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NXR Radio Episode #1 (27:58) (July 8, 2004)
Opening music until 1:31. Welcome to NXR, from Phreakblaze. Youngbrain, and PhreakOut. Clearing up who is who. There is no material planned for the show. The show will discuss Hacking, Phreaking, and whatever else happens. The 944 project is currently being held up by blaze. Work is progressing on a wireless beige box. Blaze's motherboard fried, but he can finally get back into projects. Blaze wonders how Youngbrain is ahead of him, and Youngbrain is using a bunch of computers at school. Talk about underground and overground phone lines. Phreakblaze wonders about a strange phone box he saw in the ground that was seen during a school trip. He's also looked into some of the newer manholes and the facilities in some of them are looking really nice, with light and air. It'd be neat to visit inside the local central office, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to knock on the front door. Youngbrain has been consistently disappointed with his own Central Office. Blaze disappears again, bothering his co-hosts. Youngbrain asks how distributed.net is working for PhreakOut. Blaze returns and gets chastised. Blaze can't do much with his local CO, because his parents call him on a special cell phone to check on him. Blaze talks about the time he found a buttset hanging from a box. Verizon has been annoying to everyone. Youngbrain talks about having a mix of fiber and copper to his house, which stopped him from having DSL, to the surprise of the co-hosts. The hosts discuss Youngbrain's backward town. Blaze offers to sell his motherboard for cash. Blaze can't get online using Linux because he has dialup. Youngbrain calls for the show to close, but Blaze counters that the show isn't being streamed. Blaze considers this a pilot. The hosts would like to hear from you. The webpage has no content, but that will change. Blaze and Youngbrain throw down over who knows HTML. NXR doesn't mean anything, by the way. Closing music plays from 24:46 to end.
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