERadio Episode #55 (August 10, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_055.ogg 12163219
GAMERadio Episode #55 (August 10, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4 and Kobar. [Email] mrchicago's excellent review of ESPN NFL 2K5. What little we know of Madden 2005, which came out today. Forgotten Realms : Demon Stone. Burnout 3: Takedown demo played, going to have to rent this one for a better feel of it. Mario Kart Double Dash. Neverwinter Nights 2. Frag.Ops v1.39 alpha. Tribes 3 : Vengeance. Street Fighter Anniversary Edition. Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War. Hunter's cameo appearance. Xenosaga 2 Feburary 2005. Closing track is 'Ryu for Four Pianos' by Reuben Kee, a very nice take on one of my favourite game tracks of all time.
gamer_056.mp3 10807296
GAMERadio Episode #56 (August 18, 2004) (MP3 Version)
gamer_056.ogg 10690226
GAMERadio Episode #56 (August 18, 2004) (OGG Version)
C4, Kobar, and Hunter. QuakeCon 2004 conference videos available at FilePlanet (Doom 3 : maybe widesceen support someday, no console in multiplayer, piracy). Counter-strike : Source pre-loaded. Half-Life 2 script got leaked. Doom movie. Forgotten Realms : Demon Stone is single player. City of Heroes. "A good day" in an MMORPG. The classes. CoH Character Maker. Grief players with Recall spell. Breaking good games : Crap controls and screwing the players character ruin otherwise very good game, examples : Armed & Dangerous, Sudeki, Morrowind. Big hopes for Fable. Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War - an RTS that's shaping up very nicely. Some final thoughts on Doom III. [Movies] Johnson Family Vacation was terrible. Closing track is by GrayLightning, a remix from Shining Force, called 'Armageddon', once again, thanks to
gamer_057.mp3 11157504
gamer_057.ogg 11594793
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gamer_058.ogg 15750890
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gamer_060.ogg 12199401
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gamer_061.ogg 9954827
gamer_062.mp3 11966592
gamer_062.ogg 12821720
gamer_063.mp3 10852352
gamer_063.ogg 11634905
gamer_064.mp3 10799104
gamer_064.ogg 10539689
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gamer_065.ogg 12487200
gamer_066.mp3 11956352
gamer_066.ogg 12378829
gamer_067.mp3 13174784
gamer_067.ogg 13202875
gamer_068.mp3 11438080
gamer_068.ogg 11594708
gamer_069.mp3 11603968
gamer_069.ogg 11914612
gamer_070.mp3 11325568
gamer_070.ogg 11467891
gamer_071.mp3 12331008
gamer_071.ogg 12382331
gamer_072.mp3 10721280
gamer_072.ogg 11715688
gamer_073.mp3 17186944
gamer_073.ogg 18201882
gamer_074.mp3 16252928
gamer_074.ogg 18743642
gamer_075.mp3 16162816
gamer_075.ogg 17492426
gamer_076.mp3 17090560
gamer_076.ogg 18870780
gamer_077.mp3 16967808
gamer_077.ogg 17510099
gamer_078.mp3 16515072
gamer_078.ogg 17706607
gamer_079.mp3 16594944
gamer_079.ogg 19083488
gamer_080.mp3 16680960
gamer_080.ogg 18704853
gamer_081.mp3 16130048
gamer_081.ogg 17207667
gamer_082.mp3 16123904
gamer_082.ogg 17427551
gamer_083.mp3 16408576
gamer_083.ogg 17557818
gamer_084.mp3 15853568
gamer_084.ogg 17160027
gamer_085.mp3 15499264
gamer_085.ogg 17255763
gamer_086.mp3 16539776
gamer_086.ogg 17984768
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gamer_087.ogg 17706988
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gamer_088.ogg 18852881
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gamer_090.ogg 16265714
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gamer_092.ogg 18096370
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gamer_093.ogg 20352600
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gamer_094.ogg 17864876
gamer_095.mp3 20041728
gamer_095.ogg 23400765
gamer_096.mp3 19654656
gamer_096.ogg 23850619
gamer_097.mp3 16621568
gamer_097.ogg 19988311
gamer_098.mp3 16834560
gamer_098.ogg 11286035
gamer_099.mp3 16195584
gamer_099.ogg 18332675
gamer_100.mp3 41103360
gamer_100.ogg 46992149
gamer_101.mp3 17049600
gamer_101.ogg 19141619
gamer_102.mp3 15433728
gamer_102.ogg 17397509
gamer_103.mp3 16680960
gamer_103.ogg 18199206
gamer_104.mp3 17471488
gamer_104.ogg 21043475
gamer_105.mp3 17143808
gamer_105.ogg 20922061
gamer_106.mp3 16398464
gamer_106.ogg 18215716
gamer_107.mp3 17950848
gamer_107.ogg 20027354
gamer_108.mp3 15995008
gamer_108.ogg 18036988
gamer_109.mp3 16619520
gamer_109.ogg 18522095
gamer_110.mp3 26605568
gamer_110.ogg 29151312
gamer_111.mp3 16877568
gamer_111.ogg 18431895
gamer_112.mp3 23332864
gamer_112.ogg 22343919
gamer_113.mp3 16310272
gamer_113.ogg 17732433
gamer_114.mp3 22546432
gamer_114.ogg 24791078
gamer_115.mp3 23805952
gamer_115.ogg 25369576
gamer_116.mp3 26132480
gamer_116.ogg 31850847
gamer_117.mp3 17883136
gamer_117.ogg 21842588
gamer_118.mp3 22593536
gamer_118.ogg 27064361
gamer_119.mp3 27414528
gamer_119.ogg 32566179
gamer_120.mp3 27858944
gamer_120.ogg 32666055
gamer_121.mp3 21817344
gamer_121.ogg 26898517
gamer_122.mp3 16584704
gamer_122.ogg 20501711
gamer_123.mp3 16414720
gamer_123.ogg 19604645
gamer_124.mp3 16773120
gamer_124.ogg 20611906
gamer_125.mp3 16961536
gamer_125.ogg 19134861
gamer_126.mp3 16088239
gamer_126.ogg 17550752
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gamer_127.ogg 19321125
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gamer_128.ogg 18319337
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gamer_129.ogg 17456044
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gamer_130.ogg 19847367
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gamer_131.ogg 20392497
gamer_132.mp3 17112344
gamer_132.ogg 19603704
gamer_133.mp3 23542292
gamer_133.ogg 28407740
gamer_134.mp3 21278979
gamer_134.ogg 25273969
gamer_135.mp3 16057833
gamer_135.ogg 18844838
gamer_136.mp3 28401860
gamer_136.ogg 36308246
gamer_137.mp3 20213147
gamer_137.ogg 24399045
gamer_138.mp3 22278711
gamer_138.ogg 25008935
gamer_139.mp3 23585643
gamer_139.ogg 27170834
gamer_140.mp3 16605855
gamer_140.ogg 19288433
gamer_141.mp3 28484229
gamer_141.ogg 32204583
gamer_142.mp3 16375847
gamer_142.ogg 20287371
gamer_143.mp3 25285509
gamer_143.ogg 27901507
gamer_144.mp3 18607201
gamer_144.ogg 20930022
gamer_146.mp3 17834969
gamer_146.ogg 19547008

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