Shows: Line Interference (And Tangent Line)

Show about hacking, open source, and other computer issues, hosted by Lineman. A second show called "Tangent Line" is also produced by Lineman, and is included here as they seem to be cut from the same cloth.

Description of the Audio
commandline_episode1.mp3 13294992
commandline_episode2.mp3 20054099
lineinterference_episode1.mp3 10778648
Line Interference Episode #1
A Discussion of the Word "Hacker" and its various Definitions.
lineinterference_episode2.mp3 15250205
Line Interference Episode #2
Various segments dealing with the ethics and morality of piracy, hacking, full disclosure, and social engineering.
lineinterference_episode3.mp3 22373982
Line Interference Episode #3
How to get involved with the open source community, writing brain code, why you should progtram, and what programming language you should begin.
lineinterference_episode4.mp3 22333986
Line Interference Episode #4
Education and Careers.
tangentline_episode1.mp3 3200650
Tangent Line Episode #1
Interview with the founders of thepOsin.

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