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"Underfire Radio is simple an internet radio show that focues on issues such as, technology news, stupid things from teh web, phreaking, social engineering, urban exploration, and whatever else pops up at the time we are doing the episode. This show is different almost every episode and you really just never know what to expect next. Keep tuned every Monday night for a new episode with Bizurke and Scheda."

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underfire-01-00-low.mp3 6952960
Underfire Pilot Episode (Low Bandwidth Version)
underfire-01-00.mp3 37068045
Underfire Pilot Episode
"Introduction to the show, your hosts, Internet2 Rant, Introduction to UE, Introduction to Phreaking, a Social Engineering ploy for free things, a cell phone batter that lasts a year, and shouts."
underfire1-01.mp3 14139115
Underfire Episode #01 (December 13, 2004)
Hosted by Scheda. Guest is Murd0c. "Interview with Murd0c, he hits onScheda, Sprint and Nextel merge, kid dies from drinking too much, phreaking FAQ, SE Practice tips, a little more UE, getting free food and discounts on stuff, asbestos is bad, shouts."
underfire1-02.mp3 14507755
Underfire Episode #02 ( Show Notes: Bizurke is gone this week, Obfuscated talks about Infonomicon, Email, Finnish Santa's, Cell Phone's on Planes, Mink has no phones, Donnie Darko and Motorola v300, Internet2 phone call, Slackware discussion, pigeons and marshmallows, dead bodies are black, Ubuntu Linux, Debian and Asterisk, Adobe Audition and Waves Native Gold Bundle.
underfire1-03.mp3 13265476
Underfire Episode #03 (Special early episode for christmas. Michael Jackson is a reatard, your too fuckin paranoid, Scheda has some magic for that ass, What not to buy for christmas, Fuck packet monkeys, how to use social engineering in daily life, Why copper pwNz VoIP.
underfire1-04.mp3 17454818
Underfire Episode #04 (This is a clipped up episode. Not recorded together at all. Pennsylvania is fux0r3d. Abstruse's Social Engineering call. Google Hacking with Scheda in the kitchen. We can't decide on an ending song. Vulcanius is the man for trying to hook us up.
underfire1-05.mp3 14430378
Underfire Episode #05 ( bluetooth coats, porn star postage stamps, infonomicon keychains, walmart ownage, and some other stuff.
underfire1-06.mp3 14331043
Underfire Episode #06 ( Altoids in MP3 Form. Hacking a Blizzard. Our Contest. Win some cool shit. Emails. Lots of news. Lack of content again. Scheda's sister calls in.
underfire1-07.mp3 17118180
Underfire Episode #07 ( This is an unscripted, un-noted, epsiode of rants, and other useless crap. Bizurke does something on cellular mergers (check articles page) and scheda gets a girlfriend, got a girlfriend, had a girlfriend, one of those. it's 12 fuckin degrees I hope you appreciate this shit. The HIATIUS IS OVER BITCH!
underfire1-08.mp3 17200080
Underfire Episode #08 ( One again an unscripted totally messed up episode full of rants and other underfire flavor. Scheda gets a new job, Gumby is back, SBC/AT&T merger, George Orwell was right, sell anything to anyone.
underfire1-09.mp3 20229984
Underfire Episode #09 ( Holy crap we made it to 9 epsiodes! This one has even less stuff that matters. Special guest Minion, walkie talkies get pwned coast to coast to coast, some kid is in a dance contest and some other stuff I can't remember at this moment.
underfire1-10.mp3 20880272
Underfire Episode #10 ( Special guest this episode Droops of Infonomicon. This is our worst episode yet, I dare you to listen to it. Toothbrushes that play music, cigarettes are cool, you can't replace the ipod, we have two girl listeners, and more useless crap from Bizurke, Scheda, And Droops.
underfire1-11.mp3 16928208
Underfire Episode #11 ( Special guest this episode is psych0. We have a little content this time. Basic Socialing tips, Don't call Bill Gates, Sir Bill Gates cause he's an american, what's funnier than fucking a clown, Domain Theft is on the rise, Jeager bombs kick ass.
underfire1-12.mp3 9348608
Underfire Episode #12 ( Bizurke is gone this episode, Minion took his place. Some more socialing. Dumpster diving meetups. Urban exploration of an old hotel. Photoshop and After Effects tips. Call us at 866-739-3960 (it's toll free!). Check out the gallery. ASTERISK IS FINALLY UP!
underfire1-13.mp3 14787360
Underfire Episode #13 ( Bizurke is back, asterisk is up and working and we're trying it out as a recording device, customer service reps are stupid, vulcanius joined us and pissed people off, bellsouth is a bunch of newbs. This episode isn't going to work. The audio is fuxored and I don't have a copy.
underfire1-14.5.mp3 14453712
Underfire Episode #14.5 ( We screwed up making episode 14 so here is 14.5 for that ass. Socialing with Scheda, Geocaching rocks, asbestos sucks, and more stuff I can't remember.
underfire1-15.mp3 28560576
Underfire Episode #15 ( Majestic replaces Bizurke. Sex with animals. Baby telephones. The Telco Source project. Scheda's contest is still going. Support your scene. Donate to the EFF. It's hard to remember what we talked about on the show.
underfire1-16.mp3 12529536
Underfire Episode #16 (Scheda's episode. (i.e. he does it alone). A call to Wal*Mart. FWD and Asterisk for foreign listeners. Yahoo's Personalized Searches. JAlbum review. Send me your screenshots. A few port scanners for windows. Linux tip and trick website.
underfire2-02.mp3 31728000
Underfire Episode #17 (Porn Star Vs. Governator, LED Bra.s, Don.t take candy from strangers, Everything you need to know about Wi-Fi, Guest Host Nexis and Majestic showed up for a few minutes.)
underfire2-03.mp3 35761004
underfire2-04.mp3 31864984
underfire2-4-64.mp3 31880448
underfire2-5.mp3 11840448
underfireradio_2-01.mp3 26019515

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