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After leaving Haxor Radio, Kizzle starts a new audio project. From the site: "What happens when you lock a 14 year old kid in a closet with nothing but a few articles, a few rap cd's, and a microphone? Pointless ranting, lots of mumbling and an utter waste of time, also known as "uberleeto". Try talking about something, anything at all. Listening to random, unsubstantiated rantings on articles you didn't even read is a bit like listening to the guy screaming to himself on the streetcorner.." -UziMonkey

Kizzle later went on to create the hacker media aggregation site HACKERMEDIA.NET.

Description of the Audio
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Kizzle at the Store (2004)
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Uberleeto Link Button GIF
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Uberleeto Radio Episode #1 "You Know?"(April 28, 2004) (8:12)
Opening music plays until 0:40. Kizzle introduces the uberleeto show. The show will be different: 3-5 minutes or less. Subjects covered will be headlines and opinions so Kizzle has his own show. is for sale; Kizzle wonders what Lycos "does" and who would want it. Kizzle promises to kick the ass of whoever buys it. All the articles are from Slashdot in this show. High temperature superconducting tape is out: Kizzle is not impressed. TurboLinux has licensed Windows Media technology for their Linux distribution, so you can play Windows Media for just $60. Kizzle announces that nobody has ever paid for a Windows product. Extra trivia fact: People go out and kill Bill Gates' family, and he's so filthy rich he can buy a new one. Closing comments. The opening and closing music will be non-RIAA music. 7:27 and onward are closing theme.
uberleeto-ep02-2004.mp3 4843648
Uberleeto Radio Episode #2 "Smash! Burn! Destroy! Rage!" (May 2, 2004) (10:05)
Show opens with intense pressing of buttons in a voicemail system, then opening theme music until 1:29. You've got another episode of Uberleeto. Kizzle has decided against 3-5 minutes and will go for 10 minutes. Kizzle is a liar. Supposedly, a new Hackers movie sequel will be coming out. Kizzle thinks this is great; Hackers was the leetest movie ever. The videogame industry is looking for new revenue models; how about just not charging so much? RIAA files another few hundred lawsuits: blah blah blah fair use blah blah blah (please, stop debating this issue). A random article that Kizzle read claims Linux will overtake Windows in 3 years. Kizzle doesn't buy in; Linux is not for the masses and he's very sorry. Discussion of the real situation of Linux's place in the world. Kizzle finds a bad article debating piracy; please do not use the Internet again. Kizzle alerts you that Squizzy Radio Sucks and everyone should deface their page, and kill their family. Closing comments. Closing theme music from 8:35 onward, along with more voicemail trickery.
uberleeto-ep03-2004.mp3 6008832
Uberleeto Radio Episode #3 "Yay for Felonies" (May 10, 2004) (12:31)
Opening music until 1:00. Episode is a little late; Kizzle was in jail; apparently a 10-inch blade is a felony. Kizzle is now wearing headphones, but it's not improving the show and eating his soul. New Thunderbird mail client is out from Mozilla; all Kizzle can find is a new icon. MSNBC article on a guy patenting online donations and suing the Red Cross; what an asshole! New Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) article on germs; Kizzle doesn't think you need all this anti-bacterial stuff and you're just going to weaken your immune system. Kizzle doesn't wash his hands unless absolutely necessary. Quicktime has released an update; the Quicktime program is 15 megs, and the update is 30 megs. It turns out the extra 15 megs are language splash screens. Malware is filling PCs with porn; nice headline, but the story is of no use. As mentioned in the binrev forums, Packet8 has a new user agreement. Packet8 is a voice over IP company, like Vonage, except seemingly run in someone's basement. The user agreement now states that if you do not have 12 consecutive months of use, you owe them $75; even Microsoft isn't that bad. Packet8 must die. Also, even though you have "unlimited minutes" with them, they will upgrade you to a business account after 5,000 minutes. Closing comments: Thanks to everyone who has given praise about the show. Positive feedback is Kizzle's payment. Kizzle is both picky and open about his closing music. Closing music plays from 11:44 onward.
uberleeto-ep04-2004.mp3 4909184
Uberleeto Radio Episode #4 "Tortilla Chips Kill" (May 14, 2004) (10:13)
Opening music plays until 0:54. Kizzle announces this will be the unprofessional episode, because he has chip. He'd be drinking juice, but he mistakenly bought "low-carb" juice. Intel has released a new numbering scheme for future chips; Kizzle doesn't want it to be the same arbitrary numbering system like AMD; go back to Megahertz! Microsoft wants to set the record straiht on Palladium; Kizzle wants the anti-MS FUD to continue, so actually Palladium kills babies. You shouldn't buy the Sony iPod killer; it uses only a proprietary codec, just like Sony's memory stick. Microsoft are dropping out of the Wireless market; Kizzle is not happy, since in fact Microsoft Hardware tends to be very well done. Yahoo has boosted free e-mail to 100 megabytes, in response to Gmail offering 1000 megabytes. Google kicks ass, and Yahoo will die. Kizzle hates portals. Closing comments. Shouts out to Kizzle's broken CD burner. Closing music from 9:18 onward.
uberleeto-ep04.5-2004.mp3 617535
Uberleeto Radio Episode #4.5 "Pirate Broadcast" (May 16, 2004) (5:08)
"The crew from DTMF Radio do an illegal episode of Uberleeto. They are so getting sued." Opening music until 0:55. Pirate takeover from Kizzle's basement: Cr45, 813_error, and djmollusk. Kevin Rose has an article on Slashdot about building your own Stun Gun on Slashdot; the crew says the idea is stolen, so it's not just controversial, it's stupid. With the addition of 4.5, uberleeto has more episodes than The Broken. Maybe a competing program called "The Fix" should come out. Kevin Rose and TechTV need more ranting about them. Closing comments by the DTMF crew. Closing music plays from 4:02 onward.
uberleeto-ep05-2004.mp3 7217280
Uberleeto Radio Episode #5 "You're Fired" (May 21, 2004) (15:02)
Opening music until 0:55. Kizzle sings a welcome to the big 5 episode. is awesome, and Kizzle will use it instead of Slashdot. Kizzle hopes to do the show once a week on Friday, maybe more. Perhaps a mailing list, too. From Wired: The Matrix Project, a criminal database, is being put together by the government to find potential terrorists, and it has 120,000 names. An FBI peer-to-peer sting operation to catch pedophiles has resulted in 65 arrests; Kizzle wants a cyber-vigilante force instead. Kizzle also sees this as a possible way to expand to include RIAA stings. Limewire has upgraded their Peer-to-Peer software; Kizzle thinks it really kicks ass, and has no spyware. A story went by that said that Gmail would have a terabyte of mail, but it's still a gigabyte. Kizzle's wondering how you're going to be able to use up a gigabyte of mail, and suggests it has a bright future as a warez distribution tool. Kizzle presents his first Article that Pisses Him Off Award: Abit Fatality Reported. It turns out to be a guy named Fatality... and that's not even his name! AOL mentions the threat of viruses and spyware; Kizzle thinks AOL should take 15 minutes to present a video for people to learn about viruses and spyware. Also, they start taking measures in 2003; why are they bragging about this, considering how long viruses have been around? Closing comments. Kizzle has chosen to add a background music to the show and wants your opinion. Closing music from 14:15 onward.
uberleeto-ep06-2004.mp3 7121024
Uberleeto Radio Episode #6 "Damn the Man" (May 28, 2004) (14:50)
Opening music until 1:48. Hey there, Uberleeto. Kizzle has lots of food, but nothing to eat; he'll have to deal with eating Ramen. A letter arrived from Charter Communications; Kizzle was sharing Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Kizzle understands how people get scared when they get these letters, and cough up the settlements. But the companies have nothing to go on, and no real case. Kizzle speculates on what methodology they're using, and encourages experimentation on how easily you could generate your own complaint to an ISP. US Government Reads E-Mails: Apparently there's a new thing that taps e-mail, just like Carnivore; why is everyone so surprised they could read e-mails? It must have been the name Carnivore. A new version of Netscape (7.2) is coming out; Kizzle is happy with Firefox. Regardless, he's impressed Netscape has been around for so long, since the days of Windows 3.1. Why does everyone jack their version numbers up? Linux does this a lot. But once it's past 10, it becomes a letter or term. Closing comments. Kizzle complained about AOL doing no video to help people; Kizzle thinks he's going to have to do it instead. He has no camera, so maybe he'll just record a new soundtrack to an .AVI of his desktop. Props to Sean Kennedy. Closing music from 13:13 onward.
uberleeto-ep07-2004.mp3 8148992
Uberleeto Radio Episode #7 "Lindows Live Review" (June 4, 2004) (16:50)
Opening music until 1:03. When Frosted Mini-Wheats flake off, they look really scary when you find them on your desk. Kizzle will review Lindows (now named Linspire) live. The CD is a live CD, just like Knoppix. Kizzle hates the word "surf". It costs $30, which Kizzle doesn't understand. Kizzle finds the distribution really user-friendly, thanks to the control panels. Control panels in Lindows are excellent. It seems efficient and fast, for something running off a CD. Not many applications are provided, but the included ones all seem what you would want. The bad side: programs included with the distribution are re-branded to sort of imply that they're created by Lindows: for example, the instant messenger application is called "The Lindows Instant Messenger" instead of what it is, GAIM. It says "Powered by Gaim"... because it IS GAIM. Similarly, the mozilla browser is Lindows-branded. Also, there's no free version of Lindows out there; while they're probably staying within the limits of the GPL, it's really skanky to pass it off as their own work and then charge money. Kizzle finds it offense it's possible to pirate a distribution of Linux. Summary: Kizzle thinks it's good software, but wonders if in fact they're evil; answer: yes. Lindows is like a really good friend who has kiddie porn in a closet. It puts you in a weird-feeling situation. Squeezing in one last story: There's a new flash animation game with He-Man, Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, and the Bush Administration. Closing comments. Lindows does in fact let you find out the original programs, but they hide it. Uberleeto will have his friend Mittens co-host with him, and the plan is to have a new show called Uberleeto Gaming, which will be just included as part of the show list. The show was just about a review, but that's why he runs the show. Closing music plays from 16:00 onward.
uberleeto-ep07-2004.tar 1443840
Accompanying Screenshots from the Live Lindows Review in Episode 7
uberleeto-ep07.5-2004.mp3 6422528
Uberleeto Radio Episode #7.5 "Rocks in the Moon Rock" (June 18, 2004) (35:40)
This is a bonus episode of Uberleeto: a phone conversation between Kizzle and 87 that Kizzle decided to make into a show. "See you in a bit" is 87's new catchphrase. A few other possible catchphrases are run through to no avail. 87's car is now tagged and road-ready. Does the DMV hand out wheels now? Decorating little "earrings" off the rear view mirrors of your car as a fashion accessory. Kizzle and 87 want to see Riddick, after seeing Pitch Black. Surprisingly, the game of Chronicles of Riddick is supposed to be good, which is a shock compared to most movie games. 87 hears there's a Matrix MMORPG coming out; when you make a character, there's a slight slight chance you'll be The One. Kizzle assumes the characters will be on Ebay. Kizzle sees a business plan in hiring kids to gain levels for you for peanuts, which you then sell in auctions. Kizzle knows if he starts an MMORPG, he'll be hopelessly addicted, so he won't. Kizzle and 87 compare fighting stories, then move onto favorite games and preferred rules. The good thing about 10 is how you can swap out fighters. You have to do parties, but there's no chicks. Kizzle remembers hearing about the plan to expand a MMORPG to cell phones; Japan will one day rule the world. It's unlikely anyone's going to colonize the moon; nobody knows how to share. Discussion of Moon physics and how different games would be on the Moon, as well as guns. There's a new RPG coming out called Guildwars that will be free. Kizzle always has concerns with money and time with these games. 87 plays then when he's not asleep and at work, so it's not so bad. Comparison of different game approaches. Playing 'Catch the Rocket' in Halo, plus variations. Maybe Catch the Rocket needs more rules. 87 has to go. Time to do the outro: This is Uberleeto. Kizzle will edit out the parts that sucked. 87 sings the future Uberleeto theme. Go to and click on the pretty picture. 87 shouts the uberleeto theme at passerby. 87 is going to get drunk. Kizzle sees a spider. "It's uber-fast!" "And you're an uber-pussy!" Forget spiders... think about BATS.
uberleeto-ep08-2004.mp3 8149120
Uberleeto Radio Episode #8 "Radio Tips" (June 22, 2004) (45:16)
Opening music plays until 0:56. Uberleeto! Kizzle is joined by Doug from Default Radio. Uberleeto gaming has been cancelled; Kizzle's friend can't do it. However, 87 will join in to do some videogaming coverage. Whitesword TV has been released. The editing is a little whacky, but the content is good, some real meaty content. Kizzle is impressed with them showing things on the episode. This episode of Uberleeto will be about radio tips. New shows are coming out all the time, and they could use a few pointers. Since this is the 8th episode and Doug's done 30 episodes, maybe they can help. First, think of something creative; don't just do an hour show and give news. Uberleeto provides 10 minute shows, for example. Default Radio was pretty unique when it started, although it's like a lot of others now. Kizzle doesn't think there's been a show focused on phreaking. Radio Phreak America had politics and news. Hopefully Default Radio will have more phreaking. Next Tip: Don't restrict yourself in time and topics; pick a time that's good for you. Most shows aren't streamed, so it doesn't matter. Next Tip: If you're not sounding like you're having fun, then your listeners will not either. Be consistent. Consistency is a bitch; if you don't set a consistent schedule for yourself, then you can't get your act together and your co-hosts can't schedule themselves. If you're not consistent, your listeners stop trying to find you and they're surprised a new show is out. Similarly, stick with your show, even if you have cancer. As Woody Allen says, "95 percent of success is just showing up." There's just no way your show could get to 20 and suck, after you get all that practice. Please don't use Quicktime or Windows Media. Use MP3 or OGG. Otherwise, people are going to think you're a windows-only show. Also, save your .WAVs; if down the road or in history, people want to hear your show, they'll be trapped with the poor format. Save your .WAVs on CD. If people are running a show with people in different locations, then record on a phone other than the one you're talking on; this way all the hosts will sound the same. The exception is if there's a host and then other co-hosts; then the host sounds louder. If you're all recording at the same time, then you're going to run into people talking at the same time. After the number of people are over 5, you all talk over each other. An exception is if everyone's in the same room. Otherwise, the one-channel telephone system doesn't work. Hacknip is recorded on a cassette tape, and that's a problem. Also, announcing a show before you can record it isn't a good idea. Listen to other shows for ideas to see how shows are done. Rant Radio should be required listening before starting your show, just to see how it can be done. It doesn't make any sense to use bad web hosts for their show; they'll spend money on their microphones but not their show hosting. Also, .TK domains are the devil; Kizzle hates them. Don't be cheap about domain names; it costs less than McDonalds. Never, ever pay for something that's "unlimited" and expect to actually get something actually unlimited. No quality host promises unlimited. Don't create another show that only has 5 episodes; it clutters up archive sites like Don't do a radio show if you don't want to do it; you don't HAVE to create a radio show. Every show you enjoy, try to contribute something to it, even if it's just some e-mail or suggestions. Sean Kennedy's TV show isn't as enjoyable as it could be. For that matter, Howard Stern's TV show doesn't make sense when you can hear his radio show. Kizzle could spend another show promoting all the rant radio stuff. Wrap-up; this show is a starting point for starting your own show. The show needs a lot of editing before it goes out. "Pretty neato for uberleeto." Closing music plays from 44:26 onward.
uberleeto-ep09-2004.mp3 7389312
Uberleeto Radio Episode #9 "New Lifeform" (July 3, 2004) (20:31)
Opening music plays until 1:19. Grunting noises from Kizzle. No show notes, and last week's show was missed for no reason. Kizzle is a superhero of procrastination. Not much news, at least what Kizzle was able to find. There's a new show on Hackermedia called "Droops Radio". Kizzle's tap water tastes like ass; he'll have to stick with bottled water. Short review of "The Shield"; Kizzle considers it bad-ass and addictive, and better than other shows... well worth downloading or buying the DVD. Firefox 0.9 has been released; Kizzle considers it much better than Internet Explorer; stop using IE unless you're lame. Kizzle's did find one bug with Firefox: the Extensions menu broke his Firefox permanently; he can't use it anymore on that box. Kizzle lets loose with a rant against the Windows Registry and the inconvenience of using it; config files are the way to go, just like Linux. Windows may be for the desktop, and Linux isn't as user friendly, but the Windows Registry is just horrible. Sure, you could back up the registry, but why do you have to? Why is there even a registry? Wireless group wants wireless on airplanes. Kizzle sees an issue here: what about terrorists! They might hack the plane! Solution: Shoot anyone with wireless. Kizzle makes a strange sound, and apologizes again for being late, having no notes, or anything else. Next week, the DTMF radio guys will be guests. Shouts out to everyone who links to Uberleeto. Shouts to Datu Today. Shouts to Oldskoolphreak. Looking forward to Hacker Public Radio. Shouts to Switchzero, Phreaks and Geeks, Default Radio, Gamer Radio, Doug TV. Send e-mail to Kizzle if you link to him and you'll get shout outs. A Half Hour Passes: Kizzle is having trouble finding new music to play as the closing theme. Trying to avoid playing the same artist twice, but oh well. It's 4:30am and Kizzle is tired.... Good Morning. Closing music plays from 19:23 onward.
uberleeto-ep10-2004.mp3 8415232
Uberleeto Radio Episode #10 "Stalker from Russia" (July 11, 2004) (35:03)
Opening music plays until 1:22. Kizzle welcomes you and introduces his surprise guest host, 87. Kizzle wishes there was a shorter way to give 87's handle. Housekeeping: Kizzle has gotten some e-mails, but hasn't mentioned them on the show. Some recent ones: A user reccommends Capturepad, and Kizzle can't pronounce the name of the second. 87 thinks Kizzle shouldn't substitute teach. Regarding his Firefox, a listener suggests deleting his profile. Kizzle apparently can't. Archangel suggests some bands to play as closing music. Letter comes in: "Yo, sup, see ya later". Kizzle wants e-mail from a foreign country, because the broken english is cool. Where's the psycho fan from Russia? In fact, Kizzle wants a stalker from Russia; a good comfort zone. Midnight writes in asking for a link from Is there anyone who DOESN'T like getting linked? Still, asking permission is cool. Kizzle has been playing with Slackware; it's his favorite linux so far. There's even a nice book to go with it that comes on PDF. Kizzle likes movies, and talks about some of the previews that tick him off. I, Robot with Will Smith; Kizzle's incredible talent for just knowing if a movie is going to totally suck is going off... especially over Will Smith's hat. The only thing that ticks off 87 more than overly "futuristic" movies are movies where people wear the same outfits. Kizzle thinks Fifth Element got that right. Still, clothing and talking isn't relevant to the movie sucking... it's Will Smith. Kizzle takes a shot at guessing the entire I, Robot movie based on the trailer. Kizzle wonders why the bad guy robots all look the same. Conversation shifts to Vanilla Sky and Minority Report; 87 hated them and doesn't care if anyone liked it. Kizzle asks 87 to spoil the ending. 87 resists the urge. 87 recalls that for a while movies had to have intense surprise endings, at the cost of making sense. Kizzle weighs in on Spiderman 2; Kizzle doesn't see what the big deal is with this generic movie. The movie is almost 80 percent of Spiderman whining about being Spiderman. 87 says it's obvious that Kizzle hasn't read the comic book since it's the same way. Kizzle provides a film that was good: X-Men (Actually, X-Men 2). 87 thinks only hardcore comic book fans would appreciate a comic book movie. Kizzle mentions that the car-through-glass shot shows up well into the film, and it shouldn't be in the trailer. 87 speculates that as a trilogy, the third should be the absolute best... unless we're talking about the Matrix. Still, 87 trusts Stan "The Man" Lee. Kizzle finds it a cool trend that some games are getting downloadable soundtracks. 87 mentions the Riddick game. Kizzle and 87 discuss game mechanics: weapons, game interface, other aspects. Kizzle is in love with the graphics. 87 gives his rule that either the game or the graphics have to rule. Wrapping up. Kizzle pronounces C:\ as "See Colin Slash". Kizzle also messed up Archangel's name. Kizzle and 87 sign off. Closing music plays from 33:24 on.
uberleeto-ep11-2004.mp3 6647936
Uberleeto Radio Episode #11 "Monday Monday" (July 12, 2004) (13:50)
Opening music plays until 1:11. Kizzle yawns out a welcome. Kizzle would really like a Snickers bar and a Red Bull; it's 4:45am. Kizzle actually doesn't get the appeal of Red Bull, especially compared to Monster. Monster isn't very good, but it's half the price and it has caffeine. Kizzle actually doesn't like Pop, and maybe the occasional energy drink. Kizzle continues to speculate on various carbonated beverages, before demanding more snacks. Random Slashdot Article: DNS will now change so that you can register your domain in about 5 minutes instead of a couple days. This may be cool, but it won't ever make up for Sitefinder, the Verisign attempt to seize all non-resolving domains. Kizzle rants about Sitefinder for a while, and then about putting control back in the hands of the people. Another MPAA story: something about piracy. Why are people so hard on MPAA on RIAA? Kizzle recalls the music for the current show, and is a little disappointed it was made with Fruityloops...and it's so repetitive. Kizzle reads from listener e-mail: Uberleeto has a new fan. Other shows may have content, but Uberleeto has "tirades". Word to that. Kizzle says goodbye. Closing plays from 12:30 onward.
uberleeto-ep12-2004.mp3 4886528
Uberleeto Radio Episode #12 "Theoretically" (July 16, 2004) (13:34)
Opening music plays until 1:00. It's Uber-Goddamn-Leeto, dedicated to Kizzle's computer: let's make up. Kizzle has an announcement he made on the Binrev forums: he's releasing the Uberleeto soundtrack. It'll contain all the bands he's played so far and a readme with links to the bands. Kizzle likes Chronicles of Riddick for X-Box, and sees what other sites think of it. All the reviews are positive except for a few: they say the game is too profane and it should be an option to shut it off. Kizzle's response is that you're killing a lot of people, you're a MURDERER and you're worried about the LANGUAGE? Don't overlook the violence before you start worrying about the language. Unreal has the same problem; people get unhappy when Kizzle curses on the voice channel, while they're killing each other for sport. News Item: Ebay wants to plug into the digital music market. Kizzle jumps from here to iTunes, which is this massive mess of DRM, locked-away songs you're paying a dollar for and won't be able to copy. Kizzle won't pay a dollar for music, unless there's hookers included. News Item: Microsoft recommits to security. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Closing comments. Housekeeping: E-mail from a listener: Thanks for the awesome show and the cool songs. Also, if you like "The Shield", you'll like Sledgehammer. Kizzle thinks Sledgehammer is a decent show, worth the watch. Getting letters is neato. Uberneato. Closing music plays from 12:22 onward.
uberleeto-ep13-2004.mp3 7628800
Uberleeto Radio Episode #13 "Spelling is for Noobs" (July 25, 2004) (25:25)
Kizzle grills an interviewee, then opening music until 1:29. Uberleeto! Kizzle was mentioned at HOPE, and wants to know where, since he couldn't attend. Show is late; Kizzle tried a few days before, but it didn't come out right. Lotteries suck; Kizzle didn't win a thing. He went back and won a dollar, so he has to keep buying them. Kizzle found a neat trick on Amazon; the book preview only lets you read a few pages of the book, which doesn't help. It wasn't helpful, so they added a search engine. Kizzle figured out that when you want to read a book, search the title of the book and this will give you most of the pages of the book. You don't get all of them, but a lot more than 3-4, and this will help you decide if you want to read it. Kizzle was reading a book on Attention Deficit Disorder, and he has realized it's about him. There hasn't been much feedback from the soundtrack; send some. Kizzle decides to give some props in the middle. Props to, hosted on a 99 cent webhost. Kizzle harassed his webhost over a technical issue, and the guy mentioned he'd seen uberleeto before. Kizzle also tried, but they suck; everything's on default. Kizzle also found the whole interface completely counter-intuitive, and the control panel was like from a different place. Then they rejected him for having a site associated with hacking. So don't use Kizzle is a little concerned that he's not gotten any hate mail; surely Kizzle has made people angry by now. People write fan mail, but someone has to hate the show too. To remedy this, Kizzle lets you know that Linux sucks; cheap, insecure, and buggy. Stick with Microsoft and Windows. Linux is for noobs and people who want to steal from SCO. SCO is going to go out of business from everyone stealing their linux kernel. The MPAA and RIAA are being ripped off by everyone; after paying the artists and trying not to hurt the little guy, and then everyone downloads their stuff. Hackers suck. Also, Kizzle would like to have some help hacking Hotmail. Uppercase letters suck: lowercase only is the way to go. Also, use very few letters, and replace the remaining ones with numbers, so your letter is as incomprehnsible as possible. This will encourage people to post. Also, Kizzle hates your mom. Closing comments. The Afternow is great: Kizzle always forgets to do show notes, but he should do some on the Server Monks. Kizzle suggests getting through the first few episodes before deciding what you think of it. Definitely listen to the end of Season 2. Kizzle hopes you enjoyed yourself. Closing music plays from 24:25 onward. And then the interviewee confesses.
uberleeto-ep14-2004.mp3 5466112
Uberleeto Radio Episode #14 "Street Drugs" (August 18, 2004) (15:11)
Kizzle gets the episode number wrong. Opening music plays until 1:24. Kizzle is stretched out with his laptop; he needs some professional audio equipment. Maybe a microphone stand or a mixer. Kizzle would like to create a movement. Jason Scott runs a site called and is involved in 50 million websites. Somehow, somebody needs to give him some hardcore drugs to speed up his work. Listing of everything Jason's done without the help of hardcore street drugs. By giving him drugs, the rest of the community would have to do less; eventually he'd do everything. Episode was delayed because of procrastination and because the shows are getting into a rut. There are more interesting topics to talk about. Kizzle tries to pull up his show notes and fails. Kizzle wonders why we care about the new Sony Ipod Killer and MP3 players and RIAA when the world's events and politics are more important. Kizzle considers doing a show on SQL injection. Finding a news story and then just giving your opinion on it doesn't seem to be enough to make a show, even if Kizzle is doing it too. Kizzle promises to do much better shows in the future. Episode 15 might be late, but for good reason. is down; the 99 cent webhost is proving to be an actual 99 cent webhost. is up, however, and is the shit. You don't have to be more technical with a radio show, just more creative. Shouts to Squizzy Radio, they're good, they made 7 episodes and then stopped. 87 likes Squizzy Radio, so you should too. The only downside is that it sucks. Kizzle thinks the episode is pretty much finished. Kizzle promises the next show or the show after it will be different. Kizzle no longer cares about news, unless it's really major. Lawsuits don't count. Goodbye, everybody. Closing music plays from 14:03 onward.
uberleeto-ep15-2004.mp3 7198720
Uberleeto Radio Episode #15 "ARP Cache Poisoning" (November 24, 2004)
uberleeto-ep16-2004.mp3 3012608
Uberleeto Radio Episode #16 "Bam Bam Bam" (December 16, 2004)
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