Dan Smith's PDP-1 Music Collection

These are a set of recordings from 1964 of music generated on a PDP-1 computer at MIT's building 26. The HTML file explains most of the details.

Description of the Audio
carols.mp3 6841591
PDP-1 Music: Christmas Carol Medley (1964)
littlefugue.mp3 2607665
PDP-1 Music: Bach - Little Fugue (1964)
minutewaltz.mp3 1003538
PDP-1 Music: Chopin - Minute Waltz (1964)
minutewaltz.ra 119916
PDP-1 Music: Bach - Passacaglia and Fugue (Ending Only) (1964)
passacaglia.mp3 11024109
PDP-1 Music: Bach - Passacaglia and Fugue (1964)
pdp1music.html 8242
Excellent overview and explanations of this PDP-1 Music Collection
weshallovercome.mp3 1356714
PDP-1 Music: We Shall Overcome (1964)

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