Various Online Sound Effects

Ranging from computer sounds to interesting one-of-a-kind recordings, this directory lets you get a sense of some special times.

Description of the Audio
ARCADEAMBIENCEAndy Hofle's Incredible Arcade Ambience Project, Recreating the Sounds of The Arcades
PDPMUSICRecordings from 1964 of music generated on a PDP-1, from the Collection of Dan Smith
VOICEMAILSRecordings from a Voice Mailbox Jason Scott used to have
daisy.mp3 296136
Recording of IBM 7094 singing "A Bicycle Built for Two (Daisy)", 1961. Vocal programmed by John Kelly and Carol Lockbaum. Accompanyment programmed by Max Mathews.
daisy.wav 3155244
.WAV Version of MP3 above.
redboxatt.wav 123171
From Austin 2600: "A recording of the AT&T announcement stating that AT&T will no longer be accepting coins from payphones as a form of payment for long distance calls."
spoof.wav 618698
From Austin 2600: "A recording prior to the release of the caller id spoofing article that apeared in issue 20:1 of 2600 magazine. In this recording you hear a call being spoofed as 909-661-2600, the number called is the 800-555-1140 ANAC that will announce 909-661-2600 as the number being called from."

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