Shows: Infonomicon (Previously Droops Radio)

Hosted by Droops and Obfuscated from the comfort (and front yards) of their homes in Louisiana and Mississippi, this program covers a swath of technology news events evach week, peppering the information with profanity, jokes, and down-home elbowing. Originally unnamed and just called "Droops Radio", the show was temporarily named /dev/null and is now called INFONOMICON.

Description of the Audio
droops_000-remix.mp3 2633728
Droops Pilot Episode, Remixed to Remove Hum and Noise
droops_000.mp3 2874675
Droops Radio Show Pilot Episode (23:57)
Hosted by Droops. Opening theme runs until 1:30. Droops welcomes you to his as-yet-unnamed radio show. Intention is to focus on articles with other information thrown in. Some of the articles are not real and are just included to test the show and the audio. Droops appeared on HackTV talking about geocaching. Droops introduces you to himself and his computer setup. Droops drops his own docs (his name is Andrew, which is where Droops come from, and his lives in Mississippi, etc.). Droops is armed, and he has a truck. Droops suggests visiting Graceland II. Droops checks the time, and then criticizes BellSouth. BellSouth sends mail to Droops' fiancee. Droops reports a FAKE story of a homicide by iPod. Microsoft will be releasing an XP Starter Edition. Microsoft is also spending $250 million to advertise Windows XP Service Pack 2. Droops rails about Microsoft. Palmsource has experienced a net loss this quarter. AOL acquires for $435 million. Kam talks about AOL and how much he hates it, including their practices and ways to avoid using too much of them. Droops closes the show and thanks you. Closing music begins at 20:59 and runs to the end. Audio quality is very low; use the remix version instead.
droops_001.mp3 3591336
Droops Radio Show Episode #1 (29:55)
Hosted by Droops. Opening theme music runs until 2:00. Droops welcomes you to the premiere episode of the slow. No housekeeping is needed, since this is the first show. Microsoft is giving settlement money to customers in Massachusetts. The plan with the show is to give articles and some humor. Some towns are doing their best to prevent shopping cart litter; Droops lists some ways that different locations are dealing with the "Shopping Cart Problem". Sun has created a new desktop (Project Looking Glass) using Java; Droops is not impressed with Java and its potential to run a Desktop. Sun also appears to be marketing some alternatives to Microsoft. Microsoft is getting some heat from the EU for anti-competitive practices. Droops has some issues with the use of the word "Hacker" in a Wall Street Article, where it's being used interchangably with the word "Spammer". Also, the article talks about hackers exploiting holes, yet doesn't blame Microsoft for having those holes in the first place. Droops suggests you get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal and start reading. An article in the Wall Street Journal talks about some cool new media tools that are coming out. The air conditioner isn't on, and the fan running is likely making noise on the microphone. An article talks about an attempt to prevent the creation of new Wal-Marts in some towns, which Droops approves of. Droops likes using Wal-Mart, but doesn't like how it's removing the small stores that can give him better service. (Droops calls Wal-mart "Microsoft" many times in a row.) Droops talks about a game created in Germany called Cross-Golf which lets people who can't afford Golf clubs play it pretty much anywhere. Droops wraps up the show, and thanks you for listening. Send Droops a little mail, please. Shout Out to Obfuscated, which Droops cannot pronounce. Shout outs to Kizzle, too. Out music plays from 28:33 onward.
droops_002.mp3 5262794
Droops Radio Show Episode #2 (43:51)
Hosted by Droops. Opening theme plays until 1:10. Welcome from Droops on July 8, 2004. Droops is still unable to name the show, and lists some suggestions. Three people are hosting the radio show, now. Droops reads e-mail from the listeners, and tries to pronounce Obfuscated again. The Dan Rather intro will stay. Some new tech out there: Slimdevices, and the new Apple Airport. Droops is busy with his fiancee, renovating his house, and his shitty job. Droops mentions his military experiencing in public speaking. Droops admits the first show could have been better, and promises it'll be better. Droops tells the story of an unfairly billed telephone line. E-mail from Obfuscated about a distribution center in Wal-Mart in Louisiana. Droops talks about the injustices surrounding the distribution center and the town giving breaks. And now for the news. Companies are giving something away for free: Wi-Fi kits. Droops warns you that this is just a ruse to get you to buy expensive service. He also thinks its a trick to keep people away from Cable modems and cheap Voice over IP. Sony is offering a new walkman that can hold 13,000 songs in 20 gigabytes. Droops harkens back to Summer Camp, and then talks about webcams at Summer Camp, which ruins the whole point of Summer Camp, to get away from your parents. Howard Stern is suing Clear Channel. News article: Big firms are having trouble adapting to the internet. Discussion of Apple's veiled accusations of copying at Microsoft. PVRs are now called DVRs, big deal. Microsoft has won another patent case. Droops encounters issues trying to read the patent story. Droops doesn't agree with the official Microsoft position regarding patents. Cell Phones: The cell phone company is lying to Droops' fiancee and has renewed her contract without her permission. Cell Phones are now offering flashlights and mirrors, and this seems pretty dumb. HP adds a removable hard drive to their product line. Microsoft is adding a new search engine. Droops speculates as to why Microsoft can't stop trying to dominate and monopolize everything, even when they're being indicted for it. Droops tries a local search on his machine and compares the speed to Google. Droops closes with a political rant on why you can't legislate morality, and how you can't judge America by its leaders. Closing theme plays from 42:33 until end.
droops_003.mp3 6592512
Droops Radio Show Episode #3 (36:37)
Hosted by Obfuscated. Opening audio collage, followed by opening theme until 1:44. Obfuscated welcomes you to episode #3 of Droops Radio show, July 15th, 2004. Recorded at LAB5 in Baton Rouge, LA. Droops is on vacation, getting laid on the beach. No housekeeping is needed since no e-mail came since the last episode. Obfuscated got the flu from a girl. Yahoo has acquired Outpost and will give you 2 gigabytes of storage. Outpost isn't compatible with Firefox. A teenager in England decided to mail-bomb his ex-employers' site, and got caught; Obfuscated suggests just shooting them next time. Microsoft will include Services for Unix in Longhorn; while this may sound cool, Microsoft is going to just re-write code and release it as closed-source. Microsoft articles continue: people still using Internet Explorer need to commit suicide. More vulnerabilities are out, and Internet Explorer is losing market share. Obfuscated is leery about Service Pack 2 and automatic updates. Spam in the news: FCC wants to put a bounty on the head of spammers. The Hooked on Phonics people (Gateway Corporation) have paid a fine for sharing private data on customers (including children). Finally, some good news: Courtney Love is behind bars, and there will be a Basic Instinct sequel. Chipmunks appear to have toughened it out through the Ice Age; why aren't they using their energy and money to get rid of the rats around Baton Rouge? The Mozilla foundation is now officially a non-profit. Apple has sold their 100 millionth song. An ex-employee of Altavista who moved to Microsoft apparently hacked into Altavista to get source code. Online dating company announces that it will be adding criminal record checks to its membership services; Obfuscated reccommends hookers instead. Mexican attorney general gets a chip implant. Woman faces jail time for answering ad and wiring money illegal: Obfuscated thinks you need to read the fine print a little. A group of media companies have agreed in theory to allow customers to make backup copies of their disks: hooray. Lawmakers want some video-games declared obscene. Obfuscated needs a cigarette, so that closes out the episode. Shout outs to Stank Dawg, Dual Parallel, Kizzle and Droops. Closing music plays from 32:25 to end.
droops_004.mp3 25356288
Droops Radio Show Episode #4 (140:52)
Hosted by Droops and Obfuscated. Opening audio collage, followed by opening theme until 6:05. The show will get a name change. Droops is co-hosting with Obfuscated. Droops got no e-mail since the last show, and Obfuscated got some mail about adding some width. Obfuscated has decided that check-bouncers will get their info mentioned on the show. To the one person who listens to this show, the hosts thank you. Droops talks about his customers at the store he works at. Dell is making a new help center for people to keep their machines secure. Obfuscated reports that the feds are looking over the next version of Windows to make sure it doesn't violate antitrust. Droops is annoyed that Microsoft is blocking unrequested downloads now, instead of in the first place. Obfuscated: RIAA wins over iMesh in court. Droops throws down the fact: everyone copies music, and nobody uses a bong to smoke tobacco. Obfuscated steals porn passes, and comes to terms with his addiction to porn. Droops: Newspaper article announces that E-mail isn't private. Discussion of what e-mail is private and what is protected, and how encryption comes into it. The hosts ask listeners to write or call in their thoughts on encryption. Droops: It turns out that PCs and Laptops are made in all sorts of places, and not just by the company that's selling them. In fact, some of this manufacturers are now designing their components as well as making them, so the companies can put their brand on them. Obfuscated: Microsoft owns your skin; they were granted a patent on the use of skin as a transfer medium of information. Obfuscated wonders when you can boot off your scrotum. Droops shares a particularly stupid article on Wi-Fi, and declares the quote by an technology group president the stupid quote of the show. Obfuscated complains that technology is always mis-used and mis-configured. Obfuscated: Companies are exploring how to use silicon and protien to store data; Obfuscated is sure this will cause a little problem with people against using protien in this way. Droops: Lindows has now settled with Microsoft over the chosen name, Droops wonders why Lindows was being so stupid. Obfuscated: Duke and Apple have made a deal to get iPods to incoming students so they can download audio files of lectures on it; Obfuscated wonders why this is such a big deal. Droops and Obfuscated compare language skills. From his front porch smoking a cigarette, Droops relates a new consortium that will allow movies to be played on a wider range of devices. This means they want to implement limits, and therefore it sucks. Obfuscated pines for the day of the VCR, and restores the spectre of DIVX. Obfuscated has found the holy grail: Nicotine turns out to help with certain brain disorders. This makes both hosts, who are smokers, quite happy. Shout out to Droops' coffee-drinking buddy. Droops: VEGAS.COM provides a call center for helping people with having a good time in Las Vegas, and every once in a while, some very interesting calls come in. Obfuscated suggests coming to New Orleans if Las Vegas is too classy for you. Droops relates a fairly intense New Orleans story about getting accientally wrapped up in a bachelor party with New Orleans cops. Obfuscated drops some suggestions for visiting New Orleans. Droops reads from a Japanese article about Voice over IP, and uses it as a launch pad for discussing how businesses have to innovate to survive. Obfuscated: Verizon is launching a nationwide service for Voice over IP; this is likely to lead to taxing. Droops bemoans the lower quality of Mississippi alcohol. Droops: Google installs a billboard with a very crypic message on it, so really smart people will find it. Obfuscated recounts the "Girlie-Men" controversy in California, and replaces it with other more intense terms. Obfuscated and Droops discuss politics in California and in their local areas, then burst into a general political rant. Communism, Private Enterprise, Governmental Inefficiency, and Huey Long. Droops: New glasses are coming out that work better at getting dark in bright sunlight. Obfuscated's arch-enemy Britney Spears has begun her descent and Obfuscated couldn't be happier. Droops is out watering the lawn. The show is going to change its name, and a new contest has been started to name it. Whoever wins the contest will get an ipod built for them. Please send more e-mail. Obfuscated: Clear Channel will be reducing commercial time to increase value; Obfuscated is leery, but Droops thinks its a good idea. Unfortunately, Clear Channel is evil. The show is also playing on the binrev station. Obfuscated: One half of the Deceptive Duo hacking team is appearing in court; Obfuscated isn't sure this is going to accomplish anything. Droops and Obfuscated trade hacking stories. Obfuscated: Napster has now signed up with six colleges; Droops thinks its a protection racket. Droops gets another beer. Obfuscated announces Shirley Q. Liquor, their co-host. Shirley-Q makes an appearance. Obfuscated: Linus has announced that he will continue work on the 2.6 kernel and not branch off. Obfuscated suggests being a little careful about upgrading your kernel. Droops suggests not playing Frozen Bubble, so you'll be productive. Obfuscated found out that Legend of Zelda was based off the Tom Cruise movie "Legend". Droops says low-tech video games are the future. Obfuscated: Apple is introducing a new model of the iPod. Obfuscated reviews "Bubba Ho-Tep", Droops wants a copy of it. Obfuscated pimps Bruce Campbell. Obfuscated: Stephen Hawking reverses his black hole theory, that no matter will escape; Droops is impressed that someone famous has admitted they're wrong. Contemplation by the hosts on Vegetarianism. Obfuscated discusses and their obesity campaign. The show is over two hours, so it's time to close the show with a song from Obfuscated's band. There's no closing quote yet. Closing music plays from 137:35 to end.
infonomicon_005.mp3 19173512
Infonomicon Radio Show Episode #5 (106:31)
Hosted by Droops and Obfuscated. Opening audio collage, followed by opening theme until 6:40. Droops and Obfuscated welcome you to the show, Episode 5, on July 29th, 2004. Droops apologizes for going off on so many crazy tangents last time. Obfuscated and Droops have been working at their dreary jobs and relate some stories about them. Droops asks for some help with his Linksys router, which doesn't seem to be working. Obfuscated hopes to write some articles for the next show. Droops has been taking some online tests and acing them because he learned how to take standardized tests, but it doesn't mean anything, he still works at Circuit City. Droops: What, exactly is the New Media? It's blogs. While there's a lot of bad blogs, there's some good ones. Some webloggers are at the Democratic Convention. Obfuscated isn't as impressed and doesn't really read blogs, and doubts the quality. Obfuscated: French Internet Providers have agreed to crack down on illegal music downloads; Droops wonders how you enforce copyright across countries, and Obfuscated schools him on being a band signed with a major label and that they own your copyright. The exception was Nirvana. Droops found out just a day or two ago that Foo Fighters has Dave Grohl from Nirvana. Droops: Realnetworks has figured out how to hack into the Apple iPod format to allow realnetworks music on iPods. The problem is that this is against the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA); Droops wants to see what happens. Droops reminds you to get a newspaper and a shortwave radio, and don't just listen to this show and the other shows to get your news. Obfuscated: The new Netscape is being released; Droops wonders why anyone should care and why is this important. He speculates that in the future, it's just a brand that might have some use to people trying to get aay from Internet Explorer. Droops: Who invented the Steamship? Robert Fulton. But in fact he didn't invent the Steamship. The winners write the history books. Droops doubts the first words spoken over the telephone were "Watson, come here, I want you." Props to Nikola Tesla and AC Power. Droops: Slate, a Microsoft company, has said that people should use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer; now it's possible that Microsoft will sell Slate. Shouts to Dual Parallel. Obfuscated: What exactly has Microsoft created all by itself? Obfuscated: Skype, a company that makes voice over IP easy, is releasing a new version shortly. Obfuscated is downloading Dead Like Me, while Droops is enjoying Sex and the City. Droops claims his hot fiancee releases him from any questions regarding his choices of shows or fashion. Droops: Putting chips in people. There's something to be said for putting a chip in you when you're in a medical emergency, so people can read it and save your life. Obfuscated is really uncomfortable with this idea. He suggests seeing the Cronenberg movie "ExistenZ" to see where this could go. Obfuscated: A new virus is out named Zindos that affects machines infected with MyDoom. Droops talks about how computer viruses affect people, and lists some various anti-spyware programs. Droops carries some anti-spyware programs on his thumbdrive. Obfuscated: Intel will be trying to create a unified Itanium and Xeon processor-ready motherboard, to make a single socket for 64-bit chips. Droops: Google is God. They're also coming out with an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Droops suggests not buying in immediately. Droops gives some financial advice regarding Google and investing in a tech company. Obfuscated weighs in with his own opinions on the Google IPO. Droops and Obfuscated discuss computers that have come into their house. Droops was very impressed with the service that he has gotten from IBM, especially when he called and got someone from Atlanta. Obfuscated brings up an advertisement by Novell that pimps SuSE. Also, AMD has released a new chip. Droops rants about calling companies and not getting people who speak English, and how different companies run their call centers. The hosts are particularly worried about a claim that voice recognition will be used to detect callers as an authentication, and begin to compare different authentication methods used by businesses to protect customer privacy. Obfuscated tries to close the show, but Droops stops him. Droops: Voice over IP is the new buzzword. Droops talks about a new device that combines Wi Fi and GSM, so you can be on the phone and it'll switch between GSM and VoIP. Housekeeping: One person has sent e-mail complimenting the show. The Arnold clip showed up on a Kazaa share at one point and Obfuscated grabbed it. If you know the origin, send Obfuscated an e-mail. Continuing with the e-mail, the writer finds the Microsoft Skin patent creepy. Pixelfiend is the Listener of the Millenium. He suggested a bunch of names, none of which will be used. The show will instead be named /DEV/NULL. The contestant gets a home-brew iPod. The hosts decide how they're actually going to put the iPod together. There will be a new plan to have a site of the week. This week's site is JIBJAB.COM. The quote of the week is.... something Droops forgot. The term of the week is Scumware. Obfuscated rants about a Ms. Grand who he encountered on his pizza delivery john. Ms. Shirley Q. makes her appearance. The hosts marvel at Shirley Q's class. Shouts go out to people who are paying for bandwidth for the show. Apologies to Kizzle. There's a plan to get a separate domain for the show. Props to and "If we were binary, we'd be 00." Shouts to StankDawg and Binary Revolution. Droops is cooking some ramen. Obfuscated smoked 7 cigarettes during the show. "Don't listen to us. Make your own opinions." Closing music plays from 102:59 onward.
infonomicon_006.mp3 15072784
Infonomicon Radio Show Episode #6 (83:44)
Hosted by Droops and Obfuscated. Audio collage and opening theme music until 5:26. The show starts with a pause. Episode #6 is August 6th, 2004. A situation has occurred with the name of the show. Droops wanted to call the show something other than "The Droops Show", since there's more than Droops. The decision was made to go with "/dev/null", and a lot of people complained and claimed another "/dev/null show" was going to come out. A clip of the hosts calling StankDawg to ask if the new show name INFONOMICON is approved. Droops got no e-mail, and Obfuscated got one e-mail from Pixelfiend, who is happy the show covers tech and not just politics. Droops suggests FREELINUXCD.ORG. Droops covers some of the current state of PDAs and Cell Phones. Some are expensive, and the Microsoft interface isn't so great. Obfuscated: SKYPE, which was covered in the previous show, got a run-through by the hosts. The sound is good and there wasn't lag, and it seems to be hard to record, but they're working on it. The hosts would like to record the show in Skype. Obfuscated: IBM has declared that it will not use its patents against Linux. They've played pretty fair in the past, so this is a good sign. Droops explains why IBM has so many patents. Droops warns about the coming spam in text messages over cell phones. Obfuscated thinks we should just get used to it. Obfuscated: The Louisiana Radio and Television Technicians' Board wants computer repair techs to get licenses since their computers could be considered playback devices. Since this licenses is just $55 and an affidavit, it seems to be a money grab. Droops agrees. Droops: Prohibition resulted in Bootleggers; that law didn't work. Now there's a prohibition against online gambling, and the money is going to other countries, so the government will want to find a way to tax it and regulate it. The hosts reminisce about gambling schemes they have known. Obfuscated: A new wi-fi blocking wallpaper has been created that blocks WiFi signals without blocking off Cell phones. Droops thinks this is cool, but wants more details. Droops: Unisys, creators of $50,000 servers, are beginning to offer Linux on their server line. Microsoft, of course, is pissed. Obfuscated tells the story of a lawyer who has been suing Yahoo and people posting on a Yahoo board, simply because he doesn't like what they posted. The hosts don't think this is really worth suing over. Droops: Disney is now coming out with the Disney PC. The hosts think the price ($600) is good, but are skeptical the PC can protect your child from Obfuscated: 46 attorney generals have sent stern letters to Peer-to-Peer companies asking for a halt to child pornography, privacy invasion and trading of copyrighted material. Obfuscated is sure the peer-to-peer thing is coming to an end. The hosts wonder how this is all going to work, and how note how many of these lawsuits turn out to be frivolous. Droops: Red Hat is jumping into a new market segment: Small Businesses. Obfuscated: Oracle's Database software contains a pile of exploits and security problems. Details were not given since the patches are not out yet. Droops has nothing to say; he wasn't listening. Droops: The JIBJAB.COM's cartoon, "This Land" has jumped through the roof in net ratings. Infonomicon thanks all their many listeners for helping the site hit number one. Obfuscated has been on job interviews, and shares the experience. Droops contributes his own thoughts on the subject. Quote of the week: Bellsouth was giving out free beer, clam chowder, wings and batteries and the Democratic National Convention. The hosts would like Bellsouth to send some of the beer this way. Obfuscated: Sun is working on a computer where all chips communicate wirelessly, increasing the speed of processing. Droops: More and more employees are spending time with the IT help desks at companies. There has to be a way to fix this. Obfuscated: Windows XP SP 2 has had its dealine slip another few days. Microsoft claims there never was a deadline on August 4th. Droops doesn't care, since it's a crappy product. Droops: Leapfrog, a learning computer, has been brought to Afghanistan where it's teaching the people to read. Droops is big on this, because the more educated the people are, the faster the trip to democracy. Droops warns how managers keep the employees down, until it's revealed that Obfuscated was a manager. Quick turn back to Obfuscated: Verizon introduces a new Instant Messaging service, using MSN manager across cell phones and computers. Droops thinks if Microsoft is involved, then we can expect ads and worms on your Cell. Shirley Q comes back this week. Site of the Week: BUGMENOT.COM. Quote of the week: "Bellsouth is getting good will, by giving away free beer." Droops has forgotten the term of the week. After some effort, the term is "NIGHT LETTER". Shouts out to Pixelfiend, Kizzle, and StankDawg. The hosts love StankDawg. Closing music from 80:18 to end.
infonomicon_007.mp3 14909153
Infonomicon Radio Show Episode #7 (82:49)
Hosted by Droops and Obfuscated. Opening audio collage, followed by music and opening theme until 06:40. Welcome from droops and obfuscated. Don't boycott the #boycock. Working on Infonomicon TV. Consideration of Infonomicon motto. Droops got mail from Jason Scott of TEXTFILES.COM. Listing of locations to get Infonomicon. Send more e-mail to Infonomicon, damnit. Droops is feeling sick: is it Syphillus? Obfuscated: MPAA's settlement with 321 Studios. Droops: You need to back up because digital media is subject to bit rot. Discussion of digital media lifetimes. Droops: Microsoft Service Pack 2 is released, but apparently obfuscated didn't know. Droops: Old inkjet printers can be used to help create human skin. Obfuscated: New WS-addressing specification presented to the world (Obfuscated has a little trouble getting the story out). Droops: Yahoo is trying to compete with Google with, and Droops likes it. Obfuscated: Hackers can use Google to find weak servers...obfuscated doesn't know where the new news is. Droops: Orrin Hatch and his INDUCE act sucks (and obfuscated hates Mormons). Discussion of the criminalization of tools...and brothels. Obfuscated: Microsoft announces XP Lite, resulting in a discussion of Microsoft pricing and support. Droops: Description of Npower and their program "Technology Service Corps": "From the Streets to Geeks" Obfuscated: AOL offers workaround for Messenger Flaw: obfuscated sees a conspiracy. Droops: The 49th Element, indium, turns out to have the property that you can see through it, and you'll be hearing more about it because it's needed in LCDs and the price is going up. Obfuscated: Blockbuster is going to face off against Netflix... stay with NetFlix! Obfuscated talks about his cell phone reception and how analog and digital are still both in use. Further discussion of pricing plans for cell phones. Obfuscated: Rant on the movie industry and how they claim they're losing money, obfuscated harkens back to when going to movies were an event, then covers the most profitable films for Hollywood were all in the past. People used to go to movies for the air conditioning. Droops: Bought a new controller and am playing some old Nintendo games. Also, the CAN-SPAM act and learning to live with Spam. Droops finds some neat stuff in the want ads: shortwave radios. Obfuscated: IBM has released derby to the apache group, another cool move for open source. Droops and obfuscated talk about Novell CDs. Shirley Q makes an appearance again. Info on the next show: Obfuscated hopes to do a show on what software and tools to use to make your own show. Site of the Week is TEXTFILES.COM. Also: ARCHIVE.ORG and all the great movies you can find on it. Quote of the Week from obfuscated. Obfuscated declares himself against all women. Term of the week is NECROCUNT. Quotes of the week from Droops. "Necrophiliacs Against Pedophiles" is formed. Hopefully the show can get on Rant Radio. Shout outs. Future shout outs are $5 a shout. 80:40 and onward are the out music.
infonomicon_008.mp3 17933819
Infonomicon Radio Show Episode #8 (99:37)
Hosted by Droops and Obfuscated. Back in the day it was just a beep. Now it's a menu; people just don't trust us. Audio collage and theme continues until 6:14. August 20th, 2004. Welcome to Infonomicon Radio. Obfuscated might have a hemmerhoid. The audio quality has improved because the show is now being recorded on Skype. It's likely this show is the first to use Skype, a herald for the Infonomicon revolution. Droops: There is now an INFONOMICON.ORG. Thanks to VoodooHAL of for the server space. Pimp out to Jason Scott for adding thorough show notes, with the humor wrapped in. Obfuscated got no e-mail; droops did. A listener named Bankrupt saw some Infonomicon TV and has been using what's mentioned in it. Infonomicon TV will be torrented next week. Mail from Pixelfiend, who is helping with graphics for the show; he should expect his iPod next week. E-mail came from a listener who got a gmail account for reading the website - pay attention next time! Mail from a friend working at an animal preserve. Skype is a Voice Over IP application that uses P2P: SKYPE.COM. The hosts would like to have call-ins, and do this by streaming live and bringing people in on Skype. Obfuscated's mom sent Droops something. Speaking of which, Droops and Obfuscated went on a date. No head, but cigarettes. The show gets more complaints than it does compliments; leave them on the forums. Obfuscated: 80 percent of wi-fi networks are insecure. Burp. Obfuscated thinks this is great, keep it up. Droops likes to wardrive and has most of Oxford, Mississippi done. It helps him with schoolwork. Droops: Google is IPOing, and has dropped the stock from $135 to $95. Obfuscated; it ended at $100, giving each of the two founders $40 million. There are shots on the Google site showing people how the site used to be signed up. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, and consists of public shares of companies. Most companies go under their stock price within six months to a year. Obfuscated suggests against short term stocks, unless you're Martha Stewart. Keep a diversified portfolio. Obfuscated got this from AM radio. Droops: MSFT went live in 1985 at 7 cents a share. It then went to 9 cents a share. Now it's $27.46 a share; that's a damn good investment. EBAY went live in 1998 for $1.50 and is now worth $79.91 a share. JetBlue Airways went live at $12, and they're at $25 a share now; they're still making a profit. Droops explains what stock splits are. Google filed on July 13th; it usually doesn't take so long, but Google caused trouble in their "hush period". Obfuscated: Apple is recalling their G4 laptop batteries due to a fire hazard. Obfuscated loves this and thinks it's hilarious; he offers a prize if you get a photo of someone trying to put out their flaming laptops. Droops just got an iPod for his birthday; the show is being recorded on his birthday, while his fiancee is on the bed; where are his priorities? Droops brings up some issues with the date with Obfuscated again. Droops: Microsoft has released XP Service Pack 2. Microsoft thinks people should test it first. When you install SP2, you can't go to the Avon website. Droops: The tech writer Walter Mossberg, from the Wall Street Journal, wrote an article about Service Pack 2 that Droops admires; it indicates the new pack moves forward, but falls short. Updates and Firewalls are installed, but they have problems and it is possible to shut off some of the new features. Obfuscated doesn't see why you'd want to download this pack so far. Obfuscated: An unpatched Windows PC will last 20 minutes before being compromised by malware; this isn't long enough to even intall the patch. Solution: Don't click on everything like an idiot. The hosts are amazed people don't know about Google, which can help them with things. Droops: Verizon has decided that it's time to install fibre into homes. This has been done before, but the new amount of content will make a difference. The plan is to spend $2.5 billion to run the fiber by 3 million homes. The hosts describe the major limitations with fiber, like how fragile it can be. What might be on the fiber? Porn. Also, lots of movies, and other impressive feats. Obfuscated wonders if this gets rid of cable. Droops takes entertainment that they refer to this new technology as FUTURE-PROOF. Future-Proof is impossible. Obfuscated: Neilsen Ratings says that broadband is now half the online population; and wonders who's still using dial-up. Droops tries to speculate, but Obfuscated doesn't buy in. Droops bought his house based on a place that had a huge lot and broadband, even though he hates living in town. Droops: People use work phones and e-mail for personal messages; which could be monitored. Now they have to inform you. Obfuscated wonders why this is a good thing; if you go to work, you should know what's going on... screw around and get fired. Droops thinks people aren't that self-aware and recounts the story of the woman who tried to shove her modem into the back of the machine. Droops: Pest Patrol was bought out by Computer Associates. Burp. Obfuscated is the Queen of Denial. Obfuscated: A federal appeals court has ruled that Grokster and Streamcast are not responsible for trading on their networks. Droops can't stop breathing heavily. Obfuscated harkens back to the first days he'd heard of Napster. Droops heard about the Peer-to-Peer networks from the news. Obfuscated on MP3s: "We steal 'em, we burn 'em, we sell 'em." The hosts harken back to Weekend at Bernie's (1 and 2). Droops mixes up his movies. Droops: RealNetworks' Harmony plays on the iPod and charges 49 cents a song; losing 40 cents a share per song. This will cost one penny a share. Wal-Mart has also done discounted music, with no major success. Droops thinks you should use Real for a while and cost them a lot. The hosts consider the economics of all this. Droops: Buying music used to be simple. Now with the Internet, this is all changed. Ownership will be replaced by licensing. A listener comments on the IRC channel: Grendel is now on Infonomicon. Obfuscated: Microsoft has released a beta of its 64-bit software. Obfuscated is surprised Microsoft is regarding AMD; Droops says it'll be in the next Xbox. Droops: A new band called Acrassicauda in Baghdad, Iraq, played For Whom the Bell Tolls; an official stopped the concert and escorted the band offstage. Droops thought it was hilarious that the band learned how to play by listening to bootleg records and videos. Obfuscated encourages people learning english through media. The hosts trade mormon stories. Droops is out of stories, it has to go to everything Obfuscated stole from Slashdot. Obfuscated: IBM has tried to reach a summary judgement against SCO. Hooray, IBM. Droops isn't sure about the GPL and tries to explain the basics of the GPL. Infonomicon's license is you have to give it away to all your friends. The show is costing the hosts $100-$200 a show, so send photos of your relatives to the hosts. Jessica Tandy is hot. Fetal Sex discussion ensues. Obfuscated: How to Record Your Own Show, on a cell phone. What parts to get at Radio Shack and Guitar Center and how to assemble them. What software to get, how to get rid of noise, how to set your levels for the least amount of noise. Using audio ocmpression properly. Setting up your recording properly, and setting up mikes. Because the show was recorded on Skype, the microphone is very important. Droops starts breathing heavily into the mike and wanders away. Shirley Q steps in and saves the day. Shouts to, Voodoohal, Head, Hardyboy, Pixelfiend, Jason Scott, Bankrupt, Grendel, and Obfuscated. And Kizzle. Apparently Kizzle plans to redo the site. What does Infonomicon mean? "The Book of Informational Names". That is, nothing. Sites of the Week:, Quote of the week... is forgotten, then changed to "I'll be on your show, but I'm not smart enough to be on binrev", from Pixelfiend. The show's been consistently on. Term of the Week: Bungholeitis. And fuck you, everybody. Closing music plays from 97:30.
infonomicon_009.mp3 15994149
Infonomicon Radio Show Episode #9 (88:51)
Hosted by Droops and Obfuscated. Opening sound collage: Slurs, Facts of Life until 1:13. Opening music until 5:41. Welcome to Infonomicon.. is it hosted by Droops or co-hosted by Droops? August 31st, 2004. Happy Birthday to Pixelfiend; the hosts offered co-hosting as a present, but he was busy. Instead, the co-hosts decide to sing Happy Birthday to him. The show mp3s are being hosted by Majestic. Radio show is now at INFONOMICON.ORG. Pixelfiend also drew a new graphic for the site. Show format will be changing, with a low-bandwidth version; Obfuscated didn't vote for it. The show was late because Obfuscated's internet connection was down. Obfuscated describes the living hell he went through trying to get his internet connection back, and he was apparently caught downloading via Bittorrent. Droops talks about a recent crackdown on 150 "cybercriminals", but Obfuscated counters with more e-mail from listeners. Readers have been complaining that Infonomicon only reads off Slashdot. This is not true and the site will list these other sites in its links section. Obfuscated reads out the sources: BBC News, CNet, CNN, Google, Internet News, News Factor, Rootsecure, Securityfocus, Tech News World, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, PC World, and Wired. Obfuscated and Droops don't agree about Wired's usefulness. News. Droops got an iPod from his dad; meanwhile HP is now offering an iPod and iTunes on their HP computers. Droops thinks this is great news. Microsoft will have a music service out, and there'll be competition. Droops lists what he wears as well as his new iPod. Obfuscated: Photos taken in a Paris Elevator show a possible new Apple computer. Droops checks and it's no longer a rumor, it's announced. Droops: BUGMENOT was taken off the web by their Internet Service Provider, but are back up at a new site. Droops and Obfuscated debate why they'd be taken down or moved, but both agree the new site being in Australia is a good thing. Droops: An European investigation has been opened regarding the acquisition of ContentGuard by Microsoft and Time-Warner. Obfuscated: Circuit City is phasing out T-mobile sales. This bothers Droops, who works for Circuit City; he talks about how this choice has affected him personally. Droops and Obfuscated go "Woo Hoo" a few times. Droops: Satellite TV is now coming to your car. Obfuscated wonders who wants to watch TV when they drive; he relates the story of the 4-Screen Pornmobile. Obfuscated: Biologists at IBM have come up with a formula that uses DNA research techniques to determine spam. Droops: A new service will allow people to share cell phone photos between different carriers. But Droops points out this new agreement is between two companies that are merging anyway! (Cingular and AT&T) Obfuscated and Droops debate the Cingular "Jack". Obfuscated: An open-source answer to Exchange has been released: OPEN-XCHANGE Server. Droops: The show uses Skype, and it turns out they're not first as previously claimed: Rant Radio does too. Obfuscated contends they're the first... with these two hosts. Droops: Competition is now heating up in the voice-over-IP space. The downside to Voice over IP is that if your internet is down, your phone is down. Obfuscated points out to people that they should own a corded phone as well as any wireless phones or cell phones; otherwise, if something goes wrong with your power, you can't call out. Droops and Obfuscated discuss "Clerks". Obfuscated: The Internet is constantly improving, but legal and other challenges may hinder innovation. Obfuscated muses on how harder it is to innovate compared to back then. Droops tells the story of Intermodal transportation, where a more efficient method of transportation using trains, trucks and boats was pushed aside for tax revenue. Droops quizzes Obfuscated on Minnie Pearl. Something falls in Droops' room. Droops: A new disc, called a Dual-Disc, which can play as both a DVD and a CD depending on which side you place it. Droops is happy they're adding value, Obfuscated thinks they're not adding any value, that they'll charge a ton more. Droops and Obfuscated make a one dollar bet: Will these new CD-DVD hybrids be the same or a greater price? Obfuscated says they'll be $25.99. Obfuscated also thinks this will not be compatible with many players. Obfuscated: At least a third of companies will migrate some part to Linux. Droops counters with the recent Microsoft report on cost-of-ownership vs. Linux, and how they fudged it. Droops and Obfuscated talk about how there's training needed for Linux... but what is an MCSE? Droops: At work, the City Advantage Plan provides extended warranty. He describes an article about extended warranties for electronics, and when they should be used or not used. Obfuscated: A RI man has been indicted for spamming Verizon customers via text messages. Obfuscated calls out Droops for not listening. Droops: Microsoft has announced they have removed one of the technologies from Longhorn. Longhorn is a big deal because it affects computer retailers and their ability to sell new computers. Droops speculates on what these new features will add to people's lives; he bases it on whether the new technologies hurt you or help you. (If it helps, it won't come, if it hurts, it'll come.) Obfuscated wonders what people would be waiting for in 2006, and questions whether people haven't learned their lesson about Windows and new versions. Obfuscated: Intel is facing product delays, but has gotten their act together to produce new chips. Goals will be to lower heat and power consumption. Droops is glad Moore's law isn't broken yet. Droops: Because of recent attacks, Mozilla is gaining market share in the browser market for the first time: Microsoft has 93 percent share instead of 95. 14.6 million mozilla browsers were downloaded in July. (Droops' birthday is August 20.) Droops talks about how graphics aren't the most important part of computers; and the rest is eye candy. Droops talks about the cool CPU LEDs on BEOS boxes. Obfuscated: Orion Systems has announced a system with 12 microprocessors that takes as much power as a regular PC, and it'll run on Linux. Industry experts are quoted as saying it might not have much demand; Obfuscated and Droops debate whether it's needed, and want more details. Droops: A number of bands play very long sets, some as long as 4 hours. Meanwhile Madonna's recent show was an hour and 40 minutes, and the average cost was $175. Obfuscated thinks a show should be at least 2 hours long. Droops and Obfuscated list various groups that play long sets, knocking on bands as they go. Droops and Obfuscated test out their new singing careers. Droops calls out that if your band doesn't play for longer than 2 hours, they don't deserve your money. Obfuscated: IT Spending to increase next year. Obfuscated: San Francisco is suing Microsoft. Obfuscated can barely get the article out. Droops and Obfuscated discuss San Francisco and Rice-a-Roni. Shirley Q. Liquor weighs in with a little song. Word of the week is VOLVO. Phrase/Quote of the week by Jack Valenti: "When you go to your department store and you buy 10 Congac glasses and then 2 weeks later you break 2 of them, you don't get "backup copies", digital copies last forever." Obfuscated and Droops debate what you CAN do with a disc. "And once you break your Cognac glasses, you can STILL drink Congac out of the bottle!" Until later, we're Mickey Finn. Closing music plays from 83:32 onward.
infonomicon_010.mp3 9284963
Infonomicon Episode #10 (51:34)
infonomicon_011.mp3 14336914
Infonomicon Episode #11
infonomicon_012.mp3 16228702
Infonomicon Episode #12
infonomicon_013.mp3 17220362
Infonomicon Episode #13
infonomicon_014.mp3 14428134
Infonomicon Episode #14
infonomicon_015.mp3 16443585
Infonomicon Episode #15
infonomicon_016.mp3 19388395
Infonomicon Episode #16
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Infonomicon Episode #17
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Infonomicon Episode #18
infonomicon_019.mp3 17913208
Infonomicon Episode #19
infonomicon_020.mp3 10984829
Infonomicon Episode #20
infonomicon_021.mp3 16201352
Infonomicon Episode #21
infonomicon_022.mp3 16526088
Infonomicon Episode #22
infonomicon_023.mp3 21110784
Infonomicon Episode #23
infonomicon_024.mp3 29268219
Infonomicon Episode #24
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Infonomicon Episode #25
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Infonomicon Episode #26
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Infonomicon Episode #27
infonomicon_028.mp3 40726400
Infonomicon Episode #28
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Infonomicon Episode #29
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Infonomicon Episode #30
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Infonomicon Episode #31
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Infonomicon Episode #32
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Infonomicon Episode #33
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Infonomicon Episode #34
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Infonomicon Episode #35
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Infonomicon Episode #36
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Infonomicon Episode #37
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Infonomicon Episode #38
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Infonomicon Episode #39
infonomicon_040.mp3 14401536
Infonomicon Episode #40
infonomicon_041.mp3 44258585
Infonomicon Episode #41
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Infonomicon Episode #42
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Infonomicon Episode #43
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Infonomicon Episode #44
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Infonomicon Episode #45
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infonomicon_047.mp3 48426888
Infonomicon Episode #47
infonomicon_048.mp3 27424896
Infonomicon Episode #48 (57:08)
Show released on August 17, 2005, only 3 days to Droops' Birthday. Bumper Music plays to 1:10. Hosted by Droops and Obfuscated. Obfuscated was in the bathroom. Speculation on how to disengage yourself from your zipper. Droops expects Obfuscated to have kept up. Things have changed, but still no groupies. There needs to be a Fellatio Rodeo. Rebel Whore, who won the contest so long ago, got his prize, finally. HP has decided to stop rebranding iPods. Obfuscated went to a cockfight, and tells how it went. Microsoft has a new #3 guy in place, a guy from Wal-Mart. The British are putting RFIDs in License Plates. Infonomicon was not accepted to the Tech Podcast Network, because of profanity. Footage is needed for Infonomicon #6; Obfuscated wondered how they got to #6 so fast. A private investigator named ma-bell is being sued by Qwest for the use of the name. Droops rails about the weirdness of trademarks. Obfuscated wonders if Droops trademarked Infonomicon. Contemplation about Yellow Pages, and why Kentucky Fried Chicken is now called KFC. The JHAI's goal is to make technology a goal, not a consequence, with a $200 computer. Obfuscated assumes it's Linux and questions how easy it is to use. Droops claims he's in a third world country, Mississippi, and needs one. Droops tells the story of ice knife, who brought an antenna in a PVC pipe painted green. Droops wants to find the animated version of Animal Farm. Obfuscated's phone goes off, and Droops insults the Metallica ring. Thoughts on Symphony OS, its screenshots, and other aspects. Head does not come without strings. And don't date alcoholic chicks. A new ad from the WB will be hard to avoid in an upcoming magazine. Publishers are encouring these sorts of ads. Droops reminds people that Obfuscated was on Infonomicon back when it was good. Droops says that Homeland Security wants to turn off Cell Phones to thwart terrorists, which is dumb. Droops wants the new Bruce Schneier book "Beyond Fear". Droops bitches about his clients, and how they ran Anti-Virus and they got stupid messages involving Yahoo. Obfuscated's client thinks IS is his Internet Service Provider. "Yahoo is a God, but it is a Jealous God." Obfuscated wants "the pictures" from Droops, but Droops is not giving him any, not after last time. Droops has a quote of the week from Krystal Barnes, from Tupelo: "I get all my music off of Limewire." Unsweet tea, gotta love it. Infonomicon is working on Podcast Incubator and there's a new show called Ninja Night School. New textfile from Phizone. Obfuscated wants his Infonomicon Privileges back. There's also an IRC channel on dalnet. Who the hell is Ponyboy. Obfuscated is still getting used to the show, and next time, we want more info in less time. Shouts to Phizone, shouts to ice knife, irongeek, Obfuscated. No one listens to this show anymore. Ninja, Ninja rap! Closing music from 53:13
infonomicon_049.mp3 21121152
Infonomicon Episode #49 (44:00)
Krystal Barnes gets a call from the RIAA. Infonomicon gives you the Pirate news. Week of August 22, 2005. Infonomicon announces they have a CD Linux Project. Droops won't even drop his fake docs. What is a master-bilt refrigerator? Droops will be on the 100th episode of Linux Link Talk Show. Wal-mart is trying to corner the market in Liquor, but they won't have profane words on their CDs. College textbooks are going twice the inflation rate. Droops lists off his people to kick in the face: Gas Companies, Car Companies. Some thoughts on Gas Companies. Obfuscated says let's drill here. The Car Companies say they're going to create 8-gear cars. Kevin Rose needs a kick in the head, too: he teaches nothing. 911 and VOIP: you should know you're not going to get 911. Did you ever get stuck under a tractor? Radio Shack saved millions going to Windows over Linux... an ad sponsored by Microsoft. Droops does not buy in, and tears it apart for a while. Droops gets a phone call, and Obfuscated takes the opportunity to attack blogs. Droops continues to attack Radio Shack's choice of Microsoft over UNIX. HBO are teaming with Firefox to make a new skin. Droops loves his pimp skin, and Obfuscated hates it. Obfuscated advocates embedding ads into the program, and tries it. The whole world is offline, so start downloading. The new IE7 for Vista was going call RSS (Really Simple Syndication) "Web Feeds". Obfuscated lists the top 10 tech things we missed, from a while ago. Favorite one: "LPs". Others: The Newton. Droops has some FM transmitters, too. Obfuscated got his Newton from a floor while at work at Wal-Mart. Droops challenges Kevin Rose to a fistfight. He's also fine with swords, guns and cockrings. Kevin Rose is in the IMDB. There's now a crackdown on violet web-porn. But that's Droop's favorite type of porn! Speaking of Porn, Droops visited Where's the Playboy Linux distribution! Obfuscated had a knoppix problem: it needs a recent BIOS. Shouts to everyone who said Happy Birthday to Droops. Shouts to Binrev Forum. Shouts to Linux Link Tech Show, Regen Radio, Metal Show, The Chud Show, and Reel Reviews. Infonomicon has a phone number. First people to mail to the snail mail address gets a live CD. Shouts to Ponyboy. And who the hell is Ponyboy? Closing music from 40:00 onward.
infonomicon_050.mp3 14215168
Infonomicon Episode #50 (29:36)
The big 5-0. Microsoft sucks. Feedback from toejam. Bumper music until 3:25. Quick intro from Droops. Typing "linux" in Gmail says it's misspelled, because it should be capitalized, and offered "Linus". Make magazine is the best magazine ever. Droops wants a truck computer. Hurricane Katrina: Wow. Most people have left, but others didn't and perhaps should have left earlier. Droops has little pity for people who didn't leave. Katrina was the largest movement of people in the history of the United States. Some listener letters are read; Droops loves getting listener e-mail. Infonomicon Schwag is free if you send stuff into the mailing address. Obfuscated has written some neat PHP. is now hosted by Infonomicon, and people are bitching already! QEMU is an emulator that opens ISOs in Linux as a virtual machine. Also, Obfuscated got pwned by the Hurricane. The Pussycat Dolls are a new idea where they have a touring band and you can go visit them, and the article that mentions them blames lower record sales on piracy and lack of listener interest. Droops has an old cell-phone, and he's happy with it, because he doesn't get ads on his cell phone. If he paid for his phone, he shouldn't get ads. In London, cell phones are getting hit with text messages that are ads. It works using bluetooth, and broadcasts out from a billboard, and maybe there's a way to make a homebrew one. Quote of the week: "There's enough advertising around, and we don't need it on cell phones." Droops mentions how Al-Jazzera has found a wide audience, and another Iraqi channel has been competing against them with comedy, skits and boundary-pushing shows. Droops likes a show called "Labor and Materials" that does renovations on war-torn homes. Shouts: Kizzle, Telco Bob, Minion, Phizone, Obfuscated, and Teen Tech Talk Radio. Clip from Teen Talk Radio about too many ads being on a podcast. Closing music from 27:00 onward.
infonomicon_051.mp3 12054598
Infonomicon Episode #51 (25:06)
GENERIC INERTED PODCAST AD. Infonomicon Bumper Music plays until 1:35. Positive feedback about the Infonomicon TV. This is episode 51, which should be almost a year, except it's been more than a year. Podcast Incubator 2.0 is coming, and its code is going to be released under the GPL. Dosman and Droops have come up with the idea of doing a daily radio show: Talk with a Techie (TWAT). No fluff, no nothing, at least five minutes long. Infonomicon won't close because of this. Obfuscated is not a happy camper, but he is alive. 16 of 66 pages in a magazine Droops read was from one magazine. Bob Denver (Gilligan) passed away, and the boat from Gilligan's Island was named after a FCC chairman. AOL is about to be a sucker again, so screw them over. Cyber-looters are registering domains and taking money from hurricane donators: 2500 domains have been registered. Droops is not sure what the solution should be and asks for solutions. People trust Google, but Google can do evil: they're an advertising company. Google is buying dark fiber. Google has all sorts of broadband needs, so they'll likely go after all sorts of bandwidth to bring their services. Droops wishes that Google made blogs an option to not search. There's lots of companies searching nothing but blogs. This hasn't been the greatest show ever, but work is being done on the other shows. This is the shortest Infonomicon ever. Bumper Music plays from 15:42 onward.
infonomicon_052.mp3 19573518
Infonomicon Episode #52 (40:46)
10 minutes of bumper music play! (Red Dwarf, TV Theme Songs, Evolution Control Community, etc.) Droops and Phizone welcome you to what turns out to be the last Infonomicon Episode. Recommend you listen to Talk with a Techie (TWAT). Infonomicon the organization will not go away, and is involved in a number of other projects. iTunes now will have downloads of TV shows, but that's still slower and more expensive than Bittorrent. Droops has rebuilt his laptop. Phozone thinks laptops are disposable by now. RealMedia is still in business, somehow, and have settled with Microsoft. Some jackass is suing online retailers for not charging taxes. Droops is installing ubunto, on video. This show is being recorded on video for posterity. Droops doesn't put ads on his website. There is a lot of movement going on with making a TV version of the internet. The SCO-MySQL partnership now signed makes no sense, since SCO sucks. Droops hates SCO. Someone in Spain invented a washing machine with a biometric thumbpad. AMD is currently in the lead over Intel. Droops and Phizone are out of articles. Sites of the Week: QEMU, an emulator that will boot a live-CD.,,, Shows of the week: NTmeme Radio, Ninja Night School. Cunt of the week is the tax lawyer mentioned previously. Shouts: Droops, Binrev, Pseudonym. Droops Last Shouts: Dual Parallel (Inspiration), Obfuscated, Pixelfiend, Cotton, Phizone, Telco Bob, Podcast Incubator, Kizzle, Voodoo Hall, Stinky Puppy, all contributors, all listeners. Thanks to everyone who helps anyone else. And that's it, Droops is going to cry. This is all Infonomicon Radio. (Music from 36:30 onward)
infonomicon_053.mp3 24640742

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