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topcast_01.mp3 31802083
TOPcast Show 01 - entire show (MP3 audio, 32meg, 78mins). Sunday afternoon show 2/4/07, Tech show with call-ins.
topcast_02.mp3 24099298
TOPcast Show 02 - entire show (MP3 audio, 20meg, 60mins). Thursday night show 2/8/07. EM wedgeheads show, discuss/show (via webcam) EM wedgeheads in detail.
topcast_03.mp3 24815291
TOPcast Show 03 - entire show (MP3 audio, 24meg, 60mins). Sunday afternoon show 2/11/07. Special guest Jack from Pinballsales. Jack talks about his incredible sales of new Stern pinballs. Show also has a tech call-ins.
topcast_04.mp3 33626350
TOPcast Show 04 - entire show (MP3 audio, 38meg, 93mins). Thursday night show 2/15/07. Special guest Tim Arnold of the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Tim has some really great stories about his life and times in pinball.
topcast_05.mp3 24648932
TOPcast Show 05 - entire show (MP3 audio, 24meg, 60mins). Sunday early evening show 2/18/07, Tech show with call-ins.
topcast_06.mp3 23822367
TOPcast Show 06 - entire show (MP3 audio, 27meg, 68mins). Thursday night show 2/21/07. Special guest Marvin Yagoda of Marvin has been collecting coin operated games and devices since 1960.
topcast_07.mp3 25714724
TOPcast Show 07 - entire show (MP3 audio, 25meg, 60mins). Weekend afternoon show 2/24/07, Tech show with call-ins.
topcast_08.mp3 29541826
TOPcast Show 08 - entire show (MP3 audio, 29meg, 70mins). Thursday night show 3/01/07. Special guests Phil Palmer of Pinball Heaven U.K. and Nick Bennett of Pinballers Anonymous U.K., discussing the England pinball scene.
topcast_09.mp3 28619819
TOPcast Show 09 - entire show (MP3 audio, 29meg, 70mins). Sunday afternoon show 3/04/07. Special guest Todd MacCulloch, former NBA Philly 76ers basketball star discussing his pinball passion and collection.
topcast_10.mp3 48341043
TOPcast Show 10 - entire show (MP3 audio, 46meg, 120mins). Sunday evening show 3/04/07. Special guest John Trudeau, former pinball designer at Williams, Gottlieb, Gameplan. JT designed such games as Williams Creature from the Black Lagoon, Black Rose, Judge Dredd, the Flintstones. Special thanks to the PinGame Journal for help with this interview.
topcast_11.mp3 27772174
TOPcast Show 11 - entire show (MP3 audio, 27meg, 68mins). Tuesday show 3/06/07. Special guest Gene Cunningham of Illinois Pinball Company talks about his Williams/Bally pinball asset acquisition, parts parts parts, Capcom Big Bang Bar, Kingpin, and lots of other stuff.
topcast_12.mp3 24444376
TOPcast Show 12 - entire show (MP3 audio, 24meg, 60mins). Friday show 3/09/07. Special guest Kerry Stair. Kerry talks about his restoration work using cabinet silkscreening and other products, and how he helped set up the Big Bang Bar production line.
topcast_13.mp3 22247079
TOPcast Show 13 - entire show (MP3 audio, 22meg, 61mins). Sunday evening show 3/11/07. Special guest Michael Gottlieb & Alvin Gottlieb. Michael talks about his life in THE pinball family business. We also call Alvin Gottlieb to wish him a happy birthday, and to talk about his life in pinball. Special thanks to the PinGame Journal for help with this interview.
topcast_14.mp3 24458515
TOPcast Show 14 - entire show (MP3 audio, 24meg, 67mins). Wednesday evening show 3/14/07. Special Guest Lee Feldwick from Pinball Rescue of Australia, talking about his work with Allen Tate and opening a pinball museum in Australia. Lee also discusses how to screen print pinball plastics, and the pinball scene in Australia.
topcast_15.mp3 21049692
TOPcast Show 15 - entire show (MP3 audio, 21meg, 58mins). Friday evening show 3/16/07. Special Guest James Loflin of Pinball Inc, maker of replacement pinball plastic ramps and other restoration products. Talks about how pinball ramps are made, and his relationship with Illinois Pinball.
topcast_16.mp3 22609475
TOPcast Show 16 - entire show (MP3 audio, 22meg, 62mins). Sunday afternoon show 3/18/07, Tech show with call-ins.
topcast_17.mp3 40502349
TOPcast Show 17 - entire show (MP3 audio, 42meg, 112mins). Sunday night show 3/18/07. Special Guest Roger Sharpe of Williams/Bally/Midway marketing and licensing department. Roger was responsible for obtaining the 3rd party licenses from 1988 to present on such pinballs as Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Dirty Harry, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Terminator2, Corvette, etc. He was also a game designer for Williams and Gameplan, and helped legalized pinball in 1976 in NYC and many other cities.
topcast_18.mp3 19609288
TOPcast Show 18 - entire show (MP3 audio, 19meg, 54mins). Wednesday night show 3/21/07. Special guest Michael Shalhoub of Australia. Michael is the author of the three book set entitled 'Pinball Compendium' (vol1: 1930s-1960s, vol2: 1970-1981, vol3: 1982-2005). Michael is currently working on a fourth Pinball book. Based in Australia, Michael has his own business doing in-home pinball service.
topcast_19.mp3 23477356
TOPcast Show 19 - entire show (MP3 audio, 23meg, 64mins). Sunday afternoon show 3/25/07, Tech show with call-ins.
topcast_20.mp3 28280073
TOPcast Show 20 - entire show (MP3 audio, 27meg, 78mins). Sunday night show 3/25/07. Special guest Cameron Silver of Williams/Bally software engineering. Cameron is originally from Australia, and ended up getting his dream job in Chicago as a pinball programmer for Bally/Williams pinball. He worked on the 1990s classic Williams/Bally pinballs such as Scared Stiff, Cirqus Voltaire, Ticket Tac Toe (a WPC redemption game) and Star Wars Episode1 (pin2000). Cameron has some great stories from a pinball software design perspective.
topcast_21.mp3 26078995
TOPcast Show 21 - entire show (MP3 audio, 25meg, 72mins). Wednesday night show 3/28/07. Special guest Rob Berk of the Pinball Expo. Rob has some great history and collecting stories, as we interview him about his start in pinball collecting and the start and history of Pinball Expo.
topcast_22.mp3 37017166
TOPcast Show 22 - entire show (MP3 audio, 37meg, 103mins). Sunday night show 4/01/07. Special guest Ted Estes of Williams/Bally software engineering. Ted did the programming on the 1990s classic Williams/Bally pinballs such as Twilight Zone, Demo Man, Red & Ted Roadshow among others. Ted was also director of the software engineering department and slot machine departments at Williams in the 1990s.
topcast_23.mp3 45416835
TOPcast Show 23 - entire show (MP3 audio, 45meg, 125mins). Wednesday night show 4/04/07. Special guest Steve Kordek of Genco, Bally, Williams. Steve has worked in the pinball business from 1938 to 1999 at Genco (1938-1959), Bally (1959), and then Williams (from 1960 to 1999). Steve was the primary game designer for Williams during the 1960s & 1970s. He also helped designed some of the most amazing EM arcade games from Genco during the 1950s. Steve was the director of the Williams pinball department during the 1980s. With over 60 years in the pinball business, Steve has some amazing stories to tell. Note there is a transcript of this interview available (thanks to ).
topcast_24.mp3 22663903
TOPcast Show 24 - entire show (MP3 audio, 22meg, 62mins). Sunday night show 4/08/07. Special guest Tom Uban of Bally/Williams software engineering. Though some may not recongize his name, Tom was instrumental in getting Williams Pinball 2000 developed and launched. Tom worked at Bally/Williams from 1993 to 1999 as the lead programmer for pingames Corvette, Johnny Mnemonic, and NBA Fastbreak. He was also the architect and software author for the Pinball 2000 operating system.
topcast_25.mp3 22216724
TOPcast Show 25 - entire show (MP3 audio, 22meg, 62mins). Wednesday night show 4/11/07. Special guest Dave Christensen of Bally art department. Of all the pinball artists, Dave is probably the most famous. His artwork on Bally Wizard, Captain Fantastic, Mata Hari, Fireball, Nitro Ground Shaker, etc. set a standard by which all others were judged. Join us for our 25th TOPcast show, as we celebrate with the man who gave pinball incredible artistic detail and the best drawn voluptuous females ever!
topcast_26.mp3 28259175
TOPcast Show 26 - entire show (MP3 audio, 28meg, 78mins). Sunday afternoon show 4/15/07, Tech show with call-ins.
topcast_27.mp3 21390018
TOPcast Show 27 - entire show (MP3 audio, 22meg, 59mins). Sunday night show 4/15/07. Special guest Jonathan Joosten of the Netherland Flipper Vereniging (NFV aka Dutch Pinball Association). Jonathan tells about his experiences with the NFV and their magazine SPINNER, and how he started a surprisingly popular pinball donation pool. He is also an owner of a new Big Bang Bar (Gene Cunningham version), and will report on how his game is holding up. Jonathan also spent a month in Bloomington IL working on the BBB assembly line to help make Big Bang Bar games.
topcast_28.mp3 33318727
TOPcast Show 28 - entire show (MP3 audio, 32meg, 91mins). Wednesday night show 4/18/07. Special guest Adam Rhine of the Williams/Bally dot matrix/3D graphics art department. Adam did the dot matrix/3D art for 26 WPC and Pinball 2000 games from 1993 to 1999, and three newer Stern games (Nascar/Grandprix, Ripleys). He's one of the premier dot matrix art people in the world, and talks about his experience working at Williams/Bally during the 1990s, and how he does the dot matrix display art and 3D Pinball 2000 art for these games.
topcast_29.mp3 37895159
TOPcast Show 29 - entire show (MP3 audio, 36meg, 104mins). Sunday night show 4/22/07. Special guest Gordon Hasse who is a Pinball historian, pinball writer, and woodrail pinball collector. Gordon helped start one of the first pinball collecting publication in the early 1980s called the Pinball Collectors Quarterly. He has been collecting pingames since the early 1970s, and has an interesting perspective on the pinball hobby and how pingames have changed since WW2. Gordon is also a big woodrail pin collector, as he owns an example of every Gottlieb single player woodrail and many single player Williams woodrails.
topcast_30.mp3 48895270
TOPcast Show 30 - entire show (MP3 audio, 47meg, 135mins). Wednesday night show 4/25/07. Special guest Wayne Neyens, pinball designer working at Gottlieb from 1939 to 1980. Wayne designed all the classic Gottlieb woodrails and wedgeheads including Dragonette, Mermaid, Queen of Hearts, Hawaiian Beauty, Sitting Pretty, Lightning Ball, Slick Chick, Cow Poke, Buckaroo, Kings & Queens, the Flipper series, and about 170 other pingames. Wayne is probably the most successful pinball designer of all time (designing almost twice the games and at higher sales figures than say Kordek in approximately the same time frame, for a relative comparison).
topcast_31.mp3 23876802
TOPcast Show 31 - entire show (MP3 audio, 23meg, 66mins). Sunday afternoon show 4/29/07, Tech show with call-ins.
topcast_32.mp3 39340164
TOPcast Show 32 - entire show (MP3 audio, 38meg, 110mins). Wednesday night show 5/9/07. Special guest Steve Ritchie, pinball designer at Williams (1980s/1990s) and Stern (present). Steve is one of the premier pinball game designers of the solidstate pin era. He designed such great selling pinballs like Flash, Firepower, Black Knight, Hyperball, High Speed, F-14 Tomcat, Terminator2, the Getaway, Star Trek Next Gen, No Fear, T3, Elvis, and of course the new Stern Spiderman.
topcast_33.mp3 21327170
TOPcast Show 33 - entire show (MP3 audio, 20meg, 59mins). Sunday night show 5/13/07. Special guest Norm Clark, Williams designer (65 games from 1962 to 1977) of such games like Moulin Rouge, Blast off/Apollo, Spanish Eyes, Travel Time, Fantastic, OXO, StratoFlite and many others. Norm worked at Williams from 1954 to 1975, and then at Bally as the head of their pinball department from 1975 to 1985.
topcast_34.mp3 28214402
TOPcast Show 34 - entire show (MP3 audio, 28meg, 79mins). Wednesday night show 5/16/07. Special guest John Osborne, Gottlieb game designer from 1972 to 1984, including Haunted House (the classic System80 pinball with three playfield levels) and how this classic Gottlieb pinball game was developed.
topcast_35.mp3 27204918
TOPcast Show 35 - entire show (MP3 audio, 26meg, 75mins). Sunday night show 5/20/07. Special guest Barry Oursler, Williams game designers from 1978 to 1996. Barry designed 35 games including Gorgar, Joust, Space Shuttle, Space Station, Comet, Pinbot, Fire, Space Station, Cyclone, Bad Cats, Harley Davidson, Dr.Who, BS Dracula, Dirty Harry, Junkyard, and many others. Barry sold over 135,000 pinball games of his design for Williams during his tenure.
topcast_36.mp3 28336863
TOPcast Show 36 - entire show (MP3 audio, 28meg, 79mins). Wednesday night show 5/23/07. Special guest Dennis Nordman, who designed games for Bally, Williams and Stern including Party Animal, Elvira and the Party Monsters, Dr. Dude, Whitewater, Demoman, Indy 500, Scared Stiff and Pirates of the Caribbean.
topcast_37.mp3 25573839
TOPcast Show 37 - entire show (MP3 audio, 25meg, 71mins). Sunday night show 5/27/07. Special guest Joe Kaminkow, who co-founded DataEast/Sega/Stern pinball with Gary Stern and worked there from 1986 thru 1999. Joe ran DataEast, and was also co-designer on most of the DataEast classic games (40+ games). Joe also worked at Williams and co-designed Defender and Space Shuttle.
topcast_38.mp3 22421650
TOPcast Show 38 - entire show (MP3 audio, 22meg, 62mins). Wednesday night show 5/30/07. Special guest Michael Sands, of the The Sands Mechanical Museum at Michael does museum quality restorations of EM (electro-mechanical) pinballs and EM arcade games, and is one of the premier EM game restorers in North America.
topcast_39.mp3 35480415
TOPcast Show 39 - entire show (MP3 audio, 35meg, 98mins). Sunday night show 6/3/07. Special guest Eugene Jarvis, pinball and video game programmer. Eugene worked at Atari pinball and Williams pinball, teaming up with Steve Ritchie for many of his games, including Superman, Firepower, High Speed, F-14 Tomcat, and others. He also programmed the hit video games Defender, Stargate, Robotron, Narc, Smash TV, Target Terror, and the Fast and the Furious driving game. Eugene is also the only game designer to have his work featured on a U.S. Postage Stamp (Defender).
topcast_40.mp3 56505627
TOPcast Show 40 - entire show (MP3 audio, 56meg, 157mins). Sunday night show 6/10/07. George Gomez, pinball designer at Williams/Bally and Stern. George designed such games as Corvette, Monster Bash, Stern Playboy, the Sopranos and Lord of the Rings. He was also the creator of Williams Pinball 2000 - George and Lawlor created the HoloPin to demonstrate to management the potential of what was to become Pinball 2000. The first Pin2k game was also a George Gomez design (Revenge from Mars). George Gomez was also a video game designer for Midway designing Tron, Discs of Tron, and Spy Hunter.
topcast_41.mp3 22666258
TOPcast Show 41 - entire show (MP3 audio, 22meg, 62mins). Saturday afternoon show 6/30/07, Tech show with call-ins.
topcast_42.mp3 37422611
TOPcast Show 42 - entire show (MP3 audio, 37meg, 104mins). Sunday night show 7/01/07. Python Anghelo, pinball designer at Williams and Capcom. Python was involved with (Williams) Comet, High Speed, Grand Lizard, Pinbot, Big Guns, Cyclone, Taxi, Jokerz!, Police Force, Bad Cats, Bugs Bunny`s Birthday Ball, The Machine: Bride of Pinbot, Fish Tales, Popeye, Pinball Circus, Flipper Football (Capcom), Zingy Bingy (Capcom). Python was also creative director at Capcom Pinball, and was involved with all of their pin games.
topcast_43.mp3 35269502
TOPcast Show 43 - entire show (MP3 audio, 35meg, 98mins). Sunday night show 7/08/07. Jeff Powell, sound engineer for Capcom. Jeff did the sound for Capcom Pinball`s Pinball Magic, Breakshot, Big Bang Bar, Flipper Football, and was also assigned to the Zingy Bingy project. Jeff has since worked on 100 other coin-op game sound projection including Incredible Technologies` Orange County Chopper video pinball. Jeff explains how he develops, records, and ultimately implements sound into pinball machines.
topcast_46.mp3 14432040
TOPcast Show 46 - entire show (MP3 audio, 15meg, 40mins). Sunday night show July 29. Margaret Hudson, Bally/DataEast/Stern production pinball artist. Margaret started work right out of college in the 1970s working for Bally under Paul Faris and Dave Christensen in the Bally art department. Margaret Hudson is of course best known for her work on Bally's Eight Ball Deluxe pinball. Later she moved to DataEast, working on all of their pin games from 1987 to 1991. Recently she is working for Stern with Kevin O'Connor on such pinball titles as Playboy, Simpson Pinball Party, and Lord of the Rings. Ms.Hudson will talk about her experience working as a female in the (male dominated) pinball industry.
topcast_47.mp3 37094391
TOPcast Show 47 - entire show (MP3 audio, 36meg, 103mins). Sunday night show Aug 5. Chris Granner, Williams/Capcom/Stern pinball sound artist. Chris is THE pinball sound man, working at Williams from 1986 (Roadkings) to 1995 (Indy500). Chris wrote and implemented the sound for most of the famous Williams pin games like Pinbot, F14 Tomcat, Fire, Cyclone, Taxi, Earthshaker, Elvira Party Monsters, Funhouse, Terminator2, Addams Family, Fish Tales, White Water, Twilight Zone, Indy Jones, Roadshow. He also worked at Capcom as the head of their sound department. Chris later moved to Incredible Technologies (Golden Tee Golf), and then Stern Pinball. He did the sound for Stern Pinball's Monopoly, Simpsons, Terminator3, Lord of the Rings, Ripleys, Elvis, Nascar, and World Poker Tour.
topcast_48.mp3 58971025
TOPcast Show 48 - entire show (MP3 audio, 57meg, 163mins). Sunday night show Aug 12. Paul Faris, Bally/Williams/DataEast pinball artist. Paul worked at Bally as an artist from 1976 to 1984 and did such games as Night Rider, Evel Knievel, Eight Ball, Lost World, Playboy, Future Spa, Paragon, Space Invaders, Xenon, and Centaur. Paul became the head of the art department at Bally in the late 1970s. After Bally he did some art for Williams and Gameplan pinball during the mid-1980s. Paul then worked for DataEast pinball doing such games as Phantom of the Opera, Back to the Future, Checkpoint, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Hook, Frankenstein, GoldenEye and Twister.
topcast_49.mp3 32639126
TOPcast Show 49 - entire show (MP3 audio, 32meg, 91mins). Wednesday night show Aug 29. Mark Ritchie, Williams/Capcom pinball designer. Mark worked at Atari pinball and then moved to Williams in 1979, designing pinballs Thunderball, Firepower2, Pennant Fever, Sorcerer, Road Kings, Big Guns, Taxi, Police Force, Diner, Slugfest and of course Fishtales and Indiana Jones. Then Mark moved to Capcom as head of the engineering department, and designed Kingpin, which is being considered for production by Illinois Pinball. (Note if Mark`s last name seems familiar, his older brother Steve also worked at Williams as a pinball designer.)
topcast_50.mp3 67998786
TOPcast Show 50 - entire show (MP3 audio, 68meg, 183mins). Wednesday night show Sept 12. Lyman Sheats, Williams/DataEast pinball software engineer and pinball champion. Lyman worked at DataEast and Williams, and now works for Stern. Some of Lyman`s pinball programming work includes Attack from Mars, Monster Bash, Safecracker, Medieval Madness, Revenge from Mars, Guns N Roses, Tommy, WWF, Spiderman. He is also an excellent pinball player, winning many big tournaments (most recently the 2007 European Pinball Championship).
topcast_51.mp3 35476322
TOPcast Show 51 - entire show (MP3 audio, 34meg, 84mins). First show of the 2008 TOPcast season, Wed January 23 with Tim Arnold. Join us for the kick-off of new TOPcast 2008 season, as we interview Tim Arnold, as a continuation of his infamous year-ago TOPcast interview (the most downloaded interview in TOPcast`s history). Tim talks more about his `old school` pinball operator stories and updates on the Pinball Hall of Fame project. Live callers with questions on the air. Anything is game for Shaggy, Shaggy, and Norm.
topcast_52.mp3 22021511
TOPcast Show 52 - entire show (MP3 audio, 22meg, 52mins). Wednesday night show Feb 6, 2008. Stan Fukuoka of Capcom pinball. Stan did the artwork for games like Breakshot, Big Bang Bar, and Kingpin. Meet the guy on TOPcast that gave Big Bang Bar and Breakshot their unbelievable sexy look.
topcast_53.mp3 63528621
TOPcast Show 53 - entire show (MP3 audio, 62meg, 182mins). Wednesday night show Feb 20, 2008. Orin Day of DataEast/Sega/Stern pinball. Orin was a game programmer for such games as Guns N Roses, Maverick, Frankenstein, Baywatch, Apollo13, Goldeneye, Twister, Viper, Independence Day, Space Jam, Star Wars Trilogy, Lost World Jurassic Park, X Files, Starship Troopers, Lost in Space, Golden Cue, Godzilla, South Park, Playboy. Listen to Orin's stories of working at DataEast/Sega/Stern during the 1990s.
topcast_54.mp3 28054078
TOPcast Show 54 - entire show (MP3 audio, 27meg, 78mins). Wednesday night show Mar 5, 2008. Tom Nieman of Bally pinball licensing. Tom and Bally were the first to license a theme for a pinball game, and it all happened sort of by accident. Listen to Tom tell TOPcast how pinball licensing all started, and how he it became a major marketing tool for Bally pinball.
topcast_55.mp3 54044535
TOPcast Show 55 - entire show (MP3 audio, 54meg, 150mins). Wednesday night show Mar 19, 2008. Jon Norris of Gottlieb and Sega/Stern pinball. Jon was a game designer at Gottlieb during the System80b and System3 solidstate era, working at Gottlieb from 1986 until they closed in 1996. He also worked at Sega/Stern as a game designer, and also collects classic Gottlieb woodrails.
topcast_56.mp3 23410575
TOPcast Show 56 - entire show (MP3 audio, 22meg, 65mins). Wednesday night show Apr 2, 2008. Ward Pemberton of Bally, Williams, GameStar/Capcom, Sega pinball. Ward designed games at Bally such as Fathom (1981), BMX, Hardbody, Dungeons & Dragons. He then assimilated to Bally/Williams and designed games like Mousin Around, Riverboat Gambler, and Gilligans Island (1991). Ward also designed for GameStar/RomStar/Capcom, but left before his game design was realized. Finally he designed for Sega designing Goldeneye (1996). Ward has also been a Chicago firefighter since 1992!
topcast_57.mp3 37219203
TOPcast Show 57 - entire show (MP3 audio, 36meg, 103 mins). Wednesday night show Apr 16, 2008. John Borg of Gottlieb and DataEast/Sega/Stern pinball. John started as a mechanical engineer for Gottlieb in 1987, and by 1990 had moved to DataEast. He became a game designer with the 1992 DataEast Star Wars game, and then designed other major hits including Jurassic Park, Tales from the Crypt, Guns N Roses, Frankenstein, Apollo13, Twister, Harley Davidson, Austin Powers. John's current project for Stern is Indiana Jones4, due to be released spring 2008.
topcast_58.mp3 49526487
TOPcast Show 58 - entire show (MP3 audio, 49meg, 137 mins). Wednesday night show May 7, 2008. Duncan Brown of Williams/Bally pinball. What can I say about this one! Duncan is certainly one of the more colorful people that worked in the pinball industry. As a pinball operator in the early 1980s in Virgina, Duncan made his own pinball machine. He took a Williams Time Warp, reverse engineering Williams 6802 system6 pinball software, and turned it into his `Chief Bank-A-Flip Galactic Poker Dice`, a pinball machine with 25 drop targets. He also created his own video game `Alien Arena`, by reverse engineering Williams' Stargate/Defender video game platform. Duncan is also working on a pinball backglass book, documenting the artwork for all flipper pinballs from 1947 to present. But wait, there's more! Duncan worked at WMS as an assembly language slot machine programmer, and then moved to the pinball division for Pinball 2000 and Star Wars Episode1. Duncan also talks about the closing of Williams Pinball and many of the associated conspiracy theories.
topcast_59.mp3 65015164
TOPcast Show 59 - entire show (MP3 audio, 65meg, 157 mins). Wednesday night show May 21, 2008. Fred Young, pinball voice actor. Fred does voices, and by his own count, has about 998 different voice signatures at his disposal. He has done the speech in about 50 different coin operated games including all the Alvin G pinballs and most of the DataEast/Sega/Stern pinballs. Join us for an interview with the guy you`ve heard plenty of in pinball, but never heard anything about.
topcast_60.mp3 44491399
TOPcast Show 60 - entire show (MP3 audio, 44meg, 123 mins). Wednesday night show June 4, 2008. Michael Schiess, the man from Lucky JuJu in San Francisco. Like the Pinball Hall of Fame (Las Vegas), Lucky JuJu is a 501c3 non-profit that operates vintage pinball machines. Michael Schiess is the curator, and opens his doors just Friday and Saturday nights for play on their 35+ restored vintage pinballs games. Admission is one flat fee for all-you-can-play pinball. But there`s a lot more to Lucky Ju Ju than just that. Michael also has a `mini JuJu` (an aluminum camping trailer) outfit with pinball machines, which he takes on the road to shows and fairs in Northern California. And Lucky JuJu is also a showcase for local artists. Over 40 art shows have been held at the JuJu, with art displayed amoung the pinball machines, over the last six years. In addition Michael's museum quest for education led him to make a clear EM pinball machine out of plexiglass to show how it works `under the hood`. Lastly he was responsible for the Pacific Pinball Exposition in San Francisco, one of the premium pinball shows in the world.
topcast_61.mp3 28072035
TOPcast Show 61 - entire show (MP3 audio, 27meg, 65 mins). Saturday July 12, TOPcast live call-in show with Shaggy & Norm, Kirb, and special guest Brain Saunders. Coming from the yearly Detroit EM Pinball Collectors Club BARB-B-Q summer meeting. Between ribs and hotdogs, Norm and Shaggy take caller`s questions on the phone and interviewing Brian Saunders LIVE. Brian is one of the few Bally EM pinball collectors, with a wide range of Bally (and other) pinball games from the 1950s to the 1990s. He`s also a darn good EM tech. Kirb will be here too, doing his Gottlieb `I survived system 80` tech talk live. Other regular features such as Tech Tip of the Week, Mort`s Week in Pin News and of course live callers with opinions, comments and tech questions.
topcast_62.mp3 33816170
TOPcast Show 62 - entire show (MP3 audio, 32meg, 122 mins). Wednesday night show July 30, 2008. Greg Dunlap, software engineer for Wms and Stern. Greg worked at Williams in the slot machine division, programming several of their `dotmation` slot machines (which uses a large DMD display for bonus games, something unique to WMS slots). These included Advance To Boardwalk, Magic Lamp, Palace Of Riches, and Riverbelle 21. He then moved to Pat Lawlor Design/Stern where he was the dot matrix programmer for games including Monopoly, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Nascar, and Grand Prix.
topcast_63.mp3 59531112
TOPcast Show 63 - entire show (MP3 audio, 57meg, 142 mins). Sunday afternoon show Nov 2, 2008. Keith Johnson, Stern and formerly of Bally/Williams software engineer and designer. Keith worked on the following games: Revenge From Mars, Striker Xtreme, Sharkeys Shootout, High Roller Casino, Austin Powers, Simpsons Pinball Party, Lord of the Rings, Elvis, World Poker Tour, Wheel Of Fortune. Live call in show. The interview with Keith is first, followed by live call-in questions.

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