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zipk0der joined us in this show, as well as Greyfox about half way through. Show starts with zipk0der telling us the stats of how many downloads we get for the show and that he.s mirroring the episodes. NEWS: We had good discussions on robots that South Korea is makeing, also that zipk0der admits he.s on dialup, music companies putting pressure on itunes to change its prices, computers being built at a mulecular level, and microsoft virtual server becoming free of charge. Articles/Discussions: Staying anonymous on the web, ARP poisoning, What it means to do a .Stealth SYN scan., Portable applications. PLUGS: xfire,, .Art of the Steal. by Frank Abignail Jr.,, judy chen, and other plugs. MUSIC: .Float On. by Modest Mouse ; .Crush. by Paul Van Dyke ; Lean with it rock with it - dem franchize boyz; .Rock Your Body. by Ferry Corsten; Looking For The Perfect Beat by Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force
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