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nns_000_2005_08_06.mp3 8811147
Episode #000 08.06.2005: Show Notes : A nice test run of Ninja Night School. Getting to know Lowtek Mystik. The layout of Ninja Night School, and send feedback!
nns_001_2005_09_09.mp3 7743930
Episode #001 09.09.2005: Show Notes : A breif Infonomicon clip in the show intro. Wikipedia and a breif histroy of a ninja. Common things between the ninja and hackers. LowMyst made a desk out of PCV pipe, you can check it out on the projects page. Other projects forthcoming, send cash! :) Going to a particle accelerator, shall return with pics! Closing Music: Keller Williams !!
nns_002_2005_09_21.mp3 14628864
Episode #002 09.21.2005
nns_003_2005_09_27.mp3 5930352
Episode #003 09.27.2005: Show Notes : LEGAL alternatives to p2p music filesharing, A list of bands available Furthernet. and are also great places "supporting the spread of the groove". Lowmyst went to "Wed-Stock" and drank more alcohol than he ever has.. atleast until Phreaknic 9. Ordered a "p5 data glove".. there are quite a few people doing neat-0 things with this old piece of tech.. like making music or robots! Who knows what it shall do in my hands! Muhaha!! Check out End_User's podcast/show, A Night Drive Thru Babylon and Black Ratchet's site. Closing Music : Keller Williams(again).
nns_004_2005_10_05.mp3 8821336
Episode #004 10.05.2005: Show Notes : Technology (along with everything else) revolts against Lowmyst! This episode is recorded on Lowmyst's Pocket PC, since it is the only thing that still loves him. Rant is about "hacking the mind".. mainly how we view the things the surround us, and how our views affect us. Failure and mistakes allow for change.. if we were "perfect", we would be unaable to change. Check out the Tales From the After Now series. Closing Music : Peter Rowan (this month's closing music is all about Tennesse, to get everyone pumped about Phreaknic 9).
nns_005_2005_10_18.mp3 7464922
Episode #005 10.18.2005: Show Notes : Intro: Clip from BinRev Radio Episode 115. This week's Rant is broadcast into the time-stream from the "ninja mobile". almost hit a deer. Rant about energy needs and usage, now and in the future. Is my ipod the son of SERVER?! NNS t-shirts for PN9. Feedback. Closing Music Grateful Dead, Tennesse Jed.
nns_005s_2005_pn9special.mp3 7143044
Phreaknic 9 Special o.O: Show Notes : Lowmyst talks about what he did at Phreaknic 9. Here are some links related to Phreaknic, please check them out! Phreaknic 9 site | Videos from Phreaknic 9 | Irongeek's Ribbonthulhu!! | Industrial Memetics | MemeStreams
nns_006_2005_11_05.mp3 10206204
Episode #006 11.05.2005: Show Notes : Behold the towers of power that are Solar Towers(or Chimney)!! Listen to Lowtek Mystik ramble about these clean energy alternatives. Click the links!! the .wmv of the solar tower here!!) | | related articles : here | here | here | here | ... and here. Closing Music : Phish, Rift. 06/30/1994 Classic Ampitheater in Richmond, Va
nns_006s_2005_podcast_howto_special.mp3 7937920
Podcasting Special o.O: Show Notes : Lowtek Mystik describes how to do a simple, quality podcast without investing lots of cash.
nns_007_2005_11_20.mp3 10216076
Episode #007 11.20.2005: Show Notes : Intro: Don't Copy That Floppy! Lowmyst's problems with Windows XP Home and proper validation. View pictures of my problems here. Why purchase CRAP products, when quality equipment is available for free? Droops and Kn1ghtl0rd are working on a bootable CD called Podcast Fertilizer. Check it out at!! I make some phone calls on this show. Listen to BellCore Radio. Listen to TWAT and then record your own! Contact the hidden dojo with an instant message in AIM at NNSRadio. Ninja Night Scarfs. Do I talk too slow? KyleL says listen to the show at x2 speed! Closing Music: Grateful Dead, When I Paint My Masterpiece. October 31, 1990 Wembley Arena - London, England
nns_008_2005_11_25.mp3 11176312
Episode #008 11.25.2005: Show Notes : This episode we have a co-host, Side Show Steve! DOUBLE the ninja action, without double the cost! Lowtek Mystik talks about some of his favorite "non hacker" shows. Keller's Cellar | Explorations | Technology Bytes | Dave Mason | Josh In Japan | Travel Commons | Video Game News Side Show Steve talks about Stereolitography. Lowtek talks about cheeseburgers and we go eat turkey sammiches! Closing Music : Grateful Dead, He's Gone. October 31, 1990 Wembley Arena - London, England
nns_009_2005_12_07.mp3 7484112
Episode #009 12.07.2005: Show Notes : Lowmyst rambles on about what's been going on and what's in the works at NNS and Podcast Incubator.
nns_010_2005_12_20.mp3 7591132
Episode #010 12.20.2005: Show Notes : Lowmyst travels to meet kn1ghtl0rd. n00bs are pwned and a show is made.
nns_010s_2005_newyear.mp3 2872722
2005 New Year's Eve Special: Show Notes : Lowmyst had to work on new year's eve... but that doesn't stop him from recording a special !!
nns_011_2006_01_26.mp3 8645111
Episode #11: Attack of the Drachenblut!! Show Notes : NNS returns! We announce the winner of the New Year's Eve Episode, we got cool junk in the mail and we learn about how to record on our Ipods with out using any add-ons. Read more about recording on your Ipod here.
nns_011_2006_01_26.ogg 16481732
OGG of Episode 11
nns_012_2006_02_07.mp3 7965091
Episode #12: Journey Across the Digital Wilderness! Show Notes : Broadcast from the digital wilderness. After hiking for over a week we finally reach broadcast range of the information superhighway. Lowmyst talks about his ABS laptop that he had bad luck with... and now he's looking for a new laptop.
nns_012_2006_02_07.ogg 5188190
OGG of Episode 12
nns_013_2006_02_14.mp3 18800108
Episode #13: Spooky Tales From the Digital Safe House! Show Notes : We reach the digital safe house! Contest Time! win a bluetooth headset. Episode #13 = Episode WIERD. Lowmyst talks about PROJECT SERPO ( The gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78.
nns_013_2006_02_14.ogg 14107240
OGG of Episode 13
nns_014_2006_04_07.mp3 6270006
Episode #14: Pre Notacon Mini - Special! Show Notes : Lowmyst, Droops and Irongeek met up and wrode in Droops' truck to Kn1htl0rd's Digital Fortress for some pre Notacon goodness! We played with some airsoft guns(droops just played with himself). See pics in the Infonomicon image gallery under adventures. Outro is from
nns_014_2006_04_07.ogg 4315529
OGG of Episode 14
nns_015_2006_04_21.mp3 11870006
Episode #15: New Studios in Lands of Lord Auda! Show Notes : A post notacon mystical journey takes Lowmyst to the lands of Lord Auda and a NEW STUDIO! Free time = New projects.
nns_015_2006_04_21.ogg 8954426
OGG of Episode 15
nns_016_2006_04_27.mp3 15149759
Episode #16 : Bird Talk on a Rainy Day! Show Notes : The rain pours for days durring the rainy season in Auda City. Confined to the studios due to the rain, Lowtek feels like a caged bird... which reminds him of the story of Victor the Budgie. Learn more about Victor, at
nns_016_2006_04_27.ogg 15792029
OGG of Episode 16
nns_notacon_d1_2006_04_07.mp3 11620753
Notacon Spectacular - Day 1! Show Notes : Here are some intreviews and other various sound clips from Notacon DAY 1. Bewarned, some of the audio is "a little rough" but only breifly. There is so much excitement in the air that it's near impossible to find any quiet areas! Notacam Notacon Webcam. Be sure to check out all of today's pictures at the Infonomicon image gallery. Thanks and stay tuned for more "nota - madness" tomorrow!
nns_notacon_d1_2006_04_07.ogg 7271108
OGG of Notacon Special
nns_notacon_d2_2006_04_08.mp3 7560776
Notacon ExtravaganX0r - Day 2! Show Notes : An interview with Zach of the Packet Sniffers. NNS meets Basenet... omniscaned! Remember to check the Infonomicon image gallery for more updates! Now, for sleep!
nns_notacon_d2_2006_04_08.ogg 4643900
OGG of Notacon Special

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