For a short time, the security information and news website ran a web radio show discussing various issues related to security and hacking. Among the shows they broadcast were a series of interviews entitled "Hacking Through the Ages", which were conducted with a number of high-profile hackers in 2000. The interviews were conducted with Chris Goggans and Kevin Mitnick. There was a later interview with Mark Abene/Phiber Optik, which was separate from the series.

When was purchased by Symantec Software, their website was completely redesigned and these radio shows were lost. In 2005, I was contacted by Matt Scheurer, who had downloaded all these hacking shows and who had held them in his collection. He has provided them to me, which I have provided to you.

Matt has also typed up a description of the files as they are, with notes as to what pieces are missing. One or two files were simply not on the site while it was live, and it is unclear where they might be in the present day. Specifically, part II of the Chris Goggans interview is missing. If you have it or other pieces, let me know. Otherwise, here is what the world currently has.

Description of the Audio
chris_goggans_pt_1.mp3 25752683
Info.Sec.Radio "Hacking Through the Ages" 3 of 4: Interview with Chris Goggans a.k.a. Erik Bloodaxe, of Legion of Doom (LOD) (September 18, 2000)
info_sec_radio.txt 4366
Description of the Interviews from the Securityfocus.Com website, transcribed by Matt Scheurer (2005)
kevin_mitnick_pt_1.mp3 21022639
Info.Sec.Radio "Hacking Through the Ages" 1 of 4: Interview with Kevin Mitnick (August 21, 2000)
kevin_mitnick_pt_2.mp3 25568363
Info.Sec.Radio "Hacking Through the Ages" 2 of 4: Interview with Kevin Mitnick, Part 2 (September 4, 2000)
mark_abene.mp3 35950051
Info.Sec.Radio Interview with Mark Abene/Phiber Optik of Masters of Deception (M.O.D.) (2000)

There are 5 files for a total of 108,298,102 bytes.