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A telephone-recorded talk show hosted by MidKnight and El_Gordo_Uno, covering hacking, phreaking, and related subjects. Good interplay between the two hosts, and an interesting blend of visitors.

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Steal This Radio Show Episode #1 (45:38)
July 20, 2004. Hosted by MidKnight and El_Gordo_Uno. Opening audio collage plays until 1:01. Host introductions. The show is at this point unnamed. MidKnight presents a Pizza Hut social engineering segment; the intention is to be better than what The Broken suggested. Pizza Hut has a problem: the customer is always right, so if you call and demand a free pizza, you will likely be right. MidKnight has pizza proof they're that stupid. As cheap and easy as it is, please tip the delivery guy. El_Gordo_Uno thinks people will be jews, and then insults his own mom. MidKnight plans to call Pizza Hut and Wal-Mart next week. El_Gordo's brother storms out because El_Gordo wants him to be quiet. El_Gordo_Uno talks about trashing; it's not as difficult to go through trash as it seems! Trashing isn't going through fast food bins; you're selective. Look for a can near a Central Office that's unlocked and not near street lights. There'll be lots of stuff you don't want and don't expect, but a lot of neat stuff you might be interested in, like cell phones or calling cards or memos. Don't sort it at home, because it smells a little weird. The hosts share stories of neat stuff they've found. MidKnight speculates that if there's no No Trespassing sign, and it's not locked, it's not illegal. El_Gordo_Uno tells of one place he found where they were a little harder to find. Us your common sense with Trashing. The hosts have decided not to talk about Decoder and his situation. They want to help, but the best thing to do is let it take its course. Good luck, decoder. MidKnight: RFID chips are being implanted in schoolkids. What about pedophile principals? El_Gordo_Uno didn't read it, but doesn't think it's that big a deal; MidKnight think it's treating kids like dogs. Next: The INDUCE act. Background on the INDUCE act, which is intended to stop peer-to-peer networks and any technology that might be used to commit a crime. El_Gordo doesn't think that it's possible for any group, even the EFF, to fight such a large concerted effort, but MidKnight still thinks you should donate them. Next: The PLA weigh in on the HOPE conference. The group spends some time trying to get the sound and guests together: Moloch and BigE. Overview of the HOPE conference and interview about it. The guests thought there was too much political stuff. The theme was 1984. Some thoughts on what the poster for the conference meant. The best part for them was the Phone Losers of America panel. And whose panel was it, anyway? And who are the Phone Losers of America? Other than the PLA panel, some good speeches did take place: hacking nanotechnology, and the panel about EMPs. Some panels were missed by time constraints and chemicals. Murdock is amusing when he's high. Security at HOPE was slammed at the Digital Dawg Pound panels; the PLA couldn't get into the Mitnick panel. The simulcasts for the keynotes were 2-3 minutes behind the main rooms. In the movie room, the LSD movie was particularly entertaining. Apparently everyone missed the good drugs in the 1970's. Defcon is coming up, and the security shouldn't be as good. Discussion of the radio tricks at HOPE and the frequencies. Freedom Downtime was broadcast on the radios for a while. Speculation about why the Hotel Pennsylvania does it: it must be for the money. The HOPE Memo to ignore all the trouble. Loud noise hyjinx at HOPE. The party in Emmanuel's room: in a room the size of three large rooms together, and 200 people jammed in it.... "like a stand-up game of twister". Security had to bust its own party. Just what the world needs... another fucking radio show. Murdoch tells a Kevin Mitnick story; Mitnick remembered when he trashed his Ebay auction. No shoutouts from MidKnight. Shout out to the hot little USA Today reporter. Shoutout to Big E. Shout out to Haxor Radio. Goodbye, everybody. Shut up! Shut up! Audio collage from 43:39 onward.
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Steal This Radio Show Episode #2 (52:02)
Hosted by MidKnight and El_Gordo_Uno. The hosts introduce the opening music, which isn't actually there. Please e-mail the hosts. There hasn't been any feedback from the listeners; flames are welcomed. The call to Pizza Hut will happen for the show; Wal-Mart is currently closed so that won't happen. MidKnight steels up El_Gordo_Uno for his call into Pizza Hut. BEEP. It turns out that El_Gordo_Uno didn't transfer back, so they lost the recording. El_Gordo_Uno describes the call he made: He got transferred around a few times, and almost got his free pizza, but then hung up on the guy. Moving on... what was on Slashdot this week. MidKnight: Playstation 2 mod chips are illegal in the UK; Midknight thinks this is stupid, El_Gordo thinks this is a classic "blame the gun, not who shoots the gun" argument. Again, El_Gordo didn't read the show notes; MidKnight thinks he has to start reading them sooner. El_Gordo questions what Mod Chips could be used for besides stealing games. MidKnight doesn't agree. Debate ensues between the hosts and they agree to disagree. Midknight: The SCO claims against Chrysler were dropped in 18 minutes; El_Gordo points out this is because SCO didn't file the necessary paperwork. MidKnight: ICANN has loaded IPv6 in with 20 years of testing. El_Gordo wonders what the difference is between IPv4 and IPv6. MidKnight isn't entirely sure; but thinks the 20 year testing period is crazy. MidKnight flames about Linux IP tables, then turns his anger to Kizzle. Kizzle said a bunch of things that were entirely out of character in Episode 13 of Uberleeto. From 14:00 to 20:50, MidKnight plays sequences from Uberleeto radio, and refutes them point by point. El_Gordo recounts the story of the laptop he bought on ebay for $130. Unfortunately, it arrived broken, busted, and with missing parts. El_Gordo went onto Ebay in 2004, and found replacement parts and bought them for $60. And it still didn't work. Moral: Don't buy questionable shit on ebay. El_Gordo: Phreaking in High School: an introduction in lieu of a textfile. Your friends might think you're cool if you redbox and hack hotmail; but the administration of schools know what's up and will notice you. El_Gordo tells the story of his own troubles in school because of screwing around with a BB gun. Annoying message base postings end up happening on his local board, and it turns out to be a senior. Revenge is plotted by telling the school about these death threats. The kids end up in trouble and lose access to their machines. Then the administration turns on El_Gordo and his friends and the content on their website. Then the photos of El_Gordo and a BB gun surface.....and his internet privileges are revoked for the rest of high school. Meanwhile MidKnight was always posting on hacker forums. El_Gordo later got into lots of trouble with trying to use his internet access at school and was still getting harassed about the event with the website and the BB gun from the previous year that got him suspended for 2 days. MidKnight weighs in: If you have problems things outside of school, tell the school to call your parents about it, so you're not miserable. School records can be cleaned out if there's incredible stupid stuff in there, otherwise you can bring it up with your school board. Conclusion: High Schools suck ass, colleges are better. And don't go to Washington State University for Computer Science. The plan was to have RFbandit on as a guest, but he cancelled. The show is already 45 minutes. Donate a laptop to El_Gordo_Uno, and MidKnight too. MidKnight wants to pimp his webhost. He wrote the webhost explaining he wasn't going to have his money for the next few weeks, and they understood. They're and they're nice people. Time for shouts. MidKnight wanted to give shouts to RFbandit, but screw him. Shouts to Bosco for the name of the radio show: Steal This Radio Show, not to be confused with "Steal This Radio". Shouts to everyone who have done something in the community: Stank and DDP for Binrev magazine. Shouts to Lucky225 and Decoder. Shouts to Emmanuel Goldstein. And thanks to and to you for listening.

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