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LAGER #003: Hosts: Jesse, Devon, Troels and Dann. Welcome Jesse to the fold, better know as Xafan in most circles. Corrections from previous episodes, three GL technologies for X! Xmodmap, xev and keyboard configuration. Jesse reviews the Logictech Dual Action Gamepad. Devon reviews Kings of Chaos and Warzone 2001. There is a lot of off topic content from niche fast food restaraunts around in Canada, US and Denmark to translucent porn to gaming consoles.
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LAGER #009: Hosts Troels, Devon, Dann. Back to Linux stuff tonight. Troels wraps up his media player reviews with Xmms, Mplayer, BMP2, Muine, ogg123 and mpg123. Dann mentions the gdance visualization plugin for xmms. GP2X has a firmware upgrade that kicks butt! GP2X games Extender and Bang are reviewed. Linux Games (LGames) Project's Barrage and LBreakout2 are reviewed. We wrap up with some comments on E3 particularly Wii. (May 21, 2006)

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