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"In the Now" describes itself this way: ""In The Now" is a show about technology. It is meant to be informative and a forum for people to speak on issues technology related that are occurring in the world today. People from all skill levels are encouraged to listen. This show is not aimed at a certain group of people. It is meant to be for everyone to enjoy."

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2001-04-00.mp3 7889888
In the Now Radio Show #01
04/13/01 - This is the very first show of In The Now. Slipmode asks the question "Is the Internet becoming unsearchable?". Quantum computing and its effects on encryption. In The Now questions: Has the use of technology desensitized us to the world? Do the Amish have a better way of life? Microchips that evolve.
2001-05-00.mp3 7824512
In the Now Radio Show #02
05/11/01 - Chinese hackers plan attack on US infrastructure. gets hijacked. More on DECSS. State department gets hacked and the government admits that they are insecure and need to be more secure. Slipmode talks about a new worm that has affected 9000 servers. CDC to release new restriction free browser called Peekabooty. Slipmode's lack of sleep prohibits his reading ability. Is computer support not supported for us dual booters?
2001-06-00.mp3 9282944
In the Now Radio Show #03
06/08/01 - Light based quantum computers. Video games systems to be used as cheap PCs. IIS has a backdoor password. Do you trust closed source software? More truth that DVD zones are a problem for consumers and smaller manufacturers. Is the NSA trying to tap fiber lines? Software that monitors your children at school. Security using IP swapping. IPV6 update.
2001-07-00.mp3 9626600
In the Now Radio Show #04

2001-08-00.mp3 8628176
In the Now Radio Show #05
08/12/01 - Robot assistants for astronauts. Dell to no longer sell Linux workstations. Microsoft announces that they will not be using Java with Windows XP. IBM creates dashboards that talk. Info on the Sircam virus. Details of the Code Red I and II virus. Slipmode and the gang do some Slashdot poles. Information on the Dimitry Sklyarov Case. Senator looks to amend the DMCA.
2001-09-00.mp3 11693216
In the Now Radio Show #06
09/16/01 - Info on Microsoft's new Homestation machine. Internet via power lines. Department of Justice announces that they will not pursue Microsoft breakup . Downloadable movies that have a time limit. New programming language called D which is the predecessor to C. Info on biological computing and cell organization. Evidence of a black hole at the center of our galaxy. A large talk about what has happened the last couple of days in America and around the world.
2001-10-00.mp3 23642192
In the Now Radio Show #07
10/14/01 - In The Now pulls off a three hour show. Due to the coffee and the liquid nails in our new studio. Many things were talked about, here is a short list. More on the practices of Microsoft and it's new Windows XP. Microsoft's appeal to the court has been denied. Nimda virus is knocking or your Windows boxes door. Hackers need to fear Anti-Terrorism Act. More on Quantum. Quantum based semiconductors and Optical DSP's could be the future of processing. Satellite radio is here. Cell phones to become more fault-tolerant.
2001-11-00.mp3 12841688
In the Now Radio Show #08
11/10/01 - Digital pictures may not preserve history. Something worse than FBI's carnivore is on the way. Wireless networks play into hackers hands with the lack of security used. Linux comes to the US Playstation 2. trades in Windows for UNIX and saves millions. Information on the Microsoft antitrust case. More rants about Windows XP and Microsoft's XBOX.
2001-12-00.mp3 8739704
In the Now Radio Show #09
12/09/01 - President Bush pushes the government to be on a private network. Plans for a mission to Pluto are underway. Linux is labeled "the threat" to Microsoft. Microsoft's view of how they created an open market as well as it's bad comparison to open source software. Also Slip discusses about FBI's new virus that would steal your encryption keys and log your keystrokes so that your security maybe removed. Also McAfee and Norton's will not help detect the virus the FBI has developed. ICANN to look at DNS security and improve it.
2002-01-00.mp3 9389864
In the Now Radio Show #10
1/06/02 - The first In The Now of the new year. Canada replicates a super nova. Xboxes with defaults get bad customer support. Suspect claims that Al Qaeda hacked Microsoft. Windows XP is vulnerable to the biggest security flaw in there newest OS that allows anybody to have access by only plugging in your computer into the Internet. File sharing programs like KaZaA track your habits on the net. Also Microsoft's new television products will be keeping track of your viewing habits.
2002-02-00.mp3 7397552
In the Now Radio Show #11
2/10/02 - News on Linux for Playstation 2. Morpheus has a back hole that allows people to view the entire contents of your hard drive. Microsoft stops coding for one month to look for bugs and "clean house". More talk on Microsoft's security problems, what the consumers think and how does this affect their company. Finally Microsoft gets caught rigging the .Net pole on ZDNET.
2002-03-00.mp3 12645272
In the Now Radio Show #12
3/09/02 - Microsoft's Media Player logs your media choices. States in the Microsoft trial want to view the source code. Since the source code is in debate then both sides of the case should have access to it. Reasons why Linux is good competition in the desktop environment. Microsoft's political contributions are even more than the contributions of Enron. Nintendo, Sega and Namco to make a graphics board for the PC environment. Dimitree no longer is on the show and our newest member is Pestilence. Talk of the 12th planet and the Nabu.
2002-05-00.mp3 5231432
In the Now Radio Show #14
5/19/02 - This was a short show due to the fact that we only had JP and myself for this one. Objects called strangelets traveing at 900,000 MPH through the Earth have been found to enter the Earth back in 1993. MIT professor Stuart Madnick, testifying on Microsoft's behalf, stumbled when asked to name an operating system where the browser could not be removed from it. Did you know Microsoft tried to once buy Nintendo? Kazaalite a spyware free version of the popular file-swapping program is now on the Internet for download. CIA warns of Chinese plans for a cyber attack on the US. Biometric drivers licenses are said to be in use in five years.
2002-06-00.mp3 6753872
In the Now Radio Show #15
6/16/02 - A lot of good stories in this edition of In The Now. We talk about the conspiracy of the dollar bills displaying the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. Ice Reservoirs found on Mars. Hackers have stolen 265,000 California State workers information. Security flaw found in all versions of Internet Explorer involving the gopher protocol. Windows XP SP1 to address antitrust issues. A partnership between Dell, Oracle and Red Hat to create "Unbreakable Linux". Also all the other nonsense that goes on here will be in the show.
2003-02-00.mp3 9958215
In the Now Radio Show #16
2/09/03 - JP is now known as Spike. Also Captain Alibaba joins the show. The topics this show are listed next. Should Microsoft build the Windows GUI over the Linux OS? Microsoft ditches .net name for it's new server in 2003. Small possibility of Kazaa being sued. Nintendo speaks of it's new console in development. Sprint DSL suffers from weak default password on it's routers. Info on the Slammer virus. Microsoft plans to share source code with the government. Microsoft forced to ship Java on it's systems.
2003-03-00.mp3 7909400
In the Now Radio Show #17
3/09/03 - This is a special In The Now that has a live teleconference during the show. Extensible Firmware Interface could be what will replace the PC BIOS. Position paper that argues that hackers are sentenced to harshly. Open-source code ranks higher quality then other OS's code. Kevin Mitnick's site gets defaced then refaced. Luckily the refacer of Kevin's site was on the teleconference call so we got the news straight from the source. Dell spokesmen gets arrested for marijuana use. Hacker accesses 2.2 million credit cards. Slipmode reads from a interview with Bill Gates that shows his stance on consumers. Biology to make mini machines.
2003-04-00.mp3 9092072
In the Now Radio Show #18
4/06/03 - Itronix makes waterproof, vapor proof and shockproof laptop for the US forces. With the event of war hackers step up the hacktivism and attack many sites. Al-Jazeera was amongst the hacked sites and included a very good message. Chipmaker Intel patents overclock deterrent method. Microsoft's update to Service Pack 1 for Windows XP makes some programs start up to 10 times longer. Al Gore the inventor of the Internet joins the board of directors at Apple. More news on Microsoft antitrust violations. Microsoft creates a pathetic ad that implies that they make hackers obsolete.
2003-05-05.mp3 7210928
In the Now Radio Show #19
5/05/03 - Windows Server 2003 key leak threatens mass piracy. Windows Server 2003 kernel code gets audited by a security team. Microsoft shares Windows CE source code. Office 2000 SR-1 registration bug. America Online fights spam. PC with 37 OSes installed. US mod chip retailer jailed and fined. Phreakers exploit voicemail systems. Should you hire a hacker to secure your systems? Slipmode goes into a small bit about computer security.
2003-05-18.mp3 7315256
In the Now Radio Show #20
5/18/03 - iTunes music store sells over a million songs the first week. Eric Raymond responds to DoS claims from SCO. "Hacking the Xbox" is a new book out that anyone who is interested in hacking an Xbox should pickup. Government to crackdown on Spam. Earthlink wins a 16 million dollar Spam suit. A bit of information on what spammers are working on to get their info in your face. South Korean sues Microsoft over SQL Slammer worm damages. Microsoft wants to put more controls in hardware. With alternatives that are available for your computing needs, why would you ever need to use Microsoft software?
2003-06-01.mp3 10346816
In the Now Radio Show #21
6/01/03 - Microsoft prepares to launch it's own version of music commerce software to compete with Apple's iTunes. New 802.11g standard will actually lower data rates from the capable raw 54Mbit/sec to a slower 10 to 20Mbit speed. Diving technology with a glitch that could very well kill you. More news on the SCO vs. IBM issue. Microsoft to now license SCO Unix patents and source code. A small human interest story on the 2 Russian crackers Vasiliy Gorshkov and Alexey Ivanov that were arrested for cracking and other illegal activities. The "In The Now" shows does it's review of the Matrix Re-Loaded.
2003-06-15.mp3 7793408
In the Now Radio Show #22
6/15/03 - UK council evaluates moving 10,000 desktops to linux. Microsoft begins to fix up it's patch system. Microsoft granted US patent for "interactive entertainment". More talk on the SCO vs. Linux. SCO possibly violated the GPL. More talk about Novell's involvement in the case. Info on the new Bugbear Virus. The Summercon conference happened this month. More talk on the Matrix Reloaded.
2003-06-29.mp3 7922576
In the Now Radio Show #23
6/29/03 - The Incas may have discovered binary hundreds of years ago. Cell phones to someday zap info from buildings in the future. New worm on the web called Sobig-E. The 55808 Trojan confuses security firms on what its purpose is. Xbox security researchers tell Microsoft to either release a signed Linux boot loader or they will release new ways to run software on an Xbox without a mod chip. New bill gets released that helps FEDs investigate copyright violations. Orrin Hatch, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said he favors developing technology to remotely destroy the computers of people who illegally download music from the Internet. Microsoft wins $471 million dollar contract with the U.S. Army. Linux users protest at SCO. Lots more talk about the SCO issue. SCO suit now seeks 3 billion from IBM. SCO terminates IBM's right to use and distribute AIX software. Slipmode reads IBM's responses to some of SCO's allegations and gives his feelings on the subject.
2003-07-13.mp3 7481360
In the Now Radio Show #24
7/13/03 - Big show. Many things were talked about. Apache code inspected by a company says that it is average code as far as quality. Is information addictive? Japan wants Linux to run a government payroll system. Sony recalls 18,000 laptops. More news on the XBOX exploits, basically the XBOX has been 0wn3d. U.S. Air Force spends $200,000 for 17 XBOX centers. Slipmode defines Microsoft as a virus. Microsoft seems to be taking to long to adhere to the 2001 antitrust deal. Is Microsoft lashing out at companies that promote Linux? Cell phones to repel mosquitoes. RIAA has not scared off file swappers and more people are swapping files daily. More SCO news. Sun seems to be snuggling up with SCO in its suit. It appears that despite the threats from SCO people are not backing down on developing and using Linux. Has SCO used GPL code and violated its license?
2003-07-27-mp3 7457528
In the Now Radio Show #25
7/27/03 - Microsoft to pay out 1.1 billion in a California settlement. What lengths will Microsoft goto to not lose a sale to Linux? A widely distributed open source operating system named TRON is running on more hardware then Windows and its creator chose to sell it for nothing. A new exploit out that remotely gains access to most Windows operating systems. New exploit available that does DOS to the Cisco IOS. More SCO updates. SCO now targets Linux users. The Open Source Victoria group files a complaint against SCO. SCO creates a Linux licensing program. SCO copyrights UNIX. Slipmode and VR spill their minds on a few misc. things.
2003-08-10.mp3 11054144
In the Now Radio Show #26
8/10/03 - Microsoft says it will change its battle on Linux. Instead of targeting Linux emotionally they now say they will target it factually. eBay to pay $29.5 million dollars to Virginia inventor of the "Buy It Now" concept. European Union puts the heat on Microsoft and claims it is still an abusive monopoly. SCO wants Linux users to pay $699 for a single CPU system, $32 for embedded Linux and more pricing will come out soon for other configurations. IBM files a counter suit with SCO. RedHat files suit with SCO and creates the Open Source Initiative. Suse supports the Open Source Initiative. Sun to resell and support Suse Linux. New tool roots out and replaces SCO code once it is known. Could the SCO suit be a good thing for Linux? Slipmode does a review of Defcon 11.
2003-08-24.mp3 8225408
In the Now Radio Show #27
8/24/03 - Show a vulnerability and goto jail? Microsoft to lose $521 million to browser patent. Microsoft blames third party code for Windows crashes. Talk about the MS Blaster worm. Slammer worms crashes a network at an Ohio nuclear power plant. Microsoft plans on adding more automation to its update feature. Microsoft appears to be running some Linux machines on their network. The open-source community steps up its approach to SCO. According to an article back in June 2000 SCO supported and even said the would contribute to Linux enterprise technologies. SCO attacks GPL software saying it destroys value but touts its use of GPL software Samba to help integrate SCO into Microsoft environments. SCO prepares to attack more Linux users. Since SCOs suit against IBM they have sold 119,000 shares of their own stock. SCO claims that more then 300 companies have purchased the SCO Linux license in the first 4 days of its offering. SCO claims IBM is behind the open-source attacks on SCO. Rusty is a new guest on the show. Slipmode and Rusty talk about a New Times article that they contributed to.
2003-09-07.mp3 8427656
In the Now Radio Show #28
9/07/03 - MIT develops a robot that walks on water. Microsoft pays 23 million dollars to BE Inc. in an antitrust suite filed by BE Inc. Open source could be the next thing to replace Microsoft when it comes to the OS of choice for the power utilities to run. PNNL has the fastest open source supercomputer running at 11.8 Teraflops. Two computers get stolen from the Sydney International Airport. Teenager arrested in connection with the Blaster B variant. Japan to develop an open source operating system based on Linux as their alternative to Microsoft. Diamond semiconductor operates at 81 GHz. SCO sends Linux users invoices for licensing fees. SCO may attack SGI for supposed misuse of XFS code. SCO continues to sell their stock.
2003-09-21.mp3 7900112
In the Now Radio Show #29
9/21/03 - New Microsoft flaw invites more troubles for your Windows PC. Swen worm spreads. Talk about the first computer bug. New OpenSSH vulnerability. Black holes make deep sounds. Pouring beer on a CD can make music sound different. Internet surfers may be licensed? Linux 2.6 kernel has many improvements over previous kernels. Two computers from a Montreal bank are sold on eBay with bank data still on the computer. Signs show that the new terror laws are being used on common criminals. SCO seems to not know much about the history of the infringing code that it claims is in Linux.
2003-10-05.mp3 9831728
In the Now Radio Show #30
10/05/03 - Whats going on with the anti-telemarketing list? New laws regarding the black boxes in cars. One atom laser has been developed. Large computing grid goes on line to compute a large Hadron Collider. Virus knocks out the state departments visa checking system. ICANN asks VeriSign to undo its changes to the DNS system. A protocol is written to allow file sharing only within your home. AMD and Intel moving into the 64 bit market. HP to indemnify customers from SCO. HP is the prime sponsor of the SCO road tour. SGI writes a letter to the open source community. Slipmode reads b0ef's article on the description of what the GPL is and isn't.
2003-10-19.mp3 9103952
In the Now Radio Show #31
10/19/03 - Possible evidence to show that the universe is finite. Parents sue a school over its use of Wi-Fi. Eolas suite against Microsoft Internet Explorer to cause large changes for companies and Microsoft. Wi-Fi and 802.11? Study shows people are not satisfied with Microsoft and are contemplating switching. Israel Ministry of Commerce suspends all Microsoft contracts till at least 2004. Longhorn will be held back until 2006. Slipmode reads the Microsoft Windows Security Bulletin Summary for October. Slipmode also talks about the top 10 vulnerabilities for Windows and the top 10 vulnerabilities for *nix. SCO gets $50 million dollar investment from BayStar Capitol. Microsoft is a suspected for donating the $50 million. Red Hat files for discovery and SCO motions for a stay of discovery pending a motion to dismiss.
2003-11-02.mp3 7878800
In the Now Radio Show #32
11/02/03 - New light based processor has been created. A quantum NOT gate has been created. People are worried that a $300 device that the police and firemen use to change red lights to green will be misused. 5 exabytes of data was created in 2002. School adopts RFID tags for students. DOD soon to test large scale IPV6 network. Google may release an IPO. Microsoft wants a piece of Google but is rejected. Why Microsoft does not understand open source. New email controls in Outlook 2003. More on SCO.
2003-11-16.mp3 9789968
In the Now Radio Show #33
11/16/03 - Cyber criminals extort money from companies that they harass. Quantum crypto in a box. Seems to be that large amounts of people are deleting their illegal music files. New Sony Playstation portable device. 509 gigahertz transistor gets created. Can web surfing benefit workers? Darwin to run on NetBSD. Redhat says Microsoft is better for the home desktop. Someone tries to backdoor the Linux kernel. Microsoft now offers bounties for virus and exploit coders. More on Microsoft and how it wants to get into the search engine race. SCO goes after Holleywood. More SCO and IBM news. In The Nows review of Matrix Revolutions.
2003-11-30.mp3 8054048
In the Now Radio Show #34
11/30/03 - RIAA attacks more song downloaders. Jon Johansen unlocks iTunes. Nachi worm infects ATMs. Microsoft Exchange can be used as an open relay. AT&T sues eBay and PayPal. Dell to no longer use India for technical support for corporate clients. Government cracks down on cyber crimes. More progress with the Internet running over power lines. Korea to build 100Mbps Internet. Debian project machines get compromised. Corporations use GNU / Linux but do not obey the GPL. Major vendors move to push for GNU / Linux on the desktop. SCO and Novell go at it. SCO said to possibly target BSD for code infringement. SCO may want to sue Google for not paying SCO's GNU / Linux license.
2003-12-14.mp3 7081760
In the Now Radio Show #35
12/14/03 - Biometrics will be used more in the future. Cell phone jammers now on sale. Dell tech support to not tell customers how to remove spy ware that comes with their machine. Microsoft retires Windows 98. Microsoft's patch system has a strange glitch. Sun to sell Wal-Mart PCs. Fake ATMs take your information. Reasons to why Open-Source development is a good thing. Jon Johansen is back in court. SCO gets taken off the Internet again. More evidence that SCO contributed to Linux. SCO is given 30 days to come up with evidence of copyright infringement. The top 10 Linus quotes on SCO.
2003-12-28.mp3 8057288
In the Now Radio Show #36
12/28/03 - Nuclear fusion to get a home. Owners are modifying their OnStar device to work they way they want it. Microsoft aims to help defeat spam. Kevin Mitnick calls to hackers to help with content for his new book. It is becoming more common to find companies that use Open Source software but do not give anything back to the community. Looking back at the highlights of GNU / Linux security in 2003. Microsoft employs a group that studies Linux to be the core developers for their next operating system. MUTE a new file sharing program gets released. Microsoft gets sued developing a game similar to another game. Microsoft asks GNU / Linux users "How can we get your business?" Real Networks sues Microsoft for being a monopoly. Source code escrows, a new trend. IT industry shifting away from Microsoft? Jon Johansen wins again in the DECSS trial appeal. SCO tries to enforce intellectual property rights. Linus Tolvards responds to the claim.
2004-01-11.mp3 8528384
In the Now Radio Show #37
01/11/03 - Jon Johansen helps people play iTunes on GNU/Linux. Celebrate 20 years of free software from the GNU foundation. Israel still sticking to Open Source software for the government. Over clocking up to 5.25Ghz with liquid nitrogen. Bush supports plans to return to the moon and a manned mission to mars. Microsoft Word password system broken. Slip talks about a robot that is programmed with Open Source software. It seems that imaging and printing software has restrictions when it comes to US currency. Slip reads some of the 101 Ways to Save the Internet. Feds arrest someone who extorted Best Buy on their website security. The first ever silicon circuit integrated with nanotube transistors has been created. Privacy advocates worry what services like OnStar could be used for. Japan has created a complete phone exchange for VoIP. SCO talks to Google about their SCO Linux licensing and the fact that they have not paid it yet.
2004-01-25.mp3 9493904
In the Now Radio Show #38
01/25/04 - Bill Gates says Spam will be a thing of the past. Do computers act like plants? HP to distribute iTunes on their PCs. Space as possible newbattle ground. The moon can provide the US with power for over 1000 years. A few new worms for Windows. Lie-detector glasses. Turn any distribution into a full Debian system. Microsoft threatens the owner of What is the future of GNU/Linux on the desktop? Australia asks SCO show us the evidence. SCO files suit against Novell for copyright misrepresentations. Novell to offer Linux indemnification program. SCO expands Linux licensing to Europe.
2004-02-08.mp3 7374584
In the Now Radio Show #39
02/08/04 - Red Hat plans to release its version of SE Linux. Whats the fastest growing GNU/Linux distribution this year? Cable modems blown wide open. Europe wants to send humans to Mars around 2035. Jon Johansen wants compensation for all his court case dealings. Three blind phreaks wreak havoc in Israel. More on RFID. Richard Stallman visits the president of India. Sattelite television comes to cell phones in the near future. Nextel to offer high speed wireless access. MyDoom hits the streets and SCO offers a reward for the authors capture. SCO expands the IBM suit. Linus tells it like it is.
2004-02-22.mp3 9289712
In the Now Radio Show #40
02/22/04 - Pentagon preps for war in space. Nerve cells that grow on a microchip. Foonet gets shutdown by the FBI. Info on MyDoom.C and Doomjuice. Canada introduces a new privacy act. New FBI seal to be issued on movies, music and software. Nokia admits that some of their phones are vulnerable to Bluesnarfing and other Bluetooth vulnerabilities. The movie industry goes after companies as well as people. Chipless RFID. NASA creates its own Open Source agreement. IBM to launch MS Office for GNU/Linux. Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 source code gets leaked on the net. Microsoft warns of new security flaws. SCO's 5 reasons why Unix is better then Linux.
2004-03-07.mp3 9631280
In the Now Radio Show #40
03/07/04 - CIA uses buggy software to help end the cold war. RSA creates an RFID "Blocker Tag". More news on broadband over power lines. Sendmail launches a patch for mail ID system. Microsoft seeks patent on virtual desktop pager. Hmmm wasn't that developed a long time ago? SE Linux gets an update. AMD add buffer overflow protection in their new processors. Microsoft raided by Japan's Fair Trade Commission. Microsoft may have to sell a stripped version of Windows. Microsoft patches help people create vulnerabilities. New security tools in Windows XP SP2. A leaked email may be the smoking gun that shows Microsoft contributed more then 86 million dollars to SCO. Judge orders IBM and SCO to produce the code in question. SCO targets Autozone and Daimler Chrysler for attack. Originally the target was Bank of America. Special guest Severed Dreams talks about the movie Haxxxor he produced.
2004-03-21.mp3 8803856
In the Now Radio Show #41
03/21/04 - ISPs getting ready to follow the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. Lots of talk of Big Brother. Intel to use new naming scheme. The dates are set for Asian countries to role out IPV6. The Sega Genesis gets an over clocking. Power from sewage? Symbiot launches DDOS counter-strike tool. The quarterly numbers are in and Linux is on a steady rise in the market. Microsoft vs. the EU update. The army tells Bill Gates to stop sending them free Office 2003 CDs. It's more common now for virus creators to share code to help create variants. New hacker tools use P2P concepts. Info on the Phatbot tool. SCO targets Federal computer users. A new company called Open Source Risk Management LLC to give insurance for Open Source Software.
2004-04-04.mp3 8700248
In the Now Radio Show #42
04/04/04 - Congress moves to criminalize P2P. New possible domain names. Man gets arrested for threatening Google. More file swappers get sued. More clues to water on Mars. gets 0wn3ed. First person to get arrested for using a key logger. UK to tax Open Source projects? 12 reasons for the growth of Open Source. Novell to drop stand alone NetWare. GameBoy Advance can now run OpenBSD. Opera to embed voice recognition software. Open Source Vulnerability Database opens to the public. Microsoft to soon come out with new music store technology. DOJ criticizes the EU's ruling on Microsoft. Bill Gates gets his credit card 0wn3d. Sun Microsystems settles with Microsoft on all suits for around 2 billion dollars. Update on SCO vs. IBM case.
2004-04-18.mp3 8337152
In the Now Radio Show #43
04/18/04 - Security tools, helpful or harmful? More on weapons in space. Video games help surgeons work more precise and faster. Backdoor found in Cisco wireless access points. Intel reverse engineers AMD64. John Woo to produce Metroid the movie. Record labels want more then 99 cents per song. Product labels on software that reveal all functions of the software. Play Fair gets shutdown. Microsoft to revise the Longhorn release. Lindows to change their name due to Microsoft case. New Windows vulnerabilities.
2004-05-02.mp3 6905856
In the Now Radio Show #44
05/02/04 - Microsoft hires SuSE salesmen. Steve Wozniak and Kevin Mitnick to be keynote speakers at the Fifth HOPE. SuSE CTO does not like the idea of backporting. Linus Torvalds calls it a good thing. Some interesting statistics on passwords and how easy it is to get them. DOD considers creation of a national security lab. RIAA sues 477 more users. New but old TCP flaw. The Army to run war games to test security skills. A tool has been created to fight Pop-Up Blockers. Play PacMan with Manhattan as your grid. PacManhattan.
2004-05-16.mp3 7829504
In the Now Radio Show #45
05/16/04 - Intel scraps plans for two processors. Laser weapon technology blasts missile from the sky. HIV antivirus in development. Network cards from Verizon get stolen and shuts down connectivity. Ignalum, a new Linux distro that supports running Windows applications. CDs don't last as long as previously reported. Rambus files $1 billion dollar lawsuit against memory makers. Hybrid cars don't get the mileage that the sticker says they do. New iTunes 4.5 authentication algorithm is broken. Sasser worm crashes Coastguard computers. Dabber exploits Sasser flaw. A version of Sasser was created by its original author to remove it but causes more problems. Microsoft to put version one of Palladium into Longhorn. Bill Gates gets fined $800,000 in antitrust penalties. Windows worms jack up the cost of Microsoft Windows. SCO gets caught copying text from a book and inputted it into its online documentation.
2004-05-30.mp3 9113600
In the Now Radio Show #46
05/30/04 - Tracking devices found near Area 51 public areas. The creator of Snort says that it is due for an overhaul. E.U. seeks quantum cryptography. Googol to sue Google. Sl1pm0de explains why was down for over a week. A ridiculous article tries to describe why worm writers should be executed. E.U. makes further headway to approve software patents. Echoart, a good way to send hidden messages via ICMP echo requests. Cisco source code reportedly stolen. New ID system in the U.K. comes under protest. Do cell phones actually cause fires at gas stations? Microsoft reportedly pays Opera $12 million dollars to settle threatened lawsuit. Oracle to switch its 9,000 person in-house programming staff to Linux. VR discusses Biodiesel.
2004-06-13.mp3 8816640
In the Now Radio Show #47
06/13/04 - Zombie PCs account for 80% of spam. Texas to provide free wireless access at rest areas. 1,200+ McDonalds in Germany switch to using SUSE Linux. Germans claim that they created the first programmable computer. Netgear Accesspoint contains backdoor administrative account. UK may use RFID enabled license plates to identify vehicles. More private data is found on hard drives found on eBay. Passwords and other private information can stay on hard drives for years. Broadband Internet use is up 42% in 2003. The EFF initiative to protect innovation and free expression. Microsoft patents handheld computer click. BBN Tech talks about it's quantum cryptography network. BT plans to transform it's telephone network over to an IP-based network. Realistic computer graphics make humans look creepy. Sun Microsystems says that it will someday open source Java. Nasa considers robotic service mission to Hubble. Private spacecraft to launch June 21st. Microsoft appeals the EUs monopoly case.
2004-06-27.mp3 8536064
In the Now Radio Show #48
06/27/04 - Pentagon seeks new US spy powers. Stealth wallpaper to secure wired and wireless networks from eavesdropping. Akamai DNS goes down. More phishing attacks going on. Are certifications all they are cracked up to be? New Mexico to offer 103 square miles of free Wi-Fi access. Feds decline on creating a national "Do-Not-Spam" list. Quantum computer simulator goes online. US Supreme Court rules that you have to present identification when asked for it. Uni-DSL, DSL technology that can deliver up to 200mbps. Yahoo expands its free E-mail service to a 100MB limit. First mobile phone virus discovered. Windows XP SP2, good for security, bad for backwards compatibility.
2004-07-11.mp3 8976384
In the Now Radio Show #49
07/11/04 - Delta airlines to use RFID tags to track luggage. Japanese school kids to wear RFID tags. FCC to require broadcasters to retain copies of broadcasts for 60 to 90 days. Supreme court does not pass child pornography law. MPAA has a new chief. Zinc whiskers, a threat or a bunch of crap. CERT and Homeland Security ask you to not use IE and use another browser. Google steals Orkut code? Comcast looks to stop spam from being sent through its network. Hubble discovers 100 new planets. An Israeli firm develops technology to see through walls. 16 year old gets arrested for filming Spiderman 2 with a camcorder. New scam targets banks computers. The FCCs evil broadcast flag. Microsoft patents a method for a system that clusters and groups taskbar buttons. ISPs don't have to pay tariffs for musicians. Customers can take their IPs to other ISPs? Europe's software patents may not go into effect.
2004-07-25.mp3 9062400
In the Now Radio Show #50
07/25/04 - CNNs hacking timeline. Apollo 11 has its 35th anniversary. eBay to try a shot at online music sales. New SGI supercomputer to scale Linux to 1,024 CPUs. The problem with phantom clicks and advertising. Gentoo's portage platform makes it to OSX. The problems with VOIP. Doom 3s system requirements. The Chicago Tribune almost was not able to print any papers due to a software error. New iPod to come out. Copyright bill that would limit devices that could have illegal uses to not be produced. Microsoft to expand access to its source code. Spammer loses case filed by Microsoft. Microsoft may use copyrights to attack open source software.
2004-08-08.mp3 9091072
In the Now Radio Show #51
08/08/04 - Greyarea makes his appearance on the show. HD DVD to be in compatible players in 2005. Jibjab comes under legal fire and the EFF helps in their defense. Microsoft to patent more patents this year then ever before. How patents may affect the open source world. IBM says it won't assert it's patents against the Linux kernel. Software patents in the European Union may hinder the city of Munichs switch to Linux. SCO alleges that they have found an internal IBM e-mail that says AIX contained code for which IBM does not have a license. Nasa to get 10,240 processor computer running Linux. The future of Linux file systems. Problems with digital voting. Wireless chip connections may be the future to higher bandwidth chip connections. Motorola has mobile wireless networks with speeds of up to 300Mbps in the works. Aren't companies responsible for their own implementation costs for security? In The Now to be streamed soon on Rant Radio.
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In the Now Radio Show #52
08/22/04 - GOP gets targeted by hacktivism. Linus Torvalds on the future of Linux. Best Buy follows bad business practices. Internet Explorer looks to upgrade. Worlds first Scramjet-powered aircraft takes flight. Large asteroid impacts have been found in the Antarctic. Security at the Olympics. ISPs to take more action on spammers. Wiretap Act to require ISPs and carriers to provide backdoors for tapping. Sheriff Joe can no longer use webcams at the prisons. Teen charged in Blaster worm variant pleads guilty. An effort to setup Wi-Fi for US soldiers is underway.
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BTK suspect wants his DNA sample destroyed. Patrick removes GNOME from Slackware. Photonics may be used in processors one day. iPod looks to have boosted Apple.s desktop share. A new book called Got Game looks into the mind of the gamer and how he relates to work. FCC opens a new spectrum for wireless ISPs. Stuart Cohen believes that SCO was the best thing to happen to Linux. Nintendo speaks about the future of gaming. The EFF creates a guide on how to blog without getting into trouble with the courts. A new study shows that the less a student has access to a computer the better they do in class. Jon Johansen defeats iTunes DRM yet again. Microsoft patents what looks to be a mechanism in IPV6. An MIT student creates an alarm clock that hides itself after you hit the snooze button. A new security report says the a version of the Microsoft operating system is more secure than a leading Linux distribution. This report was no doubt funded by Microsoft. Cell phone prototype with built in projector. Laptop gets stolen at UC Berkley which contains nearly 100,000 peoples personal information. Brows the Internet on your PSP. Toshiba has created a new battery that recharges 80% of itself in just one minute.
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nTheory, Cessna, Sl1pm0de, W1nt3rmut3 and Automatic Jack at the 2600 Van, HOPE Conference, 2004.

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