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Coder365's extremely uneven but earnest radio show is recorded via analog equipment (later digital) and covers issues of computers and civil liberty. Coder always brings along a good set of co-hosts to chime in over speakerphone or in person. Prone to getting lost throughout his shows, his main message always comes clear: I'm expressing myself and enjoying it... what are you doing?

Description of the Audio
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HackNip Radio Episode 1 (May 28, 2004) (55:37)
Hosted by Coder, Strom Carlson, Johnny Hacker, and Avid. Opening music until (03:45). This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. Host introductions. Last week's show wasn't recorded because of power outages. Mobile telephone service rant: doesn't work when you stand underneath the tower. Discussion of where to stand for optimal signal. First topic is Walmart Receipts: they sometimes print full shopping card account numbers. Information that you can find on Walmart Receipts. Issues with the example numbers put on the website for others. Good thing it isn't live. Relax, Coder. US Today article about Legislation regarding phone cameras being used to record racy photographs...Voyeurism is one of the best porns! Scanning: local exchanges, found some interesting stuff. How phone numbers are assigned within an exchange. Had some fun during a storm... lightning hit the phone line. Caller ID spoofing. What you can do to your phone lines inside the house, and how to fix a broken phone line. Phone voltage comparison and discussion. Would Coder be better off making an antenna from scratch or hanging a dipole. The listeners decide what the content is. The show is being recorded on analog tape. An interesting phone number to call. Coder invites his co-hosts to jump in anytime and say something. Calling the new bridge. Co-host takes a call and disconnects. Problems with Verizon, and knowing what a Tandem is. Close calls with lightning. Coder might redo his home system. New FCC rules on Digital Radio, and what it might mean.. Coder gets angry about them. Who's on this bridge? SHOW STOPS AND STARTS FOR TAPE CHANGE. FCC rant continues, co-hosts weigh in. Johnny mentions the possibility of being on XM radio within a year or two.. so tune XM radios at Walmart to them. Security cameras at Walmart. Thoughts on Walmart's phone system and pay phones. Time for the show to end... shout outs and links. Avid fell asleep. There might be a show next week, might not. (51:57 onward, outro music.)

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HackNip Radio Episode 2 (June 12, 2004) (28:33)
Hosted by Coder and Lattera. Lattera is very difficult to hear. Intro and Outro music has been left out; show was thrown together at the last minute... where's Punchdown? Engineer never showed, and a new one might have to be appointed, show is analog recorded again. Intense humming and audio is lost. Coder returns at 03:15. Coder presents consumer reports: General Electric Cassette Recorder review (negative), Sony Voice Recorder review (negative), Grundig Shortwave Radio (positive). Walmart share holders Convention held last week and Coder's phone call to them. Unfair double standard towards hackers by CBS and news media: they can go and trespass to prove lack of security but if hackers do it they go to jail. Hacking the School's network and being considered the School Hacker. Some overview of how poor the school network security is. Senior Prank Plans involving the PA system and cuasing some fun. More Alternative Media is needed: get the word out, control what you're portrayed as. Coder's thoughts on who's responsibile for bandwidth and hosting. Lattera disconnects and Coder keeps talking. Coder's presents his Pirate Radio idea: broadcast the hacker radio shows in your city. Speaking of encryption, Coder talks about data picked up on the shortwave radio. Turns out to be a half-hour show. Coder things the shows will get better: if you don't like the first couple, tune in later... or don't. Shout outs from Lattera and Coder. No thanks to Punchdown for not showing up.

hacknip-ep03-2004.mp3 4064527
HackNip Radio Episode 3 (July 2, 2004) (33:52)
Hosted by Coder, Lattera, and Mr. Dick. Intro music lasts until 03:43. Coder introduces Mr. Dick to the show. This show is going to be relaxed; we're just chillin' on the 4th of July. Technology: the new PBX is the neatest thing since toasted bread, Mr. Dick can't stop screwing around. You can use the PBX to listen to a bunch of shows and recordings.. the PBX is pretty sweet. Coder has gotten out of the scanning thing.. Coder has taken down his state site, since there were no visitors. Instead, the energy will go into the show. Coder has acquired a modified Western Electric 'Trimline' phone from an uncle. Creating a Conair Beige Box and running into problems. Kodak Picture maker is surprisingly secure. Lattera talks about some Linux Kernel modification trickery. Coder advocates modifying things to do what you want, and not just taking what comes out of the box: computers, stereos, ham radios. AUDIO BEGINS TO GET SOFT AND HARDER TO HEAR AFTER 16:00. We are not rich hackers, especially not Mr. Dick. Society in general is terrified of modifying their stuff, and doesn't fight for Civil Liberties, but they sure care about their fireworks! Stick up for your rights. Patriotism, Government and Civil Liberty rant. Express yourself, even if it's to say this radio show sucks. People in Russia have to express themselves at great risk: passing bulletin board numbers between them in Red Square to know what the phone numbers are for that night. Freedom rant continues: don't give your docs to Radio Shack. Moving to Canadia. Coder's embarassing Verizon story, making a fool of himself in front of the Verizon guy. Credits to intro music. Coder loves COCOTS, and encourages people to visit them. Lattera has nothing. Coder asks Mr. Dick to do some stupid shit, since that's what he does so well. Lattera hangs up. POST PRODUCTION NOTE: There will be a four week break between this episode and episode 4: Mr. Dick and Coder face off over what the date is. 30:07 and onward is outro music.

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HackNip Radio Episode 4 (July 30, 2004) (76:40)
Hosted by Coder365, Dual_Parallel, c0d3m0nk33. Intro music plays until 03:48. Recording has begun but someone has come in. HOPE rundown: HOPE kicked ass. As long as everybody keeps talking we'll be OK. Coder thanks Dual for inspiring him to do HackNip and talks about how he started it. Why alternative media is the way to go and why it's so important. Don't record on analog tape, it sucks ass; the new show is being recorded on a sound card. Coder describes an inaccurate error message from Verizon. Walmart and Sam's Club sucks: Coder's walkman broke and he wasn't able to return it, and the attitude he got made him angry, so here are payphone numbers at that Sam's Club. Dual talks about whether he accepts Sam's Club payphone numbers for his Walmart pay phone list. Coder's Walmart has a TTY; playing with TTY. The co-hosts share neat numbers and error messages they've found. Dual does HackNip's first on-air phone out, calling MCI and playing with it. Show is still recording! Dual gets hungry after doing a show. Proximity card information is leaked: some cool stuff is being looked into, and Dual can't wait. Everyone compares their rotary phones. What's Next? Dual gives credit to StankDawg about doing show notes and how much that helps people. Joining the local Ham club. Coder talks about playing with his Ham Radio and how he started to learn about the local repeaters. Dual talks about how easy and how rewarding it is to have a Ham Radio license. C0d3m0nk33 shares a neat overseas recording he found. Lucky and others are doing a presentation at DEFCON. Nobody on the show is going to DEFCON, which has just begun. Dual's Japan phone call kick. It's likely easier to call Australia because you can understand the language. This is like RFA all over again. Dual Parallel promos RFA #76. Coder has decided he likes the echo. Rant about poor Radio Shack practices and getting around them. Dual got a copy of the Walmart corporate directory and shares how to get to all these numbers. Dual makes a call to the repair line at Walmart, then calls the Tax department, then one more call to a hotline, to ask for information on Shotguns as home defense. Dual had a cigarette and is starting to think it's time to scan. Dual asks Coder what his parents thing of his technological adventures. c0d3m0nk33 talks about engaging his girlfriend in discussing whether hacking is illegal or not. SHOW IS CUT OFF AT 51:55 DUE TO MEDIA ERROR. Coder calls his crew back and gets back by 52:59. Trying to determine when the recording got cut off and bitching about missing the cool stuff c0d3m0nk33 was saying. This will be the longest episode ever. Dual has been really swamped. Listening to BinRev vs. Not BinRev and where to listen to them. Some audio problems. Attaching cameras to the outside of your house, and the lack of wisdom in booby-trapping it. Coder tripped and hurt himself, but the show must go on. Dual discusses Fahrenheit 911 and gives a review. The show is interrupted by a Qwest tone. c0d3m0nk33 weighs in with his impressions and urges people, no matter who they are, to vote. Dual issues a challenge to photoshop "Stank for President", and calls HackNip DTMP Radio by mistake. Shout outs. "in Dual We Trust.". Dual marvels on all the hacker radio shows. Inspiration from the hacker radio shows. Coder continues with the shouts. 74:22 onward is outro music.

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