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Hackermind ultimately inspired Dual Parallel to create "Radio Freek America", a show which has outlasted Hackermind itself.

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The Hackermind All-Nighter #1 (November 16, 2001)
The Hackermind All Nighter - A three hour party in the wee hours of the morning. With one of the largest listener turnouts of all time, contests, outdoor adventures, and mindless fun, the first HAN was one of the greatest episodes ever...and just begged for another...
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The Hackermind All-Nighter #2 (July, 2002)
"HAN II: The Second Hackermind All Nighter" aired just before H2K2 in July, 2002. Not only was it the longest episode of Hackermind ever (4 hours), it was the first time both hosts were live and in person. Dash Interrupt, having come up for H2K2, was able to join Screamer Chaotix to create what will probably go down in history as the greatest Hackermind experience ever.
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The History of Hackermind (2002)
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Hackermind Episode #1 (April 19, 2001)
College woes, calling Tell Me through a payphone, make a payphone army, Clock DVA, broadcasting executions, small forms of protest, hiring hackers, turning on hackers, court system hell, SNET and 3-Way calling (Screamer's theory on this was later proven correct), questions from the chat, Clock DVA "The Hacker", DVD press release, shouts and lots of hate from #hackermind.
hm-2001-06-01.mp3 7717955
Hackermind Episode #2 (June 1, 2001)
A pre-recorded episode, making Tell Me talk to itself, Dash changes the time zones, Live365 trouble, The Folder, no linking, a possible spin on the linking story, Nine Inch Nails "Closer", joke of the day, kissing Adrian Lamo's ass, CERT gets DoSed, now everyone says "thirst for knowledge", Dash didn't know "cracker" meant criminal hacker, why it's a stupid term, Equal Access is coming....
hm-2001-12-13.mp3 7753456
Hackermind Episode #3 (December 13, 2001)
Dash scans for proxies...and pays the price, Screamer gets a threatening reply to an honest letter, calling a Step office, a Hotmail flaw, Oracle = Unbreakable...not quite, music on a scanner, a possible flaw on Optimum's mail server, Johnny and Jane get their Equal Access on Christmas morning, COCOT hell, an odd recording that must be heard to be believed, a cry for Frequency help.
hm-2001-12-20.mp3 7646627
Hackermind Episode #4 (December 20, 2001)
"Cowgirl" in a movie we don't like, losing a dialtone, the Holiday episode, cDc working with the feds?, The Folder, "Hackers, Interrupted", bands going against the RIAA, kangaroos and Hackermind, Dmitry goes home and why it's not a victory, Dash likes "Takedown", an admin faces 120 years, monkeybrains and the FBI, ISP's can use Carnivore however they like.
hm-2001-12-27.mp3 7809161
Hackermind Episode #5 (December 27, 2001)
Attack of the bad mic, lots of people in the chat, boot disks that freeze, Ford and 2600, a 1970's phone phreak conference, Kevin Mitnick may lose his ham radio license, playing with carrier access codes, Screamer hates "Takedown", Lindows, Dash only wants money.
hm-2002-01-03.mp3 7709818
Hackermind Episode #6 (January 3, 2002)
The bad mic strikes again, UPnP bug, AIM flaws, Caller ID and fax-backs, searching for GE corporate headquarters, Screamer loses his VAX account (find out why), the evils of UCA, the Connecticut Education Network, playing with Live365 streams, trojan horses, cyberterrorism and mandatory firewalls.
hm-2002-01-10.mp3 7651038
Hackermind Episode #7 (January 10, 2002)
How to start the show, Cowgirl Live, pagers, Screamer doesn't know Tristen, all call blocking from a doctor, is this Dan?, fixing the bad mic, the 14.4 dies, missing the VAX/VMS, schools under construction, Visiononics (an early suspicion is confirmed here), computers = weapons of mass destruction, perspectives and trust, giving out vulnerabilities!, reporting bugs, suing businesses (gasp!), Screamer is going to trick Jack Valenti, getting hell from
hm-2002-01-24.mp3 7475179
Hackermind Episode #8 (January 24, 2002)
The pains of missing an episode, Screamer leaves his school, a misprint in the phone book, refusing email, bad customer service, 888-VINE-4NY, a conference with Screamer-Dash-and Unreal, cool things with 3-Way (you gotta hear this), Jerome Heckenkamp is stupid, dont go to China, a touching letter.
hm-2002-01-31.mp3 7714476
Hackermind Episode #9 (January 31, 2002)
hm-2002-02-07.mp3 7479717
Hackermind Episode #10 (February 7, 2002)
hm-2002-02-14.mp3 7754933
Hackermind Episode #11 (February 14, 2002)
hm-2002-02-21.mp3 7822671
Hackermind Episode #12 (February 21, 2002)
hm-2002-02-28.mp3 7326219
Hackermind Episode #13 (February 28, 2002)
hm-2002-03-07.mp3 7705365
Hackermind Episode #14 (March 7, 2002)
hm-2002-03-14.mp3 7800104
Hackermind Episode #15 (March 14, 2002)
hm-2002-03-27.mp3 7655322
Hackermind Episode #16 (March 27, 2002)
hm-2002-04-04.mp3 7678312
Hackermind Episode #17 (April 4, 2002)
hm-2002-04-25.mp3 7786653
Hackermind Episode #18 (April 25, 2002)
hm-2002-12-20.mp3 7746333
Hackermind Episode #19 (December 20, 2002)
Pressing 0 and getting nothing, trying to find an English speaking operator, where's Da D?, more updates, Optimum Online cracks down on file sharing, the new generation of pop ups, Tom Petty "The Last DJ", reviewing "Linux By Example", TLC butchers hackers (It's heading for North America!), fun IP's, ranting on Mike Maginnis but why he should be allowed to speak.

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