Shows: Radio Freek America

Inspiring Phreaker-based weekly radio program, based in Arizona. Since February of 2002, the team has covered phone-related news, hints, tips, and interviews. Solid performances and good information. Each show lasts about an hour and has no advertising (beyond promotion of phreaking-related events and opportunities). The Website is located at All descriptions of shows in this directory come courtesy of "Organized Turmoil".
Description of the Audio
24BITHigh Fidelity Version of Radio FreeK America
HIFIHigh Fidelity Versions of Radio FreeK America
qwestions_djmollusk.mp3 901247
"Qwestions", by DJ Mollusk. Theme song added to later episodes of Radio Freek America (128kbps Version)
rfa01.mp3 5425920
Radio FreeK America 1
02/20/02 - Trashing live, dual was "slammed," trouble with Qwest, Qwest releasing customer info then backing off, Rax discusses VOMIT and subsequent fun, start your own telco or isp,, Slingshot pre-paid Internet access, Kondor's Trios tribulations, fun with the phone, and more.
rfa02.mp3 6533208
Radio FreeK America 2
02/27/02 - A funny message, exploring RF technology turns to talk of the institution of school, Windows Media player is spyware, the media and freedom of information, Rax discloses an XP workaround, Kondor is watching The Screen Savers, Windows source code, browsers, hyperlink patent, Kondor goes trashing, phone calls...and Rax pimps Buckaroo Banzai.
rfa03.mp3 3494664
Radio FreeK America 3
03/13/02 - FCC's bilingual abilities, dual hosts alone, news, Linux on laptops, phone cards, Solaris on a laptop, Slingshot and Gameworks projects, phone calls.
rfa04.mp3 6191568
Radio FreeK America 4
03/21/02 - Checker says goodbye, low audio in the beginning due to new Sony mic, Kondor goes wardriving/wilding, Rax is politically correct, dual offers wireless Internet to his neighbors, Rax coins a new term, Kondor loves Debian, VMWare, Lycoris, Colombian payphones, fun with Alltel, the man comes for the oldskoolphreak crew, Deltron 3030.
rfa05.mp3 5030856
Radio FreeK America 5
03/27/02 - Live urban exploration segment, fun at Kmart, Merichan co-hosts for the first time, more UE talk, Kondor's hot rod vs. dual's ghetto box, Linux's growth, sleazy COCOTs and respective star codes, Louisiana Public Service Commission takes action, Merichan rants about pay phones and the outrage of soda rip-offs, conglomerates and urban myths, Cricket cellular, AT&T's m-mode, Merichan illucidates upon LiveJournal.
rfa06.mp3 4700808
Radio FreeK America 6
04/03/02 - dual is disturbed, Merichan and Skyler co-host, 2600 vs. DOJ, Intel vs. yoga, dual is not a sheep, Japanese segment, the Soda Conspiracy rears its ugly head again, Merichan exposes Yahoo, Rax's night-shot camera, the evil of pop-ups, IM and IRC, CCTV, where's Kondor?, more on LiveJournal, Kondor's leetness, speaking to Claire, the operator's kids.
rfa07.mp3 6780024
Radio FreeK America 7
04/10/02 - A call to Free American, Rax is sexy, Kondor worships Leo Laporte, freedom of speech, DoJ sets all hackers free, hacking?, the future, diet soda r0x0r5, the Unified Gameworks Theorem, alternative to Slingshot that works on Linux, Kondor's Linux Segment, Linux is Linux, Rax's AIBO, Merichan's Rant, Kondor is hungry, hot Star Trek chicks... uh... I mean attractive women on Star Trek, domestic squabble, "free" psychic, lie, identity spam, new theme.
rfa08.mp3 3635568
Radio FreeK America 8
04/17/02 - Special Episode: An interview with slipNaway
rfa09.mp3 7267608
Radio FreeK America 9
04/24/02 - Call to Slingshot, Merichan saw monkeys, big changes, dual plans to buy "new" computer, RantRadio offers to stream, a little talk about uploads with cable, Show = Commitment, Skyler gives people cancer now and won't be co-hosting as much, SuSE 8 is shipping, Kondor watches TV during TV Turnoff week, dual is happy, dual's adventures, touching moment, Meridian Phones, dual figures out cash register but takes no money, hacker?, MIT and the Dome, Crackers and Script Kitties, tools aren't evil, the media loves evil, dual explains PhoneHog, Merichan gets sugar rush, OpDiverting, Lucky225, HAM Radio, Sliver Box tones, tone dialer for $0.27, Rax talks about Vonage, Microsoft makes schools pay (, dual calls Kondor's voice mail.
rfa10.mp3 1931472
Radio FreeK America 10
05/01/02 - The MAYDAY Protest
rfa11.mp3 6642288
Radio FreeK America 11
05/08/02 - dual receives correspondence, illegal to refill ink cartages?, no talking about happy things, telco troubles, $400 telco bill!, dual wants to go to Vonage, Rax volunteers for H2K2, a little cable modem trouble, dual talks about Linux and BSD with Tech Support, Rax smokes Tech Support,, review of SuSE 8 intertwined with BSD, Unish, Where's Kondor?, Best Buy closes wireless cash registers, Wal-Mart Wedding Registry for gifts, scooters are fun, intriguing business card, dual calls "Slumber Party Hotline," Merichan is learning.
rfa12.mp3 7921728
Radio FreeK America 12
05/15/02 - Mr. Rogers is a phone phreak?, Kondor is back!, Turner CEO says skipping commercials is stealing, new privacy law, StankDawg says to be proactive, you can't look at porn on your Cingular phone, truth and porn, characteristics of the computer underground or not?, attackers, more talk about SuSE 8, IBM pimps Linux, the Debian update... sort of, Linux and Unix talk, thank you Kondor, ads in checkbooks, other special offers, Star Trek ISP.
rfa13.mp3 7912224
Radio FreeK America 13
05/22/02 - Dressing a certain way for fun, dual is helpful, Librarian of Congress rejects CARP's fee for playing music on Internet radio stations, talk about the first segment of show, telcos having troubles?, calling plans, Reverse 911, Free as in Freedom and open source books at O'Reilly, Sony wakes up, talk about Aibo, Kondor talks about Gatos, dual's hardware is Linux compatible, again tools aren't evil, page 5, call to ATT 1-800-REACHOUT, sparkle tone, call to telemarketers, horrible accident!, dual kills Rax, next week is special!
rfa14.mp3 7238880
Radio FreeK America 14
05/29/02 - Attack of the Phones
rfa15.mp3 7559712
Radio FreeK America 15
06/05/02 - Special Rax-only Episode
rfa16.mp3 7842834
Radio FreeK America 16
06/12/02 - dual is on the phone, Rax is host, virtual credit card, digital movie theater vs. regular movie theater, mp3 quality, dual's Adventures, dual gets a Big Old Yellow Ghetto Phone, modem in ATM, Mozilla 1.0 release, Pop-Up-Stopper, Kondor drops off the face of the Earth, Rax hooks up router and gets way more bandwidth, port forwarding, summarizing show help, more router talk, Rax says no to free TV, no more re-registering Windows XP,, dual rants a little on XP, NT Workstation turns into NT Server, saving Canadian Internet Radio, getting no sleep is fun!, 180 is awesome!, Rax talks about his phone project, stuff, Nokia 9290 Communicator, Linux PDA, Neverwinter Nights, D&D, rocket ships, Rax's purple keyboard, H2K2, lost dual on the phone again!, oldskoolphreak stickers.
rfa17.mp3 7998768
Radio FreeK America 17
06/19/02 - The show blows up!, Merichan likes to whine, Kondor is alive but not here, welcome Organized Turmoil, dual's hosting service turns off, dumpster diving at collage, dual is paranoid, freaky secretary has her ways, Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, government is going to track you left and right, Australian government may get a lot more power, drinks, DoS'd, small Linux section, Wal-Mart sells Lindows, dual says "darndest," problems with FreeBSD, Mandrake 8.2,, dual wants to be an operator, Merichan can speak Japanese, call to Qwest 1-800-WE-STAFF, kids outside should be inside hacking, free lesson in physical security, presentation at H2K2?, Rax talks about physical configuration, check out, everyone misses Kondor.
rfa18.mp3 7174872
Radio FreeK America 18
06/26/02 - Skyler and dual are back, Meme is the special co-host, never go to a county hospital, online broadcasting, big corporations (aka government), set up a pirate Internet radio station, keep your old technology, dual tells a story!, Sears wins first Lack of Security Award, dual wants to hack skater cards, dual makes a phone call to a not so typical phone sex line.
rfa19.mp3 7674120
Radio FreeK America 19
07/03/02 - dual is lucky, Streamer, Damnit dual can smoke if he wants!, possibly no show next week due to HAN II and H2K2, dual has a great story, Alltel sucks, Lack of Security Award goes to AT&T Wireless this week, games on cell phones, Kondor is alive, Linux tips, corporate greed, vasectomies, clean up your KDE desktop, dual is dual-booting his laptop, Rax talks about IBM virtual servers, Merichan finds $.50 soda!, swearing, dual makes fun phone calls, "Wait for it..."
rfa20.mp3 5315328
Radio FreeK America 20
07/10/02 - Special Episode: An interview with Woman of Telco
rfa21.mp3 9027720
Radio FreeK America 21
07/24/02 - Phone love, Rax works his ass off at H2K2, Rax's bumper sticker problem, talk about H2K2,,,, dual gets "souvenirs," talk about DefCon, shout out to Kondor, Merichan is going bye-bye =(, automated check in, Rax tells story about airport, dual talks travels and adventures, call to 1-800-MAX-SAVE, Lack of Security Award goes to airports, dual can use big words talking about life in prison for hackers, doomsday chicken-little bullshit, dual gets unhappy and says M-f-er.
rfa22.mp3 8421696
Radio FreeK America 22
07/31/02 - Very important show, Bill H.R. 5211 (allowing big business to attack P2P network users), Bill 4072502 - the Anti-counterfeiting Amendments of 2002 ,, words that are misleading, RIAA's website was DoS'ed, good news on CARP, Slashdot meeting, Rax uses NT-Switch,, "Use Linux, please!", Rax does some network stumbling, wireless honeypots, an attempt to call Charles Bacarisse (713-755-5734), personal telco, sit and contemplate quietly to yourself, video of H2K2 is up, end with a phone call that gives dual some trouble.
rfa23.mp3 7132464
Radio FreeK America 23
08/07/02 - Kondor is here, dual's cable modem gets fried, no job for Kondor, learning with others is fun, getting Linux on your palm - and, duals Linux tip of the Week, Linux security problems? - or not?, corporate buddies, Defcon, how to run a hacker meeting,, Australian government says letting the RIAA and MPAA hack P2P users on their soil is quite illegal, Dreamcast phone home, custom shaped CDs, talk about graphics programs, Spot the Fed, Rax's Vegas stories, old equipment at Defcon, Defcon stories, Factory 81, give Jack a call at 1-800-955-JACK, Merichan's last in-studio for awile.
rfa24.mp3 8313552
Radio FreeK America 24
08/14/02 - Kondor and dual on phone, wireless LANs and honeypots, duals Lack of Security Award goes to the USPS, wardrive responsively, Qwest executives are greedy, Qwest Special and talk about other telcos, Caller ID Spoofing, working with others is fun!, trying to play with static, props to Screamer for playing error messages, Knoppix, wardriving, funny sound at 45:04, wardriving, Raxs fashion tip, thanks to all to that help the show, Art of Hacking phone sounds, International listeners - if you have something to add to the show please tell us, special guest caller - listen to find out who.
rfa25.mp3 7742592
Radio FreeK America 25
08/21/02 - meme is here talking about "Culture Jamming," Adbusters, Media Virus!: Hidden Agendas in Popular Culture, more Culture Jaming resources here, talk about Linux distros, new version of Knoppix with KDE 3.0.3, a better place to get Knoppix at, new distro for wardriving - WarLinux.
rfa26.mp3 7739856
Radio FreeK America 26
08/28/02 - dual fresh out of work, pre-paid cell phones, wardriving, Lack of Security Award goes to the hotel dual is staying at, more wardriving, Mozilla 1.1, mouse gestures,, Zapperlink is special guest, NASA can read your mind?, come to the 2600 meeting to learn, stickers are finally here, copyrighting, drink 180.
rfa27.mp3 7999416
Radio FreeK America 27
09/04/02 - FreeServers sucks, dual's adventures, destroy all papers w/ personal info on them, privacy, the selling out of America, wireless and wardriving, gwireless,, NetStumbler, hotel DSL, retail security,, DO NOT CALL 800-623-1609, wherever you go there's something to learn, phone calls, Viacom Outdoor 800-349-1474, PC Chat 888-437-7660, pay for Internet access in hotels 877-929-7678 and 888-492-9767, we miss Hackermind, make your own show, stickers!
rfa28.mp3 8131464
Radio FreeK America 28
09/11/02 - Back in the lab, Zapperlink is here, regards to the people that were effected by these terrible tragedies, silence in memory of all the victims of 9/11, don't take your freedoms for granted, US PATRIOT Act, RIAA hacking people, dual is sacrificing and is here for us, awesome listeners, International email, 2600 meetings, Rax's dual-booting tip,, WarLinux, Zapperlink's box was 0wn3d, OS problems, phone exchanges, "pixel pushers," appreciate art, phone calls, pyramid scam: 800-692-7035, Touch America: 877-549-6987, Touch America Operator Services Agent: 877-418-0416, ??: 800-343-8477, BattelBots and Farscape canceled - save Farscape at, Demonstrations in Physics with Professor Julius Sumner, playful cleverness. (For added fun, count how many times dual says "Phenomenal!")
rfa29.mp3 9328968
Radio FreeK America 29
09/18/02 - Twenty freaking nine! W1nt3rmut3 in da house! Lack of Security Award goes to our hosting service, page goes down, Sprint Prepaid Internet, and, hams are elite hackers, absorb knowledge from your elders, learn to solder, Nuts & Volts, ham radio tests, The Internet Radio Linking Project, fun with IRLP on the air, highly recommend getting into amateur radio, kamikaze moth, QRZ.COM, Talking T.P., big Linux virus - Slapper, - XPdite, Kevin Mitnick's book, gift to all phreaks! Calling Card: 800-325-0604 PIN: 0219480968 Go do some phreaking!
rfa30.mp3 8132184
Radio FreeK America 30
09/25/02 - Enron is selling its crap, Warlinux 0.5 is out, what a bitch!, crazy phone problems, keep the analog stuff, the feds are coming for dual!, amusing story, phone card, thanks, use encryption, wireless,, sniffing wireless traffic, stupidity, Microsoft networking hardware, US ambassador tells Peru to stay with Microsoft, people move to Linux, Linux to become illegal?, Tales from the Afternow coming true, dual is pissed off, It's All a Hack, ice statue that urinates vodka, EFF, "Spread the virus," broadcast TV sucks, what can you do?, make an effort to use Linux, knowledge is power, do we have power?, Sprint Prepaid Internet, next week all technology.
rfa31.mp3 8764488
Radio FreeK America 31
10/02/02 - dual's in good shape, Cisco's slender hackers, Rax says Debian sucks, why can't every distro be like Knoppix!?, Rax's laptop troubles, the preaking thang, cool error message: 10-10-732+1 and any number, ANI: 10-10-732-1-770-998-9664, dual was on IRC??, calling card number: 877-217-8288, "Figure out a new way to use it", highly recommend keeping bad numbers, dual lives in a shithole of a town, 800 responsible organization number: 800-959-2000, Canada: 800-555-1111, dual's phone craps out, Secret Service is wardriving, the phone system is amazing, dual is going to try to put up an IRLP node, fridge on the Internet, and, special guest, Rax's last episode =(, anyone wanna be on the show?, there should be a gaming show, problems with WarLinux 0.5, project for the listeners: e-mail dual with info on your wireless cards.
rfa32.mp3 8455968
Radio FreeK America 32
10/09/02 - Qwest conspiracy, Bi0s is special guest, lesson from Pac, a lot to talk about, Digital Rights Foundation, what drives Bi0s to do it, Zoe Lofgren's proposal, Rick Boucher's proposal, a lot of acronyms, USA is the proving grounds for crappy laws, music companies get slammed for price fixing, copyright protected CDs, RIAA vs. Verizon, Berman's Bill, Windows XP, who is Bi0s?, starting with wireless, ghettodriving, even if you live in a smaller town you can still mess with wireless, Rax bought a Microsoft Wi-Fi card, phone calls, Check Card: 800-326-1144 (First Union National Bank (4828)),, Bi0s' Packard Bell server, pay as you go cell phone, great old shows, RadioShaq is clearing out shortwave radios, RFA has been blessed, shortwave in Chinese, porno, mess with RF, mess with phones, go to, be active.
rfa33.mp3 8209584
Radio FreeK America 31
10/02/02 - dual's in good shape, Cisco's slender hackers, Rax says Debian sucks, why can't every distro be like Knoppix!?, Rax's laptop troubles, the preaking thang, cool error message: 10-10-732+1 and any number, ANI: 10-10-732-1-770-998-9664, dual was on IRC??, calling card number: 877-217-8288, "Figure out a new way to use it", highly recommend keeping bad numbers, dual lives in a shithole of a town, 800 responsible organization number: 800-959-2000, Canada: 800-555-1111, dual's phone craps out, Secret Service is wardriving, the phone system is amazing, dual is going to try to put up an IRLP node, fridge on the Internet, and, special guest, Rax's last episode =(, anyone wanna be on the show?, there should be a gaming show, problems with WarLinux 0.5, project for the listeners: e-mail dual with info on your wireless cards.
rfa34.mp3 8768088
Radio FreeK America 34
10/23/02 - Interesting OnStar call, *TWAP*, Kondor!!, dual's proposal, gift to dual, letter from M_from_S, great show planed for next week, Navy phone card: 1-888-557-5560 Pin:1614251089, adventures with Linux!, final call for Linux 3 patches, Lindows gets a run for its money, does Lindows have the right to be called Linux?, RedHat 8 is a troublemaker!, Kondor's adventure with Debian 3, Kondor hoses his box, Debian 3, dual says "God-damn phone!!", Kondor was mad,, CD-ROM trouble, boxed distros, never update existing packages, Linux twilight zone, not all Linux distros are troublemakers, stream mp3 to SHOUTcast on Linux?, running big fat distros on thin hardware, Yay! Merichan can count to 10!, Merichan doing some retail hacking, phone call to Democracy Now and the Navy, dual is classy, boobies, next week is groundbreaking!
rfa35.mp3 8366256
Radio FreeK America 35
10/30/02 - Learning learning learning!, Kondor talks about C programming and Linux, the word "newbie", computer books are not cheap, ask questions at's forums, go to forums not newsgroups, Knoppix rocks!, laptop troubles, question everything!, w1nt3rmut3 talks about RF, magazines: Nuts & Volts, Poptronics, Monitoring Times, Amatuer Radio (CQ),, lock picking, hacking is not only about computers, dual talks about Wi-Fi,, phreaking!, dumpster diving, go to Google and look for the stuff you want, go to a library.
rfa36.mp3 6674760
Radio FreeK America 36
11/06/02 - Joined by StankDawg, voting, letter from auto about Knoppix, Gaming Special next week!, special project! - DDP HackTV, send in your stuff, Evil Entity Linux, damn whackers!, switched servers, hacker websites disappear?, phone calls - EZReach 800: 800-555-1194, 800-555-1213 - cool ones: 800-555-1171 also 1140 and 1180, BestBuy sweep stakes 800-241-9683, StankDawg's rant, colleges responsible for online piracy?!?
rfa37.mp3 8255520
Radio FreeK America 37
11/13/02 - Miss Merichan, Gaming Special with Merichan and Kamikaze, $100 going to the EFF, dual didn't like Counter-Strike but is giving it another chance, first experiences with games, Nintendo fined $143 mil for price-fixing, Nokia 7650, console games, World War II games, good gaming video card, cheating in games, making ames, games causing violence?, "Yup, just like mine," sex games, get System of a Down - Legend of Zelda.
rfa38.mp3 6187320
Radio FreeK America 38
11/20/02 - Big shouts to Romanian listeners!, Merichan was cleaning, Merichan is here but no Zapperlink, Merichan gets screwed over by DSL company, dual.s caffeine free coffee wasn.t, dual.s cable modem,, Merichan.s art, Comcast and AT&T merger, Merichan is sick =(, SliMP3 Ethernet MP3 Player, dual.s view on life, Miss Cleo Psychic Hotline agrees to settle fraud charges, Merichan gets sick and must go =( - Feel better Merichan!, 800-374-2639, dual gets the Factory 81 CD and send your wishes to Merichan!
rfa39.mp3 7244712
Radio FreeK America 39
11/27/02 - w1nt3rmut3's dad opens it up, joined by w1nt3rmut3 and StankDawg, Metroid Prime is solid, 2D coming to Gamecube, e-mails, the Internet does not end in the 50 states, some payphones still accept incoming calls, what to do when your not getting service, articles, DDP Freestyle?, go see Bowling for Columbine, redbox??, cool error massage, Target gift registry, cool kiosk.
rfa40.mp3 6807024
Radio FreeK America 40
12/04/02 - The Hacker Manifesto read by StankDawg, w1nt3rmut3's magazine gets damaged by the US Postal Service, easiest web server ever, 2600 meetings this week, OnStar spam and commercial, e-mail from Mexico, take a break from technology, old 21" monitor to give to the community, RadioShack books are dirt cheap, hacker salvage?, dual gets his oil changed and gets taught to always be observant, w1nt3rmut3's COCOT story, snow sucks, IDT's improvements, someone make a show, the special guest next week will be...
rfa41.mp3 7035480
Radio FreeK America 41
12/11/02 - Props to bland_inquisitor for the intro, free 802.11, crappy AT&T card, w1nt3rmut3 is a net director, mut3 gets a nice TNC for $10, dual is going to install SuSE 8.0 live on the air, Outbreak Magazine, e-mail from Dropcode, also e-mail from bland_inquisitor, Hacker: Outlaws and Angels, take the time to read the past posts on StankDawg.s forums, thanks to cxi for the privacy articles, something happened and no special guest, the Redneck Hacker Manifesto, StankDawg.s adventure to ITEC, recreational hackers looked at by FBI?, the Mike Maginnis story, do not be controlled and make your voice heard, ghettodriving, six basic steps to sorta securing wireless, StankDawg setting up wireless, get SuSE 8.0 not 8.1, what a hacker is not, can we change the world?, pimp pimp oldskoolphreak archives.
rfa42.mp3 8512344
Radio FreeK America 42
12/18/02 - Show notes thrown away, last minute guest Zapperlink, Zapperlink making a new OS - Centanya, what to do to start assembly, programming on a calculator, spammer sues anti-spammers, Ex-mass Special, StankDawg shows up, Qwest sucks!, TeleTruth,, new yellow pages, call 800-422-8793, mut3 gets disconnected,, 866-630-MSN8 (6768), 877-YO-FRANK (963-7265), RadioShack selling dirt cheap stuff, The w1nt3rmut3 Experience, cell phone double as tone dialer, ArpaNet shows up on log, Stank is going to get h4x0r3d by leeched emoticons!, know basic math, don.t litter, common sense isn.t that common, Stank roots Best Buy kiosk, pimp pimp, dual goes on IRC, hungry for more shows.
rfa43.mp3 8749368
Radio FreeK America 43
12/25/02 - The Ex-mass Special
rfa44.mp3 8034912
Radio FreeK America 44
01/01/03 - w1nt3rmut3 and StankDawg in the house, looking for a domain, holy shit a people mover!, Digital DawgPound gets a cleaner look, new name for the archives -, Hackermind is getting it together, UPL is good stuff, 2600 meetings this week, airports beefing up security, geeks get hot chicks?, cable company not letting PPV even if you pay, quit being funny, Rax is immortalized, FedCERT 888-282-0870, Qwest gets approved for long distance, Qwest Penny Plus phone card 800-577-0468, death of the payphone? Fry's Electronics selling ThizLinux box for $150, CompUSA employees are dickheads, RadioShack has great deals going on, fear sells, Phrack 60 out, cell phone jammers, Radical Future 3 out, new layout at n3tmask, StankDawg graduates, special (sexy) guest next week.
rfa45.mp3 6792552
Radio FreeK America 45
01/08/03 - Show recorded early in the morning, encrypted correspondence, no cracks, 2600 meeting, if you don.t know something ask about it, is "chicks" offensive?, mmm Cap'n Crunch, In The Now, ATT wireless going 3G, Qwest to cut 320 jobs, relay and TTY phone numbers at, Hackers Anonymous meeting, TechTV is airing anime, dubs don.t suck...bad dubs suck, culture on RFA, Fruits Basket is good show, Vice City, good games at good prices, Quake 3 True Combat mod, the good ol' times, Panasonic Q Gamecube, Charcoal Feather Federation, Witch Hunter Robin, Hellsing, it's just so morningie, how to screw the post office, don.t lose all faith in humanity, op-diverting, jabber, Anime Expo 2003, cosplay.
rfa46.mp3 7590600
Radio FreeK America 46
01/15/03 - Special Stank n' mut3 Episode 1
rfa47.mp3 7957872
Radio FreeK America 47
01/22/03 - Special Stank n' mut3 Episode 2
rfa48.mp3 7098264
Radio FreeK America 48
01/29/03 - dual is back, we don't need no stinking notes!, dual.s lucid dreaming story, Stank.s ankle, Italy.s phone system, the hotel dual stayed at, anime in Italy, Stank still has not played Gamecube, Lack of Security Award goes to some French guy, airport security, Italian security, wouldn.t want to live anywhere else, information is good, DDP HackTV, just being silly, just a guy who has fun playing with technology, flame wars, Italian hacker magazines, Stank.s RHCE book, remote encrypted access to your email, use the command line, TSA - 866-289-9673, Stank.s Wi-Fi story, Wired and Popular Science magazine, AI, good show next week.
rfa49.mp3 7739208
Radio FreeK America 49
02/05/03 - Deepest sympathies to the friends and family of the seven Columbia astronauts, StankDawg and bland inquisitor here, war on Iraq,, be active, sell music online, telemarketers sue to try to stop the do not call list, Segway being banned, Qwest telemarketing - Qwest Dex Direct 800-999-4630, Qwest financials 800-223-9488 Conf ID: Qwest 2002 - after 888-567-0671, death of redboxing at, try these numbers at Home Depot: Training and Publications 700-771-8300 - Help Desk 700-778-2750,, never pay the $0.50 fee again, Linux is making headway, Lack of Security Award goes to Co-operators Life Insurance Company of Canada, Lack of Privacy award goes to Crate and Barrel, paper shredding live on the air!, dumpster diving, SuSE 8.1 sucks!, reviews coming, wardriving, DDP HackTV, Urban Exploration text files coming, one year ago yesterday (02/02/02) RFA was conceived, congrats to bland inquisitor for being in 2600.
rfa50.mp3 6362928
Radio FreeK America 50
02/12/03 - Special 50th Episode
rfa51.mp3 7971768
Radio FreeK America 51
02/19/03 - The archive server is going away, long but meaningful email, art by logan5, media injecting fear, old skool tech and books, 11 year old might be charged with a felony, five million credit cards numbers accessed, cyberarmy ready for war, second take of this show and it's mut3.s fault, TeleWrx conference call 503-767-1200 PIN: 6852, the national do-not-call list, Vonage digital voice, Internet tax rant, fax to anyone you choose 800-463-3339, review of Mandrake 9.0, good Linux distributions to start out with.
rfa52.mp3 7822008
Radio FreeK America 52
02/26/03 - Hackers: Outlaws and Angels on again, Nick84 has done it again!, no StankDawg or w1nt3mut3 but meme is here, w1nt3mut3 calls in and is now on the show, w1nt3mut3's story, hacktavism and web page defacement, hacker art gallery, commercials in TV shows, take the time to take it in, attractive woman on the front page, Qwest announced they have lost $35.9 billion, Qwest's Spirit of Service, book review of A Phone of Our Own, the struggle deaf people went through to use the phone.
rfa53.mp3 7427448
Radio FreeK America 53
03/05/03 - RFA spokes model, EFF thank you letter, letter from M_from_S, kleptic and Outbreak, Freq News,, review of W1nt3rmut3's new iBook, EtherPEG, dual's renewed passion for Linux, story time with Stankdawg, great art/technology show next week.
rfa54.mp3 8726328
Radio FreeK America 54
03/12/03 - logan5 and meme here, Elizabeth Smart, 1000 pages of phreak heaven, letter from the EFF, ach! no quarter, Bush signed the national Do-Not-Call list, telemarketers by fax, why do we like technology, dual just wants to skate, airport security doesn't like allen wrenches, interview with meme and logan5 about their art.
rfa55.mp3 6271920
Radio FreeK America 55
03/19/03 - Yea David C, apology for last week's show, thanks for new intro from Trez, life lessons by Stank, common thought processes, don't lose your integrity - do what you want to do, C4-made gaming show - GAMER, FreeBSD 4.7 review, KNOPPIX hard drive install, McDonald's going to be offering Wi-Fi, don't use integrated 802.11, cell phone analyses of major carriers, w1nt3rmut3's ebay tips for finding cool phone stuff, huge announcement on conline from StankDawg.
rfa56.mp3 6760944
Radio FreeK America 56
03/26/03 - Red Hat 9 coming out, KNOPPIX 3.2 is out, paid subscription to the Red Hat Network, FreeBSD is awesome, FreeBSD ports, bsd-airtools, bland's KNOPPIX tale, configuring the Linksys WPC11 v2.5, Synaptic, new AT&T directory out soon, QwestDex on CD - 800-422-8793, never call this number - 800-964-3375 (Lowe's MIS Support Center), StankDawg's phone company rant, RFA Fucknut of the Month Award to Bret A. Fausett, Internet law?!?
rfa57.mp3 8223624
Radio FreeK America 57
04/02/03 - Discussion on the war with Iraq, change the day we stream?, Stank's hardware review: The Motherboard, kondor has bad luck, telco monopolies back in vogue, phone numbers soon to go mobile, Stank's new phone, kondor doesn't have a cell phone but has a job, Binary Revolution.
rfa58.mp3 9037224
Radio FreeK America 58
04/09/03 - mut3 message, Merichan is back, emails from 0ccupant and kleptic, going to try to keep it technology, Merichan's protesting story, the media and protesting, email from Mo-B, the things that matter don't always cost money, 2600 meetings, In The Now is now mirrored at, Stank's Hardware Review: Case Modding, Merichan gets new computer, dual's new HyperLink antenna and FRS/GRS radio, is it wrong to download what you can't get even if you pay?, weird phone bill, dreams that make you really happy, a new way to look at phreaking, StankDawg's preferred shopper card story, librarians destroying the records, look out for BinRev.
rfa59.mp3 8233632
Radio FreeK America 59
04/16/03 - Email from hacnslash, check out GAMER for dual's console review, hack the Matrix, hackers not as bad as computer bugs, Blackboard presentation stopped by DMCA, 60% of attacks come from the inside, bland_inquisitor talks about Red Hat 9 and KNOPPIX, Phr33k4z0iD'z issue 1 is out, informative email from djmollusk, airports have AT&T payphones, retail phreaking at Target, next week Phreak News book review, retail hacking a Borders kiosk, people having a feel for technology, go see Spirited Away on the big screen, take some time to share what you know.
rfa60.mp3 8831448
Radio FreeK America 60
04/23/03 - American Idol Slurpee cup, w1nt3rmut3 on the show through a payphone, not changing RFA's time slot, three mirrors for RFA now, DW cancels shortwave to North America, GAMER's Wulf in China, check out C-SPAN world news, inverse_arp understands, email from KuroiShi, reverse 911, review of Voice and Data Communication Handbook, awesome phone sounds from ntheory, smart parking meters, SMS chat, w1nt3rmut3 builds the Ultimate Beige Box, mut3's phreaking adventure, dumpster diving, paranoid delusions, common sense, dual scores an acoustic coupled modem.
rfa61.mp3 7919208
Radio FreeK America 61
04/30/03 - It's a good time to be a hacker, first issue of Binary Revolution available, dual's life, where is Frequency and Outbreak?, Merichan's teacher is happy, parallel between KuroiShi's and Merichan's email, phreak tips and failures, dual gets inspired, check your hardware before phreaking, send in pictures of your boxes, KuroiShi's email, Professor Wang says "You need to exercise your mind as well as your body," RFA will try to have balance, what inspires Merichan and what she does, dual stops the show twice, president bush wants to start requiring DNA from adults who are arrested for felonies, ass rammed, the phone crapped out, again, Toys R' Us help desk: 877-869-7007, dual adventure, scaring people with knowledge?, RFA will not become stagnant, go to or send $5 US cash to: RFA P.O. Box 21192 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87154
rfa62.mp3 7516440
Radio FreeK America 62
05/07/03 - slipmode in the house, talk about In The Now, old text file still worth reading, BinRev, 2600 meetings, new segment on the show next week, slipmode's exploit corner, email from inverse_arp, dual likes books, GamePro reviews cell phones and cell phone games, Do-Not-Call list, recorded messages are illegal, American Nokia Phone Tips, dual's new old phone, HOPE or Defcon?, Wal-Mart's kiosk passwords suck, send a message to the troops from the spam kiosks at Wal-Mart, the hell that is Wal-Mart Supercenter, StankDawg at Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Visual Studio .NET launch, debate Thursday on Linux vs. Microsoft.
rfa63.mp3 8112960
Radio FreeK America 63
05/14/03 - mut3 has SARS, listen to alternative media, phreaking is a serious subject, Mmm... porn, pay phones being made into Wi-Fi hotspots, Qwest is entering the long-distance market - or 866-QWESTLD, dual gets a Conference Set Control Unit, put down the damn cell phone, so happy, new segment: Hacker News, Java support on cell phones, Microsoft passport vulnerability, Fucknut of the Month Award to Andrew Conry-Murray, the top ten supercomputers, only 15 guesses to get into your ATM account?, there is always more to learn, want porn? dial 800-2xx-dual, salute to Mike 9850, learn about the things you use every day, pimp pimp BinRev, DDP team, thanks to logan5!
rfa64.mp3 8734824
Radio FreeK America 64
05/21/03 - dual changes long distance, Stank was a guest host on GAMER, Stank's bookstore rant, email from KuroiShi, physical security, phreak tip from KuroiShi, Qwest offers nationwide long distance for 30 bucks a month, MCI to build back up Iraq's phone system, Mozilla's permissions piss dual off, leaked Microsoft memo, Walt Disney's marketing strategy for DVDs, review of SuSE 8.2.
rfa65.mp3 9086328
Radio FreeK America 65
05/28/03 - dual is wired, email from Thomas, freedom goes both ways, invasion of privacy in school, letter from M_from_S, Linux drivers for the Linksys DWL-120 up at,, Wi-Fi at McDonalds, AT&T International, dual gets Qwest long-distance, forensic tools and anti-forensic tools, Buffalo spammer arrested, real-life Matrix guest may be coming, Microsoft 2003 server review by Stank, Infone 888-411-1111.
rfa66.mp3 9127584
Radio FreeK America 66
06/04/03 - Lots of phone calls, FCC vote on media ownership, we love the feedback, dual is off the juice and he feels invigorated, email from ikon about Wi-Fi at Apple store, feend makes mini-HOWTO about viewing br.rm in Linux, bland imparts his knowledge about music file swapping, if you can get kismet working it's worth it, EchoLink, dual is going POP!, Sprint going to packet switched networks, phone calls!!, call to Mayor Carol Lehman of Gardner, Kansas Home: 913-856-6971 Office: 913-856-7535, call to the FCC: 888-225-5322, dual has phone troubles?, call to Paramount Home Video: 800-686-7486, call to 101-6868 customer help 888-660-5377, Starbucks: 800-782-7282 StarBucks Account: Password: asdfasdf, Try MSN 8 800-879-6768, Winterfresh 800-COOL-GUM, Sprite 800-438-2653, Outbreak 15, IRC chat #rfa.
rfa67.mp3 8980056
Radio FreeK America 67
06/11/03 - dual wants a sugar momma, mut3 is back, feedback,, Starbucks account, EchoLink can be hacked, Lack of Security Award goes to American Express, porn music for RFA 69, compromise private branch exchange and telephone voicemail systems how to from the Dept. of Homeland Security!, the Infrastructure Awareness Information Pussies, cell users can keep their numbers, zero makes wireless connection to the internet with a cell phone, Sidekick, free prepaid sim card, cheap cell phones, Qwest 7 cents plan, free phone calls if your dying?, ripping ass, WUSB listen line 631-689-1662, 800-WAKE-UPS, IAIP 888-858-9058, federal suspicious number 888-282-0870, free enhanced directory assistance 877-411-2411, the feds are after dual, 888-204-0006, trust me - just dial 00, what is a hacker?
rfa68.mp3 7865856
Radio FreeK America 68
06/18/03 - Way new lows, dual gets a telemarketer call on his cell phone live on the air, more lows, RFA helps people, check out used book stores, this is a good country, new show theme, send in your intros!, review of the Microtel Lindows computers, C4 is on his road trip, bland will be talking about Knoppix STD, text messaging plans, Stank's camera phone rant and work around, Rax is alive!, North American telephone numbers are dwindling, Qwest offers no raises for 27,000 workers, live experiment to send text messages to Stank or dual, Vonage, Pennytalk 888-429-8109 Customer service 877-PENNY-25, dual doesn't have time to do anything, AT&T prepaid internet, mut3 calls from smart camp, Stank goes to bed, phone calls, Walt Disney videos 800-723-4763, Capitol 800-839-5276, call to payphone that mut3 was at, calls to pay phones, shouts.
rfa69.mp3 8062056
Radio FreeK America 69
06/25/03 - Porn names, bland has an STD!, Knoppix STD, Berman's new bill,, C4 visited dual on his road trip, dual gets a mag stripe reader, Nuts and Volts cracking your universal remote, dual gets Gordon West's radio exam prep book for $0.97, dual buys from Angry Shirts, bland gets Mastering Windows NT Server for three bucks, Verizon backs off fighting portability of phone numbers, favorite pornos, AT&T Wireless and Tomb Raider, dual likes ass, mmmm... Vida, Merichan sent in some pics, three things that are replacing payphones, bland gets a tone dialer, new project - the Wal-Mart Pay Phone Directory, verbal jamming, everyone likes porn, Stank's big announcement - Binary Revolution Radio!
rfa70.mp3 7914096
Radio FreeK America 70
07/02/03 - Binary Revolution Radio starting soon, thank you Rax, was down but is now fixed, bland got a new phreak notebook, most valuable preak tools, email from Nathan about the Danger Hitop, the wonders of Linux, email from Total Blackout about 1-800-FREE-WAKE, jawga finds out you cannot call Iraq from T-mobile, National Do-Not-Call Registry is up, spam on your cell phone, go through your phone book, PWF - Project Wal-Mart Freedom, Pentagon wants rapidly deployable cameras in any city in the world, Wal-Mart to start using RFID, 200 worst colleges for civil liberties, Stank talks about lack of privacy.
rfa71.mp3 7145856
Radio FreeK America 71
07/09/03 - BinRev radio on the air, PWF is blowing up!, Qwest settling another law suit for 3.75 million, phreaks have certain advantages, the phone should be worshiped, student's maps illustrate concern about public information, Linux Tips, bland's review of Demo Linux, the highest point in the shows history 31:28 - 32:00, book review of TCP/IP Addressing 2nd Edition; Frame Relay Internetworking; Hackers Challenge, phone calls, 800-677-2741, B.A.S.H. the radio show on RantRadio 877-900-8414, watch your shit, cool error message 770-657-1020, gay porn 800-575-3833, AT&T Global Military Savers Plus Plan 877-878-7667, Wal-Mart pre-paid 888-854-6741, Version online internet services 877-222-2375, crack this VMB 888-888-5554.
rfa72.mp3 7143408
Radio FreeK America 72
07/16/03 - dual holds out on his pimp and StankDawg is host, dual calls in from hotel, email from Sesrun about interesting op-diverting happenings, feedback on Project Wal-Mart Freedom, tip to get internet access, Wal-Mart and Microsoft are going RFID, Microsoft issued first patch for Windows Server 2003, online virus checker has buffer overflow in it, tech-support chat room automatically opens windows, Microsoft does not let you own your software, pimp pimp, Stank is cheap, Stank plays ring tones live on the air!, PhreakTools, don't get your Viagra from a spam ad, Microsoft won the $100 mil Homeland Security contract, Mozilla is hammering down on IE, Microsoft conspiracies, remember Project Wal-Mart Freedom!
rfa73.mp3 8490744
Radio FreeK America 73
07/23/03 - Stank gets burned, dual has been busy, dual gets awesome gifts from someone, email from Ben thanking dual, no one knows enough, hatred for people that sell software?, kicked off the internet for downloading a movie, schools protect the IDs of accused music and movie downloaders, Verizon gets its, share everything! fuck em'!, voting fraud, Sean K had his first TV show last Monday, Cartoon Network playing Cyborg 009, Cowboy Bebop The Movie is out on DVD, dual talks about manga, Channel Zero: JENNIE ONE, call to a payphone from Project Wal-Mart Freedom, call to 800-781-LEGS, call to 800-321-6221.
rfa74.mp3 7324416
Radio FreeK America 74
07/30/03 - No show notes!, dual is unprepared, bland gives shouts, dual wants this to be a good show, new MCI scandal, dual gets a crazy letter from AT&T, dual wants to shit!, talk about the MPAA's new site, next show calls to MPAA and, call to mut3, mut3 plays with an AT&T Public Phone 2000i, next week dual will be prepared.
rfa75.mp3 7732728
Radio FreeK America 75
08/06/03 - Joined by bland and feend, PWF is getting bigger!, support Outbreak, new phrack coming out soon, email from Angel about mp3s, email from Ben about the RIAA, AT&T is bugging dual, Project Nexus, Linux talk!, dual is annoyed at Konqueror, dual looks for a new file manager, try Krusader, bland reviews Morphix, talk about Arch Linux, talk about pacman, all calls next week, dual does the nasty, send in your numbers!
rfa77.mp3 9280944
Radio FreeK America 77
08/20/03 - Why RFA rules, life kicked dual in the ass, Zapper was going to be on but Qwest sucks, email from Otsikheta where dual tells us how to meet people and she talks about her mother and Wal-Mart, talk about "How Wal-Mart is Destroying America and the World: And What You Can Do About It" by Bill Quinn, the Blaster worm, dual gets a $40 internet box, bland is a distro whore, talk about WiFi cards, thanks to kid_e for the help on, show up at #ddpcode Monday night the 25th for a free C++ class, quick Phreak News, bland's Telephonic Spectacular!, 866-LUV-FAB5, Coin Star: 800-644-COIN, stupid yellow pages thing 800-YB-YELLOW, 800-NO-COPYS - numbers you get 800-508-6822 and 800-955-8732, 800-323-0768 and 361-771-3582, Wal-Mart 479-273-4000 - ext:12345 for a fax, 425-882-8080, talk about the lost ep - all calls for an hour!
rfa78.mp3 8345448
Radio FreeK America 78
08/27/03 - Do not smoke or you will end up like bland, hard times for RFA, next show there will be a story about Wal-Mart, U.S. Government Funds Anonymizer for Iranians, virus attacks may be terrorism!!, fuck you SCO, go listen to In The Now, do it yourself check-out, C4 email about his calling card with the pin printed on the card, VoIP is ruled as a telecom service, phreak junk-mail, the Hay-shin Hotline, call to AT&T, SPC long distance calling card: 877-722-2141, cool COCOT that says please deposit $0.05 when you press *89, Sears 800-469-4663.
rfa79.mp3 8194464
Radio FreeK America 79
09/03/03 - Farting on RFA, Stank leaving early and special guest is coming, inverse_arp scans in a helluvalot of cards, talk of BinRev 1.2, BinRev Radio, how to get the word out?, Frequency is out and has PWF in it!, email entitled Fuck Wal-Mart, no phreak news, email from Goatroper, meeting place for phreaks, 2600 meetings are also good places to meet other phreaks, StankDawg leaves, latest ep of GAMER is out, bland installs Slackware 9.0, shouts to hacnslash for giving the Slackware inspiration, shouts to placid, jawga is here, jawga was on Off the Hook, hacking your local transit, dual screws up jawga's handle, jawga has an Avaya Merlin Legend in his house, hang on to old tech, weak authentication, dual and jawga are helpers, bland sets up his Slackware box live on the air, cosplay chicks are hot.
rfa80.mp3 8964432
Radio FreeK America 80
09/10/03 - dual is not very happy with the RIAA and MPAA, RIAA sues a 12 year old girl, share your ass off, BinRev 1.2 is out, PWF is out!, new articles, straight up info at the forums, "Google it", AZ2600 News, no laptops in the mall, credit cards and gas stations, dual programs an AT&T Partner system, calls to the Haitian Hotline and PWF payphones, RFA is getting better, KDE sucks, I hate little animated dogs that help me search, letter to the Open Source community from SCO, smoke one for Linux.
rfa81.mp3 8009280
Radio FreeK America 81
09/17/03 - bland and dual are saving themselves for each other, email from b0ef, dual is sick of windows and is trying to go all Linux, by ep 100 we will be all Linux and ogg, it tastes like orange cream, Linux is better than windows, commercials before the movie, bland tells us how commercials came to be, how much would you pay for a CD?, bland's wardriving tip, new nmap is out, new ssh vulnerability, new KNOPPIX and GNOPPIX, Stank leaves and phone calls happen, Cracker Barrel 800-333-9566, pre-nut dropping mute.
rfa82.mp3 5822856
Radio FreeK America 82
09/24/03 - Special episode with your host Zapperlink!
rfa83.mp3 13009176
Radio FreeK America 83
10/01/03 - Microsoft confirmation, Rax is back!, bland is here too, good feedback,, all BinRevs have been mailed out, dual does not care about your name, Agent5 gives dual a Verizon name tag, DefCon Vs 2600, dual likes movies without ads, Underworld was a good movie and is filled with Urban Exploration, dual wants to go to the roof, duals UE story, UE vs. Bn'E, Rax plays devil's advocate, KNOPPIX 3.3, dual likes BitTorrent, dual's adventures in finding a command line CD player,, The Leetest Hack Ever, advice on UE, dual loves W, baby's first test set, Lack of Security Award goes to radio shack for leaving personal information laying around, talk on UE, sticking things on payphones, state only no call act, change in rates, phone calls, call to Texaco/Jack in the Box, call to Papa Johns, 877-33-BIBLE, AT&T GSM Activations 866-626-9620, keep exploring.
rfa84.mp3 6558480
Radio FreeK America 84
10/11/03 - dual and bland are porn buddies, hacnslash is here, SunnComm suing college grad for writing a paper, hacnslash is starting a 2600 meeting, hacnslash loves slackware, dual's Wi-Fi Nuggets, trash is private property, The 944 Project, jawga gives 120 min phone card to the community 800-296-3149 PIN: 2146598144, Verizon has fucked bland, bland has a book review for Web Hacking: Attack and Defense, bland's dilemma, Enemy Territory.
rfa85.mp3 7064784
Radio FreeK America 85
10/15/03 - dual is special guest, bland records the for only 10 bucks, dual fulfilled all BinRev orders except one, talk about BinRev, props to Zapperlink and, Wal-Mart has new technology, Wi-Fi is everywhere and very interesting, pieces of Wal-Mart just fall of the wall!, more Wi-Fi talk, packet sniffing at public hot spots, shouts to Tux, talk about Mandrake, Red Hat, and Fedora, public speaking tip, new nmap is out, nikto vulnerability scanner, bland's Enemy Territory experience, dual's TORCS experience, analog is still useful,, bland makes people smarter, shouts to XlogicX.
rfa86.mp3 8428320
Radio FreeK America 86
10/22/03 - Come blalala, slipmode and Dr. Phil from are here, the RIAA sues more people, how dual screwed up, check out Hacker's Challenge and Real World Linux Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection and Recovery by Bob Toxen, Wi-Fi Nuggets, 802.11 on shopping carts?, RedFang 2.5 is out, DriverLoader, dual bought a PocketPC, cell phones, AT&T overstates profits, wow wow wow static phreak disasters, suing for installing Wi-Fi?, PBX made out of Legos, Mozilla Firebird 0.7 is out, Mozilla CD, mIRC exploit, recruiting hackers?, if you don't know something just say you don't know, RFA wargame?, hacker's challenge, check out In The Now at
rfa87.mp3 9575568
Radio FreeK America 87
10/29/03 - XlogicX is here, 250 arrested at Wal-Mart, nerdcore, H2K2 panel mp3s, insecurity at logic's school and he gets in trouble for it, hardware keylogger, look in the back of your box, logic leaves, x-mas, the Cracker Barrel, dual thinks about stealing from little girls, call to Cracker Barrel payphones, props to WhiteSword for giving the community a phone card 800-895-7090 PIN:4690695795, call to Mozilla Tech Support 888-586-4539, bland talks about identity theft, call to Citibank ID Theft Recover Assistance line 800-950-5114, call to McDonald's.
rfa88.mp3 6778800
Radio FreeK America 88
11/05/03 - dual's Pocket PC wallpaper, Red Hat dropping support, fus and shout outs, Do Not Call Registry won't work right away so relax, the news disgusts dual, Zapper reorders, dual wants his Qwest CD-ROM, the new Napster, music distribution, bland's dilemma, dual's pocket pc experience, Microsoft programs accessing the Internet for no reason, anything is better with a half naked girl tied up on it, new Matrix comes out tomorr... today, 2600 meetings this Friday, dual is off to play with his Pocket PC.
rfa89.mp3 7726176
Radio FreeK America 89
11/12/03 - No matter what brush your teeth afterwords, email from Lentium,, email from Kizzle about itunes messing with his folders, hackers always have batteries, Local Number Portability, jimminy xmas, email from jawga on LNP, Wal-Mart Wire, supermarket workers strike over cost cuts because of Wal-Mart , inter-store calling at Wal-Mart 1-700-701-store number, PWF gallery, Wi-Fi Nuggets - bluejacking, ghettodrive for Bluetooth with, bland's review of Fedora.
rfa90.mp3 7808112
Radio FreeK America 90
11/26/03 - Damn good cookie dough, revolution in Georgia, Red Hat for 90 bucks, Wal-Mart news, Wal-Mart to sell laptops, Wal-Mart stats, take advantage of Zapper, man gets his hand stuck in pay phone, porn is good, LNP commercials, shouts, shouts to RantRadio, move forward with music not back, Transgaming, talk about sharing, bland's Firebird victory, Zapper going to make a new Linux distro, dual's inspirational story, listen to Default Radio with decoder and Lucky225 and CCCPR.
rfa91.mp3 7571808
Radio FreeK America 91
12/03/03 - Error message, I love the random K9 sound, Buy Nothing Day, woman knocked down and trampled in Wal-Mart, gross amount of consumerism on November 28, Vector Linux, call to Qwest's Center for Customers with Disabilities, call to numbers from Qwest PPNI, Verizon numbers - 800-483-4000, 800-483-3000, 800-567-6789, an expensive phone call to a bank 011-813-5421-5152 but phone craps out, story behind the bank phone number, WhiteSword gives a new phone card 800-895-7090 pin: 9863681533.
rfa92.mp3 8458056
Radio FreeK America 92
12/10/03 - What up fuckers?, Steven Hawking on the show, disappointments, Wal-Mart lady has history of fraud, pronounced swaret wrong, dual's 2600 presentation, stun glove, meme gives dual a present, books are great presents, bland talks about fluxbox, blands favorite dockapps and how to change their colors, dual spent quality time with some AT&T airport pay phones, failed call to AT&T Public Markets 800-718-5182, payphones at Sky Harbor 602-387-9252 - 9330 - 9331 and 9254, PWF still flourishing, if you want to make your own show...
rfa93.mp3 7694568
Radio FreeK America 93
12/17/03 - dual makes calls, props to hacnslash for nothing, cut that ducktail and mullet, dual gives some appreciation to StankDawg, Qwest begins offering VoIP, will VoIP be wiretap ready?, logic calls and hops on the show, top five cable providers remain divided on VoIP, copper or VoIP?, talk about logic's stun glove, first run-in with electricity, bland talks about his Dell X3i, PocketPC themes, bland's car radio craps out, things you should do to prepare for the worst, polygraph tests, turn off the TV!
rfa94.mp3 7200360
Radio FreeK America 94
12/24/03 - Lots of phone calls to everywhere tonight, Johansen wins court battle, RIAA can no longer force ISP's to give up customer information, Canada says downloading for personal use is ok, talk on music and mp3s, AT&T has new and improved wireless bill, call to Microsoft's anti-piracy hotline, email from decoder - call Japan for a free Acrua NSX manual 011-81-3-34-231-111, call Cambodia 011-85-5-23-333-444 and a quiet line 011-85-5-23-222-333, props to the Japanese op that pulled off English flawlessly, almost forgot to talk about Pinzoo, calls!
rfa95.mp3 5078952
Radio FreeK America 95
12/31/03 - bland and mut3!, email about the .com, the phone museum closed when people are off work, short show and no stream, Sean K talks bad about Wal-Mart, why is PWF still growing?, hacker's challenge, mut3 talks about DJing, bland talks about playing guitar and music, mut3 says he didn't breake his stuff, hacker's challenge answer, happy new year!
rfa96.mp3 6112152
Radio FreeK America 96
01/07/04 - dual has a scarf on but bland is straight and zapper is playing golf, dual and bland almost died but came back for the show, what should a 2600 meeting be?, dual talks about dumpster diving, community projects, talk about other sources of information, dual would love to see more video, pimpidy pimp PWF, we urge you to contribute to the community, feend drink more beer, learn to code, see ya next week.
rfa97.mp3 6067368
Radio FreeK America 97
01/14/04 - Beat Super Mario Brothers 3 in 11 minutes 2 seconds, bland and logic are here, Menuet - an OS that fits on a floppy, dual gets a phone bill for more than $200 and he has unlimited long distance!, phones are fun, logic talks about Sprint PCS referrals, logic's school backs down, ClearChannel forming advisory boards, go to
rfa98.mp3 10454256
Radio FreeK America 98
01/28/04 - decoder's aritcle, Verizon's Call Intercept, is appearing in the latest issue of 2600. You can find the latest, udated version on the text files page. decoder also sent in Volume Three of his New Jersey DATUs series, NPA (732).
rfa99.mp3 19498176
Radio FreeK America 99

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