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This is the pilot episode of NSAT&T Radio. Lucky still uses Vonage. The number portability trick still works. Skype. Lucky and Natas give out their Skype usernames: anonymouslucky and natasfears. NSAT&T. NSA listening post information and cable routes posted on Caller ID spoofing in 2006. Lucky calls 218-488-8463 and makes one of the last bluebox calls ever in the US. Lucky keeps mentioning N1 when he means N2. Captain Crunch wishes he could still whistle 2600. Cell phone guns. Lucky might be at Defcon this summer, Natas will be at Defcon but not HOPE. lost its hosting. We don't know when were going to do another episode. Hopefully sometime soon if people think it's worth doing. Feedback is appreciated. (June 6, 2006)
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Intro music for the minute and a half. Natas and Lucky225 welcome you to the second episode; apparently we only do it once a year. Royal and Greyarea are guest-hosting. In the last year, there's and, ways to make calls or get calls anonymously. We lose Royal. The whole show is being recorded through Grand Central via a .wav file. Discussion of various grandcentral features. Tellme was bought by Microsoft for over $800 million. Discussion of Google and Microsoft in terms of which will destroy the world first. Verizon buys MCI. Getting free directory service. Back to hating AT&T; the show was named for hating AT&T. iPhone discussions. Greyarea discusses iPhone in a positive light. How people are hacking the iPhone. Caller ID spoofing laws. Various stupidity related to how the laws are set up. Supposed test numbers that can fool systems. What trap and trace consent represents in all this. Phonemyphone: give your own phone a denial of service attack. Discussion of people getting called constantly by a harasser that turns out to be the son of the parents. Other current cases of mysterious callers and attackers. Switch hacking. The shutdown of CLECs in the midwest. Textmarks, shortcodes and what this means. Royal drops the info on getting to AT&T Directory Service for free. Voice Carriers: they suck! How much Vonage sucks. Easily social engineered, getting Vonage's NOC to call back. Trying to maintain privacy when you make calls. The issues of working with Vonage with Caller ID. Vonage's place in the modern world. Who is going and not going to DEFCON. What's worked and not worked in a few cons. has launched. What various hosts are working on. Shout-outs to everybody and from everybody. (01:26:25) (July 7, 2007)
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Result of SMS-Bombing Radio Fantasy with Messages
From the Phone Losers of Slovenia site: a DJ responds unhappily about being SMS-bombed. In Slovene language.
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Public Service Announcement: TV Isn't Real
Do you spend more time watching nature on TV that experiencing actual nature? TV isn't real, but the addiciton is.

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