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"Born on the fateful November 3rd, 2004, The MindWAR Internet radio show set out as a platform to rail against the world of ignorance. Since each day brings yet more FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt ), a daily show seemed a good way to combat the growing apathy twards information. Each weeknight we bring you a 30 minute show packed with politics, religion, socialology, technology, and much more. We plan on having special report editions which will run longer, as well as interviews and guest commentators.

"We don't consider ourselves alligned with either the 'Left' or the 'Right'. It would be unlikely for us to endorse a political canidate, and we will strive to point out faults on all fronts of the so called two party system.

"Our information comes from many sources. Much of the information can be obtained easily, very little of this would be considered secret knowledge. However, due to a variety of reason ranging from pathedic education systems to outright cover-ups, not many people have connected pieces of the puzzle.

"With all that said, plan on hearing angry hosts scream and shout at the rest of the world over what seems obvious to them. As two of the former hosts of Default Radio battle it out against the rest of the world, tune in a wild and informative ride.

Crew: decoder: Host, Executive Producer RijilV: Host, Webmaster Doug: Engineer, Producer Avid: Assistant-Engineer

Mindwar went off the air at the end of 2004.

Doug writes "I know decoder really enjoyed doing The MindWAR. I loved doing that show. All I had to worry about was recording, putting in music that either decoder or I would suggest, then uploading it. The website was all done and automated html scripts. It was quite nice. Default Radio was more of a pain in the ass in the earlier days. The MindWAR was just was daily (almost) and always live and just easier that way. Plus it was the kind of show of discussions I just love talking and hearing people talk about."

Description of the Audio
mindwar200411-04.mp3 9130112
The Mindwar (50:42) (November 4, 2004)
Introduction to Mindwar, by decoder. RijilV and Doug the Engineer. The show was created in response to Bush's election. Speculation on who could have beat Bush, wonder at 53 million people voting for Bush. Getting out of New York. Iran Contra, the CIA, Kerry, Bush. Buying massive cars. Consideration of different religions. Shouts.
mindwar200411-05.mp3 4366464
The Mindwar (24:15) (November 5, 2004)
Excerpts from "50 Reasons Not to Vote for Bush". Camp X-Ray and Abu Gharib. The nature of torture. Bush's record with the Death Penalty. Did the Democratic party intentionally lose? Shout outs.
mindwar200411-06.mp3 13062272
The Mindwar (72:33) (November 6, 2004)
"Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way." Co-hosts include RijilV, Decoder, Paranoia, Locutus. Locutus is the token right-wing guy, but the show is NOT LIBERAL. The influence of the Reverend Moon and the Moonies. More discussion of the death penalty and if it's legalized torture. More quoting from "50 Reasons Not to Vote for Bush". Schwartzenegger's father was in the Nazi party. Osama Bin Laden is a small piece of a big pie. Speculation on the future of Iraq and the US's future in the region. Whether it's a good idea to install governments. Was our involvement in Iraq a lie? More on Iraq. Shouts.
mindwar200411-07.mp3 6834304
The Mindwar (37:57) (November 7, 2004)
Decoder. RijilV is sleeping in. Doug is here. Special guest is Sl1pm0de. Decoder picked up Fortean Times. Discusses the articles in the magazine, the history, and some thoughts on the meaning of it. Urban Legends still abound. Burn-resistant cigarettes and piss decoder off. The states need round corners. The concept of "gateway drugs". Other urban legends that have shaken society, including the cell phone that kills you. (Killer Numbers). Shouts.
mindwar200411-15.mp3 7743616
The Mindwar (43:00) (November 15, 2004)
RijilV injured his arm; This is the premiere live episode; The show will be about daily political events; "The real conspiracy is the official story" -- decoder; A number of people have sent emails; Discussion about the White House, Diebold, Windows source code.
mindwar200411-17.mp3 8269824
The Mindwar (45:56) (November 17, 2004)
BlackRatchet is on this show. is a website of people apologising for the result of the 2004 US election. A couple of listeners have emailed. Discussion on abortion, Walmart. Nufone cut off all caller id services during Defcon because of Lucky225.
mindwar200411-18.mp3 6533248
The Mindwar (36:17) (November 18, 2004)
A new library has opened. There is another case of mad cow disease. Discussion on beef. James W. Walter has embarked on a national advertising campaign to reopen an investigation by the September the 11th commission. Operation Northwood was a discussion of ideas to get the public behind a war with Cuba. The twin towers were designed to withstand planes hitting them.
mindwar200411-19.mp3 8769664
The Mindwar (48:42) (November 19, 2004)
Do not send email to anymore. A group of people bought a Turkey, then threw it off a highway overpass. Reason Magazine is a periodical. "The Prankster and the Conspiracy" is an interesting book. "The truth is stranger than fiction" -- decoder; "I do not want to intentionally induce on copyrights" -- decoder
mindwar200411-22.mp3 7442560
The Mindwar (41:20) (November 22, 2004)
Discussion on smart dust (worlds smallest sensors), the Pentagon plane, The Lone Gunmen, "The official pentagon story is not possible" -- decoder. Alex Jones runs the website
mindwar200411-24.mp3 8939648
The Mindwar (49:39) (November 24, 2004)
spin talks about fascism. Austria and Hungary were fascist satellites. The Europeans fell for fascism and believed a national solution would work. The truly free are the elite. Queens, New York is the most diverse county in the US.
mindwar200411-25.mp3 5750912
The Mindwar (31:56) (November 25, 2004)
This is the Thanksgiving edition. Pilgrims did not leave England for religious freedom. Send email to paranoia talks about fluoride. Fluoride is added to tapwater today. Fluoride was first added to water in the WW2 concentration camps. is "An international coalition working to end water fluoridation and alert the public to fluoride's health and environmental risks". Aspartame / NutraSweet has been proven to cause brain damage.
mindwar200411-26.mp3 6924416
The Mindwar (38:27) (November 26, 2004)
StankDawg is a special guest on this show. If nobody sends in email the show will be turned into Default Daily. "Anyone listening on AIM right now send a message to 'themindwar'" --decoder. A listener sends in an AIM "You do have listeners, don't stop". StankDawg disagrees (loudly) with decoder over Buy Nothing Day.
mindwar200411-29.mp3 7833728
The Mindwar (43:30) (November 29, 2004)
RijilV is back from vacation. The SCO site was defaced. Discussion on airport security screeners. TWA Flight 800 was shot down by the Navy.
mindwar200412-01.mp3 7954432
The Mindwar (44:10) (December 1, 2004)
Discussion on ID requirements. You must show ID when asked to by a cop. The Abby Newman case turned out the opposite. Alex Jones 911: the Road to Tyranny. John Gilmore attempted to travel without ID. Book Finder lets you "Search for New, Out of Print and Used Books".
mindwar200412-02.mp3 7712896
The Mindwar (42:53) (December 2, 2004)
A listener emails to complain about the amount of profanity on the show. There should be more violence in video games. A listeners complains about when episodes are uploaded.
mindwar200412-03.mp3 8333440
The Mindwar (46:17) (December 3, 2004)
Ara C Trembly wrote an article titled "Cyber-crime: Where Is the Outrage?" it starts "Hackers are training within our borders in how to participate in terrorism". StankDawg potentially has a case for slander. "You can follow people from behind". Gas Lighting [?] is an interesting book.
mindwar200412-06.mp3 9719936
The Mindwar (53:59) (December 6, 2004)
There are a number of listener emails. A bag of explosives was lost on a plane. Islamic militants strike U.S. consulate in Saudi port city of Jiddah. Pakistani president denounces war on terror. Call in on 1-810-223-0003 ex: 6 611.
mindwar200412-08.mp3 6852736
The Mindwar (38:03) (December 8, 2004)
Fossil fuels are not going to run out any time soon. Put the right gas in your car. The December 2004 edition of Wired has an article on free energy / perpetual motion.
mindwar200412-09.mp3 6283392
The Mindwar (34:54) (December 9, 2004)
In Columbus, Ohio a gunman opened fire on stage. "The government knew about 9.11" -- decoder. According to Doug RijilV used questionable language 72 times in the past 10 minutes.
mindwar200412-10.mp3 6187136
The Mindwar (34:22) (December 10, 2004)
Discussion on the Oklahoma City Bombing. There were bombs inside the building. Yahoo are no longer using Google for search results.
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